Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Magical is not Fluffy

The reflection of the creator is the cosmic void. The cosmic void is the veil of mystery that hides the creator from our absolute and direct knowledge of him, her and it. What arises in the brilliant light of the cosmic void?

Love, which is the cohesive urge, Love allows life to bond on every scale of creation.

• The creative conflict of opposites that yeild destruction of old forms so as to allow yet more creativity. This conflict creates death, the destruction of form which allows for the transformation of life.

Magic which is the inherent energy giving life animate being and like love reflects the ultimate mysterious nature of the creator.

Magic is often portrayed as something warm, cozy and fluffy, like love which is often only seen to be true if it is sweet and sentimental.

However magic is an underlying awesome effervescence of life which is both a beauty beyond description and yet can be terrifying in its vastness. I have learnt from the experiences of shamanic rituals involving psychotropics that life is inherently magical, ultimately benevolent but far from sentimental.

The reason for stating this is that I realize that many people think it is wishful thinking to believe in magic, life after death, a Supreme Being or Love as the ultimate divine axiom. The facts of existence do not make for comfort, they do not send you to sleep wrapped up in the softness of a logical order but shake you awake in a state of open mouthed awe.

The totality of this existence is benevolent, our life is a joy but the journey would not be an adventure if it were not a tad dramatic. The magical dimension of life is the sparkling and rapid vibratory cascade of creation.

How can we find comfort in a magical existence?

I suggest we grow comfortable in the magical realms through spontaneously letting go to the instantaneous manifestation that arises before us. I can only hope that life graces me and you with such an ability.

picture above of Camille Maurine, see here


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