Monday, 22 June 2009

The Age of Creativity

A lot of Energy is being Invested in Imaginative Play.
With 6,205,507 people in WOW (that is 0.1 percent of the world, about the same population as Hong Kong) yes 6 million players taking part in the online game The World of Warcraft, I think the world is on the verge of truly harnessing its imagination.

Everyone holds a vision of the future. Your inner vision powerfully shapes your reality and experience.
The world is created in the imagination before it is manifest; this is true for all inventions, all social systems, all businesses and all individual lives.
Your life is being created by you on various layers of your psyche, each of which holds a future. Working with clients I realize that most people are really surprised by the mythology they hold, the versions of the past and the future vision that they are carrying around in their subconscious.

The reality of the world we live in is the net result of our whole species imagination. Our world in general is unaware of the creative power of the imagination of individuals and cultures.

Your imagination is constantly engaging with other people’s imaginings and visions. We do not live in isolation, so your lover and those close to you feed you their future sometimes directly, often subliminally. Society is always feeding us futures and therefore the history that goes with them.

You are Holding a Future in your Psyche

We hold futures in our subconscious that are magnetically attracting people and circumstances. Any future we hold is a timeline, so it is has a history, a vision of the past that supports it—this is the reason why a new look at the ancient world is essential to our society. We can not imagine beyond the limits of the present mythology our version of history creates. What’s true for the species is true for you, your past unexamined, conditions you’re present. It is empowering to see your life as a story and to see the purpose and direction of it. The Life Purpose is a script that allows for creative interpretation rather than a tightly defined fate.

The imagination has been undermined in education, not acknowledging that the way reality comes into being is directly linked to the creative imagination. I like Michael Cremo’s take on the Hindu scripts that suggest that the company of gods, the Devic kingdom all use sex magik and intention to manifest the different realms of reality. This is not so bonkers if you examine the archaeological records, evolution seems to evolve through quantum shifts, and some sort of creation is working alongside the evolutionary intelligence of adaptation.

Loop that Back to You
The ethics and beliefs, expectations and vision of a person or a society is based upon its myth, the history it holds, which then in turn generates its future vision, which in turn manifests.

(Jacque Fresco's Vision above)

The Shift of the World

In real terms the shift or change in reality being attempted in the world at the moment has more to do with vision and imagination than science or proof.

The visions of science can be exciting but the evolutionary impulse of our species is attempting to shift context and create more of a soul based vision for the world. The social dialectic, the big debate that creates the world to come is taking place in the hearts and imagination of all people. An advanced society would harness the enormous diversity of its people and their talents; this means more music, art, dance and play. I am not talking complete anarchy or total indulgence but the world today is in a relative straight jacket when compared to the creative potential of human beings.


Futurism is an important element of society because it shapes the collective imagination. Most futurists have developmental timelines that use metaphors and analogies that are based on sensible material realities, for example some people use ‘product’ as a measurement of evolution, ‘tools’ are often used and nowadays information is used as the metaphor. These are all good exercises; however the language used limits the vision to a context that negates consciousness as the prime creator of reality. Consciousness should not be confused with ever-so-holiness. Look at the natural world, insects, birds, trees, plants, rocks, crystals, planets and stars it’s a celebratory carnival brought into being by creative consciousness.

They Are Making it up Scientifically

Computer simulations of evolution are being employed (for example, the Santa Fe institute), to show that life can arise through pure accidental randomness. In so doing they are forgetting that the computer and the software are all created by conscious beings and that the scientist is involved with the results directly through observation and intention. This scientific paradigm that is now gradually eroding is based on the idea that life exists in a separation from all other life.

