Thursday, 28 March 2013

Do You Hear the Creaking of the Tectonic Movements Within the Planetary Organism?

What we are now experiencing on Earth is a fundamental core transformation, the cogs of history are grinding, slow deep profound enduring changes are taking place within the Planetary Organism. This evolutionary process affects every aspect of life.

We can just take shelter and wait. 

Many people are retreating.

Or we can directly connect to the vital force that is underneath this never seen before planetary scale of change. How do we as sovereign souls do this, how can we, as mere individuals come into alignment with the creaking shifting tectonic movements of the environment of consciousness in this epoch unfolding drama?

The Answer is…only through holding our attention, our focus on building, securing, incrementally walking forward slowly, patiently through daily practice and navigation of the contextual frequencies.

A chasm exits between the internet and the real world experience, will you traverse that gap, will you convert and translate the inspiration from the virtual world into your direct experience?

The informational flow of the internet is a wonderful tool, but it is distracting a lot of people from getting on with sculpting the energy that is required, based on plugging into the enormous influx of cosmic energy that is actually available and at hand.

Now more than ever we are to call upon guidance, protection and healing to utilize the age old protocols of spiritual practice whilst tuning into the unique complex array of the frequencies of the present era.

Join me this April in a warm home with a small warming group of people who want to get on with this enjoyable and satisfying task of development.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Just Another Month of Your Life? Or Would YOU Like to Do Something Effective...

Empower the self, namely by connecting to the frequencies of time and space, in order to navigate the changing terrain of reality. I am very proud to be presenting my course in England 

Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space

Starting April 14th, four days after the new moon. The new moon should bring in some better weather!

The course involves a commitment of four weekends, but think about it, will much change for you in another month in the present environment, or will you actually start to make a positive change....

 What is Going On Out There?


The obvious fragility of mainstream consensual society and all of our official bodies and structures are all indicative of the fact that we are in the midst of an evolutionary transformation. Governments and Corporations are clearly not able to function for the common good; they are presently largely inept, corrupt and flailing. Being in England right now the extent of organizational malfunction is really being brought home to me. We have to engage with that which is emerging, outside of the frequency field of the media and the collective anxiety it fuels. The evolutionary transformation, which is bigger than the industrial revolution, is a long drawn out complex process. The social environment is not conductive to progressive ideas as it is inevitably, in effect, in a regressive state due to the change. The old systems must fail in order for energy to be released for the new landscape to emerge.

Crisis comes before regeneration.

However the individual who has had enough of listening to the rhetoric of austerity and deprivation need not wait for something to change. The changed environment to come will involve amongst other things more localized unofficial community efforts, for growing food, creating alternative currencies, looking after the general welfare, reclamation of land and houses that are presently just being held and not used as well as more effective internet based media that circumnavigates the centralized controls.

The egalitarian impulse will emerge, as enough people fully register the fact that the Governing forces are not even trying to help people.

For the collective energy to be a force for good there has to be a percentage of people who empowered through their ability to connect to the fundamental energy that is present in the Earth’s field right now, it is a very high energy. This may seem a somewhat contradictory statement when we look at the low and gross energy output within the dominant bankrupt construct. This is because there is a wall of thought between the cosmic influx in the planetary organism and the materialistic experience. The wall of thought is a structure of denial and misinformation. Earth is being highly energized by interstellar plasma from the outside, which accounts for the fact that the whole Solar System is going through climate instability, or electro-magnetic flux. Our weather is also being mucked about with by geo-engineering, chemtrails and HAARP. Although this is very disturbing, as it is an artificial attack on life on Earth and a frequency control on consciousness, the forces of the cosmos and the force of the totality of human consciousness is far greater than this agenda of control. If we connect to the frequencies beyond the ‘artificial matrix’ then a considerable amount of the problem will dissipate.

I have designed this course with the changing environment very much in mind, and I have been studying the evolutionary process, social and individual evolutionary, psychological and sociological models together with the 2012 effect for over twenty years. My causal inspiration has been primarily drawn from shamanic and energetic connection, direct connection to the Earth as a living field of energy and consciousness.

The demarcation and measurement of time and space is fundamental to consciousness and the keys are readily available. The course will teach you how to create your own habits and practices that enable you to directly connect, be enabled, understand and experience the energy that is unfolding on a day by day basis.

