Today's Energy

Below is the link to my daily snippet that describes today’s energy according to the Mayan Sacred calendar, the Tzolkin, which is a 260 day cycle. The 260 day cycle measures and defines the rhythm and energy of the relationship of your Earthly self with the greater galaxy—the cosmic influences inherent within the Earth.

The 260 day cycle is derived from the combination of 13 numbers and 20 Solar characters, each day is assigned a number and character. The cycle is reflecting the rhythm of this subtle energy which is of a finer frequency than the solar year and the lunar monthly cycle.

By following the 260 day Tzolkin you gradually move into alignment with the consciousness that connects the ubiquitous gestating potentials with the every day manifest reality.

The blog offers a very short daily primer and by checking in every day, you gradually open up a new landscape, a subtle shamanistic view of the world around you.

I found that my consciousness had changed dramatically after 520 days of following the calendar it lends itself to all forms of creativity and life off the grid.

This is the tool that enables you to navigate the change of consciousness and energy that is occurring in the 2012 era. The energy is shifting most noticeably over the next 10-20 years as the 26,000 year cycle completes and restarts.

Here is the link to 2012: The Mayan Calendar