Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Eclipse Effect

Eclipses occur at the moon’s nodes. The moon’s nodes show up in your astrological chart and are the indicators of your soul’s journey through different lifetimes. The life purpose and your destiny are described by the moon’s north node (also known as the Dragon’s Head).

The south node (Dragon’s Tail) corresponds to past life emphasis and also the entry of your soul into the foetus. The nodes are astronomical points where the moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s orbit.

In general terms, the nodal axis (from Dragon’s Tail to Dragon’s Head) can also be said to be the soul’s intention for this life and is a magnetic attractor of circumstances and pivotal people.

The nodes are gateways at the edge of the Earth’s aura on the moon’s orbital path and quite literally are dimensional doorways into the Earth’s astral planes, the ocean of the collective consciousness.

The entire ocean of collective consciousness within the being of Earth is strongly affected by eclipses—this includes all the kingdoms; the totality of Earth, human, animal, vegetable and mineral.

If you feel a particularly strong effect from this eclipse, on 22 July 2009, you might benefit from an astrological consultation with me over the next two weeks.

For those who have some astrological understanding: This eclipse occurs at 29.5 degree of Cancer. Look at your chart to see if you have any planets that are close to or perhaps in aspect to the last couple of degrees of Cancer.

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