Friday, 13 November 2009

The 2012 Era; The Evolution of Truth

Here is just one thread of my enquiry into the 2012 effect from the perspective of the evolution of truth.

The nature of the truth evolves-from 1, (Blue) absolutist authority to 2, (Orange) scientific experimental consensus to 3, (Green) relativity, post modernism, equalizing and then onto 4, (Yellow) appropriate truth and confidence in ones own truth with acceptance of others truth being appropriate to them at the moment.

You can probably appreciate that the very existence of the internet is pushing people to operate from a level of appropriate truth.
Applying this to society as well as the individuals that make up the levels of society we can see the complex pattern of truth in the world emerging now.

What is Appropriate

The appropriate level of truth recognizes that different truth are appropriate to different situations as Don Beck of Spiral Dynamics emphasizes an area of strife and war requires an absolutist authority to establish a moral code and set of laws to stabilize a region (Blue)

Therefore we can see that authoritarian governments and traditional religions have their place in human development, however on the shadow side we can also see how there is the danger that wars can be created or encouraged so as to inhibit human evolution and destabilize nations for political or economic gain.

The Modern Era

The emergence of scientific enquiry (Orange) has enabled and encouraged a focus on developing the material world, technologically and economically which then leads to a capitalist society. The competitive market is an arena of strategy, where the art of selling is rewarded. The nature of the ability to market oneself or a product is not necessarily malevolent and in fact has been essential to create the progress the world has enjoyed. As this truth has flourished the role of nation state governments has increasingly taken a back seat to the importance of multinational corporations.

The Post Modern Era

Providing society flourishes and there is a reasonable level of economic prosperity then a culture of deeper enquiry naturally emerges (Green) that questions the social development, looks at the ecological cost of industrialization, the inequalities of capitalism, the rigidity of scientific consensus and has a need for deeper meaning, humanitarian values and an understanding of consciousness. The radical spirit of this brings in the post modern mind and a need for equality on all levels. If this level of truth continues to develop spiritual truths and new consciousness paradigms then take hold. The need for equality also creates a need to reach a consensus amongst differing ideologies which creates an ever increasing relativity of truth. As Ken Wilber emphasizes in his work the shadow of this truth can lead to a complete aversion to all hierarchies, material progress and a rigidly idealistic mind.

Going Forward

However as Dr Graves work shows human society, needs to develop each level and each level must emerge if humanity is to continue to evolve. Don Beck suggests we are now in an age of meme wars, meaning the different truth are doing battle. The present locus of power in the world is with economic interests and so we see that there is a strategic campaign which includes disinformation to inhibit the full emergence of the egalitarian impulse for it undermines the dominant economic interests.
Appropriate truth (Yellow) allows one to have a more open, adaptable perspective to the increased diversity and explosion of information and perceptions flooding the human environment.

The self now lives with an edge of uncertainty, responding to the cascade of stimuli of the information age yet moving back and forth with the evolving centre of personal truth. The self accepts the paradox of the world. A society that develops with this truth would accept the need for some authority and law yet recognizes that free market competition is also needed but also determines that economic forces need to be held in balance by essential humanitarian needs.

In the age of systemic intelligence (Yellow) which is attempting to manifest in our lifetime, we would also see the natural progression of the open source economy as witnessed on the internet, where people naturally give and contribute to collective initiatives, both for the joy of taking part and in self interest.
Also we would see innovations in; clean energy, healing and more natural medicines and science all of which would arise quickly without the strategic blocks of the present economic structure. Open enquiry and debate in ancient history and a whole host of subjects presently considered taboo by the establishment would also proceed unhindered by the constant undermining, ridiculing and negative conditioning of the present mainstream media who largely extol the truth of orange. The filtration of the news and all information in the mainstream inadvertently and otherwise supports and protect the dominant economic interests. The necessity of our age, the imperative of the next 10-20 years is that the dominant truth does shift from Orange to Green, otherwise what was a benign ‘winner and loser’ society could become a winner takes all society.

Tune in and Listen

On the world stage there is a cacophony of frequencies or we could say voices the loudest truths are Blue and Orange, Green can be heard and yellow is much quieter and almost unheard is Turquoise, but even that it is emerging. Turquoise is a planetary awareness a simplicity of truth derived from direct experience not merely from the five senses but from the five senses incorporated into the connection to energy fields.
The greater 2012 era as I have suggested elsewhere is the acceleration towards this level of truth.
To the evolution of truth we can add this quick over view of the evolution of intelligence

The Evolution of Intelligence

From 1, Instinctive to 2, Magical to 3, Cunning to 4, Playful-communal-mythic to 5, Explorative exploitation to 6, Moral practical to 7, Scientific rational (IQ) sharp mind, quick witted and strategic to 8, Emotional intelligence (EQ) intuitive absorption to 9, Open systemic intelligence to 10, Experiential channel of Earths totality from the Turquoise Chiron Enchantment

My work the Enchantments of Life is based on the world as it appears from the emerging Turquoise, watch this space in the months to come for more information

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