We All Make It Up

The most valid visions of the future use consciousness as their foundation. From a platform of consciousness we see an interconnected universe and the wonderful toys and tools we have stay as tools that serve us and increase our enjoyment of life, rather than enslaving us. The interconnected truth of life means that our imagination is a substance, a field of energy that permeates physical reality. Our society will only understand this if we shift from particle physics to more sophisticated field theories and systems theories that include the participatory role of the human observer. This shift would also mean in time that we would move from a mechanical work and production ethic towards a more leisure based creativity ethic, where vocation would replace work.

We Are Shifting from Hard Science to a More Feeling Society.

The futurist visions we get in our media like those of Wired magazine, (I enjoy them, but they are incomplete visions) believe ethics can control technology without resorting to any form of spirituality. If we were limited to a techno future then the inevitable conclusion would be an enslaved race. I have spent years looking at this; the popular futurists all subscribe mostly unconsciously, to a master context based on neo Darwinism, a survival of the fittest paradigm. They innocently do not see enslavement, they often see a more egalitarian future, but if we stay in the context of old paradigm science and use science as our master metaphor we are signing up for the dystopian vision. Dystopia is a potential that humanity holds quite strongly especially in game culture. Science fiction constantly portrays human beings at war with machines.
The dystopian vision is a reminder from us to us, to be more conscious that we are fundamentally consciousness.
If we keep science and technology as our master metaphor for evolution then we literally make it our master. We would become slaves of robots, slave to the machine.

It’s Okay as Long as we Reinforce that which is Positively Happening

I do not think this will happen because of the evolution of consciousness; enough people in the world are waking up to the soul to create a different paradigm of evolution.

A society that bases itself on consciousness recognizes that technology is a product of consciousness. As we recognize the conscious universe, we see that evolution is encoded into life which in turn reinforces the change from a mechanistic culture to a consciously creative culture which still enjoys technology. Life has an inherent purpose, part of which is to evolve and we are now living in the epoch of change. Evolution at this point is not more of the same but something very different.

Back to You

You can empower the shift of reality and bring more of what you love into your life by valuing your imagination. Your imagination is a powerful creative tool.

What if you can not feel light in your future?

If you hold a vision of the world based on conventional history and evolution, consider expanding your vision by re-examining the story of the human species, this will expand your sense of the collective potentials.

In turn this will increase your engagement with the process that you are now living in and taking part in.

You are a Co-Creator.

Nurturing vision

Whether I am working with an individual or writing about human evolution I am exploring the parameters and potential of the future. The point is not to predict exact outcomes, the point is to engage creative imagination benevolently and consciously and to expand and open the psyche. The opening of the psyche means to trust in life itself.

I have been dealing with peoples futures for 18 years and have learnt to see how we create our lives. Because of the variables involved it is impossible to predict or control exact outcomes. We are not here to control all of the outcomes and details of our lives; we are here to send prayer.
Prayer is celebration and the playful reverence that puts us in the space of gratitude, rather than a demand. Prayer is creativity with grace.

Pension Plan

There is real value in utilizing some time and investing some of your energy in your real pension, the future you hold.

The total energy of our vision eludes our mind we can not always see the shadow. However the qualitative nature of the energy we have invested in our futures comes to be our reality, so it is sensible to keep on reloading our dreams. The value in consciously seeing what futures you are already holding is that you can shape your inner world and direct yourself automatically. Yes we need some discipline, yes we need some simplicity, but we can not afford to hold a future based on the present dominant paradigm.
Daring to keep dreaming keeps the horizon open, I know we some limits don’t get me wrong but the time is right to vision beyond crisis, if economics does not work if the planets ecology looks dodgy we need to harness our creative power and truly look outside the box that has served us up to now.

I say this with gratitude for the wonderful world as it is and yet it’s important to grow in faith if we are to navigate the acceleration of change on Earth. So be it with grace, may the divine decree it…


  1. Wonderful Laurence! Engage creativity benevolently!!! I believe and constantly imagine a world where we are not slaves to machines..slaves to our so called work...a collective life where we all do things we love to do just because we love to do them...

  2. I know you walk your talk Tamara,good to have your affirmation