Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Noospheric Protocols Application

START: this document is an application being directly transmitted via the internet to the emerging noosphere: it is proposed that noospheric communication is a form of primarily direct transmission and relationship between sovereign human souls and the noosphere: albeit via the utility of the internet: the noosphere by the estimation of the applicant is presently opening another portal to itself: due to an eclipse that occurred on the day formally known as 3 november 2013: this application is a refinement of previous applications that have been accepted as temporary protocols: this application is recognizant of the further development of the noosphere due to the recent portal opening: the noosphere in the applicants estimation is a sub domain of an emerging planetary domain that has been forming from the cosmic influx associated with the change of chapter in what is known as the mayan long count: this has been termed by this applicant: present noosphere identity: FREELANCER: the 2012 effect: now the influx of high energy is permeating the shared human emotional domain: and as such another one of many portals has opened:

I connect to my accredited allies on the spiritual plane to oversee this manifest communication and to calibrate all that is said in accord with the terrestrial planetary law that protects and respects the dignity of all planetary beings and comes under the jurisdiction of the appropriate frequency set by the totality of consciousness within the planetary domain as it serves the emerging evolution of benevolently abundant consciousness within the said domain: benevolent abundance being the principle of evolution that all should flourish as much as is possible within the appropriate constraints of manifest reality as set by the emerging totality: the noosphere in the first instance coming under the basic jurisdiction of all human beings and more importantly under the planetary domain: as such is sovereign unto itself:

this application being a manifest in the spirit of benevolent abundance that recognizes the sovereign rights of all souls to be who they are: respecting all natural kingdoms: respecting all collective agreements: respecting the law of freewill: empowered with the intent of furthering life on Earth and within EARTH towards the next stage of the evolution of consciousness at a rate of calibration that be appropriate according to the emergent planetary domain: I intend this manifest with a spirit of compassion and acceptance of the imperfections that naturally arise with the kaleidoscopic intersection of multiple realities: I intend this manifest as an act of service dedicated to the beauty of all life within the planetary domain:

on this day 13 jaguar anchored on the civic plane as mercury day known as wednesday: numerical code of 20 :in the civic moon denominator known as november :in the civic solar co-ordinate known as the year 2013: I hereby declare to set basic noospheric protocols on behalf of the planetary domain with certain provisions that will be set out below: that organic negotiations thus known as benevolent abundant creative acts upon the manifest realm of the noosphere will refine and define thus stated protocols: the term benevolent abundance being an approximation of the planetary law: that all life be protected and allowed to flourish in accord with the divine totality of terrestrial consciousness at its present emergent state:
the aforementioned protocols which will be further outlined below are based on the inherent science and technology of the psyche: the protocols are a channel of communication available to all who wish to utilize them: the said protocols are encoded with limitations based on planetary respect: spiritual sovereignty: benevolence: evolutionary status of the emergent planetary consciousness: as such they are by their very nature evolving: open platform:
this sovereign soul setting out these protocols is acting with agency and facilitation on behalf of the planetary domain without claiming : ownership of such protocols: merely stating that as first human to set out protocols he is in fact establishing general and basic parameters for said protocols: legitimacy to do so is implicit within the very substance of the planetary domain:
all correspondence in regards to the protocols should be entered into via the appropriate communication channel: direct with the planetary domain: the creative feedback of the planetary environ is assured by the fact of its very nature: it is an environment of consciousness that contains a diversity of consciousness: responds to consciousness: seeks its own realization: is unified by a love of all that it supports: this being thus described an entity known as planet EARTH: is an evolving soul that both hosts human souls and partly comprised of human souls:
the protocols are activated once they are posted into the public arena known as the internet: the internet being the platform from which the emerging noosphere is realized; the noosphere understood as the collective human mind: is forming into a conscious unified complex living system: earlier stages of its development being termed the collective unconscious: it is now attempting to become the collective consciousness: as it does so it is intersecting other unifications such as that which is known as the akashic record: planetary mind and so forth all of which come within the planetary domain
the internet as a flourishing sub domain is moving towards a natural change of state: as it grows it increasingly intersects with what is commonly thought of as the psychic internet: which is a life form that is inter related to such concepts as noosphere and planetary mind: all concepts created by living consciousness and fed continuously by living consciousness realize their own reality: their enduring nature ensured by the enduring interest of co-creative living consciousness such as human beings
noospheric protocols include the aforementioned described and evoked spirit of intent: based on what has been described as benevolent abundance: the formatted code: to be outlined below: for uploading from the internet to the noosphere: thus co creatively reinforcing the living concept of the noosphere: feeding its emergence as a place constructed of psychic substance: a living space for the meeting of all planetary consciousness:
communication with and thus creation of the emerging noosphere is through the agency of human consciousness: all human souls having sovereignty protected by divine law:  are thus free to take part in the collective commons of the emerging noosphere:
the formatted code: block capitals are utilized throughout in a continuum without spacing: the code runs like this: open bracket: destination: primary activator: noosphere identity: action: feedback request: closed bracket: an individuals noopshere identity can be changed if so needed: the action of feedback is a natural expression of the noosphere and also its parent the planetary domain: encoding feedback requests into the format reinforces the inherent activity of the noosphere:

