Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The July 29 Alignment Reviewed

What does it mean?

The chart shows the incredible tension of opposites of this epoch, whilst illuminating the path of release, which is through disciplined engagement with the dramas and emotional issues that each of us are facing as individuals… and as a society as a whole.

Firstly, the alignment like all astrological charts needs to be taken in context.

The number one context, the largest consideration of our times is the end of the Mayan Long Count which is an astrological conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the Galactic plane. I have covered this in detail in my book. Many people seem to think that the 2012 effect did not happen! I am amazed about that, when you look around at the environmental weirdness and visceral social tension, but anyway. The 2012 effect can be simplistically explained as a massive cosmic influx that is recalibrating the Earth’s energy field and therefore awakening an evolutionary impulse with our species to become conscious on the planetary scale of reality (this deserves a book as I have done.)

The call for free speech, free market of ideas, a free internet and freedom of food…

The secondary context, the next scale down, is the configuration of Uranus in a square with Pluto from 2012-2015, this is most evident on the sociological scale, the global, national, ideological theatres and the increasing clash of values. We can easily see how this is manifesting with worldwide protests against totalitarian and draconian government and legislation. 

The Need for a Carefully Considered but Innovative Approach to the Problems Confronting Us

There should have been a synchronous message or suggestion of the way ahead that surfaced for you at some point during the 12 hours of the Moons activation of this alignment. What was put in front of you, that suggested the way forward, this is the opportunity to pursue.

The Moons North Node points to the way ahead, in Scorpio with Saturn close by and the Moons South Node in Taurus revealing the inherited situation to transform. The whole configuration of July 29th was triggered by the transit of the Moon as it moved from around 5-13 degrees of Taurus, over an approximate 12 hour period.

This is very clear, here we see the message that there is an opportunity to overcome inertia and break out of our comfort zone, to be willing to engage consciously with the difficult and emotionally charged issues that are presenting themselves to each of us. The purpose is to be inventive to utilize our creativity in finding a way through the shadows and blocks that seem so heavy and immoveable. What drama is pertinent to your situation, a drama that you would rather avoid what would you like to do or feel is important yet you cannot be bothered to move towards? We all want, to some extent to plod along, as the world does not seem to be supportive of change and growth at the moment. It feels like we should just keep our heads down. 

The Sun in Leo moved through the 7th and 8th degrees of the sign. The Sabian Symbols being Constellations in the Sky and A Bolshevik Propagandist. This reveals the overall quality, suggesting the need to see yourself at the centre of a larger stage and to be willing to rally and share your souls vision.

The Cancerian Jupiter, Mars, Mercury Stellium in opposition to Pluto square Uranus, demands that you assertively express your needs to overcome the fear, the growing pressure to be small, be diminished and hide away.  This Mars Jupiter conjunction shows that there is an energy available to motivate you to make a significant step to break out of whatever has felt oppressive over the last couple of years.

The Background Emotional Atmosphere
Neptune, Chiron in Pisces speaks of the background feeling of confusion, distraction and the oceanic drifting feeling that is apparent to anyone with any sensitivity.
Opposite to Venus in Virgo, can trigger delusions, to be overly idealistic or optimistic. Venus in Virgo highlights the need for refined aesthetics to be careful with your money and to be careful with evaluating your life. Do be aware of falling for the easy option, the overly romanticized view such as This is It, This Is The Shift. 

It can be the beginning of turning things around, as long as we accept the Nodal dictates.

Take the challenges into account but do not slump back into inertia! The chart says move forward in a measured fashion, be alert, be clever, be emotionally intelligent. This is about refined intuitions, feeling intelligence rather than logic, as pure cold reason will inhibit you from joining in and creating. Proceed with your instincts switched on.

What are you being offered, what is calling you? Do it. 

Saturn in Scorpio close to the Node, asks us to move forward slowly, if you rush ahead wildly you will create too much of polarity reaction within yourself or from others. 

This configuration is a real opportunity for change, one that demands we feel the polarities involved without allowing the shadow element of any chosen action to suppress and block us from accomplishing what is needed.

This all applies to individuals, collectives and the human species.