Wednesday, 5 August 2015

General Astro-Data Note, The Timeline choice

Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are all retrograde and these are the main planets of the soul’s focus, a recalibration is being attempted. The details below give us hints to the unfolding energies.

Saturn is now going forward at 28 Degrees of Scorpio, (enters Sagittarius on 18th September)

Venus goes forward on 6th September at 14 Degrees of Leo

Jupiter enters Virgo on 11th September

On 17th September Mercury goes retrograde at 15 degrees of Libra and will be in a square with Pluto, goes forward again 9 October at first degree of Libra.

Saturn enters Sagittarius 18th September 

Autumn Equinox 23 September 

Pluto will be coming to a halt on the Autumn Equinox (NOTE The Pope will be undertaking his ritualistic visit to the USA) Pluto turning forward on 25th September at 13 Capricorn. The time around the Equinox is significant.

Neptune goes forward 7 degrees Pisces 18th November
Chiron goes forward 27th November at 17 degrees of Pisces
Uranus goes forward at 16 degrees of Aries on 26th December