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11-11-11 Stepping Through the Gateway

11-11-11 Stepping Through the Gateway

Laurence James Lucas 

The date 11 November this year is encoded with a very powerful numerical significance.

A portal opens. A flood of consciousness enters from beyond the planetary matrix and offers us an opportunity to set powerful intentions. The evolutionary process accelerates yet again.

But first, let us set the scene...

11 is the Open Door

Eleven is a master number in numerology, as are 22 and 33. The number 11 can be seen as two pillars representing the open doorway; it is the open channel between higher and lower dimensions and is associated with illumination of consciousness as that which was previously solid becomes transparent. Eleven is a message bearer from a place presently beyond our manifest normal experience—it is not the moment of physical change itself, but the significator of extraordinary potential.

The 11:11 Phenomenon

The channeller Solara heralded the date 11 January 1992 (11-1-92) as the moment when we would start to notice 11:11 on digital clocks as a message to wake up. 11:11 is a message from us, from our higher dimensional selves, to us in this dimension. Since then, the meme of 11:11 has spread and is now well-established even beyond new age circles as something that is linked to profound synchronicities.

The Artefacts of Pholus: The 11.11 Planet and Virtual Reality

Unbeknownst to Solara, on 9 January 1992—two days before her 11:11 activation date—the planetoid Pholus was discovered.

My research of the new planetary bodies that have been discovered in recent years—hundreds of thousands since 1992—shows that Pholus embodies the consciousness of intoxicating awakening to the cosmic, transplanetary and science-fictionesque future that awaits our species. Pholus represents the re-opening of the Stargates and the realization that reality is a construct; therefore we are co-creators of that which we call reality. 

Many of the films of the 1990s, such as The Matrix, Edtv, Total Recall, Johnny Mnemonic, The Truman Show, Dark City, The X-Files, eXistenZ and The Thirteenth Floor, expressed associated themes, while the innovation of computer technology created a whole new flurry of futurists, called transhumanists, who saw the potential for all sorts of previously unthought-of realities, both dark and light, that linked genetics with technology. Many people, including myself, started to connect to extraterrestrial and other-dimensional beings. Science started to see the potential for immortality—or most certainly extended longevity—as breakthroughs in the understanding and manipulation of the DNA code greatly accelerated.

Pholus awakens us to the fact that anything can be made real, but of course it comes with a challenge: What do we want to endure as real and at what price?

Mayan Calendar End Date: Winter Solstice 2012 at 11:11 GMT on an ‘11’ Day

The time of the winter solstice 2012, the end marker of the current Mayan Long Count calendar cycle, will be at exactly 11:11 GMT. It is also worth noting that the numbers in the date 21-12-2012 add up to 11. The Ascendant for the astrology chart of this Mayan end date is between 11 and 13 degrees of Sagittarius (depending on the location of the chart’s setting; to me, Southern Mexico is the most appropriate choice).

GMT, which is anchored at Greenwich, has up to now crystallized the time–space grid on Earth. However, this time–space door is being unlocked at the end of the Mayan calendar cycle.

The Millennium: Chiron and Pluto at 11 Degrees Sagittarius

The astrological significator for the millennium began on 30 December 1999, when Chiron was in an exact conjunction with Pluto at 11 degrees of Sagittarius, for which the Sabian symbol is ‘A Flag that Turns into an Eagle that Crows’. This symbol speaks to us of mutability, a recalibration of reality that maintains some of the enduring aspects of the world while bringing in a new reality. The symbol for 11 degrees (the 12th degree) of Sagittarius reveals the flickering instability of reality on a certain level—a level we are increasingly accessing.

As Chiron unlocked Pluto through the conjunction, it effectively opened up the collective unconscious and the continuum of the evolution of consciousness, rooted in the ancient past which is then brought to the surface. The deepest collective emotions that were buried were enabled to surface. Pluto is the collective will of the Human Species; the collective unconscious will of survival and evolution. Pluto is the deep unconscious, the hidden past and the hidden desire to transform.

The millennium opened the doors to the underworld, the collective unconscious. This crucial evolutionary acceleration emphasizes the prerogative of survival of life on Earth. Survival of life on Earth requires that we transform consciously. Life is changing fundamentally, whether we like or not—the challenge is for us to be conscious of that change.

The underworld is now available and transparently perceivable through the internet—sex, power and everything in between is now all within easy reach. Everything is here, it is just hidden in plain sight by the personal limits of our own use of the search engine.

