Friday, 25 September 2015

Timeline Change and Choice: Your Energy and Consciousness Matters

Abundance is the Key.

Pluto moves forward today.

The 2012 effect includes the influx of high energy plasma from the interstellar realms. In simple terms the Earth has ingested an upgrade of energy that not only supports but necessitates an expansion of consciousness and transformation of all social systems. We are heading towards a planetary civilization, this requires us to first start thinking on a global and more importantly planetary scale. Our planet is abundant in every sense, our species has at its fingertips, right NOW, the most extraordinary abundance of innovation for technology, community, economics…everything.


Our history and our evolution are far more epic than we have been led to believe.
It is far easier to access free, clean energy than we are being told.
Food and water are in plentiful supply if we align with the more abundant landscape of consciousness.
The high population of humanity is our greatest asset. 
Solutions exist for every challenge, but the abundant solutions are being suppressed.

The fact that we have the solutions for our present systemic crisis (ie the outgoing social system is inadequate) is a potent thoughtform. To know this is to be the solution.

At some point the advanced technologies derived to a large extent from extra-terrestrial resources that have been developed in secret will have to be released. This technology is one of the factors in changing the environmental situation, however the physical environmental situation cannot be treated separately from the human social systemic transformation towards a more benevolent, conscious system that includes the free flow of energy, currency. The present system, anchored in economics works on scarcity. The message from the New World Order is that this is a time of scarcity and poverty and  is the exact opposite of the truth, we are being asked , by the evolutionary imperative, to move into a greater landscape.

The antidote to the New world Order’s agenda, formalized partly as agenda 2030 and based on instilling a morality based, punitive, limitation on human freedom is a recognition of the true abundance of our reality.

The theatrical presentation taking place now in Washington is bewitching many, but not everyone.
We do need to shift our identification away from the nation state toward a species identity.
The globalization agenda has legitimacy in as much as we do need to think on a larger and more complex scale, it is important that free thinking individuals do nurture a light, abundant, joyful version of the emerging global village.