Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Christmas Spirit

A time to remember the Winter Solstice Gods

Mithras, Horus, Attis, Dionysus the son of Zeus, Tammuz, Hercules, Perseus
Helios, Bacchus, Apollo, Jupiter, Sol Invictus
Saturn—Old Father Time, the Holly King —Celtic god of the dying year, Grandfather Frost— Russian winter god, Thor —Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats, Odin/Wotan —Scandinavian All-Father who rides the sky on an eight-legged horse, Frey (Norse fertility god), & the Tomte —a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Feed Me (Meet Your Leader)

We Get the Leadership We Deserve.
That might sound somewhat depressing but actually I see that the consciousness of a significant minority of people on the web is awakening. The overall effect of this awakening will create an energetic frequency that allows or permits a completely new type of leadership to emerge by the end of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn around 2024.

The corporatacoracy has been gradually taking complete power from the governments of the western world. This has not yet happened in such places as India or China, etc
In America we see the power shift occurred from 1950s and ‘they’ really had the presidential administration completely in the bag by about 1980, they even had an actor as president (funny, right!)

England followed behind by about 10 years, Maggie Thatcher was quaint, she assisted the corporate takeover but really had the values of the English shopkeeper (remember what Napoleon said)
The corporatacoracy now wants to take over the world
Old fashioned government is not really the answer, to this unsavoury ambition.
So we will continue see the clash between the autocratic governments of religion, like for example Iran, fighting this corporatacoracy and then more complex governments like China whose power is awesome of course.
However the nation state as the dominating force of the world is no longer viable, the US was the last country to hold global power in that way— the fall of the American empire was symbolized by 9-11.

The Jupiter/Pluto cycle (seeded in December 2007) suggests that a new impulse within the major power structures is emerging behind the scenes to challenge the corporatacoracy and will come to meet that structure head to head in 2013-14 (Jupiter in cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn), as well as old fashioned governments attempting to bring in regressive systems.
The seeds of a big change though will be generated as the public starts to rebel against draconian controls from around 2012 (Uranus square Pluto 2012-2015).
One of the artifacts of this power shift in the collective will come about by creative individuals who do not corporatize their work.

For example some of the people that have influenced my thinking include Matt Mason who wrote Pirates Dilemma, James Surowiecki the author of Wisdom of Crowds, the Medici Effect author Frans Johansson, Ken Wilber and Spiral Dynamics have all felt compelled to follow the money and water down their creative genius in reverence to corporate values. (Malcom Gladwell was charging something like 8,000 HK dollars for a seat to his seminar earlier this year, and has become increasingly monetized).

I do not mean to be holier than thou, we can all understand the lure of money, but by playing ball and rolling over on their bellies to be stroked by corporate money monsters they are feeding a machine that is not working any longer, not from a human point of view anyway.
Someone has to say it, so here I am saying it, it does not make my life easy, but it seems important?

The 'free market' system of capitalism, has been, from an evolutionary point of view a step forward, not perfect by any means with its enormous shadow and negative actions. However it has made the world a little better, but from the 1950s there have been diminishing returns for humanity.
What people are gradually waking up to is that you can’t let big business run a planet. Actually you can’t let big business run the environmental issue either! I digress, leave that for another time.

Bring on; The Complex Systems Science and Consciousness Paradigm!

The metaphysical energy that is shaping this world well beyond the radar of politics, media or profit making entities is the energy of planetary awakening, subtle but profoundly more powerful in the long term than present social action. This awakening is pushing us all to revere life itself, think globally and is pushing humanity to understand the complex systemic unity of our extraordinary world. From this understanding somehow we will create a leadership that is responsive to our Earth.
As human beings become once again more important than the corporate mechanical monster, then creative pioneers like those I mentioned above will not feel the need— or presume it to be the only option—to turn everything into a venture dominated by profit.

Monday, 30 November 2009

2012—Going Beyond Information

The 2012 winter solstice is marker for the Earth as a being waking up to its Galactic membership which creates an increased conductivity of psychic phenomenon. The frequency of this is just beyond the info sphere. The info sphere or we could say techno sphere plugs directly into the internet. The internet is where the proliferation of information is manifest. In the 2012 era, which extends a decade or two beyond 2012 is where we witness the acceleration of polarity as information polarities are seeking resolution; this creates an increase in paradox.

I first experience this in a vision on top of a mountain in Real De Catorce in Mexico at spring equinox 1997. I saw, I was shown the multi leveled cacophony of truths and perceptions where different scales of organizations, from secret governments, local governments, religions and group ideological mindsets were convinced that they were in control or knew the truth. The emphasis of the vision was that it was imperative that each individual learn to feel energy and feel the energy behind the kaleidoscope of social myths. The Earth as a totality is unifying, but not in a static form, but in the form of a toroidal doughnut where internal and external reality folds in or feed each other much quicker. The fixed ideologies, whether new age, religious or governmental are based on set ideas, whereas the flowing energy field is being refreshed and made anew at a much faster rate, which requires an openness of mind and sensitivity to energy flows.

The polarity resolution impulse manifests as an information war. The consciousness we want to plug into is beyond this polarity and is experiential, creating an increase in your ability to feel energy, especially through simple chi gong exercises. The ability to feel your auric energy will increasingly become a valuable commodity as it allows for instant downloads.

The first thing to do is to recognize that there is in fact an information war and a lot of this battle is centred on the 2012 point. The negative scenarios, the doom and gloom brigade are consciously encouraging and manipulating the vision of destruction and even alien invasion. You do not have to buy into the worst case scenarios but just be conscious that there is an agenda to create fear through disinformation and misinformation. The infiltration of new age networking or other paradigms such as UFO-ology by agents of shadow societies is deliberately being purported. The mainstream media is invariably controlled—very easily done once you understand the psychology— to either ridicule the idea of consciousness expansion or paint the whole picture black.

