Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pluto and Development Part Three: Pluto is an Energy Signature

Artist imagining the view from Pluto's surface. NASA.

In my opinion Pluto has not been accurately understood in astrological circles. Jeff Greens work is fabulous, but some aspects of the essential meaning is still lacking. I do not intend to offend any astrologers, but this is how I am seeing it. The key is developmental stages.
In simple terms Pluto can be seen to have a twin primal or evolutionary impulse 1; evolution, growth, change, 2; survival, the need to simply exist, stasis.

The interplay between these two forces is the driver of the developmental stages, we are driven to expand awareness to the next higher stage then to survive within it and then grow within it, until that stages becomes stale and inhibitory to further learning and experience.
Pluto drives ego development and expression, Chiron, the next frequency pierces the ego so that consciousness can connect beyond the ego-self. 

Brilliant work here from Nick Anthony Fiorenza really worthwhile for you to  having a quick browse at this site.
In the last part I talked about the shift to the next stage of culture will be an enormous expansion of the psychological space and the environment, diversification of experience and options increasedramatically. With it science will be unleashed from its materialistic anchor. We are already seeing terminology in science that is quasi metaphysical. The secret science of the military is already using a 'new-age' approach.

The Enchantments of life approach to the developmental map uses the analogy of frequency of consciousness to describe each of the stages or levels. Frequency seems the best term we have at the moment. Light is measured in wavelength and sound in frequency, but for now we will use the commonly used new age terminology. On purely the physical level, we can ascertain the basic mechanics of how astrology works. Space is a plasma ocean and this medium is extremely sensitive to all manner of frequencies that are generated by planets. Earth's radiation belts then filter the total electro-magnetic signature of the Solar system and then our electro-chemical body responds to these stimuli.

The effect of the frequency field is that is enchants us, we are captivated by the central story of that level and all of the artifacts that are generated from it. The frequency field of planet is an archetypal force that is translated on its own level or through the level of another archetypal field.
Pluto can be seen as the life force impulse behind the sexual act of conception, the force of growth on a cellular level,  dark primeval dangerous impulses, the generator of the power impulse, the deepest driver for the urge to stay in control and the fuel for a compulsion to change one’s life. 

As we awaken to the Pluto Frequency and centre ourselves within the Pluto Enchantment, we start to become an agent for evolution itself, or as many have said, evolution waking up to itself.  At the same time the individual has the realization of the simple joy of merely being alive, the satisfaction of solving problems for self and others, enlightened self interest. However it also comes with the dichotomy of dancing between social involvement, being an agent for wider change, looking to help and the need to withdraw from involvement, seek personal simple satisfaction and release from compulsion. The dynamic balance creates an individual who has less commitment to group endeavours because of the frustrations and acceptance, that mass movements tend to simplify issues with political correctness. The individual still wants to take part, but not too much and can be seen as an avoider as they can see the limitations of mass driven perception and the slow rate of real change. Paradox is part of the daily experience.  Occasionally the individual will just over turn the apple cart as an experiment or as technique to cut through the enchantment of idealism or what is felt as turgid thinking.

The frequency of consciousness can be understood through the Chakra map.
Here we see that White Light is generally ascribed to the Crown Chakra (sometimes violet with white being linked to a yet higher chakra) and white light has all of the other colours or wavelengths of the spectrum of light within it. The base chakra is assigned the lower wavelength of red and so as we move the chakras the idea is that the wavelength of consciousness is raised and the chakra emits a higher expression of colour, of light.
The basic direction of evolution is from the Base Chakra to the Crown Chakra, however it is not that simple. The Integral Movement led by Ken Wilber, has assumed the Saturn Enchantment Perspective of linear, incremental movements up the Chakras one at a time, as the expression of the development of stages. Through my shamanic work, I found all people seemed to have two chakras dominant at any one time, one upper and one lower chakra. Again this is a radical proposal for understanding the nature of development.  Moving on for now...I will save that for the book

As well as colour, we will find that investigators have found or intuited different vibrational tones, or sounds to each chakra. This was understood by the ancients of course, “Aum”. The sound of the Sun is something akin to the Aum

Notice the Neo-Darwinistic linguistics “chaos, when a gun fires, crashing, hot gas and action, churned”, which frames the tone in a limited way. The words used are part of the script (scripture of the neo-darwinian Uranus Enchantment view), sort of correct but only as a partial truth. I can still enjoy a bit of Uranus Enchantment speak ‘yada yada’, but is does get tiresome when you see it all the time in mainstream documentaries.

The sound of a cell dividing above

The more complex the order of life, the more complex the orchestra and the symphony.

Take it further we can say that you are a complex symphony that is playing multiple tunes of all levels of frequency, atomic, cellular, organs, body, and the multiple layers of emotion, thought and subtle consciousness. You are one complex frequency package and generator.

