Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Introduction to the Mystic Cyber Crow

The Mystic Cyber Crow blog is an exploration into the realm of potentials; cyberpunkesque streams of consciousness that are akin to poetry and which open one’s soul to future manifestation potentials—potentials that are plugged into the collective psychic environment right now.

The future, though fluid, is here now!

The musings presented here are to be enjoyed. The content has validity when we recognize the virtualism of reality.

So what is reality?

Is it that which is proven?

I suggest to you that ‘which is proven’ is actually that ‘which is agreed upon’.

Reality is an agreed-upon theatre, an Enchantment.

Our existence takes place in a hypnotic information-trance environment.

The agreements of reality are mostly made inadvertently.

The Truth just flashed before you

The Truth travels beyond the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second and beyond the mind’s framework, which flickers on and off at 144,000 times per moment. In the gaps between the frames of the mind’s film show is the Light of the Truth.

The echo of the Truth is felt when you become relaxed yet alert. In the silence and emptiness of any moment, your life can embody the clarity of the Light of Truth.

Truth is ubiquitous yet fleeting, due to the shadow cast over it by mind. Truth can always be felt, but it can never be grasped.

Truth is indivisible yet has a million heads, but shows you only one of these at a time in linear time.

Your truth shines through your heart when you are still; it asks your permission to light your life.

Your prayer, stated with authority and clarity, is the bridge for Truth to enter your life. This truth then becomes one of the million heads and interacts with the 999,999 other truths that it meets on Earth, disguised and veiled in tones and shades, which make this world the beautiful kaleidoscope it is.

In every moment we tend to forget our central truth because we are sponges for the delicious array and variety of tastes and pictures of the manifest reality. However, if we lose touch with our Central Light then we darken, for it is only through allowing our Light to shine that we see the illuminated beauty of others and all things.

The democratic power of the many is to be respected and the power of your Light is to be cherished.

As the world continues to speed up—which means the mind goes faster—time is in short supply. The challenge then becomes to slow down, relax, create time from the timeless moment.

As the acceleration of information breeds increasingly intricate paradigms, our ability to scan the environment for relevant realities becomes paramount to our happiness.

Be Still
Relax and Let go
Enjoy Life

(OR …
Get excited
Feel want
Receive unsuitable suggestion
Be agitated and act without direction)

The subconscious can navigate this world of multiplicity instantly if you pre-program it with intention. Intention requires less maintenance than keeping up with information; intention instantly takes you to the people and places you need to be with and see. Intention is your automated discernment device.

The world is a kaleidoscopic carnival fed by all of our unique characteristics. To enjoy the ride we need to breathe slowly, be open and accepting of the diversity of diversity, without being pulled off centre.

So …

Be Still
Relax and Let go
Enjoy Life