If you learn the script of manipulation then it becomes far easier to navigate the social energy and tune into the slightly higher frequency of awakening that is just beyond the polarity. I say just beyond, because the Earth awakening is an immanence of consciousness, which we experience as a descension of spirit or light. The immanence of Earth awakening has no definitive correlations with the timeless wisdom and the transcendental traditions. I call this consciousness Turquoise Chiron Enchantment, which is the integration of all human artifact with what we call nature—it is supranatural.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Quick Note on Open Source Economy

On Reality activists podcast this week we have Tanya Kaps talking about her film ‘The Making of Being’, which focuses on the shift of consciousness in the world.

The whole issue of a changing world is ‘hotting up’ as we move closer to 2012, with visions of apocalypse or consciousness revolutions doing the rounds.

The Truth Changes

Referring this shift back to my last blog we can say that the dominant truth, values and perception of human society is based on strategic intelligence, scientific consensus, market forces and a focus on the external material reality. I suggest that although the economic competitive market has brought us material progress there has been a diminishing return of benefit to the global population in the last two or three decades, or maybe 50 years as corporate socialism has taken over from capitalism veiling an increasingly more ambitious plutocratic class. Humanity is no longer progressing because of the present economic system, it still progressing, but this is despite the system and now in the 2012 era we are coming to a crux. Those whom control the present system to a reasonable degree, the plutocrats, are battling hard to play the game not just to be winners but to be winners that take all. When the planet Pluto was moving through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius during 1996-2007 we were evolving and expanding as a species; philosophically, spiritually and conceptually. However with Pluto in Capricorn up to 2024, the whole evolutionary impulse of change deals with the fundamentals of social structure. It all gets that little bit more, hey….maybe a whole lot more serious. The heavy issues of totalitarianism are coming to the surface.

The Shift

The shift to new values, new truths and new forms of intelligence has been emerging on two fronts firstly a shift of power from 1, strategic intelligence to 2, emotional intelligence, egalitarian and humanitarian impulses. The shift in power can only come about by the pressure of public opinion rather than from within politics. From Orange to Green in the Enchantments model (which is a developmental map of human evolution similar in part, with Spiral Dynamics and also Ken Wilber’s Spectrum of Consciousness).

Underneath the shift in central power being attempted towards a more heart centred society there is another level of change occurring to 3, Yellow Pluto Enchantment this is more subtle, quieter and longer term it is a shift, that can be described in many ways….such as a shift to an open source economy, the wisdom of a diverse crowd (such as the whole species), wide spectrum intelligence, systemic intelligence, interdependence, benevolent self interest, decentralized movements of power in a system on the edge of chaos, the internet as analogous to human social structure…..here is Douglas Rushkoff talking about some of these points…..more explanations to come, but please leave comments..

Friday, 13 November 2009

The 2012 Era; The Evolution of Truth

Here is just one thread of my enquiry into the 2012 effect from the perspective of the evolution of truth.

The nature of the truth evolves-from 1, (Blue) absolutist authority to 2, (Orange) scientific experimental consensus to 3, (Green) relativity, post modernism, equalizing and then onto 4, (Yellow) appropriate truth and confidence in ones own truth with acceptance of others truth being appropriate to them at the moment.

You can probably appreciate that the very existence of the internet is pushing people to operate from a level of appropriate truth.
Applying this to society as well as the individuals that make up the levels of society we can see the complex pattern of truth in the world emerging now.

What is Appropriate

The appropriate level of truth recognizes that different truth are appropriate to different situations as Don Beck of Spiral Dynamics emphasizes an area of strife and war requires an absolutist authority to establish a moral code and set of laws to stabilize a region (Blue)

Therefore we can see that authoritarian governments and traditional religions have their place in human development, however on the shadow side we can also see how there is the danger that wars can be created or encouraged so as to inhibit human evolution and destabilize nations for political or economic gain.

The Modern Era

The emergence of scientific enquiry (Orange) has enabled and encouraged a focus on developing the material world, technologically and economically which then leads to a capitalist society. The competitive market is an arena of strategy, where the art of selling is rewarded. The nature of the ability to market oneself or a product is not necessarily malevolent and in fact has been essential to create the progress the world has enjoyed. As this truth has flourished the role of nation state governments has increasingly taken a back seat to the importance of multinational corporations.

The Post Modern Era

Providing society flourishes and there is a reasonable level of economic prosperity then a culture of deeper enquiry naturally emerges (Green) that questions the social development, looks at the ecological cost of industrialization, the inequalities of capitalism, the rigidity of scientific consensus and has a need for deeper meaning, humanitarian values and an understanding of consciousness. The radical spirit of this brings in the post modern mind and a need for equality on all levels. If this level of truth continues to develop spiritual truths and new consciousness paradigms then take hold. The need for equality also creates a need to reach a consensus amongst differing ideologies which creates an ever increasing relativity of truth. As Ken Wilber emphasizes in his work the shadow of this truth can lead to a complete aversion to all hierarchies, material progress and a rigidly idealistic mind.

Going Forward

However as Dr Graves work shows human society, needs to develop each level and each level must emerge if humanity is to continue to evolve. Don Beck suggests we are now in an age of meme wars, meaning the different truth are doing battle. The present locus of power in the world is with economic interests and so we see that there is a strategic campaign which includes disinformation to inhibit the full emergence of the egalitarian impulse for it undermines the dominant economic interests.
Appropriate truth (Yellow) allows one to have a more open, adaptable perspective to the increased diversity and explosion of information and perceptions flooding the human environment.

The self now lives with an edge of uncertainty, responding to the cascade of stimuli of the information age yet moving back and forth with the evolving centre of personal truth. The self accepts the paradox of the world. A society that develops with this truth would accept the need for some authority and law yet recognizes that free market competition is also needed but also determines that economic forces need to be held in balance by essential humanitarian needs.