The Chiron–Pluto conjunction on the eve of the new century revealed that in energetic terms the millennium was indisputably a ‘real event’. It also reinforces the numerical significance of calendar dates. My research has unequivocally shown that the numbers we use to measure time are connected to the fundamental substance of our existence.

Our society can no longer be viewed as something compartmentalized from the ancient mythological bedrock, which is the soul’s memory of the past, both in time and beyond time (before entering linear time).


The mythological bedrock is revealed in its purity through fiction. In our current age, this happens particularly through film. Part of my work is to map the unfolding filmography, which expresses the subconscious story of our world, through astrological evaluation of a film’s public release date.

The millennium was expressed most accurately, albeit subconsciously, by the films The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Matrix embodied the culmination of the futuristic impulse of the 1990s, while The Lord of the Rings was the anchor for the impulse to turn back to the ancient past in order to go further forward.

Probably the most significant film that will evoke the essence of the 2012 end date is The Hobbit, the prequel to The Lord of the Rings, which is due to be released on 14 December 2012. As the Mayan calendar cycle comes to its end, it is The Hobbit that will be playing everywhere and flavouring the collective consciousness.

The Hobbit is the story of the coming of age of the innocents (aka the Hobbits), during which process they come into possession of the ‘Ring’. The Ring is intertwined with the Matrix, the All-Seeing Eye, the essential power and programmer, the template for our reality. (The fully integrated global internet that will emerge in the next decade or two is the physical manifestation of the Matrix, aka the Etheric Template.) The Ring was created to control and enslave, to create a sealed system—yet like any structure, it serves only a temporary purpose. The higher purpose, however, is to make us conscious of the power of the Etheric Template, which is the power that creates our reality from intention.

What the Ring represents is the desire to control the power that creates reality from collective intention. We can say the Ring is associated with the big conspiracy of those addicted to the ‘precious power’ held by the so-called elite. In truth, the conspiratorial domain of power is made up of uneasy alliances between various cabals—including family (bloodline) dynasties, the dark elements within the Vatican and other shifting power structures—all vying for total domination (HBOs TV series “Game of Thrones” expresses the psychology and politics of this wonderfully).

However, the overarching conspiracy is only partially true and needs to be seen as such at this time. It is more true to see that the Matrix responds to the totality of collective energy; the power truly resides in the democracy of the population’s desire. If this was known—when it is realized—then reality will be dramatically transformed.

11 November 2011: An Astrological Evaluation

When we set the astrological chart for 11:11 GMT on 11 November 2011 (11-11-11), we see that the Sun will be in Scorpio in a tight conjunction with the trans-Neptunian objects Huya (28.5 au–50 au, where ‘au’ is one astronomical unit, or the distance between the Sun and the Earth) and GQ21 (38.2 au–146.6 au; in the chart below, from astro.com, this is called 26181).

Scorpio is the Zodiac sign of creative friction between the dark and light aspects of ourselves. Scorpio is emotionally intelligent, with an awareness of the deeper issues that seem to contrast with how things appear on the surface. Scorpionic energy also breaks down outworn taboos.

Huya, whose orbit extends from just beyond Pluto’s aphelion (outer orbital parameter) to inside the perihelion (inner orbital parameter) of both Neptune and Pluto, is a rain god of the Indians of Venezuela and Colombia; he is both warrior and seducer. I have found that the consciousness of this planet suggests a flooding of emotion from the deepest levels—something quite visceral enters into our experience or mind. Certain illusions are dissolved and virtual realities impinge upon us.

My research suggests that GQ21 is representative of time variance, time slips, a convergence of differing timelines and time travel; it is associated with the Stargate portal. In the Earth’s outer energy field, we find counter-rotating fields of light that create this portal, which is where extraterrestrial craft and other-dimensional intelligences enter into our time–space energy field.

The North Node will be in Sagittarius conjunct Pholus, which was discovered on 9 January 1992, two days before the 11:11 event was activated by Solara. Pholus rules the general opening of the Stargates, or what I call the omni-directional gate where reality is up for grabs. Pholus and the Node will be in a one-degree conjunction. The Node rules the projected timeline—the future as it is from each moment.

Mercury and Venus, both also conjunct the Node, will both transit through 11 degrees, 11 minutes of arc of Sagittarius on 11 November 2011, both within a short time of 11 hours, 11 minutes GMT (Mercury at 11° 06
' and Venus at 11° 18' in Sagittarius at the exact moment of 11:11 GMT).

Mercury (at 11° 06
' Sagittarius) will be in an exact square with Elatus (11° 06' Virgo). Elatus rules the piercing of reality from a subjective or other-dimensional realm, a visceral shock. The film most representative of Elatus is eXistenZ.

