Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Perfection of the Freaky Guru

Gurus are useful for some people for some period of time. Gurus can never be perfect; they just provide a temporary structure, a complex teaching that serves someone for an indeterminable time. Once that structure is no longer serving the person the Gurus wacky shadow appears.

Tantric Sex Guru
I had a guru once, it lasted about three months, it was Barry Long. I found he penetrated my soul and consumed my mind, it was great and I don't regret it.
An evolved Guru knows they are just playing a role and do not take themselves seriously and are happy to let their followers go once the person has passed through whatever initiation that person required.

Crazy Wisdom
My favourite Guru is Osho—the one who did the Rolls Royce parades—there’s a dude who knew how to laugh. I don't personally need to follow him though.

A Guru is a divine actor but many gurus get trapped by their follower’s projections.

Ultimate truth is ineffable, beyond definition, but this is not something we can live by if we are to live in the Earth. We chose an appropriate truth for ourselves to create a structure that supports us for now. All teachings, all wisdom, all philosophy or sciences are useful. As we evolve, the framework we adhere to expands to encompass more truth. Not all truths are equal; they are relative to the life chapter we are living in.
To live by relativity only, eventually leads to inertia and nihilism in a flatland, where everything means nothing.

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To engage with life is to choose, whatever we focus upon grows and becomes our reality. The context of our reality we have created is then substantiated with content that proves and perpetuates the structure we live in. The sphere we live in is filled with content that cross references and interlinks all our perceptions. We literally create a wall of thought around us that maintains our life until it needs to fall apart. The challenge is then to wake up to the truth that the life we had was temporary and that now we are to create a new expanded theatre and re-enchant our life.

p.s a friend of mine was a special guest of a famous guru, (the one with big hair) and he saw him palm the watch that was manifested for him.

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