Saturday, 30 June 2012

Twitter Posts on Integral

Here are my Twitter posts of today, highlighting my personal dilemma of the moment ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >Brilliant well meaning integral people, good people, not seeing the elephant in the room means that they are inadvertently supporting DARK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > how do we compartmentalize our life from a global threat? Can we ignore the oligarchy? To focus on the positive outcome, requires awareness of shadow ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > integral offers a global view without looking at the shadow of system, still hypnotized by academic legitimacy, which is context controlled ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > science as an institution, not as individuals, is controlled, integral is trying to be empirical to establish itself, but fails ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > good people with spiritual focus still need to recognize the shadow of the 40 trillion global debt.... oligarchy, social engineering ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > psychology looks at conspiracy researchers and sees projection, but does not look at conspiracy itself, denying history and vast evidence --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have just found this article which expresses a lot of my own concerns and thinking eloquently in great detail and in a balanced manner. It was written in 2003, which to me reinforces my sense of how progress has been blocked in integral thinking for much of the last decade after it promised so much back at the turn of the millenium. I would add that 9-11 is sticking point

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Venus Transit

The Venus Transit creates a wobble in the Earth’s astral planes. I would contend that the mechanism of this is a vortex, a vortex that opens within the finer frequencies of the astral planes. The astral fluid is felt and connected to directly through the heart, which means that the first level of contact we have with this transit is through the intuition and the imagination.

Venus rules the heart’s desire for union, harmony, comfort, beauty and aesthetics; it is the yearning for immersion in both the material-corporeal realm and the blissful merge with the osmosis of the spiritualized dreamscape. The heart is pulled in both directions to FALL in love with the physical and with the soul. Venus rules the feminine aspect of sexuality; it is a rounded, indirect, spiralling seduction.

As Venus transits the Sun, we see the shadow of Venus as Venus appears as a dark dot on our vast solar sphere.

The Venus Transit challenges us to question what is valuable, what is beautiful, what is it we want to be pulled by, enamoured by, glamoured by, seduced by...

We are challenged by this Venus Transit to see the shadow of what appears instantly attractive. We are called upon to recognize and honour real beauty and value.

This transit on June 5/6 (depending where you are in the world) will affect how the emotional sphere unfolds over the next 6 to 9 months. It takes this long for the energy to move from the finer frequencies of the astral realm into our physical density.

This is a call to all women—don’t be ditsy, step into the feminine intuitive wisdom, don’t be seduced by superficial flattery, nor by easy promises of comfort, money or luxury.

The world needs that which is truly beautiful, valuable, appealing and harmonious. The passions on Earth are getting stirred.