I am now looking to help people do things for themselves, this is not everyone, it is for those who do want to wait for change, they want to be the change.

This course is extremely good value, six workshops with homework and two handbooks, there is a lot of work that has gone into the birth of this course, so I am unashamedly promoting it as being very good value

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A whole new paradigm of practice for the changing world in the new post 2012 era

Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space

I have undergone a major rite of passage in my own life over the last two years, which has culminated in a greater synthesis of my work.

In the midst of the maelstrom of energies that led up to 2012, my experiential research widened to an extent that exasperated me. I wondered how I would pull all of the strands of my work together. After the 2012 Winter Solstice, I released any attempts to try and with this release, the synthesis appeared almost instantly.

The last two years have been both compelling and challenging, with breakthroughs and frustrations occurring in rapid succession as life has speeded up. Throughout, the constant has been my daily practices, which include yoga, chi gong, energy work and shamanism.

With my new six-part course, Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space, I now feel that I have truly embarked upon my work, the work I have been training to do for these past 21 years. 

The course is designed with the flux state of the world very much in my mind. 

The environment of consciousness we live in at present is very challenging, we can either contract, as the mainstream system would have us do, or we can access the increased energy that is coming into the planet. The 2012 effect is due to a massive influx of cosmic energy, this includes high energy plasma which is why there are so many environmental anomalies, earthquakes, social fragility and lack of vision within the mainstream. Culture is in the process of changing, we can work directly with the energy or be passive.

Most people choose passivity, inertia, I can empathize, it is not easy, but if we choose to do this then we get a reinforcement of the same. During the Renaissance and the 1960s a surprising small number of people actually led the way. This is time for pioneering.

I am offering you a system of practice that is linked to understanding, defining, logging and setting clear intention with the contextual energy of time and space. 

The practices allow you to directly access your own sovereign connection, regardless of the social mood. This is a time for independent people to turn their focus in the opposite direction of the collective sludge.

Claim your power, the power to be you, stay connected and enable yourself to respond to the changing environment. 

Have a look at the web brochure, it will take you 10 minutes to read it all...

I am very happy to be presenting this course for the first time, in the UK this Spring, held in the beautiful setting of a friend’s home in Westerham. I have no hesitation in saying that this experience will be a memorable one.

The intention of the course is to give you valuable tools for life.

The relaxed setting and the intimate scale of the group will enable those participating to enjoy connecting through direct experience to the energy we evoke.

If this speaks to you, then please email me and book your space and I will look forward to seeing you on the course in April. 

Here is the web brochure 


My Journey and the process behind this course

My Mysticism and shamanism developed from my core connections. Firstly my inherent sense of a deep visceral connection, a blissful emptiness, a pure joy that I have always felt with the sunrise in a place of natural beauty. Secondly the deep awe I have always felt when looking up at the stars on a dark night. Earth and Cosmos have always magnetically inspiried me, the interface between Earth and Cosmos which I now call the planetary consciousness is the epitome of my work. This led me to study both shamanism and astrology and it has been through Mayan astrology that I have found the integration and the relevant frequency for the age we live in. This process of integration of our consciousness eventually leads to the emergence of the body of light, the psyche that navigates time and space.

I have also always appreciated and been conscious of the wonder of the juxtoposition of where human habitation meets nature, the point of intersection, where it can be seen that human endeavours are part of the Earth.

My origins, my guidance, my roots are based on a direct connection to the whole environment through my practices.
Over twenty years I always inspired to formalize and develop this connectedness through a very simple technique of creating a basic medicine wheel, primarily from the native American traditions, but not exclusively, after a few years I was drawn to the Mayan Culture.

I have learnt in the first instance, through direct communion with the environment from a psychic space of openness, emptiness, wonder and love of this physical realm. My awareness has been a slow incremental process developed from daily practice, direct experience and this has always given me guidance, teachings, downloads and inspiration. From there I have been drawn to books and talks, workshops and experimentation. Yet always I come back to the basic renewal and connection that comes with the freshness of the new day, the point of awakening, in every sense of the word. The environment we walk around is imbued with a total abundance of all that we could possibly need, in every possible way, it is just a question of taking the steps, one step at a time, to access those gifts.

