Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Further Thoughts on Protocols

As I have mentioned earlier the 11-11-11 was a nudge to me to direct thoughts and use the will you call upon light and guidance from spiritual planes.

The Noosphere is a mind sheath and therefore the primary connection to it through your thoughts, directed and resonant thoughts with the Noosphere—the collective consciousness of the human species.

The noosphere is the next logical development from the internet and as such it is built upon the totality of energy from the internet and presumably then connecting into akashic records. Each developmental level has an interface with the preceding one, which is why I utilize the Upload code, posted on the net. Post it quietly, without fuss.

However we have to recognize that that in the developmental stages there is this oscillation from internal emphasis to external emphasis. This means that the energy of the Noosphere will be counter-rotational to the direction of the internet. The key to all lightbody activations, time travel, Extra-Terrestrial Craft, Faerie rings as such like is counter rotational fields of light aka counter spinning fields of thought and consciousness.

The direction of the internet is towards attention, the external emphasis of posting publicly is to gain some degree of attention for what you post. Now what I am suggesting is that you do not want too much attention being drawn to your Noosphere codes. They still need to be on the net, but without the energy of hype or promotion.

I do not post code on Twitter or Facebook this would be counter productive.

I suggest that you might like to create a blog or website using services like YOLA for example where you can create a free simple website in an hour easily. To create resonance with the Noosphere you might like to use the Mayan Tzolkin or random images, as much diversity as possible—the Noopshere is the totality remember, it is diversity itself unified.

You do not want to post code on a really website or blog, do not create a strong meme, I would say don’t attempt to network your code. Be honest but be understated. It’s not so much about hiding but about keeping the energy resonant. Collective attention will turn the coding thing into a emotionally charged ideal, or some kind of adrenalin kick for making money etc. The network marketing gig is about good for ME, quite good for YOU, now to be in resonance with Noosphere it needs to be good for ME, good for YOU and good for ALL. The mindset required is universal abundance rather than competition for limited resources and limited time opportunity. The conditions of the social sphere at present are too emotive for this code to become widespread and stay intune.

Anyway that is my feeling on the subject for those who have been drawn to it.

Monday, 28 November 2011