Centaurs Echeclus and Amycus will also be in a tight conjunction with Mercury and Venus. It is significant that Echeclus is part of this conjunction, as Echeclus rules reversals in the background energy field, affecting perceptions and the energy body, as well as the need for individual recalibration and re-establishment of energy.

What is apparent is a theme of flip-flopping instability in the energy field that is the precursor to new collective agreements of reality. Reality has to be in a dissolute flux before we can transform.

The Moon at 11 hours, 11 minutes GMT on 11-11-11 will be exactly conjunct Asbolus, within only 11 minutes of arc. Asbolus (6.8 au–29.3 au; ie with a perihelion just outside Jupiter’s orbit and an aphelion out to Neptune’s orbit) was discovered on 5 April 1995 in a one-degree conjunction with Huya; its outer orbit extends to Huya’s inner orbit, just inside Neptune. In Greek mythology, Asbolus the Centaur, who was known for his powers of divination, read omens in the flight of birds. However, at one major wedding ceremony, the Centaurs refused to listen to him, resulting in a disaster for them in battle against the Lapiths. Asbolus is not listened to—for he reads the subtle signs—and this to me is the punch line, a strong message to listen to the subtle feelings on that day.

The Ascendant reveals that which is being birthed into consciousness. In our chart, the Ascendant is at 4° 44' Capricorn, conjunct Pluto (at 5° 40'), which emphasizes the worldly significance of the 11-11-11 portal date. Pluto in Capricorn is the astrological indicator of the fundamental transformation on a socio-politico-economic level in this era. The core changes to the global social structure that we are witnessing at the moment—and which will continue to escalate over the next decade—are further bought to our awareness. This Pluto-in-Capricorn Ascendant informs us that the 11-11-11 date, with its influx of consciousness from a higher dimension, is illuminating the changing face of the world’s power structure—its governance, traditions, class structure and the clash of values between conservative and progressive ideologies. The 11-11-11 energy coming in from the subtle realms is somehow actively involved with the global restructuring.

The date in question, 11-11-11, heralds a fluctuation in the subtle energy field and is resonant with the Mayan end date of 21 December 2012, as well as with the millennium. The fact that the Moon is conjunct Asbolus also confirms that the collective feeling or emotional atmosphere will be influenced by cosmic intoxication, which is the higher-dimensional influx that is picked up by our intuition as a sense of the ‘quickening’. Read the signs and listen to the subtle feelings, but do not expect this gnosis to be received by mainstream culture. It is possible that the global economic meltdown that has been in the air for years, could happen around this time, so although that is not subtle! it is on the subtle levels that this 11-11-11 phenomenon is taking place.

11-11-11 Films


Due for release on 11 November 2011, the Immortals is a scrumptious, dramatic-looking movie in which an evil character (played by Micky Rourke) is set to destroy humanity and release the imprisoned Titans against us. Theseus is chosen by the Gods—who cannot themselves intervene in this battle—to lead the defence. This will be the film to watch, as it implants the defeat of darkness by the good, true and beautiful, albeit in the militaristic style of Hollywood.

Also due for release on 11 November 2011 is a dark horror-thriller film called 11-11-11, set unsurprisingly on the 11th day of the 11th month, which concerns an evil entity from another world who enters the earthly realm through Heaven’s 11th gate.


Yet another film to be released on this day in the United States is Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia. Although this film has been on prolonged release in Europe from May onwards, it is significant that its first American release is on our portal date. The film starts with the destruction of the Earth due to a planet that crashes into it—picking up on the collective fear of Nibiru, Planet X and the speculations about comet Elenin. The main storyline actually concerns a troubled relationship between sisters in the days that lead up to the Earth’s destruction.

Here is a part of a review from IMDB by Michael Niebuhr:
“Trier takes us for a ride. It’s a slow ride, taking in the beauty of the cinematography. It is at once a beautiful movie, while at the same time focusing on the absence of real love between the characters—and in the world. The movie hints at a correlation between the lack of love, and the threat of impending doom that’s present throughout.

I speculate that every viewer will take something slightly different away from the picture, because the movie is designed to make you think about us humans and our behaviors toward each other, as well as enjoy the work of wonder that the movie is. What you end up with is dependent on what you take to the movie in the first place. Trier’s movies are usually adept at making you feel. In this movie you are left to your own devices. There is no inherently good person to root or feel for. There is only the state of the world. And the future of the human kind. Can you be bothered to feel for us?”