Scientists Confirm that Plants Talk and Listen To Each Other, Communication Crucial for Survival

The Sound of a plant, cool music, very chillax, I am not sure if this for real?

Everything is consciousness and Light is encoded with information, there is a relationship between light and consciousness. All life can be said to be We are looking at energy composites, or the energy composite of a field.

The Chakras are connected to the endocrine system and each of the associated endocrine glands releases a different complex hormone, a different chemical. Here we are seeing how frequency of consciousness is stepped down into the body. Each hormone produces its own type of emotion and quality of thinking. 

The science of brain chemistry looks at the relationship between consciousness and chemistry, it is one window into the frequency of consciousness. 

Our physical bodies are not merely chemical, they are also electrical.

Each Chakra is a flavour of energy and consciousness or frequency package of consciousness, colour, sound, chemistry and electricity. There is an interconnection. Once you have personal experience of connectivity, then these sorts of connections are intuitively understood. This awareness of connectivity, that includes synchronicity begins once the Neptune Enchantment/Frequency is switched on. In Uranus Enchantment the frequency of consciousness evokes the perception and analogy of isolated matter and individuals separation, strategies to compete and attain status. The psychology of Uranus Enchantment is one of seeking to attain ones individuality through winning the game and acquiring some status. I am not knocking that, we still continue to a lesser or greater extent to seek to ‘win’,  or be part of the ‘winning crowd’ because our economic system requires us to do so. We have to PR ourselves, it is part of the game and part of continuing to express the self.

The presentation of science that underpins the social theatre is therefore reluctant to own the connectivity of things, such as the electrical with the chemical nature of the body and consciousness.

The body is electric, not just chemical, we are in fact electro-chemical generators and transducers.

Dr Becker was onto the electrical nature of the body in the 1960s and his analysis led him to believe  that extrasensory perception could occur from extremely low frequency waves. I doubt whether he was the only one. His book is one of those that I read where I felt the penny of realization drop into my mind. Today mainstream science is tentatively moving towards bio-electricity.

The electron and proton carry an electrical charge, so we can we are talking of chemistry we are indeed talking of electricity. Our DNA is highly conductive to electrical charge. It is more accurate to think in terms of electro-magnetism than chemicals and solids, when we are looking to intuit the vitality of the life force. The cosmos is electrical, plasma fills space and highly conductive to electro-magnetism, in fact they are in symbiotic relationship with each. The body is a highly tuned and sensitive electrical organism. Energy is primary.

There is a short video here on Huffington post that illustrates where they are up to in the mainstream

A 2-hour documentary here, if you are interested

Once you have awakened the truth that everything is connected, then there is a journey to understand inter-connectivity. To be inter-connected requires that two things first be connected. Interconnected things are subsumed within the universal ‘everything is connected’. By learning about how everything is connected, we start to understand systems. Each system is complete unto itself yet is a part of a larger system, and so on. By understanding systems we can understand levels, levels of context, levels of consciousness and reality. Each level has greater complexity. For the sake of simplicity we can illustrate it thus.

The cell is more complex than the atom, for it is comprised of many working parts, many atoms, and the totality of all those atoms produces a new order of matter. An atom can easily be thought of inanimate whereas a cell, is considered to be more alive. Systems are more than the mere sum of their parts. This does not fit into the materialistic myth very easily, for it suggests something other than a mechanical universe. Growth can be seen to be a development of higher order systems that become more alive and ultimately more conscious as we progress.

The human species is a system, a complex living systems with many parts, 7.3 billion human beings. Each human being is part of and co-creating the living social system.
The human species system is a holon of the Earth system. Humanity is complete unto itself and yet also part of a bigger system, the planetary system of our Earth.

Pluto is switching on systems awareness, we are slowly recognizing that we are part of a living system, a component and a co-creative intelligence that is contributing the overall quality and consciousness of system Human and that in turn this is an essential component of an evolving Earth.

Earth-nature, and humanity, are inter-connected. Nature and human cultural endeavour create a  complex living system where the human being is a conduit for Earth's own evolution.

The New Astrology: The Enchantments and Holosphere approach is a New Day for Astrology

Planets are expressions of archetypes, principles and stages, each planet is an expression of the Solar System.

The Solar System is a product of, an emanation of and is held within the Sun's energy field.
Each planet has its own energy signature, as we discover a planet it coincides with the awakening to yet another energy signature which is added to the total energy signature of Earth and human life.

The environment we live in, the landscape which is a fractal of the planetary field, gets more complex as we awaken to more energy signatures. Everything in the environment is a manifestation of energy signatures.

The environment and your consciousness is in continual feedback, and reinforcement.