In the age of systemic intelligence (Yellow) which is attempting to manifest in our lifetime, we would also see the natural progression of the open source economy as witnessed on the internet, where people naturally give and contribute to collective initiatives, both for the joy of taking part and in self interest.
Also we would see innovations in; clean energy, healing and more natural medicines and science all of which would arise quickly without the strategic blocks of the present economic structure. Open enquiry and debate in ancient history and a whole host of subjects presently considered taboo by the establishment would also proceed unhindered by the constant undermining, ridiculing and negative conditioning of the present mainstream media who largely extol the truth of orange. The filtration of the news and all information in the mainstream inadvertently and otherwise supports and protect the dominant economic interests. The necessity of our age, the imperative of the next 10-20 years is that the dominant truth does shift from Orange to Green, otherwise what was a benign ‘winner and loser’ society could become a winner takes all society.

Tune in and Listen

On the world stage there is a cacophony of frequencies or we could say voices the loudest truths are Blue and Orange, Green can be heard and yellow is much quieter and almost unheard is Turquoise, but even that it is emerging. Turquoise is a planetary awareness a simplicity of truth derived from direct experience not merely from the five senses but from the five senses incorporated into the connection to energy fields.
The greater 2012 era as I have suggested elsewhere is the acceleration towards this level of truth.
To the evolution of truth we can add this quick over view of the evolution of intelligence

The Evolution of Intelligence

From 1, Instinctive to 2, Magical to 3, Cunning to 4, Playful-communal-mythic to 5, Explorative exploitation to 6, Moral practical to 7, Scientific rational (IQ) sharp mind, quick witted and strategic to 8, Emotional intelligence (EQ) intuitive absorption to 9, Open systemic intelligence to 10, Experiential channel of Earths totality from the Turquoise Chiron Enchantment

My work the Enchantments of Life is based on the world as it appears from the emerging Turquoise, watch this space in the months to come for more information

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What Revolution?

Well it’s been over a month since I have posted on Mystic Cyber Crow, I have been on a helter skelter ride of my psyche looking deeply into the nature of transformation on Earth in this 2012 era. The shadow elements of our society are rapidly coming to the surface. The game is on.

The new 2012 apocalyptic film comes out soon and so I feel it is very important that people learn some basics about the Mayan Calendar. It measures an approximate 26,000 year cycle and suggests transformations of culture and Planet. The nature and the scale of the cycle suggests endings and beginnings over a relatively short period but not in one day. The 2012 era started maybe 100 years ago and the effect accelerated in the 1990s as evidenced by many things including the sudden compulsive interest in the Mayans and their culture. The period of change is definitely upon us and it is connected to human consciousness, culture and all that we see occurring in our society.

The 2012 effect is the shift towards galactic consciousness and the very early stages of a beyond Earth civilization, meaning a membership with a much larger community.

The multi tiered nature of our reality means that people will be experiencing different perspectives but the push towards galactic membership which has started already with the increasing ET presence on Earth—which I suggest is largely benevelont. (See the Disclosure Project testimonies on You Tube to understand the Secret Government manipulation of the ET presence)—also means the acceleration of an experiential planetary consciousness, the planet waking up to itself, the burgeoning noosphere,transformation to new psychic, energetic conductive atmosphere the subtle energy of the totality of our planet—also means the acceleration of a global government and global society with both dark agendas of control and the light impulse of planetary awakened society—also means the acceleration of interactive global communication, the importance of the internet for cultural engineering—also means the end of the old paradigm of materialism and the strong resistance to that change—also means the acceleration of religious agendas.

The next decade or two decades will see this top down effect, if any one is truly interested in the 2012 effect they need to change their frame of reference from the overtly physical paradigm towards the energy field frame of reference.

I am working intensely on an in depth explanation of the 2012 era and will keep you posted

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's Time for a Revolution

I am just back from England and the jet lag going from west to east lasts a week, whereas its about 1 day of adjustment going from HK to UK, does anyone know why? …is it to do with the Earths spin, if so it’s pretty interesting and I wonder what implications can be drawn from it? I feel something interesting bubbling under the surface on this subject, what do you think?

A highlight of my trip to London was The Doors of Perception Conference, which inspired me and I have much to say from this conference. It was a great pleasure to hear Antoinne Gigal (here) speak, her work is unique, she spends half her time in Egypt and as well as speaking French, Chinese, Japanese she speaks Egyptian, the result is that opens doors others can not. Her talk was titled Evidence of High Technology in Ancient Egypt and she made great use of satellite imagery to show the network of waterworks that are connected to the pyramids over a large area, here work dovetails nicely with Christopher Dunn’s and if you add together what they present you can see strong evidence of an Earth based Technology for generating power.

Tim Wallace-Murphy was speaking about the symbol code and the links of Egypt, the Old Testament and Christianity his presentation followed on nicely from Robert Feathers talking about a particular Dead Sea Scroll.

All of the above are full time researchers who are contributing to one of the most important debates of our society, that of our true history.
The other dominant theme of the conference was regarding the global conspiracy of the New World Order. The world is at a tricky stage of transformation right now and for the next few years at least and the issue of our past is fundamental to a shift in consciousness. There is a real fear—in those who have been heavily educated in the conventional sense and those whose power depends upon the status quo—in hearing or allowing some of the incredible truths and mysteries of Earths history and therefore our evolution and evolution in general.

It is time for a revolution and that revolution is a media revolution.

I will be expounding further in greater details on all of this over the next 3 months, watch this space

Monday, 31 August 2009

The Pearl of the Orient

I am enjoying time off from the Internet—my periodic media fast—so this is a short blog about my trip to Penang last week.

Penang is a fusion of the most delicious Asian foods, tropical rain forests, gorgeous sunsets, Boney M and Barry Manilow, the Islamic Call to Prayer, Buddhist and Hindu temples and shrines, friendly multicultural people, large monitor lizards, monkeys, an abundance of spices and an ever-expanding concrete jungle.

I am left with a feeling of gratitude from our trip. The highlights for me were spontaneous altered states of consciousness that arose from the energy fields of my wife, Carey, and a beautiful Burmese Buddha.

