Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Talking with Crows

I could not sleep last night after 2.39am, due to this waning quarter moon, it was aspecting my natal Mars. Eventually I got up at 4am, sat on the roof killing mosquitos and enjoying the gradual awakening of the day. I got out to my special wild garden by about 5.45am, feeling tired, no way I was going to a full ceremony. But as I often forget, the best things happen without ceremony as such, just intent, I just did some processing and simple energy exercises and thought well, I will wait to 7am then go home. I was just enjoying the early morning heat and chorus.

At 7am exactly my friends the Crows turned up, they live in the hood, but like to stay hidden except for special occasions. There was a small group of them very close making a hell of a racket. So I talked to them and they talked back of course.

One thing I was wondering was how many of them were there, 3 or 4 maybe. At that point they flew as one, and revealed their number 5....of course 5 crows on 5 Jaguar.

The rest of the conversation is between me and the crows.