The implicit moral of the story is that we need to care more about our world, to recognize that we live in extraordinary times and that it is time to care about life on a larger scale. By doing so, we can bring in more light and affect the way life unfolds on our planet. It is also a strong reminder that our everyday lives are taking place within the background context of an unfolding cosmic drama.


The final word perhaps belongs to a new underground documentary film called Thrive, which will be released on internet streaming on our date 11-11-11. Follow this link for the trailer:

Through the Glass Darkly

Looking at the filmography, we see many an association with 11-11-11 that is based on terror and darkly surreal intrusions.

In contrast, my research emphatically suggests that the date 11-11-11 is to do with a portal that allows us to connect to the Cosmos, of which our Earth is a part. This portal moment allows us to take another step towards the cosmic realms. The cosmic reality of our future promises a far greater existence, a vastly more expanded and ultimately more benevolent civilization. With this consciousness, we make connections to shifting timelines, to the mutable nature of our reality and to our ability to affect our world through subtle energy, using intention, transmission and transduction. It is as if we are developing new psychic facilities that can remould the outcomes of events more benevolently.

The guardian on this side of the portal that inhibits us from perceiving the gateway is fear itself. Step past the fear after acknowledging the awesome nature of the road ahead.

Further Clues to Huya

A reminder: on 11-11-11 the Sun will be conjunct Huya. So let’s look deeper at the meaning and consciousness of this trans-Neptunian object.

Huya’s discovery date was 10 March 2000. On that day, two films were released—Mission to Mars and Nine Gates—which give us a degree of understanding about Huya and its consciousness.

Mission to Mars
Set around Cydonia, the Face on Mars site, this sci-fi film concerns a vortex on Mars, DNA adjustment to upgrade our DNA—after which we would be able to breathe under water—and records left by ET–humanoids from Mars, who turn out to be our genetic ancestors. A very interesting plot, even though the film was supposedly substandard (I will watch this myself soon and let you know...)

Nine Gates
This ‘neo-noir, occult mystery thriller’ is about the evocation of Satan through ancient writings. (First released on 25 August 1999, but re-released on Huya’s discovery date.)

Lost Souls
On 13 October 2000, when the Sun was also conjunct Huya (in Libra), we find the release of the film Lost Souls, which is about the birth of the Antichrist.

From Darkness to Light

As we can see from these Huya-linked films, the theme of a portal opening is pivotal, as is the suggestion that dark entities will be moving into our realm.

However, we need to remember that initial interpretations of a new consciousness are often relatively dark—or to put it another way, are more unconscious or of a lower frequency than they are when the consciousness unfolds.

Immortals, the film that will most likely capture the biggest audience from 11-11-11, also tells us of a dark king attempting to release evil entities into the world (the Titans), but we see the victory (presumably) by the mortal with semi-divine parentage. In other words, the stakes are raised and we are called to draw deeper upon our spirit.

The general theme of the 11:11 phenomenon is the awakening of our Cosmic and Divine selves; it is the Stargate opening that allows more of our Cosmic Self to merge with us in this realm. The first 11:11 event in 1992 initiated the process of these Stargate openings. As further levels are activated, we gain more access to the cosmic consciousness.

Generally, it is the darker (more unconscious) aspects of new awakenings that are emphasized by Hollywood, as it subconsciously (or otherwise) subverts new consciousness with adrenalin-based entertainment—the reality, though, is that the Divine (more conscious) aspects are actually more pertinent.

The hero Theseus in the film Immortals is a rallying call to us all to step up our game and be more courageous.

11-11-11 and the Mayan Calendar

In the Mayan Sacred calendar, 11-11-11 is a One Jaguar day.

The Maya consider the Jaguar to be the Shaman. The Jaguar prowls the dark zones, the playground of the Shaman who walks easily in the mysteries. Jaguar brings us into the experience where everything is alive, vital and electric. All of life is vitalized and this gives us the opportunity to cut through outworn defences and to feel connected.

Jaguar is catlike instinctive connection; relaxed yet alert, able to respond with speed when called upon. Jaguar energy gives us the chance to be responsive to the energy of the Earth and our immediate environment. The energy of the Jaguar connection is more feminine than masculine; its instinctive intelligence is body-based connection where images and thoughts of a telepathic nature arise from the result of a visceral connection to the electroplasmic currents that surround us.

The message of 11-11-11 as revealed through the Mayan Sacred Calendar is that we should not be afraid of the dark. As we expand our domain and therefore enter new unchartered—and as yet unconscious—territory, we will find that we have the instinctive ability to play in that realm.