Revisiting the place of her birth and very early childhood, Carey was triggered with profound, instinctive, preconscious memories that in turn evoked the sense of her roots within me. The instinctive memories that were activated as we went back to the hospital of her birth, babyhood home and a beach restaurant created a field of energy so strong that I too shared in her experience. As we walked along the beach to one such place of poignancy, we were graced with this extraordinary cloud that retained its form even though the other formations dissipated. The meteorological explanations of such clouds are one thing, but for me these types of clouds are also cloaks, veils and conduits for all sorts of other unidentifiable consciousness.

Having seen many large Buddhas in recent years in Hong Kong, Thailand and in Penang on this trip, this Burmese Buddha was a revelation. For the first time I experienced a living statue whose presence put me i nto a state of ineffability that bridged the consciousness of Buddhism and Peruvian shamanism. The Buddha emanated a single tone that was eternally constant and which consistently pulsed a singular message of unity and peace.

In Peruvian ayahuasca shamanism, the medicine shows you the cacophony of thoughts and emotions that you hold within your psyche. A relentless overwhelming reflection of your inner world manifests as spirit and energy forms, which you then attempt to purge from your being. The aftereffect of this psychotropic challenge is a clarity, an emptiness and a cleanliness of the psyche. (Interestingly, I had previously intended to go back to the Peruvian Amazon to participate in an ayahuasca camp at this time.)

Through the experience of being in Penang, I am once again reminded of energy fields and the precise nature of the frequencies they emit, as well as the precious moments when we are able to let go of our normal preoccupations to come into alignment with out-of-the-ordinary subtle electromagnetic fields. This attunement allows us to move into a different zone where our relationship with time, space, energy and consciousness is altered.

The environment we inhabit is extraordinarily rich with a multitude of realities that our electrochemical body and consciousness can align with if we are open and in the flow.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

WizDom Quotes

Listen to the words of the muster on Twitter

"love is a larger space to live in" ..Roomi

• Living in the twitterscape; authority just got decentralized-in this moment I AM president-oh well it was good while it lasted, your turn...

• living in time is living in impermanence, but watch the clock and see how long it lasts, love is eternal even if it only lasts a little while

• paradox is resolved with a multi-levelled perception and a singular acceptance

• I have your attention for a few seconds I respect that, http://bit.ly/V7fj6

• internet marketing promises; living and camping in the conTENT, reading all the buzz text, you forget the CONtext-the art of selling selling http://bit.ly/XsfRh

• the mind is an excellent tool but limits reality, the heart is a fool but far more intelligent-/-/- dancing at the paradox edge

• ATTENTION! Yes please PAY attention in this Age of Attention for it is the world’s commodity, everyone wants yours so they can survive and flourish

• life after NOW, having transcendent awareness & yet engaging with the river of mind, time, twitter, facebook and all the other 21stC distractions. Dancing the paradox of diversity in unity.

• being conscious in 21stC means know your truth, living with an edge of open uncertainty thereby overcoming the unconscious filters of intellectual superiority & holiness

• Find your Niche at the intersection of different paradigms you are a unique remix of culture play to find it

based on todays “shoot from the hip” tweets by LjL

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Monday, 3 August 2009

A New look at Astrology

We live in a universe of cycles and growth. We are born, we live, we die, and we are born again. Does the soul grow, does life evolve? Yes it does.
Our life is cyclical, elements grow and decay all the time, but we do not walk around flat circles. Equally although we mature and learn it’s not a neat linear progression. What’s true here for you is true for all life.
Human society is subject to cyclical repetition and evolution, it is not easy to see both at the same time. Modern science sees the evolutionary impulse up from matter, spirituality see the growth of the soul, but consciousness explorers often negate the idea of progress. The stories of ancient world tease us with golden ages of knowledge and wisdom we may well have lost.

The Enchantments of Life reveal the kaleidoscopic nature of a human being and the species, the cyclical reality, the spiral path of evolution and the toroidal feedback system whereby all that is gained is fed back and seemingly surrendered to feed the source of existence. Birth, growth and death takes places on a multitude of scales and we as souls are taking part in social and planetary growth. This can appear overwhelming and we can feel individually insignificant. However If you can recognize that your life is part of something bigger and therefore your life adds something to this world, a world that is impulsed to change and grow, then it aids you to understand the epic, spiraling and complex scales of planetary evolution. An understanding of the integrated map of human species evolution adds meaning to your every day existence.

Later this year I will be launching my main website which will reveal the Enchantments of Life map-which I have been refining over the last few years and am looking forward to sharing with the astrological community. I will be inviting questions and insights from other researchers and passionate inquirers who have an open and yet discerning mind.

I do not claim to have solved the mysteries of all creation, but I sincerely propose that The Enchantments of Life Map is a revolution of astrology which adds depth and growth to the cyclical patterns we see in an astrology chart. The map also encompasses the over view of evolution as proposed by the great Ken Wilber in his spectrum of consciousness and other developmental models such as Spiral Dynamics. The Enchantments map allows for ancient civilizations, ET, astrology, the occult and developmental psychology to sit easily in the same space as psychological developmental studies, with its foundation rooted in the ineffability of consciousness.
I look forward to developing the Enchantments of Life and refining it with the help of your promptings, questions and perceptions.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Does humanity need to ask new questions concerning human origins, the nature of reality and consciousness?

DO YOU share the fascination with me on the nature of perception and the questioning of reality?
I am presently building more connections with some really fascinating people, who are indeed asking intelligent questions and whom I am very happy to promote.

IF like me you have spent time researching, learning and developing your awareness, or you have information that can actually change this world through raising awareness and opening perception…
THEN I would like to connect with you on a reciprocal manner and continue to expand a network to reach more people.

The internet is effectively being used by people who purely want to make money, or reinforce and repeat the conventional and consensual positions on reality.
HOWEVER increasingly the opportunities appear for those of us who are labeled ‘alternative’ to reach more people and put our message before them.
DO YOU agree the world needs to ask more intelligent questions about the nature of reality?
IF THAT IS SO, if you truly have something to say that is resonant with the need to explore our perceptions on reality, as I do here on Mystic Cyber Crow….

