What Does it Mean, Life as an Enchantment?

The Enchantment perspective is based on experience of the self perpetuating nature of all realities within our increasingly connected planet.

Your inner world is transmitted out to the external world and the external environment loops back and shapes your inner thoughts and feelings—feedback.

The Enchantment is the toroidal, the spherical doughnut of energy, a three dimensional ourobus—the snake that swallows its tail—the enchantment is the wholeness of a perception.

The Enchantment is the dynamic flowing bubble that we walk around in and have our being within.


As the awareness of the interconnected nature of human society within itself and with the natural environment emerges the ability to feel energy fields becomes more accepted, both conceptually and experientially. The alternative mindset (Neptune Enchantment and beyond) recognizes that there are fields of energy and consciousness and that the principle of a universal ocean, a permeating vital field is applicable to all life.

In the Neptune Enchantment the field of collective consciousness with variable frequencies is seen as this unbroken continuum of energy, the ocean, and it is understood that perception interacts with and permeates matter, therefore defining our experience. Consciousness has multiple frequencies.


Every relationship creates a field. You are living within, co-creating, communicating with and being fed by a kaleidoscopic variety of fields. Your relationship with your family, your village, town or city, your country and culture, the natural environment and land you live on and feel connected to, the religion or ideology you belong to—and that includes any form of belief system of which we all have more than one—your interaction with the environment of cyberspace, your existence within the planetary energy field, all of these relationships create fields of subtle energy and consciousness.


The degree to which you identify with any of these particular fields, which are holons, is the degree to which you energize and are energized by them. A holon is a part, yet a whole, complete unto itself, it is a whole system but not a closed system. So for example your family contains your immediate family relationship; man, wife, cat and dog for example and that is a unit, yet that unit is part of and affected by and affects the greater family of parents, grandparents, siblings etc. In turn the living family has a relationship with the ancestors, through the bloodlines or DNA. The holons of energy are not just intangible invisible consciousness but are entwined with the physical world. The holons of your family are connected by DNA, shared dinners, sharing a house together, shared conversations and emotional exchange.

From the perception of the Chiron Enchantment the fields of energy/consciousness, we can say that these holons are not flat continuums they have a spherical shape, they feed back, they loop back on themselves. They are toroids, self perpetuating realities, on every scale.

If you put a picture on your wall it is constantly priming your subconscious, you have a subliminal relationship with it and the theme of the picture, the encoded information primes your reality to a small degree. So it is with all people, all environments, all entertainments, and all information that we engage with it, we are by choice or by default, programming ourselves and perpetuating reality. We have an inadvertent contractual nature with our reality experience.

Our identity is embedded in a primary toroid—an enchanted bubble of consciousness. If we have a crisis our reality starts to decay, dissolve or shatters, then we start to lose an aspect of our self, we do not know who we are anymore and we do not know what is real. Over the last two decades I have seen this process in detail with clients and with myself (the change of our enchantment) and how the spell of reality gets broken and then how we re-enchant ourselves and are reborn into another landscape of the psyche.

Global Village, Think Globally, Act Locally

We are dynamic systems living within yet greater dynamic systems, within the feed back universe.

The human aura is a toroidal egg that loops back through the crown and feet chakras. Within the aura the different frequencies of conscious energy loop back through the corresponding chakras which in turn are systemically feeding into the physical body through the endocrine glands, our chemistry that creates our feeling and perception. The nervous system is our electrical system and that has correspondences with the endocrine system.

In the planetary energy field the whole of the Earths aura loops back through every individual. We are all parts within the planetary system. As the Neptune and Turquoise Enchantments emerge the speed of information feed back increases. The whole planetary system which was previously an abstraction becomes a personal intimate immediacy.

You are enchanted and you are an enchanter.