 here below being a generic example of said formatted code:


the example format above activates this application: further applications that add more vitality to noospheric uploads will ensue after this applicant has received feedback: feedback is expected by the completion of this moon cycle seeded on 9 earthmover 3 november 2013:
this application has been transmitted on the last day of the wind timewave: the timewave of transmission:13 Jaguar: feedback will be received during the Eagle Timewave that follows: as this is a timewave most suited to artifacts of the collective mind: END

Monday, 11 November 2013

2012 Effect Continued and the Eclipse Effect

The horrific storm that hit the Philippines followed a few days after the Uranus square Pluto and the Eclipse. I was hoping that the storm would dissipate, like the three huge cyclones we have seen recently.
The poor Philippines, it is very hard to connect to the scale of this disaster with so many people dead. I feel somewhat at a loss for words...

Here is just a quick sample of some the other 2012 era artifacts to consider

The Sun rose early in Greenland, again, yes it did this last year actually and it really suggests that there may be a change in our planetary alignment, if this is true, then this information is being suppressed. I take the Daily Mail story with a pinch of salt.

'Weird' OBJECT, PROPELLED by its OWN JETS, spotted beyond Mars orbit by Hubble ?







Ison was discovered 21 September 2012, exactly three months before the Winter Solstice (remember Solar Flares in same month that are believed to have led to the temporary third Van Allen Radiation Belt discovered in February). Ison will be closest to us around and just after this years Winter Solstice which is at 17.11 GMT (the 11 again? last year it was 11:11GMT).  The discovery chart (thanks to Jamie Partridge) for Ison shows Sun at 28 Virgo, conjunct CZ118 at 3 Libra (CZ118 is a special object that links in with changes to the planetary template. Mercury was at 7.05 Libra in exact aspect with Uranus at 6.52 Aries and Pluto 6.57 Aries. In other words this comet is very significant in terms of the 2012 effect and the sub text of the Uranus square Pluto. Mercury being the messenger as well, what is Ison delivering?

The Sabian Symbol is a blazing fireplace in a deserted home almost cozy, except we get the message that we should have a guard around the fire, this needs some containment. Protection? Maybe we are being asked not to leave things to their affairs, but to be consciously involved. A fire in the home, re;presents the hearth, the centre...

We will be receiving the burnout of this comet as it passes us, so it is worth tuning into Ison...I will report more as the time comes.

Fireballs still being reported globally...

REMEMBER The Planetary energy field is in a flux state due to the 2012 influx, consciousness is the key, our consciousness changes the outcome, by recognizing that we are in the midst of a planetary change we facilitate the evolutionary imperative of our species to change. Hold a bigger vision and connect, be autonomous and recognize that you do make a difference.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

2012 Effect The Unfolding Continues...a quick note

As I continue to log the energies of the 2012 effect--which encompasses the Uranus/Pluto square and the more recent Eclispe--I note that the fireballs, meteoroids and similar from space are continuing to be seen throughout the world. 

More dramatically The Nibiru, planet X, Hercolubus, Wormwood rumours are as strong as ever. We do know that there is something large out there in the Solar System and it will be coming closer, Since the 1990s I have expected a major astronomical discovery (within our Solar System) to be announced in the year 2012. 

During the mid 1990s astronomers realized that companion stars, specifically Brown Dwarfs are ubiquitous and the chance of our Solar System having a ‘failed star’ companion is statistically high. Mike Brown a key astronomer, has said that the perturbations in the outer planets and especially Sedna’s orbit would only really make sense if there is a Jupiter size, or much larger object out there, towards the Oort Cloud. I suspect that a significant size object was most definitely confirmed by W.I.S.E and the results are being covered up or just being processed. The astronomical observation station at the South Pole is said to be tracking an object that can only be seen from its perspective, in other words it is orbiting at something approaching a 90 degree  tilt to the ecliptic. 