THEN please sign up follow this blog, link to me and consider a Twitter link, its fast and connects with loads of people.
Twitter is an extremely useful tool for connecting to larger numbers of people— globally—whom are interested in what you have to say and you get to learn new things about your niche from those people.

I am very happy to reciprocate if you have something fresh to say on Ancient History, consciousness, human evolution, integral studies, astrology, perception or similar.

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Thank you and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say

The Art of Selling Selling

Inspired by Twitter, although I am not being as cynical as you might think.

The top internet marketers sell you the method for selling a method to someone else.

Find an empty space and invite lots of people to it, tell them many more will come soon, as the room fills up people get off on the buzz of being part of the buzz. As a mystic I recognize that although hot air is being sold, the sum total is more than the parts, for it creates community, relationship, entertainment and purpose.

Banking is not so far removed from this. Banking creates and owns value, makes money from thin air and charges people to use it. However what is gained is a social structure, a service (I suggest it is vastly overpriced), its not that money is real, it’s a thought form, an idea that is agreed upon to be accepted of as real.

The human species is gradually waking up to its virtual existence as consciousness creating enduring holograms for consciousness to meet itself and see itself.

The world is a co-created inadvertently agreed upon hologram.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Eclipse Effect

Eclipses occur at the moon’s nodes. The moon’s nodes show up in your astrological chart and are the indicators of your soul’s journey through different lifetimes. The life purpose and your destiny are described by the moon’s north node (also known as the Dragon’s Head).

The south node (Dragon’s Tail) corresponds to past life emphasis and also the entry of your soul into the foetus. The nodes are astronomical points where the moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s orbit.

In general terms, the nodal axis (from Dragon’s Tail to Dragon’s Head) can also be said to be the soul’s intention for this life and is a magnetic attractor of circumstances and pivotal people.

The nodes are gateways at the edge of the Earth’s aura on the moon’s orbital path and quite literally are dimensional doorways into the Earth’s astral planes, the ocean of the collective consciousness.

The entire ocean of collective consciousness within the being of Earth is strongly affected by eclipses—this includes all the kingdoms; the totality of Earth, human, animal, vegetable and mineral.

If you feel a particularly strong effect from this eclipse, on 22 July 2009, you might benefit from an astrological consultation with me over the next two weeks.

For those who have some astrological understanding: This eclipse occurs at 29.5 degree of Cancer. Look at your chart to see if you have any planets that are close to or perhaps in aspect to the last couple of degrees of Cancer.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

An Overview of my Work

What is my work about?

In case you are wondering what is the summation and the singular message of what I write about here is a brief overview.

The solar system as a holographic reality tells us that the planets are the manifestation of the Suns energy field or aura. The Solar system is the Suns energy field. On a holographic level, the Suns energy field (the solar system with all the planets) has a fractal relationship with the Earths energy field and the human energy field.

As a new planet is discovered it represents a new level of consciousness in the Earths energy field and the human energy field.
The findings of psychology and sociology reveal that new levels of consciousness emerge as we evolve. The timing of the emergence of these levels of consciousness corresponds with the discovery of new planets.

My Astrological research reveals that the discovery of new planets, their orbital position and their orbital nature do indeed correspond to the findings of the academic research on developmental evolution in society and the individual. However the astronomical discoveries and positioning of the planets in the Solar system reveals a story of human evolution that goes beyond the findings of academia.

How can this be so?
Because the conventional academic research is not able to see the subtleties of reality that exist beyond the parameters of psychology, because human nature is not fundamentally psychological but it is based on consciousness. Psychology defines the mechanics within the energy field, it reveals the content as viewed from within but it does reveal the context and fundamental substance of evolution-which is the development of consciousness.

The picture of the Solar system that has been revolutionized since 1992 suggests extraordinary new levels of reality and an extraordinary new story of human evolution.

My work called The Enchantments of Life which is based on the reality of the human energy field and the relationship I have experienced between the individual Human, the Earth and the Sun represents a new paradigm of perception in regards to the nature of our reality. My work integrates the nature of the energy fields, astrology and the more legitimate developmental studies. The progressive academic field of the Integral movement is seeking legitimacy so as to be accepted by conventional theorists.
The integral movement is potentially very important, as it is laying the philosophic ground for the next stage of civilization. The integral studies of reality are largely unnoticed by mainstream academia or alternative new age thinkers. Integral understanding is growing outside of the populist circles because it is the most persuasive and encompassing worldview ever seen by humanity. My work adds to that movement and integrates an innovative understanding of astrology based on the holographic nature of reality. The map shows the relevance of conventional behaviour and thinking whilst accommodating the phasmagoric. The paradoxical viewpoints of all paradigms, be that fringe or consensually acceptable views all interlock and each serve specific purposes in the whole system of Planet Earth.

The best analogy of reality that we have at the moment is the holographic paradigm which changes the focus away from the minutiae of quantum mechanics towards seeing whole systems and recognizing the inherent yet complex intelligence of creation.

Agreements Change Over Time

The summary is that reality is not legitimate; it is wildly creative and constructed upon Earth by collective agreements.

I am continuously learning about how individual purpose fits so perfectly into collective evolution through my clients and their everyday challenges and dreams.
All human perception is valid in the melting pot of global reality, what emerges from that totality of human consciousness is the democratically created kaleidoscopic diversity of reality on Earth.

Therefore my work defines reality to something incredibly profound. Profound because it conforms to the general perspective of evolution as well as recognizing that all manner of bizarre and exotic phenomenon— that people are always reporting—do indeed belong to a more inclusive view of reality. The phenomenon I mean include such mind bending and tricky topics as UFOs, ETs, Atlantis and advanced prehistoric civilizations. All of which are part of an evolving carnival that we call creation.

The evolutionary process is non linear, as in we temporarily put aside or suppress certain consciousness for sake of an overall progress. Atlantis was real and advanced in earth based occult technologies that we can not presently access. The planet and humanity needed to close down that access so that we could create the society we have today. My map reveals why that had to happen and why now we are on the threshold of reopening that door.

