R-U-in-Hong Kong, England or Elsewhere?

If You Are Visiting Hong Kong

... then take the opportunity to come and visit me at my home on Lamma Island for an in-depth and relaxed consultation. Lamma is the best of the outlying islands -- green, beautiful and buzzing with some good restaurants that are much cheaper than those in Central.

Lamma Island is a pleasant 25-minute ferry ride from the megatropolis. I will meet you at the Yung Shue Wan ferry pier and walk you up the hill. If the weather is good, we can sit on my canopied rooftop terrace and enjoy a two-hour-plus consultation with refreshments, a view of green hills and plentiful birdsong. Everyone who has come to see me has agreed that the visit is a whole experience.

Fee HK$1800 in HK or $1600 on Lamma, includes my 2-3 hours preparation work before we meet.

If You Live in Hong Kong

... and would really like to understand who you are and the potentials of your future, your life purpose and the context of your present situation, then I promise you that a life change program of six sessions will give you something that you will value for life.

I express all sorts of opinions on this blog, some of which you may not agree with. That does not matter. My ability is that I can tune into and understand your life on your terms. I will understand your life purpose and what and why you are experiencing what is going on for you. I will help you become more conscious of your life from a psychological and spiritual perspective.

I have decades of experience and research and understand natural nutrition, health and vitality, as well as the overriding emotional reasons for why we do not always live a life of purity -- and why sometimes it is not even appropriate to focus too heavily on health in the short term. My knowledge of cycles of energy can help you set priorities, know who you are and gain acceptance of what is going on right now in your life.

To achieve all of this requires a commitment of six sessions, which promises to be an enjoyable and valuable investment.

Email me on ljl.lifechanges@yahoo.com

Probably the most powerful work I do is Shamanic Ceremonies for people, more people go for Astrology because they are more comfortable with it, as it seems more tangible, but if you want to really change...go for the experiential as well as the consultation...

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Are You in England or Elsewhere?

I generally visit England twice a year and am available for consultations in the London/southeast area.

I am also available to present The Enchantments of Life workshops to your group and can travel anywhere if there is sufficient interest.

I also offer telephone/Skype consultations throughout the year, for International clients

Please email me if you are interested and for more information. Thanks.