Monday, 8 February 2016

Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey means business, but do not be fooled—he wants to have a laugh.

If you read yesterday's blog on Mystic Cyber Crow (to see it scroll down),  you will have a sense of the relevance, as well as the limitations, of the frequency that the Chinese Zodiac uses to describe the year ahead.

The Civic Year, ie 2016, is a calendar that emphasizes Solar energy, a social construct that rules the structural elements of society, whereas the Chinese Lunar Calendar gives us the mass emotional energy. Both are Soli-Lunar calendars and both are human constructs overlaid onto natural time. One is the flip side of the other—the civic year is the governmental and official year, while the Lunar Year is more to do with the people's mood.

It is useful to see the contrast between the qualities of Goat/Sheep/Ram and those the Monkey. To this end, I have cut and pasted some of the interpretations from other more specialist sites (see below in italics). Let us now compare the qualities of the Sheep/Goat/Ram, which ruled last year, and this year's Monkey energy, in order to feel the difference and to be cognizant of the change in flavour.

Starting with Sheep/Goat/Ram the energy from last year

The Sheep is kind, tender and sympathetic. Sheeps are creative and elegant. Because of their softer side, they are symbolic of peace and harmony.

If last year was the Horse's year to gallop and take off, this year will be the year for contemplating and appreciating what has already been accomplished, to think about bringing goodness to others, to take a deep breath and calmly look at what's ahead. A steady path, generosity, and keeping the peace are this year's mantra.
If your baby is born in the Year of the Sheep, he or she will assume the characteristics of the Sheep: Sheeps are kind, elegant, creative, loyal. Empathy comes natural to sheeps, their happiness is derived from other people's happiness. 

Sheeps avoid confrontation and are not born leaders. It is because of these characteristics that being born in the Year of the Sheep is not that highly regarded by some Chinese who prefer the energetic and dynamic characteristics of some of the other signs, like the Dragon, Tiger and Horse. 


The Monkey is clever, inventive and energetic. They are sociable and funny. Because of their astute and curious side, they are often the problem-solvers. 

Fire by its very nature, is the element associated with brilliance, warmth, passion, spark...
An inventive and energetic Monkey combined with the sizzling characteristics of Fire, heralds a decisive and confident year. A year of adventure, resolve and innovation. 

Back to Sheep (Goat/Ram)

The sign of the Sheep produces a person who is not overly fond of sudden changes or impulsive decisions. Rather, the tend towards the opposite end of the spectrum, finding comfort in both repetition and well-laid plans. Luckily for them, they have a natural inclination towards this type of work and are quite skilled at pulling together actions and events in a manner that flows naturally. Which allows both Sheep and anyone with them to enjoy a smooth and unhindered ride over life's many tiny bumps.

As much as the Sheep can improve a person's life, however, they are also protective about who they let into their inner circle. Not just anyone can get to know someone born under the sign of the Sheep. Rather, they must prove themselves steadily over time, through kind gestures and loving support, until the Sheep finally see that they are someone who can be trusted. Otherwise people are often left viewing things at a distance, not quite knowing why they feel distant from the Sheep, but feeling it strongly all the same. It is the Sheep's choice then to weigh their two main paths, between a safe lifestyle with few close friends, or a much more social way of life with its own inherent risks.

And Once Again, the Monkey

Those born under the sign of the Monkey are likely to view life as a series of quick events. Moving from one experience to the other, then, is not so much about the things that they are doing as the feelings that such moves evoke. If something is exciting, then they are likely to act upon it and see what comes their way. Which can bring moments of great achievement as well as times of loss and learning. What the Monkey represents then is a younger way of life, in which action, loss, and education all have an important role to play.

As a person born under the sign of the Monkey continues to age, however, and transitions into the phases of adulthood, they must readdress the lifestyle and choices that have guided them thus far. While this can be difficult, the momentum does not have to cease, but can simply be redirected towards other forms of endeavors, such as hobbies or new careers. For in this manner the Monkey can continue to expand their experiences, but do not risk the well being of the people that have begun to form their inner circle, such as friends of old or a partner and family.

that was from

The monkey's sociable characteristics will pave the way for you to expand and nurture your relationships, with family, friends, colleagues... (Party, fun, kind of sociable nature ljl)

What to watch out for? A Red Monkey combines the cleverness of the monkey, the passion of fire... it could lead to an opportunistic or even deceitful and impatient atmosphere. This year we will do well by staying vigilant, and keeping our emotions in check, to think before we act and try to avoid hasty decisions. 

The Year of the Monkey follows a steady Year of the Sheep, a year of contemplation... A Fire Monkey Year will be anything but. It is the year to act, innovate, take matters into our own hands. An adventurous path and clear goals are this year's mantra.

They are cheerful and energetic by nature and usually represent flexibility. People under the sign of the Monkey are wise, intelligent, confident, charismatic, loyal, inventive and have leadership. The weaknesses of the Monkeys are being egotistical, arrogant, crafty, restless and snobbish.

The Chart is set for HK. If we use Beijing as the location, the Ascendant is only a couple of degrees different. If we use Shanghai, the Ascendant is 25 Libra.

Western Astrology Integration
Last year, the Goat New Moon was in Pisces, square Saturn in Sagittarius. A bit dull!