I have included several images that are all in the zone so to speak

here is an introductory site to the Enchantments of Life 1.0 which is a free resource for what I humbly suggest is a revolutionary map, a revolution of astrology and a revolution of Developmental psychology and Integral Theory

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Wealth of California Sunshine

California is on my mind today, my good friend Scott is visiting me here on Lamma Island and he’s from Carlsbad CA. In my inbox this morning I get this email from Peter Ragnor

“Would you be surprised to hear that America's most populous state, with 38 million people and a GDP of 1.8 trillion dollars (an economy bigger than Russia, Brazil, Canada, and India) is bankrupt? No, that's not an opinion, but a fact according to Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Our wallet is empty, our bank is closed. And our credit is dried up," he told a joint session of the California legislature’’

California came into being as a state as a direct result of the 1849 Gold rush which corresponded astrologically with Neptune’s discovery in 1846. Neptune rules non linear abundance, as in money from nowhere. Neptune has just completed its first orbit, completing a cycle.
California is still there and it is a very special place on Earth, apart from Hollywood the worlds biggest myths making industry, the climate and soil yields an abundance of natures harvest from fruits to Wine. The state really is a golden place, Mount Shasta, San Francisco, Death Valley, Sequoia state park its like heaven on Earth in many ways, I loved it there last year and found the people in Carlsbad to be open and interesting.

But anyway, I digress how real is money?

What is money?

Money is an agreement, a thought form. No more than 4% of the money in the world exists as paper or coins the rest is stored digitally. Money is a numerical abstraction held as real through collective emotion and agreement.

Money though is still so real to us all which just goes to show how the world is constructed from metaphysics. Thought forms are tangible substances, money exists as field of energy.

The day is gloriously sunny I have just got back from the beach and I am feeling kinda dreamy…

I was just wondering if it’s possible at this time as a society or as individuals that we can make a radical new contract with money?

It sure would be nice to magic some money out of the thick air….hmmm, is that possible without incurring bad karma?

Have you any ideas you would like to share with me about that?

Post your comments below

Tonight Scott, Daniel and I will record episode 10 of the Reality Activists podcasts.

More on money and this subject in a few days time

check out my earlier post of 27th May called Gold Rush which talks more about the 1849 Gold strike

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Magical is not Fluffy

The reflection of the creator is the cosmic void. The cosmic void is the veil of mystery that hides the creator from our absolute and direct knowledge of him, her and it. What arises in the brilliant light of the cosmic void?

Love, which is the cohesive urge, Love allows life to bond on every scale of creation.

• The creative conflict of opposites that yeild destruction of old forms so as to allow yet more creativity. This conflict creates death, the destruction of form which allows for the transformation of life.

Magic which is the inherent energy giving life animate being and like love reflects the ultimate mysterious nature of the creator.

Magic is often portrayed as something warm, cozy and fluffy, like love which is often only seen to be true if it is sweet and sentimental.

However magic is an underlying awesome effervescence of life which is both a beauty beyond description and yet can be terrifying in its vastness. I have learnt from the experiences of shamanic rituals involving psychotropics that life is inherently magical, ultimately benevolent but far from sentimental.

The reason for stating this is that I realize that many people think it is wishful thinking to believe in magic, life after death, a Supreme Being or Love as the ultimate divine axiom. The facts of existence do not make for comfort, they do not send you to sleep wrapped up in the softness of a logical order but shake you awake in a state of open mouthed awe.

The totality of this existence is benevolent, our life is a joy but the journey would not be an adventure if it were not a tad dramatic. The magical dimension of life is the sparkling and rapid vibratory cascade of creation.

How can we find comfort in a magical existence?

I suggest we grow comfortable in the magical realms through spontaneously letting go to the instantaneous manifestation that arises before us. I can only hope that life graces me and you with such an ability.

picture above of Camille Maurine, see here


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Are You Serious?

The internet is increasing the environment of relativity. Any subject you care to mention will have a mass of convincing data eloquently told that will convince you its true, and vice versa, the same subject will have brilliant stories that will convince you that the same subject is balderdash and poppycock… it all made up.

Reality is Made Up.

Is everything an illusion?

No it’s all true, true for now and true to a lesser or greater degree. Illusion is the belief in permanence. Every one takes some things serious, life can be serious, just not for ever. Some things are more enduring whilst other realities are more transient.

Be Entertained, be Very Entertained

So as the world gets more and more relatively true, we have to learn to navigate impermanence and respect other people’s theatres. Obviously this is tricky, but this is where humanity grows in learning to love the crazy world.

Life does have Purpose, Lessons and Direction.

There is a progression of truth, there is a hierarchy of truth but even that is negotiable.
The progression of truth is based on an expansion of the membership of the community that believes in it.

The Wisdom of the Crowd, the Stupidity of the Mob.

Science is the truth of the winners, Humanitarianism is a bigger truth that accommodates and includes more people. The whole human species and its complex multi-tiered paradoxical nature yields a larger truth and accommodates and includes all people.

Here Comes Everyone

The truest thing for the whole human species is the aggregate truth of all 6.7 billion people.

However not everyone has an equal vote, expertise in understanding the consciousness of the species yields extra voting power, but everyone’s truth is contributing to the melting pot of Human species truth.

Media Magicians, Enchanter Entrepreneurs, Political Hypnotists, Religious Conjurors and other Artists of Reality

We are not evolved enough yet to create the reality based on the total human species truth (Yellow Pluto Enchantment) because power is not yet centred at the universal level of humanity, but it is moving that way. This progression of truth is the evolution of consciousness.

Reality is made up by everyone it’s an unconscious democratic process, but as a species we are getting more conscious of this creative negotiation.

p.s If you want to have someone wave a magic wand for you then listen to Episode 9 of Reality Activists Podcast, we have got a very special offer for you..here


The Perfection of the Freaky Guru

Gurus are useful for some people for some period of time. Gurus can never be perfect; they just provide a temporary structure, a complex teaching that serves someone for an indeterminable time. Once that structure is no longer serving the person the Gurus wacky shadow appears.

