Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What Revolution?

Well it’s been over a month since I have posted on Mystic Cyber Crow, I have been on a helter skelter ride of my psyche looking deeply into the nature of transformation on Earth in this 2012 era. The shadow elements of our society are rapidly coming to the surface. The game is on.

The new 2012 apocalyptic film comes out soon and so I feel it is very important that people learn some basics about the Mayan Calendar. It measures an approximate 26,000 year cycle and suggests transformations of culture and Planet. The nature and the scale of the cycle suggests endings and beginnings over a relatively short period but not in one day. The 2012 era started maybe 100 years ago and the effect accelerated in the 1990s as evidenced by many things including the sudden compulsive interest in the Mayans and their culture. The period of change is definitely upon us and it is connected to human consciousness, culture and all that we see occurring in our society.

The 2012 effect is the shift towards galactic consciousness and the very early stages of a beyond Earth civilization, meaning a membership with a much larger community.

The multi tiered nature of our reality means that people will be experiencing different perspectives but the push towards galactic membership which has started already with the increasing ET presence on Earth—which I suggest is largely benevelont. (See the Disclosure Project testimonies on You Tube to understand the Secret Government manipulation of the ET presence)—also means the acceleration of an experiential planetary consciousness, the planet waking up to itself, the burgeoning noosphere,transformation to new psychic, energetic conductive atmosphere the subtle energy of the totality of our planet—also means the acceleration of a global government and global society with both dark agendas of control and the light impulse of planetary awakened society—also means the acceleration of interactive global communication, the importance of the internet for cultural engineering—also means the end of the old paradigm of materialism and the strong resistance to that change—also means the acceleration of religious agendas.

The next decade or two decades will see this top down effect, if any one is truly interested in the 2012 effect they need to change their frame of reference from the overtly physical paradigm towards the energy field frame of reference.

I am working intensely on an in depth explanation of the 2012 era and will keep you posted

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