Friday, 19 June 2009

So what is the point of exploring such big picture scenarios?

Your life is partly existential; it’s simple and mundane in its everydayness.
Yet within it there is a larger picture, a purpose and direction
That direction is the direction of all life; call it the adventure of consciousness.

Your purpose?
One aspect is to evolve, learn and accomplish based on your pre life intention.
One aspect is to enjoy and feel connected to the elements in your life as they are, relating to lover, family, friends and the general social context
One aspect is to feel connected to that which is far bigger than you and I

…that means to feel connected to the largest possible reality and the evolution of consciousness which means involution.
Involution is the increasing involvement of what we can loosely call spiritual reality within the world as it is.

Spirituality has traditionally been, since around 500BCE, more about transcending this world and this life and that is still a valid option for some people, who follow a meditative path…
…however most people are being pushed to seek the ‘spirit’ of the world in the world.

We live in an interconnected and global reality, that interconnection and globalization process which is happening all around us is the gradual awakening of the immanent consciousness
Immanence means the inherent intelligence, the inherent spirit within all things, all people, all of reality.

My work is facilitating that awakening

The earth is waking up to itself and we are being called to wake up to that awakening and be part of its creation, by the power of reinforcement
As you become more conscious of the immanent purpose, consciousness and creative impulse in the life we live within, you reinforce the agenda of the immanent awakening.

Connecting to this immanent awakening will gradually increase your sense of the magical aspect of life, the vast intelligence that is life and by connecting to the awesome mystery that reveals itself to us a little bit at a time increases your subconscious sense of awe and gratitude thereby enlivening your everyday existential reality.

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