Tantric Sex Guru
I had a guru once, it lasted about three months, it was Barry Long. I found he penetrated my soul and consumed my mind, it was great and I don't regret it.
An evolved Guru knows they are just playing a role and do not take themselves seriously and are happy to let their followers go once the person has passed through whatever initiation that person required.

Crazy Wisdom
My favourite Guru is Osho—the one who did the Rolls Royce parades—there’s a dude who knew how to laugh. I don't personally need to follow him though.

A Guru is a divine actor but many gurus get trapped by their follower’s projections.

Ultimate truth is ineffable, beyond definition, but this is not something we can live by if we are to live in the Earth. We chose an appropriate truth for ourselves to create a structure that supports us for now. All teachings, all wisdom, all philosophy or sciences are useful. As we evolve, the framework we adhere to expands to encompass more truth. Not all truths are equal; they are relative to the life chapter we are living in.
To live by relativity only, eventually leads to inertia and nihilism in a flatland, where everything means nothing.

Select from the Menu

To engage with life is to choose, whatever we focus upon grows and becomes our reality. The context of our reality we have created is then substantiated with content that proves and perpetuates the structure we live in. The sphere we live in is filled with content that cross references and interlinks all our perceptions. We literally create a wall of thought around us that maintains our life until it needs to fall apart. The challenge is then to wake up to the truth that the life we had was temporary and that now we are to create a new expanded theatre and re-enchant our life.

p.s a friend of mine was a special guest of a famous guru, (the one with big hair) and he saw him palm the watch that was manifested for him.

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Age of Creativity

A lot of Energy is being Invested in Imaginative Play.
With 6,205,507 people in WOW (that is 0.1 percent of the world, about the same population as Hong Kong) yes 6 million players taking part in the online game The World of Warcraft, I think the world is on the verge of truly harnessing its imagination.

Everyone holds a vision of the future. Your inner vision powerfully shapes your reality and experience.
The world is created in the imagination before it is manifest; this is true for all inventions, all social systems, all businesses and all individual lives.
Your life is being created by you on various layers of your psyche, each of which holds a future. Working with clients I realize that most people are really surprised by the mythology they hold, the versions of the past and the future vision that they are carrying around in their subconscious.

The reality of the world we live in is the net result of our whole species imagination. Our world in general is unaware of the creative power of the imagination of individuals and cultures.

Your imagination is constantly engaging with other people’s imaginings and visions. We do not live in isolation, so your lover and those close to you feed you their future sometimes directly, often subliminally. Society is always feeding us futures and therefore the history that goes with them.

You are Holding a Future in your Psyche

We hold futures in our subconscious that are magnetically attracting people and circumstances. Any future we hold is a timeline, so it is has a history, a vision of the past that supports it—this is the reason why a new look at the ancient world is essential to our society. We can not imagine beyond the limits of the present mythology our version of history creates. What’s true for the species is true for you, your past unexamined, conditions you’re present. It is empowering to see your life as a story and to see the purpose and direction of it. The Life Purpose is a script that allows for creative interpretation rather than a tightly defined fate.

The imagination has been undermined in education, not acknowledging that the way reality comes into being is directly linked to the creative imagination. I like Michael Cremo’s take on the Hindu scripts that suggest that the company of gods, the Devic kingdom all use sex magik and intention to manifest the different realms of reality. This is not so bonkers if you examine the archaeological records, evolution seems to evolve through quantum shifts, and some sort of creation is working alongside the evolutionary intelligence of adaptation.

Loop that Back to You
The ethics and beliefs, expectations and vision of a person or a society is based upon its myth, the history it holds, which then in turn generates its future vision, which in turn manifests.

(Jacque Fresco's Vision above)

The Shift of the World

In real terms the shift or change in reality being attempted in the world at the moment has more to do with vision and imagination than science or proof.

The visions of science can be exciting but the evolutionary impulse of our species is attempting to shift context and create more of a soul based vision for the world. The social dialectic, the big debate that creates the world to come is taking place in the hearts and imagination of all people. An advanced society would harness the enormous diversity of its people and their talents; this means more music, art, dance and play. I am not talking complete anarchy or total indulgence but the world today is in a relative straight jacket when compared to the creative potential of human beings.


Futurism is an important element of society because it shapes the collective imagination. Most futurists have developmental timelines that use metaphors and analogies that are based on sensible material realities, for example some people use ‘product’ as a measurement of evolution, ‘tools’ are often used and nowadays information is used as the metaphor. These are all good exercises; however the language used limits the vision to a context that negates consciousness as the prime creator of reality. Consciousness should not be confused with ever-so-holiness. Look at the natural world, insects, birds, trees, plants, rocks, crystals, planets and stars it’s a celebratory carnival brought into being by creative consciousness.

They Are Making it up Scientifically

Computer simulations of evolution are being employed (for example, the Santa Fe institute), to show that life can arise through pure accidental randomness. In so doing they are forgetting that the computer and the software are all created by conscious beings and that the scientist is involved with the results directly through observation and intention. This scientific paradigm that is now gradually eroding is based on the idea that life exists in a separation from all other life.

We All Make It Up

The most valid visions of the future use consciousness as their foundation. From a platform of consciousness we see an interconnected universe and the wonderful toys and tools we have stay as tools that serve us and increase our enjoyment of life, rather than enslaving us. The interconnected truth of life means that our imagination is a substance, a field of energy that permeates physical reality. Our society will only understand this if we shift from particle physics to more sophisticated field theories and systems theories that include the participatory role of the human observer. This shift would also mean in time that we would move from a mechanical work and production ethic towards a more leisure based creativity ethic, where vocation would replace work.

We Are Shifting from Hard Science to a More Feeling Society.