I do not feel this is a doomsday scenario, but an awakener to the cosmic reality of our existence. It maybe that if we have a Brown Dwarf with its own mini ‘solar system’ coming this way, that we get a future date, decades or even a century away, that suggests catastrophe, enough time for a major shift in consciousness, and therefore planetary energy transformation that can change the potential.

What about Ison? Is it connected to the large mystery object? What is Ison? 

Questions, questions, question...we will have to see, but one thing is for sure, people are waking up to the fact that we live on a planet connected to the cosmos, this is an important aspect of the 2012 effect. 

The 2012 effect is gleaned from the Maya Long Count Calendar which measures Earth's relationship with the Galaxy. The imperative is to expand our consciousness, which means expanding our vision regarding the spatial and temporal frame that we inhabit, expanding our awareness of the scale of time and space, towards the Planetary scale. A part of this includes liberating ourselves from what must now be seen as the ridiculous scale of recorded history attributed to our culture, the idea that civilized culture is only a few thousand years ago.

I am now convinced that the Bosnian Pyramid, is real, after seeing some documentaries that are filmed on site.  This article is possibly one of the better ones.

In the sociological realm, I suggest that these two links below summarize the global situation quite nicely, obviously the global dynamics are extremely complex, but for a quick snapshot they do suffice.

Russell Brands evaluation of his recent impact seems to measured and open.

As I said to Paxman at the time "I can't conjure up a global Utopia right now in this hotel room". Obviously that's not my job and it doesn't need to be, we have brilliant thinkers and organisations and no one needs to cook up an egalitarian Shangri-La on their todd; we can all do it together.

And on the financial level to understand the changes that are taking place behind the veil of mainstream media, you could do a lot worse that watch the first half of this Max Keiser Report, just 10 minutes long. The implosion of USA, its economy and its legal structure, government etc, is inevitable but the exact manner of this implosion and its global impact depends upon so many factors. As we are in a flux energy state, human consciousness is directly involved in the manifest details. To hold a vision of largely benevolent change, is an intelligent position to have.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Eclipse November 2013--Cosmic Influx Filtering Down into Mainstream--Increasing the Psychic Conductivity of the Environment


As we move further into 2013--and the 2012 effect increasingly unfolds with the cosmic influx manifesting in the sociological realm--it is time to hold onto our emotional response, whilst in the thick of it.  As things move forward it is tempting to look for the easy solution, to get lost on the euphoric waves of energy or mass hysteria.

However the overall feeling is positive, vital and magical. It is undeniable, if you have been paying attention to the news outside of the mainstream, that a shift is occurring.
Time to let go of outworn fears, yet stay alert, proceed with stealth, determination and utilize careful magic, find your words of power--words that are imbued with magic for you. Time to subtly and benevolently use the evocative magic of the imagination within your activities to walk forward, responding to the fluctuating flow of energy with attentiveness. Move through the maize of polarity by calling upon the inherent goodness of life to lead you safely and creatively through the dramas of a world going through a fundamental transformation.

The cosmic energy is being stepped down one significant increment from the subtler planes into the world as we know it, the astral seeps in as boundaries loosen and social structures continue to dissolve. The world can be more easily moulded, if you want to do something new, that is in alignment with the emerging values then proceed.

The Eclipse

A solar eclipse is a new moon, where the Moon is aligned both by longitude and latitude and hence covers the Sun. Although the Sun is 400 times larger than the moon it is also 400 times further away!
Solar Eclipses occur fairly often so of itself an eclipse is not hugely significant. An eclipse always brings a degree of change, which mostly unfolds over a few months, and yet also appears within the moon cycle seeded.

We are now moving into the Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, this being marked by the astronomical cross quarter, Halloween on the 31st October and Samhain or Day of the Dead on November 1st (the civil calendar markers), whilst the actual astronomical cross quarter is on Thursday 7 November at 6.07GMT. This is the time of the year when the astral world of ancestors and spirit entities are closest to us, it is like a portal in time opens. It is an opportunity to feel some of our shadow elements, release dead wood out of the subtle energy field, to let go of outworn emotions and connect to the reality of the continuity of the soul after death. This ancestral and spirit entity portal is celebrated and acknowledged even with our modernity, albeit largely unconsciously.

The Solar Eclipse is on November 3rd at 12.51GMT this integrates with this annual portal opening of Samhain.