This year, the New Moon in Aquarius is a tight square Mars in Scorpio, whist also in aspect to the Uranus square Pluto (outgoing but still influencing everything). This sounds a bit lively, perfect for a Fire Monkey. Mars is in Scorpio in the first house of the astrology chart and is heavily aspected. The game is on, the competition begins.

The New Moon has the Sabian Symbol of 'Dove as a Message Bearer', a divine message, an uplifting message that needs to be heard above the noise of any social conflict. This speaks of peace and spiritual upliftment, in contrast to the Martian energy.

Volatile, impulsive, competitive and passionate Mars connects in with many elements of the Monkey, squaring the Sun and looking to stir things up—and is easily stirred. More ego this year.

Libra Rising: The Chart ruler Venus is conjunct Mercury and Pluto, giving us the imperative of Diplomacy in an intense and difficult situation.

The Node with Jupiter asks us to master the difficult details of the social narrative

Default Energy. Plenty of arguments and getting involved in other people's business, tricky, mischievous, impulsive, but more energy is being activated. Troublemakers inciting division among people, warmongering and threatening. Spontaneous moments of fun, delight and humour, unbounded creativity. Passionate, disruptive, chaotic, refreshing, perhaps disturbing—but as I see it the major upheavals of war and economic meltdown will be held in check. Small fires stop the whole forest fire.

Can we be quiet enough to hear the peaceful and profound message? This connects in nicely with Lizard 4 of the Tzolkin today, the inherent intelligence of life itself. And once we hear it, we are then compelled to get involved in the game, to welcome the challenge, to be warriors, to embody the sacred warrior. 

The chart highlights the challenge of being both spiritually receptive and yet socially engaged.

My evaluations of the 2016 year have highlighted the need for strength and flexibility, notably the strength to adjust our intentionality as we encounter the terrain.

The opportunity for creativity, more fun and spontaneity is apparent, while a bit of dark humour is thrown in, no doubt, and yes, a bit of the new 'fuck it' attitude. It is up to us to find the appropriate confidence and go forward, laughing off any small failures or knocks; overall to embody a positive approach that is based on the playful spirit.


We are talking about the change in the social mood within the 2012 era and its environment of tension. The environment is one of conflict between ultra-conservatism and progressive evolution, between large-scale global controls and the call for social revolution. The aspect of Uranus square Pluto gradually fades and the energy is stepped down from a larger scale into a more immediate social context. Mars is connecting to the outgoing Uranus–Pluto aspect, urging us to make it happen. 

The public mood is more participatory, suggesting that our local social environment becomes more energetic. The issues of this era are more in our face, and this can be a relief. It can potentially empower people to feel that they can do something. 

More participation, more engagement, more culmination, more energy.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chinese New Year, What Has it Got to do with You?

Carl Sagan -- you contributed to society in so many ways, so with respect I would say, Carl, that you and the Obstetrician were not in a vacuum. Just because you cannot see energies, does not mean they do not affect you... as you well know.

The annual Chinese 12-Animal System is an idealized 12-year cycle linked to the Jupiter orbit, combined with 5 elements to make a 60-year cycle, which also suggests that there is a correspondence with the Saturn cycle. The 5 elements correspond with the 5 qualities of the 5 directions (east, south, centre, north and west) and the five corresponding planetary qualities of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury.
I would suggest that the Chinese Animal Year is the public mood or emotional flavour of people within the social context, and in accord with a well-ordered society. 

The Chinese Zodiac years do not describe everything, rather they pinpoint a specific frequency. Established in the Han dynasty with a philosophy of Confucianism and encoded with a structure of ethical boundaries for human behaviour, it is an overlay onto natural cycles.

The Relevance of Artificial Constructs

We all live within an environment of consciousness to which we contribute with our own consciousness.

All activity and manifestation is generated from consciousness.

The word 'environment' means all that surrounds us. So, in the first instance, we think of space, but space does not exist without time, which is motion.

What is time? Time is motion -- the motion of Earth in relationship to the local planetary bodies, the Sun and the stars, as well as Earth’s rotation on its own axis. Time is a fundamental consideration when it comes to understanding the environment, which most definitely includes the environmental situation in which we are living today. 

The social calendars are a projection from natural motion and are idealized constructs. So we might consider that, being artificial, they are meaningless. However, this is not so. Our social calendars gain credence through the longevity of being adhered to, which creates structures within the space–time field of Earth.

The human energy that is generated from observing and even quietly acknowledging a calendar's existence feeds it with the energy of thought and emotion. The different ways we measure time add layers of structure within the consciousness–space–time field in which we walk around and have our being within. 

Even within the materialistic perspective, the mere psychological and sociological  influence of a calendar system cannot be denied.

However, my proposition is that the symbiotic relationship between plasma (which fills the ocean of space) and the electro-magnetic energies is a bridge between consciousness and matter.

The motion of planetary bodies, as well as all human activity—especially that based on sustained habitual patterns—are directly interlinked within the planetary energy field in which we have our being. The connection is a two-way feedback system, with the larger context of cosmic forces having more power.

But we are not just shaped by the planetary and cosmic motion. Rather, we are also translating and interpreting the energy generated by cosmic motion.

The calendars, such as the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, are translations. The Chinese Zodiac is one of several filters that affect how we process cosmic energies.