The futurist visions we get in our media like those of Wired magazine, (I enjoy them, but they are incomplete visions) believe ethics can control technology without resorting to any form of spirituality. If we were limited to a techno future then the inevitable conclusion would be an enslaved race. I have spent years looking at this; the popular futurists all subscribe mostly unconsciously, to a master context based on neo Darwinism, a survival of the fittest paradigm. They innocently do not see enslavement, they often see a more egalitarian future, but if we stay in the context of old paradigm science and use science as our master metaphor we are signing up for the dystopian vision. Dystopia is a potential that humanity holds quite strongly especially in game culture. Science fiction constantly portrays human beings at war with machines.
The dystopian vision is a reminder from us to us, to be more conscious that we are fundamentally consciousness.
If we keep science and technology as our master metaphor for evolution then we literally make it our master. We would become slaves of robots, slave to the machine.

It’s Okay as Long as we Reinforce that which is Positively Happening

I do not think this will happen because of the evolution of consciousness; enough people in the world are waking up to the soul to create a different paradigm of evolution.

A society that bases itself on consciousness recognizes that technology is a product of consciousness. As we recognize the conscious universe, we see that evolution is encoded into life which in turn reinforces the change from a mechanistic culture to a consciously creative culture which still enjoys technology. Life has an inherent purpose, part of which is to evolve and we are now living in the epoch of change. Evolution at this point is not more of the same but something very different.

Back to You

You can empower the shift of reality and bring more of what you love into your life by valuing your imagination. Your imagination is a powerful creative tool.

What if you can not feel light in your future?

If you hold a vision of the world based on conventional history and evolution, consider expanding your vision by re-examining the story of the human species, this will expand your sense of the collective potentials.

In turn this will increase your engagement with the process that you are now living in and taking part in.

You are a Co-Creator.

Nurturing vision

Whether I am working with an individual or writing about human evolution I am exploring the parameters and potential of the future. The point is not to predict exact outcomes, the point is to engage creative imagination benevolently and consciously and to expand and open the psyche. The opening of the psyche means to trust in life itself.

I have been dealing with peoples futures for 18 years and have learnt to see how we create our lives. Because of the variables involved it is impossible to predict or control exact outcomes. We are not here to control all of the outcomes and details of our lives; we are here to send prayer.
Prayer is celebration and the playful reverence that puts us in the space of gratitude, rather than a demand. Prayer is creativity with grace.

Pension Plan

There is real value in utilizing some time and investing some of your energy in your real pension, the future you hold.

The total energy of our vision eludes our mind we can not always see the shadow. However the qualitative nature of the energy we have invested in our futures comes to be our reality, so it is sensible to keep on reloading our dreams. The value in consciously seeing what futures you are already holding is that you can shape your inner world and direct yourself automatically. Yes we need some discipline, yes we need some simplicity, but we can not afford to hold a future based on the present dominant paradigm.
Daring to keep dreaming keeps the horizon open, I know we some limits don’t get me wrong but the time is right to vision beyond crisis, if economics does not work if the planets ecology looks dodgy we need to harness our creative power and truly look outside the box that has served us up to now.

I say this with gratitude for the wonderful world as it is and yet it’s important to grow in faith if we are to navigate the acceleration of change on Earth. So be it with grace, may the divine decree it…

Friday, 19 June 2009

So what is the point of exploring such big picture scenarios?

Your life is partly existential; it’s simple and mundane in its everydayness.
Yet within it there is a larger picture, a purpose and direction
That direction is the direction of all life; call it the adventure of consciousness.

Your purpose?
One aspect is to evolve, learn and accomplish based on your pre life intention.
One aspect is to enjoy and feel connected to the elements in your life as they are, relating to lover, family, friends and the general social context
One aspect is to feel connected to that which is far bigger than you and I

…that means to feel connected to the largest possible reality and the evolution of consciousness which means involution.
Involution is the increasing involvement of what we can loosely call spiritual reality within the world as it is.

Spirituality has traditionally been, since around 500BCE, more about transcending this world and this life and that is still a valid option for some people, who follow a meditative path…
…however most people are being pushed to seek the ‘spirit’ of the world in the world.

We live in an interconnected and global reality, that interconnection and globalization process which is happening all around us is the gradual awakening of the immanent consciousness
Immanence means the inherent intelligence, the inherent spirit within all things, all people, all of reality.

My work is facilitating that awakening

The earth is waking up to itself and we are being called to wake up to that awakening and be part of its creation, by the power of reinforcement
As you become more conscious of the immanent purpose, consciousness and creative impulse in the life we live within, you reinforce the agenda of the immanent awakening.

Connecting to this immanent awakening will gradually increase your sense of the magical aspect of life, the vast intelligence that is life and by connecting to the awesome mystery that reveals itself to us a little bit at a time increases your subconscious sense of awe and gratitude thereby enlivening your everyday existential reality.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Time Decays Over Time

Just over decade ago, I tuned into the spirit of Nikola Tesla and received the message: 'Time decays over time.'

If you look to the future, you are aware that the future holds multiple potentials that spring from the present circumstances.

What happens in Time is subject to free will.

What is true of the future is true of the past.

To create a new future on planet Earth we must create a new past. The story we hold of human nature, evolution and cultural development sets very real limits for what we can create. Our reality takes place within the context of our social mythology.

What has happened in the past is not anchored or materialized until we agree to it.

History, like the future, is a negotiable reality.

Time starts to bifurcate quite dramatically at some point before 10,000 BCE into different timelines.

If we investigate Egypt and Sumer with fresh eyes and then look at the evidence of a pre-flood civilization, we will create a larger vision of the past. As we send out an invitation into the past, it will oblige us and new evidence will step forward.

However, I am not merely talking metaphorically or psychologically. Time–space is a 4-dimensional substance constructed from consciousness. History is a sculpture we are collectively moulding with the sum total of all human imagination.

As a species, we must create the past anew if we are to create a fundamentally new future – and therefore reload the present.

I invite you now to boldly go where hardly anyone seems to have gone before.

Time–space and consciousness are the final frontiers.

This is the Enterprise.

Mystic Cyber Crow is opening doors to the Ancient Past, be sure to beam on board…