The spots of the Jaguar are the stars. Jaguar is Shaman who sees the continuity of nature, both on Earth and in the Cosmos. For Jaguar, there is no boundary between dimensions—cats see many more dimensions of reality than we do.

Other Considerations

Elenin: The Harbinger

Comet C/2010 X1 Elenin was discovered on 10 December 2010. Elenin reached its perihelion, at 0.48 au (very close to the orbital realm of Mercury), on 10 September 2011, when it came closest to the Sun. This comet comes closest to the Earth around 16 October this year (estimates vary by a few days). As we can see from the image below, Elenin will be in a planetary configuration—an approximate straight-line alignment with Earth, Mercury and Venus—on (or around) the 11-11-11 day. This alignment is certainly provocative. 

There is a great deal of speculation concerning the nature of this comet and, while I really don’t know what to make of it as yet, my examination of the discovery date astrology, which was on 10 December 2010 (the day it came into our awareness), does suggest that there is something designed, artificial or deliberate about it. So perhaps the theories that this comet is in fact a spacecraft have some truth.

For the record, here is my own wild speculation: I feel that Elenin could be, just might be, something like a sleeper pod (a vessel that contains sleeping souls looking to incarnate into our world), sent out from tens of thousands of years ago—or even from the future. To elaborate on this wild idea, I am talking about a species (it could be humans from a different timeline?) slightly more advanced than us. I say only ‘slightly more advanced’ because they are not using superluminal craft that can travel beyond the speed of light (as used by other ET visitors).

I do believe in a Planet X. There is a ‘Nibiru’ planet out there somewhere, home to a reptilian race that is phase-locked with us in some way, but I don’t feel it will be in our vicinity next year, nor do I feel that comet Elenin is actually Nibiru. It sounds too soon, too unlikely... The fear-based visions of alien invasion by reptilian ETs (seen in such things as the TV series “V”) is based on an old out-dated timeline that we have already evolved beyond. The dark potentials can only manifest if we de-evolve through mass fear and literally surrender the ground we have created with our civilization.

There is something quite strange about this comet; I will continue to follow this story with great interest.

Alternative Mayan End Date

Interestingly, Carl Calleman’s alternative end date for the Mayan Calendar is 28 October 2011, two weeks before the 11-11-11 date and 10 to 12 days after Comet Elenin comes closest to Earth. This is reinforcing alternative expectations that ‘something big’ will be happening soon. Calleman’s theory, which holds at least some truth, has been gaining considerably more attention in the last year. I feel an intuitive resonance with his fractal model of time; however, mathematically it does not seem to tie in with the Mayan Long Count Calendar and I suggest that 21-12-2012 is actually the significant end date.


The 11-11-11 date suggests a point of evolutionary acceleration. It is likely that something relatively subtle will occur in ‘actual normal experience’, but tune into the energy change and the widening of the spectrum of polarity. Subtle does not mean insignificant. This will be yet another chance to connect to the Earth changes now occurring.

To recap: The Node in Sagittarius tells us that the challenge from the 11-11-11 moment is to see that there is a larger landscape opening for us to venture into and that the guidance for our forward momentum will come from messages from the transplanetary realm that emphasize the Light (indicated by Mercury, Venus and Pholus all being conjunct the Node). Another evolutionary door opens—a door that will take us towards our cosmic consciousness.

This is a great day to set intentions that are based on liberating ourselves from something outworn and to feel the connection to the universal life field. A good day to send out a prayer for the world and to ask for higher assistance for our liberation from unnecessary existential fear.

Look out for interesting UFO reports; yet more space weather reports, such as weird cloud formations from increased interstellar plasma; any ritualistic orchestrated disaster; and illuminating inspiration and higher consciousness understandings.

Be aware of your energy and any subtle changes, dreams, synchronicities and oddities that occur; consciously recalibrate or attune yourself on an auric level. Be aware of your experience of time during the day, especially around 11 hours 11 minutes (both local and GMT). Release fear and connect to the sense of a great drama unfolding—this should illicit some awe and the awareness of the urgency to recognize that life requires that we care more. It is not a day of mere fluffy feel-good thoughts, but a day that is encoded with the need for us to venture, to be strong in our minds and to not allow things to be left to their own devices.

Be inspired by the film Immortals, the trailer of which suggests that the good wins out in the end, for the good is more in accord with the evolutionary imperative of consciousness.

Keep all of this in mind on and beyond the date, since the main stories of the day generally surface after the moment in the days and weeks that follow.