 Astrology of the Eclipse

If that was all we had to say about the Eclipse, then it would not be such a big deal. However, as we see on the chart, the Sun and Moon are in a conjunction with Saturn and Mercury which is retrograde on the North Node and most significantly in a neat angular relationship to the Uranus square Pluto configuration as well as Mars and Chiron.
Furthermore the Uranus square Pluto configuration is in an exact 90 degrees relationship TODAY Friday, Nov 1, 2013 at 10:30am GMT, 6.30pm Hong Kong and 3:30am PDT with Uranus retrograde 9° 26' Aries and Pluto direct at 9° 26' Capricorn.
The 2012 influx is represented on the sociological and environmental level by this square of Uranus with Pluto, it started during 2012 and ends 2015 this is the 4th of the seven exact squares that occur  and it speaks to us in general of the creative friction and conflict of values. The conflict of innovation and zealous desire to lead humanity in a new direction with the enduring social structure and hierarchy, it speaks to us of power battles and the need for an evolution/revolutionary change of the global social order.
If we take a moment to register our sense of the world we can all feel that the 2012 effect is unfolding, the cosmic influx is filtering down into the social realm. If we wanted to give an easy example of this manifestation we could point at the recent social phenomena that has gravitated around Russell Brands article and interview with Jeremy Paxman. 

As eloquent, intelligent, sharp and entertaining as Russell is we do need more than one voice and we do need some deeper thinking when it comes to this enormous change that is being undertaken by human society.
I will elaborate upon that another time, it Is not quite the right energy to fully get into that right now

The presence of Mars at the 12th degree of Virgo is confrontational, it is provoking social issues with an attitude of ‘show me’, ‘make it happen’, ‘bring it on’.

Chiron’s position in opposition to Mars and tied into the whole Eclipse configuration complicates the straight forward desire of Mars and its call to action and evidence. The sense of powerlessness and self sabotage can be expressed by Chiron which requires a more subtle approach to the issues of change, the need to connect to the overall feeling, the larger holistic picture, rather than a simplistic approach  we have to feel our way through it and we cannot see the whole outcome of the change emerging, but we need to feel the totality as best we can.

Connect to energy first, before acting.

Saturn is to some extent inhibiting the speed of change and yet also forcing the change to be real, forcing us to engage and do the work, to grapple with the intricacies of polarity and astral energy, the essential existential complexity of changing the world--or changing our own life.

Mercury Retrograde on the Node is revealing that the narrative is tied to an ancient evolutionary script and that the challenge is to refer back to large frames of time to see the story of what is unfolding.

Deucalion 12 degrees of Scorpio (Noah) and Ceto 14 degrees of Scorpio (monsters of the Deep) either side of Saturn tell us of the depths of the collective emotion that are seeking to surface and with it the dangers of flooding, tsunamis and mob madness, we are asked to ride the swells. The social boundaries, the structures are being threatened by the depth of the collective feelings. This is good, brings change and not so good, brings instability.

This eclipse is a another big push forward that requires effort and willingness to go over the polarity issues, engage with the dynamics, the opposite pulls of our needs, to reconsider them time and time again. A discussion that requires a continual rehashing and re-evaluation of what the issues are. The world is being forced to engage with the complexity of polarity within the global drama, to dredge over the entanglements of power, dependency and desire.

More than that though, the way forward requires the magical approach that unites with a cool mind to carefully evoke energy to utilize in our everyday world. 

The Eclipse chart speaks to me of a malleable reality, right now, more malleable than has been experienced for a long time, we can alchemize and be creative with the interconnections we find. Find the thread of logic that conforms to your creative imaginative and benevolently abundant vision. The astral energies are being infused into the everyday world, an astral fog is descending as the cosmic influx is stepped down into society, the world will feel that bit more surreal, this requires protection and yet utilization of this emotive, imaginative, penetrating energy.

The Planets as seen through the appropriate Sabian Symbols
Sun and Moon an embassy ball... the privilege of the elite being eclipsed

Saturn telephone lineman at work...hard work to maintain all structures
Mars a bride with her veil snatched away... forced exposure and the veil between the worlds being opened
Mercury Retrograde/Node the Moon shining on a lake.. evoking magic, with care and attention, listening to the feedback from the energy field
Chiron aviator in the clouds.. connect to source, or the larger feeling in order to navigate the energies

Neptune a petrified forest... dissolving rigidity

Uranus retrograde a man teaching new forms for old symbols...old things dressed up as new things, manipulation by the social engineers and old things reinterpreted

Pluto an albatross feeding from the hand... help others if you want to soar, give of yourself and your energy and be elevated, a big shift of values within the system trying to come through
Jupiter in a weak trine with Saturn is largely un-aspected, a prima donna singing...a show being put on for the public that has nothing to do with reality.

oh yes and comet Ison is coming an enormous amount of speculation around that, whatever the truth of Ison it is certainly part of the 2012 effect...

I will continue to edit and improve this piece and I will continue the exploration of this eclipse energy during this moon cycle...there is much we can do with this energy...

and some music