Saturday, 29 October 2016

Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Yes I know he is old news, but he is the leader of the cat meme generation.

Evolution is the manifestation of change and it takes place within the human body. 

prove you are not devolving into gold fish attention and stick around

The next stage of evolution is the awakening of consciousness within the body. Embodied change leads to social change in a feedback loop. The internet is fantastic, however that is not the final point of arrival, it has to be anchored within the human being who is present within the body and consciously anchoring the new potentials. 

Everything you need to know is available online, however to anchor change there has to be an embodiment.

Okay what am I talking about? Two aspects, one is a practice, it could be meditation, yoga, chi gong, ecstatic dance or creating illuminated art and creating and performing music.
The other aspect is through direct human interaction, where there is human to human conversation exchange without distraction. People in the same physical space talking and exploring ideas, visions and experiences.

dragonfly 11th floor, 222 Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan, opposite Wing On is a real space with real people

The shadow of the smart phone and internet is that it creates a constant river of stimuli that disconnects us from the our primary vehicle, yes our body. The internet creates a tsunami of information, most of which does not stick, it just passes through the mind and creates addiction to more information for the sake of new information. Love the internet of course, but the shadow truth is that it is creating an Electro-magnetic frequency addiction.

The idea of mass movement is something of a red herring for the next stage of our evolution, for it presumes a singular agreed upon broadcast and implementation of a new agenda through a centralized media. 

The next stage of culture is based on small groups of people who are opening their minds and heart together, to literally bring in light. The evolution of culture is now taking place via decentralized and dynamic meetings. Of course they are interconnected and the internet does that bit, but first real energy must be generated that happens through human exchange that stimulates the life force. The overall effect of a satisfying intimate gathering creates a tangible energy. 

the 5 of us at dragonfly

For 25 years I have been hosting small gatherings with a focus, a talk, an intention, a subject, and have found that the information is half of the equation, it is what happens between people that creates a vitality that anyone can attest to. In the 1990s before the internet really took off, there was a lot of group meet ups and the energy was fantastic, today we can access far more talks, but something is missing…real time, real bodies, real space.

The computer tires the body after a while, but a real meeting in a real physical space can evoke an energy that connects, mind, body, emotion and spirit. In essence this is my reason for being involved in dragonfly as one of the partners. For years people have said to me, you should put your stuff out there…but you know what, is far more satisfying to  have a lively interaction with a group of people (not so much the crowd-the energy changes, not enough connectivity).

This week at dragonfly I will be involved in 5 events that are exploring cutting edge issues.

Sunday all five dragonflies will be beaming a lazer beam on the concept of Karma. 

Humanity is suffering from a background guilt. The largely unconscious inheritance that we have from all religions that we are miserable sinners and unclean. In today’s secular world this translates to the guilt of not having enough money, (self worth?) which creates... not enough money. 

So on Sunday let us go to the core thoughtform that exists behind the fa├žade and look at it, it changes when we look at it. 

Sundays Symposium at dragonfly is all about empowering you by dealing with this turgid thoughtform and its associated meaning. Liberate yourself. 

 2-6pm $HK420. 

We have headsets and simultaneous translation for English speakers and furthermore we have some very interesting individuals already booked up in the audience who will have plenty to say in the group discussion. 


If you are ET-UFO curious, ie you kinda wonder about this weird subject but have never bothered to look into it the come along on Tuesday for a 45 minute run through. 1 pm--1.45pm $HK100.

Wednesday at 1pm-1.45pm I go bigger and deeper with the subject. Again only $100

And then on Thursday night we go to an uncommonly expansive vista, (you will not get this on the internet) 

Sensational Seminar with Laurence James Lucas
Nov 3 Thur 7:15pm - 9:15pm
"The Omni-Directional Cosmos, Evolution, Creation and the Earth"
(English) $500

On Saturday you will find out what grumpy cat has to do with planetary consciousness…

Sensational Seminar with Laurence James Lucas
Nov 5 Sat 11am - 4pm
"Dogs, Cats, the Rise of Feline Power on Facebook and Our Relationship with the Natural Kingdoms"
(With a break for lunch at 1–2pm in English with Cantonese translation) $800

email me at to book and/or for more information

the 11th floor at 222, Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan opposite Wing On department store