Click here for the web brochure 


Saturday, 2 March 2013

The 2012 Effect: Stepping into the New Era in 2013

Are you feeling discontented? I do not mean the whimsical discontent we all feel from time to time; I mean a deep penetrative visceral discontent.

We have so much access to so much, as least virtually. We are overwhelmed by such a wealth of information and potential that we feel the truth of the Chinese curse: 
‘May you live in interesting times.’

One understandable reaction is to retreat into rigid simplicity, judgemental morality, or our own small-world mentality. A degree of focus on our immediate lives is only partially effective, since in order to do so we have to insulate and isolate ourselves from the continual cascade of complexity and stimulation. However, as the popular meme says, ‘we are all connected’, or, more accurately, ‘we are all becoming more connected.’

The shift to a new social structure based on valuing our humanity and our planet

We live in extraordinary times. The overwhelming drama of our existence at present is due to a global change that is far larger than that of the industrial revolution and the scientific enlightenment, but this current change is happening far more rapidly. The evolutionary transformation of our culture is being compressed into decades, rather than the centuries of the last evolutionary shift of industry, commerce and science.

This current evolutionary shift means that the dominant consensual reality is in crisis—a crisis of values, perspective and resources that is, at its root, a crisis of consciousness. We live with a background social anxiety that there is ‘not enough time’ and ‘not enough space’. The script is that there is not enough money—and money is conflated with time (‘time is money’); not enough energy nor resources (such as oil and food); not enough space (overpopulation and no space to grow the food). This reactive mainstream thinking breeds the idea that our success as a species is killing the planet; that we are a virus. This is a dangerous oversimplification and is an invitation for disaster, inciting a subconscious self-loathing by our species.

Our relationship with time and space sets the contextual frequency of reality
We are being pushed to shift to the next developmental level of culture, a new level of consciousness that is far more open hearted.

The problem is that we as a species have naturally outgrown the outgoing systemic consciousness, which inevitably clings on to power. But that system is too small; it is limited by its values, perspective, consciousness and underlying frequency. As the old method is in a relative state of decay, energy is now being released for the organic emergence of a new landscape.

This new landscape is more humanitarian and more egalitarian, derived from a reconnection to the essential truth of the nature of a human being and of existence itself. We are in a spiritual reality where consciousness is the foundation of existence.

The transformation I am describing is, of course, an enormous proposition and undertaking. But it is also a grand adventure…

Time is indeed running out in the old system; it is true there is not enough time or space in the frequency of the mainstream construct. However, the planet is now surging and pulsing with more energy than ever before. Underlying the emerging stage of culture is a new relationship with time and space—from austerity, fear and poverty to an abundance of time and space.

The opening of the human heart is tied to having more time and more space—more time and space for creativity, innovation and care.

The 2012 effect and the recalibration of the Earth

Due to the inevitable media ‘dumbing down’ of the 2012 Mayan Calendar change, people were already getting bored with the whole phenomenon from last summer.

But the 2012 effect, which is based on a 26,000-year cyclical change of our orientation in time and space, will continue to unfold, regardless of public amnesia.

The planetary organism has been and is continuing to receive a massive influx of cosmic energy. This includes high-energy plasma surging into our Solar System—which accounts for all of the planets experiencing climate and energy field instability—the real story of the environmental situation.
The Earth is being recalibrated. The human species is a component of the planetary organism and we are the agents for Earth’s consciousness. We are on a journey from globalization to planetary civilization.

The recalibration has changed the frequency of the totality of Earth’s field. This is good news. It is our task to expand our perspective and to change our relationship with time and space, starting with the understanding of how we measure time and space with our calendars.

The 24-7, ‘on the hour every hour’, tick-tock adrenalin frequency of money, media and commerce has its place, but as the dominant directive of society it is now failing. The influx of plasma—the extra energy within Earth’s domain—is a frequency beyond, yet encompassing, the frequency of the 24-7 time mentality; the clock on the wrist, the 12-month and seven-day calendar. The natural rhythms of the body and our environment are now calling us to connect anew.

I invite you to learn how to attune to the new energy field. I am genuinely thrilled to be able to offer this new course, Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space, and look forward to working with you if you are in the UK this Spring. This course will also be available in Hong Kong from 25 May 2013.

For all details of the course in the UK, see: