Sunday, 31 January 2010

Influence and Affluence

Fluere, to flow; Affluere "to flow to", Influere "flow in"

I am in the flow at the moment, moving onto a new level or into a new lifescape, something fairly significant is dawning on my horizon.

My journey last year involved getting more immersed in the internet, like many people I am utilizing facebook in new ways as well as twitter, blogging here and on my Mayan Calendar blog and podcasting with Daniel Clarke at Reality

Towards the end of last year I also plunged back into the realm of conspiracy, after dabbling with it in the 1990s and then doing serious research from September 2001.

In 2002-2003 I embarked on an intense journey with psychotropics, large doses of psilocybin mushrooms some ayahuasca ceremonies, LSD, salvia salvia divinorum, various chemical compounds akin to peyote, MDMA, DMT and various mixtures of them all.
The world expanded, as did my ego, but the doors of perception to another realm did open up. The after effects were not pleasant as my life fell apart, but I 'had' to do it as part of my journey. It enabled me to contextualize the drama and illusion of power.

Likewise the recent epoch of conspiracy research, a compressed three month chapter of full time immersion, led to a dimming of my world. I wrote maybe thirty documents as part of my own processing. My back ‘went out’, my practices of yoga, chi gong, prayer and meditation diminished and the world turned sinister for a while with negative effects in all areas of life. My purpose and role is not really about conspiracy per se. The good news is that the majority of people do not have to plunge deeply into this darkness, that is not their role or path, but a general over view of the shadow issues in this era is increasingly becoming more pertinent for more people.

Personally the research has felt like an empowering preoccupation, now that I have emerged from it. At present I feel fairly integrated in my worldview. My feeling is positive and abundant, which to me suggests abundance in all areas of my life. At the same time I still feel connected to the shadow elements that I was immersed in, only now it feels to be well and truly within a larger consciousness framework of the benevolent nature of life.

My activities on the web, feel valid, not because I have an enormous captivated audience far from it, the last 30 days saw 160 different people coming here averaging two page views per visit and about 400 visits in total

Rupert Murdoch’s Empire Quakes as the Mystic Cyber Crow Audience Figures are Released!

ha ha…however I can feel the energetic influence I am having on the reality matrix.
As I am in the flow, the energy transmission of my writings feels like they are tangibly feeding the collective consciousness. Now to be clear I am not suggesting I have an inordinate amount of power, only that I am operating at an appropriate level and contributing my essential gift effectively through the coherence that has emerged in 2010—which is all any of us can do and need to do, to enjoy life and be in its abundant flow, attracting opportunities and yes that includes money.

With this in my mind, I would like to summarize my perspective of the global conspiracy(s) in the next blog….

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mystic Golf

Let us continue talking about fusions, finding intersections and innovations

How about finding the intersection between The Tao and Golf.

The Tao
The Tao the mystery and the flow of life’s energy and its consciousness that springs from the ineffable source…the path, its ebb and flows, its tides, the river that can not named and yet permeates all things.

Golf the sport that entails whacking a little white ball and chasing it around an artificial garden.

Golf is a good walk spoiled
Mark Twain, 1835-1910

"The people who gave us golf and called it a game are the same people who gave us bag pipes and called it music."
"Silk Stockings" TV Show

"One of the reasons Arnie Palmer is playing so well is that, before each final round, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them. Oh my God, what have I just said."
US Open TV Commentator

So bring them together...Eh?

I know what you mean, but that is exactly what my good friend Jayne Story has done.
I have known Jayne since 1994 and have shared many a mind mesh with her on consciousness, writing and paradigm busting astrology.

Yes, Jayne brings the wisdom of Tai Chi into the sport that takes place in the heart of chemically pickled lawns, couture nature and virtual landscapes. I know what I am talking about here, my first job after leaving school was as a golf green keeper.
One of the big challenges is keeping the brambles at bay—to this end we had a stash of agent orange hidden the middle of the golf course in a secret shed (I kid you not).I used to love running on the golf course (gets you in trouble though).

There had been a spate of golf mysticism books and even films a few years back such as The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Jayne has carved out a unique niche for herself in Europe by finding the intersection between Golf and Tai Chi. Jayne teaches golfers to focus their energy on their centre of gravity, move into the flow of energy and ride the Tao, get into the zone and be the game.

In recent years athletes have also turned more and more to changing their consciousness to be conduits for the flowing life force energy that moves you, once you are in the zone of total focus you then literally become a vehicle for the universal force. A state akin to Meditation with a clear visualization of the performance result has almost become a necessity in the top levels of athletics.

Once upon a time, not so long ago this would have been laughed at, the times are a changing….

see Jayne here for Golf and here for Tai Chi

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Slice the Dice: Create Your Luck

“Make a breakthrough as you recognize life as art”

Slacker Wisdom, For When You Feel Stuck

Follow your passion, go with the flow and be guided by the slacker within. When it’s time to change your focus and enjoy a new frontier, slacken off and feel into the flow. Where is your intuition leading you? If you are trying to solve a problem and you are just not getting anywhere, there is no point proceeding. If you are stuck, you are in a box—the easiest way to break out of the box is just slide out of it.

If you have hit a wall, remember the saying: “When the going gets tough, the tough go on holiday.”

If your passion has been blocked for too long, it is probably because you have hit the wall of rationality. Passion is expansive and hot, whereas when we rationalize we reduce and cool and, hey, even freeze our brains. If you have reasoned yourself out of your passion, be sensitive to where your intuition is directing you. The way forward with problem solving or creating a new life situation is sideways, or even backwards. If you have been banging your head against a wall for some time, what you are doing in effect is solidifying the wall.

Creativity is an open state. Creativity is a gift from the muse. It is a cyclical state by nature; it requires us to let go, get into the void and receive.

Working to create constant product, on the other hand, is a linear mechanical process and is the necessity of maintenance. In this era of change, where change is speeding up and increasing the sense of crisis, there is more opportunity. The opportunities of the 21st century are only realized through creative innovation.

The cultural integration of the world’s major cities is an exciting artefact of planetary consciousness in a global society. Innovation through cultural fusion is rapidly becoming prerequisite for today’s creative spirits.

All new innovations in the 21st century will come from the interlinking of different paradigms and cultures—creating fusions, mixing and cross-referencing. In my previous blog—Skateboarding: The Centaur Rides—I give an exciting example of the fusion of surfing, punk attitude and hip hop artistry that birthed the modern skateboard era.

Like a River
The ability to combine different processes has been termed cognitive fluidity; this is the basis for adaption and evolution throughout human history. In today’s world we can all call upon wide-spectrum cognitive fluidity (we are developing it through using the Internet, for example), which allows one, one such as yourself for example, to break out of the box of expert-led mindclosets, simply by flowing like water out of that dam box. Most of the mainstream education and media science focuses on change within the box or expanding the box, but true innovation occurs at the intersection of different endeavours, cultures, ideas and mindsets.

The Reality of Human Society Is on the Decks for a Remix

So dice the slice, start cutting the edge that cuts. There is always a photon of opportunity that your light-sensitive intuition—the soul’s technology—can pick up on. In comparison, the rational mind—although useful for crystallizing—is like a lumbering great Victorian machine.

In the book The Medici Effect, Frans Johansson starts by talking about an architect, Mick Pearce, with a passion for understanding natural systems. Mick Pearce was given the task of creating an attractive office building in hotter-than-hot Harare in Zimbabwe without using air conditioning.

He succeeded.

Termite Wisdom

Mick’s interest in ecology allowed him to draw upon termite wisdom. Termites cool their skyscraper mounds through a series of tunnels.

The size of a termite is:

The size of its mound is:

That’s a termite skyscraper.

Termite Cities are the future.

From The Medici Effect (Frans is fairly corporatized, but his essential insights are excellent):

“Termites must keep the internal temperature in their mounds at a constant 87 degrees in order to grow an essential fungus. Not an easy job since temperatures on the African plains can range from over100 degrees during the day to below 40 at night. Still, the insects manage it by ingeniously directing breezes at the base of the mound into chambers with cool, wet mud and then redirecting this cooled air to the peak. By constantly building new vents and closing old ones, they can regulate the temperature very precisely.”

Draw Upon Your Passions
So when you slacken off from a problem you will find that there is a direction that your subconscious wants you to go in. The challenge is accepting it, for when we are hell bent on problem-busting through hard struggle, we cannot believe that the relaxed, enjoyable, often leisure-based and more fun calling we are receiving is in fact the fastest way to not only solve the problem, but to completely change the context.

The things you are naturally drawn to, the stuff you love—if pursued with a truly open heart—will open the doors to enable you to innovate your life as you organically find new interconnections between your different endeavours.

Simple, but Certainly Not Easy

In a rut? Then relax and let go of the ping-pong banter of the mind and the problems will be solved and your creativity will flourish.

I know how true this is. I always have a breakthrough after letting go of something that I have struggled with. Simple, but so challenging, because all the time we have the social conditioning and collective voice that tells us just to keep slugging away to ease our guilt.

To be real about it, innovation still requires sustained focus, but first we need to get in the flow of doing something that we love doing.

We Have Always Done it That Way
One example of a problem on a collective level is the overuse of fossil fuels with the attendant pollution of the environment and the extortionate costs of travel, production and distribution. The simple solution is to use new clean ‘free’ energy technologies… Hey!... they are available to be developed and have been for decades, just waiting for us to exhaust our interest in the old energy systems. The archaic way we get our energy is an automated habit that we are heavily emotionally invested in, but it no longer works.

What Is True for Our Society Is True for Us All as Individuals

The simplicity of the creative solution is hard to accept for it undermines the security of our maintenance crew, our linear mind vanguard which thinks that the world will fall apart if we don’t keep doing more and more mechanics.

If the machine requires all of your energy, then the machine is not a tool but a master. Chuck it!

“Go forth and innovate.”

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Skateboarding-The Centaur Rides

Inspired by Dr Rodney ‘Gonna Shake the Dust Out of Academia’ Jones

Skateboarding in the modern sense emerged with the punk revolution from around 1975–1977, which in astrological terms falls under the jurisdiction of Chiron—the planetoid discovered in 1977—which connects mind and body, human and planet, nature and technology, past and future.

Skateboarding, as Dr Rodney ‘Wake Up to the Wild Stuff’ Jones explains, operates on multiple time frames as each trick learnt carries the history of all skateboarders, all those who have done the trick before, the hours of practice and failure, into the transcendental moment when it falls into space and the skater escapes the linear time frame.

Skaters utilize the video camera to real effect to catch their urban surfing—reconfiguring the environment as a malleable integrated substance as they do so— often showing split frame and slow motion capture of their definitive moments.
The skaters themselves suggest that the moment a trick comes off, they do indeed feel that they have escaped the linear mindscape as they move into ‘the holy of holies’ of all athletes, ‘the Zone’.

Prophessor Rodney ‘Slicing the Edge of Linguistics’ Jones talks of “resequencing the city” and the skaters’ navigational relationship with the circadian rhythms of the city.

“Wait a doggone minute there Mister! Isn’t it just a bunch of misfits trying to be special, rebelling and getting off on cool?”

Well, sure, that is happening too, but within the usual motivations of the young, an art form is being sewn into the fabric of the urban consciousness.

In those private stolen moments in the underworld —undetected by the authorities, yet in the heart of towns and cities—the magic happens.

The filming and documentation, the sharing on the Internet with their peers and the self-branding creates a bridge to the surface world.

The Astrological Mirror of the Skateboarder

Chiron is the maverick, ejected from the Kuiper belt—that band of 100,000-plus small planetoid objects, where Pluto still rules as Lord of the Underworld.

Chiron’s orbit intersects that of Saturn and Uranus. He cuts inside Saturn’s realm of ordered society, integrating the subterranean with the consensual. Chiron is the centaur; the horse/man mutant not quite belonging anywhere, yet like the shaman he comes into society with tricks, humour, healing and art, and is an embodiment of the love of the existential mystery.

Chiron is the key that unlocks doors to refresh the connection to the essential boundless state of life.

The Upload into the Terra-sphere

In my developmental model, Turquoise Chiron Enchantment rules the integration of the Earth’s environment that includes all of its history and human product as one being, a being that is a timeship moving in the multidimensional cosmic ocean.

This integration is not just about integrating psychological and sociological progress, but also ingests the disenfranchised, the hip hoppers, trash poets, trip cats, the scratchers, the funkster-munks, renegade techies and fringe boffins, maybe even the mystic crows, and all those who have got put aside in the linear forward momentum of the dominant paradigm.

Of course, each seedling of novelty grows and then gets swallowed by mass culture— eventually—but in doing so, culture surrenders some of its constraints … a little at a time.

A new shamanistic consciousness is emerging up from the streets, from the pirates and those who live off the grid (whether part time or otherwise), or in the slums without the safety and therefore sterility of consensuality …

I wonder what is bubbling up now.

What is next?

Junk technology, fashion RIPs, print jockeys, retro-futurists, skunk monkeys, meme cutters, currency jackals, cyber cram networkers…

I don’t know for sure, but I do know stuff is happening—behind the curtain and beyond the radar and under the lid … new fusions and reinventions to rock the world and recalibrate reality.

To really get into the spirit and sheer joy of the skateboarding emergence, I recommend you watch my all-time favourite documentary, The Z Boys of Dogtown, with interviews and actual video footage from the 70s of the pioneering surf rats who channelled the archetype of modern skateboarding through mixing punk attitude, ocean surf and skating. In doing so, the Z Boys helped bring in a new consciousness, a fusion of the body with the concrete jungle, uploaded into the planet’s noospheric template.

Dogtown and zboys:birth of vertical, a two minute introduction

Hong Kong Skateboarding, a 5 minute Documentary

Dogtown and Z boys promo

The fabulous lecture by...........

(1/4) 'Creativity in Dynamical Systems: The Case of Urban Skateboarders, Dr. Rodney Jones

The Telepathic Age

I invite you to watch this video below which is an exciting and extraordinary example of technological progress. A gamers ‘dream come true’ upgrade that is bringing the techno sphere and the psychic realm that bit closer. This beautifully delivered presentation shows a new game application that reads your brain activity and allows you to make commands directly from mind to screen, it is really worth watching. The ‘toy’ is about to become commercially available.

The future promise of this technology is that it points towards, it suggests, the direct intervention of the human psyche with the material world—interventions such as telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind.

I have been exploring the shadow nature of our progress of late and this application of course has a scary potential. The military's experimentation in this area is a case in point
From 2008…the U.S. Army has just awarded a $4 million contract to begin developing
"thought helmets" that would harness silent brain waves for secure communication among troops. Ultimately, the Army hopes the project will "lead to direct mental control of military systems by thought alone."

Read more:,8599,1841108,00.html#ixzz0dWJlzhWR

The film The Men Who Stare at Goats is a black comedy based on real phenomena.

However I am not really going to plunge into the dark side of this here, merely acknowledge that potential. I now invite you to enjoy the positive potential and promise of this new development.

The emergent awakening of the Earth as a self conscious being (Chiron Turquoise Enchantment) which I talk of often on Mystic Cyber Crow will radically increase psychic, telepathic conductivity within the Planets energy field and in the same way that this fun tool above is a developmental stage towards telekinesis, the internet (Pluto Yellow Enchantment or Yellow vMeme in Spiral Dynamics) is a developmental stage towards the self conscious Earth being realized symbiotically with the Chiron Turquoise Enchanted individual.

Special thanks to John ‘Lifeforce Man’ Burchell for sending me the link, John uses orgonite (just one of his areas of endeavour).

Orgonite is a heath robinson type technology, very simple to make, that goes a long way to increasing the psi factor on Earth and reframing environmental issues and help us recognize that the environment we all speak of includes consciousness.

Ken Wilber

Do you know his work well, are you a follower?

Love him, squeeze him and get over him, well just a little bit anyway.

The most famous of philosophers, Ken is a pandit and a gun slinging bandit, a transcendental meditating master, an integrator of psychology with sociology and eastern mysticism, a cool muscley dude with an appetite for hot cars, hot young women, uber technology and with more than a hint of authoritarianism, an apologist for Iraq and George Bush and an ego maniac to boot…yes indeed a colourful character that has enhanced the world and I have to say really inspired me.

I have read virtually all of his books and there was quite a learning curve in the beginning and he has my respect, he opened new doors for me and yet his limits are apparent and these limitations are important to realize if the Integral movement is to be representative of the emergent awakening of Earth.

A call to the integral movement

…do not get hung up on joining an integral conservative mind herd, reality is just not that straight

Integrate your integral theory with the all American heroes of —Terence Mckenna, Dr John Mack, Bill Hicks to name but a few and then there is Lloyd Pye and Michael Cremo and the like that show that history and evolution is not as fixed as Ken might suppose and do you know of the Disclosure Project AND Dr Steven Greer and his mind bending journey with ETs, are you open to the idea that the shadow of the world that we need to shine a light on is not so much mean green memers but conspiring orange meme, knowledge filtering orange meme, avoiders of inconvenient data orange—and then consider the rest of the world

As an integral theorist or student you might think astrology belongs to the dark ages, a green memers indulgence, a fantasists comfort zone, a pseudo science and intellectual swamp zone

Well I ask you to think again…

For I have found after decades or research that the discovery of planets mirrors the developmental levels and spectrum of consciousness and that the integral intellect that I have seen on the internet is largely too vertical, just a bit too narrow and transcendental to see the immanence of the emerging reality.

If I have tweaked your interest and you are open to it please subscribe… this blog is a primer for my integral map which will I will elaborate upon here and a main website to come over the next year or so.

for those who do not know Ken check out his cool website

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Your Naughty Divinity

The source for sexual desire is the life force, the Kundalini energy, the twin serpentine spiraling writhing power within the subtle bodies. This life force energy underpins the morning boner, the need to wear a tight..short..little..skirt and a flimsy… revealing… clinging… provocative… T-shirt…., also the need to bring children into the world and the desire to get chastized by a buxom woman with a strict attitude wearing controlled garments. Sex is power sharing, I mean who do you think holds power in the suggestive picture above?

The life force is Eros and Thanatos, the passion for life, it is also the impulse for death and the net resultant synthesis of those polarities, an energy we call the evolutionary impulse—the desire to grow and change.

For change is both death to some degree and the regenerative desire to live again. The orgasm is the little death as we surrender our energy in at the moment to who ever we are fused with, both giving of our self and receiving their energy, hence the power of mutual orgasm and the fertile creativity of any thoughts, emotions and imaginings at that crashing crescendo of release. Obviously if we cum with a very mild whimper and distracted psyche then we do not enjoy the regenerative vitality of the fully connected enraptured body.

The life force in our body is not separate from the energy that drives the whole of human society—that is why our sexuality is scripted and beyond our absolute control. We are products of evolution and so our sexuality contains the story of all sex on Earth, we each emphasize different aspects and express a unique combination from the collective history of love, passion and erotic longing.

Gods and Goddesses

Venus is the gentle and rolling surges of the waves on the shore, Mars is the force to do it right now, Neptune is the ocean of diffusion that opens the heart and Pluto is the power behind our voracious compulsive appetites.

The Kundalini force is a flowing, bubbling, gurgling spring from the centre of the Earths Energy field. Your unconscious is a deep dark well going down into the Earth and the flowering funnel to the cosmos above. To protect us and to allow for the multiple realms of all existence, be that in the Universe or in the human psyche there are levels, each level has its own relative autonomy as a reality. As we go through major life changes with the accompanying psychological transformations, we are releasing the energetic attachment to that level and blasting open the doors, the ceiling and the roof of the stage of existence we used to call real. As a crude analogy, we could say that the floor is our past, the roof is our future. As we evolve the past and the future change in the present. Change is driven by the surging needs of the life force.

The Vedic truth as Michael Cremo so eloquently explains in Devolution is that demi-gods and demi-goddesses in the subtle levels of the manifest Kosmos reproduce forms for life and living bodies. We are the products of divine sexual unions; sexuality is the direct door to the power of life on every level.

That is why Sex is so very naughty

Saturday, 23 January 2010

There's a Tiger Coming!

In Hong Kong at this time there is this sense of waiting for Chinese New Year—which is allied to the lunar cycle; it is always the second New Moon, after the solstice. The next Chinese year is the year of the Tiger—a metal tiger to be precise, now doesn’t that conjurer up an image?

I always look to cross reference between different mapping systems of reality as they each express a different layer of the tapestry of the energy. So I have been interested to see where the Tiger is most obviously seen in western astrology.

The general energy of the moment is somewhat turgid; this can be astrologically accounted for by Saturn squaring Pluto, meaning they are in a 90 degree relationship to each other. The general atmosphere is one of control and inhibition, blockages caused by shadow elements of society and within oneself.

The Tiger that is coming though can be seen astrologically with expansive Jupiter in conjunction with inspired Uranus in the head strong pioneering sign of Aries. Whilst Uranus is taking on practical Saturn with an opposition and more radically preparing to take on heavy change agent Pluto in Capricorn particularly during 2012-2015, but the Tiger will roar this year.

Basically we can see a contrast between the sludge of now with the Saturn square Pluto compared with the impatient restless, active, freedom loving, unreasonable radical that is Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. (Back and forth in Pisces as well)

Before we get to the Tiger and Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus, let us look at an example of recent conjunction and the nature of cycles

The Jupiter and Neptune cycle-Social Networking Media

As each planet joins with another at the same point in the zodiac (conjunction) a cycle is seeded. Jupiter and Neptune had their conjunction from May until December last year. Jupiter and Neptune have a 13-14 year relationship with each other, meaning the next time Jupiter has caught up with Neptune will be in 2022. What has made this particular starting point of the cycle interesting is the fact that Chiron has joined Jupiter and Neptune to form a triple conjunction in Aquarius. As in all cycles the theme that is seeded is then expanded and refined gradually throughout the whole cycle. Undoubtedly the new energy brought in is the increased involvement and efficacy of on line social networks such as Face book and Twitter.
Facebook for example has exploded, it might not last, but the online global village phenomenon has arrived, with a new sense of expanded community intimacy, almost an impersonal intimacy as we pick it up and drop it at will.

The Aquarian group consciousness of the global online community that is chaotically interconnected within itself is yet somewhat disconnected from the ‘real world’. The stimulating randomness of Facebook wonderfully expresses a wide spectrum of the human psyche from the banal to the profound, from the innovative to the entertaining.

The gap between the online reality and the ‘real world’ is apparent, yet of course both are affecting each other. Facebook especially is something of an anarchic meme generator with its spontaneous eruptions that undermine the centralized authorities of the ‘real world’

The present Saturn and Pluto cycle which is at the three quarter mark was seeded in 1982 and brought in the monetarist policies (thank you David Mullins) and a materialistic conservatism that underpins the Corporatization of the ‘real world’ As you may know I had an emotional rant about it here on MCC a few days ago. I stand by what I expressed because before we can move on with this enormous issue of the corporatization of the world and refine the issue, we need an honest emotional reaction to its obvious flaws.

Anyways, the blandness of the monetized society is to be shaken up somewhat firstly with the seeding of Jupiter and Uranus in June 2010 which unfolds until 2024. The previous cycle has beenn running from 1997 until this next start point in June, it was seeded in Aquarius so again we see how the innovative energy it brought in was allied in general terms to the internet boom and the excitement of 1997 with technology and its promise of freedom. You can see how cycles proceed when you observe that the dot com bubble burst in 1999ish then the millennium bug fears, there on after though the internet has continued to grow. Also during 1998 more mobile phones were sold globally than computers and cars together. Which makes me wonder if the Jupiter/Uranus in June will supercharge ‘Reality Activist’ Daniel in his engineering of fabulous iphone apps…?

The Metal Tiger
The Metal in the Tiger makes it colder and sharper and as ever courageously ready to battle. Hopefully it will not be as drastic as this scary geezer above.
Tigers like all cats are cool in demeanor but unpredictable, they suddenly like to play and they can play rough, but also loving. The tiger is audacious and seizes opportunities; they can be very relaxed then suddenly spring up and pounce. The general outlook for Tiger years is that they are a fairly wild ride.

The Jupiter and Uranus in Aries conjunction in June with its aspects to Saturn and Pluto is dangerous internationally, very unstable economically and will give rise to new leaders or innovators and innovations. Sudden and fast, not dull and stodgy, this Metal Tiger seeding year will see some exciting impulsive and abrupt individuals seize the day.

However please if you are a Tiger, tell me about the more cuddly aspects of Tiger, apparently they are family orientated I hear, is that right...?

Be sure to sign up and follow Mystic Cyber Crow...Thank You and may your Tiger be playful and loving

Friday, 22 January 2010

The Earth Needs 10 Billion People

I would like to encourage the vision of a highly populated planet Earth, with a human society that is abundant, innovative, technologically advanced and with equality unparalleled in human history.

The nature of manifestation of reality on Earth and throughout the Kosmos is that starts in the passion of the imagination. The power of your imagination has not been encouraged sufficiently, what is true for you as an individual is true for the whole species. The total energy signature of your psyche attracts your manifest experience into your life; the total energy signature of the species does likewise. The power tool of the energy field is the imagination.

Over Population?

Firstly we need to address the negative connotations of a high population that are rife through environmentalism and large institutions. The planet can physically accommodate 10 Billion people and easily grow sufficient food, if we are consciously aligned with it.

The problems we have are not over population—if we need to attribute blame—the problem is bad management, I addressed the ‘culprits’ yesterday. I left out the oil industry to which it is well documented have been suppressing cheap and clean energy alternatives for decades.
So we should perhaps negate any opinions from anyone whose interests are aligned with oil.

In truth we inadvertently agree to that management, however the higher and more useful position to take is that all is well we are just living through a transition. All is well as long as a sufficient number of humans recognize the major elements of that transition.

The Population Increase

If we change our energy source, we rapidly start to change our relationship with and the state of our environment and our economic system. Energy is a fundamental of that which we consume and therefore trade.
The exponential growth of human population—1 Billion in 1805 approx—3 Billion in 1960 approx—6.8 Billion in 2010—10 Billion circa 2050, is systemic to an evolutionary change on a planetary level tells us that there is something very energetic occurring on our little timeship of a planet.

An affluent society needs free flowing energy which creates all of the resources needed for a growing civilization. The way forward is forward, towards an integration of the mystical and shamanic understandings of nature and reality with the advances of a technological civilization.

A Luddite solution is not a solution and the present social systems and the beliefs that underpin them have run their course, served their purpose. The need for a radical change is evident, the seeds and sprouts of that change are present.

The environment—the planet—does not require poverty quite the opposite, but a shift of consciousness onto a new level of relationship with the abundant energy of creation. A conscious systemic creative paradigm, will replace the semi-conscious strategic competitive paradigm. A creative paradigm is abundant, that means overflowing, more than enough for everyone.

A competitive paradigm eventually hits a wall of limitation, of poverty a sense that there are not enough resources to go around, we have hit that wall. The hoarding of money (energy) and the inequity of our society is a reflection of the relative poverty mentality of our system. The belief that there is a need to reduce human population is also product of the present mindset that still holds power and is proof in itself that the present dominant system and social paradigm is not up to the job. The think tanks and intellectuals that advice many of the world leaders and economic powers express this opinion that we are over populated.

Conduits and Co-creators

A creative mind is an open mind; a systemic creative paradigm allows energy to flow. Opportunity increases as does the quality of life for all within the complex system of humanity.
When I talk of equality I do not mean the poverty of communism, I do not mean a flat society of bland herds with mechanical functions, I mean a highly spiced and flavorsome society comprised of creative individuals that are interconnected to the world around them, whose self interest produces the heart felt function that the human system naturally and organically requires—the intelligence of the self organizing species.

The promise of nano-technology for example can then be realized, buildings and materials are grown from an atomic scale up—this is creation of matter directly from energy.

The Prerequisite for Advanced Supra Natural Technology

In the near future we will be more aligned with the natural energy that surrounds us, which is in truth our real environment, an environment of subtle electro magnetism, plasmas and consciousness—then the technology we have will be a product of supra nature.

The emerging reconnection with the Earth as a living being is a new connection as the Earth has changed for all time due to human evolution; this can not be reversed and is not an accident.
Human beings are divinely pre-programmed with inquisitiveness. As an evolving creature it was unavoidable that Homo Sapien Sapiens would discover such things as the codes of life—DNA, develop something like a neural network—the internet and learn to be creator gods—Nanotechnology.
There is a higher view of Nature, the complex systemic intelligence of—and the holism—of humans and the natural world, now awakening within the human psyche.

Your Life Feeds the World

I often walk around Hong Kong looking at the crowds of people and contemplating the fact that each one of those individuals is a rich living theatre. Having listened to hundreds of life stories in my role as consultant I am forever refreshed by the originality and fecundity of An individual life.
Think of all your own life experiences and changes… what an incredible story each person is. Imagine 10 billion living stories. Each individual is living within the energy field of the planetary environment and is feeding it with his and her experience and feelings.

The Fractal Relationship between One Person and One Planet

It was Peter Russell who proposed that the Earth wakes up to itself, a phase transition, when it reaches 10 Billion people as that is the number of neurons within the human brain.
I have since read that there are in fact 100 billion cells in a brain, however the fractal resonance for me is intuitively correct and aligned with my own shamanic downloads during the 1990s of the Earth waking up to itself aligned with the artifacts of humanity and the totality of humanities presence.
The self reflective sheath of consciousness or activated global psi-bank will be a manifestation of Earth created by 10 Billion living emotive information processors which in turn allows the Earth to see all that it has become.

Utilize Your Imagination

This article is unapologetically futuristic because this future is rapidly approaching, with the promise of the convergence of all technology—Ray Kurzweil’s singularity—and a global population of 10 Billion—around 2050, that is 40 years away….think about that only 40 years away.
Any future society will always have the challenges of existence. The challenges and problems change.

What I speak of is not idealism but the necessity of our epoch. I cover all of this in The Enchantments of Life and am available to make presentations to your group.

Contact me on

Thursday, 21 January 2010


During the transit of Pluto in Capricorn—up to 2024—the whole global social system is to be transformed.
One of the important realizations that have to be made during this era is just how much Corporatizations suck.

As an integralist and developmentalist I appreciate the role of business in cultural development, I totally understand the arguments of Ken Wilber regarding the backlash against the system.
Although the 20th Century economic push has given us many benefits, since the 1950s the benefits have been diminishing to the point where we are now, where it safe to say the corporate meme and its insidious monetization of reality has become a pile of horseshit.

The public relations industry has become anathema, the central banks are siphoning off the resources to an unacceptable degree, Pharmaceutical Companies with their placebo products and desire to own genes, seeds, water and probably air are dangerous, the industrial military complex is the enemy of humanity, the media, politics, scientific and educational institutions are in servitude through ignorance and fear to the whole shebang.

I know there are many people who work within the structure who are agents for humanizing it and who have to speak the corporate lingo, so no offense to those benevolent agents.

However let us repeat it here; the corporate agenda is really fucked up.

Although the post modern mind, the hippy, the middle class intellectual, the baby boomer generation has been attacking the system that has allowed them the luxury of enough material comfort to do so in the first place, the necessity now is to halt the agenda of enslavement that has emerged and be clear that the system is truly not working, is wrong in fact.

A Sign of the Time

The new James Cameroon’s awesome film Avatar stands above all other films as an immersive cinema experience. The films portrayal of a spiritual shamanic planet—that many including myself found so emotionally beautifully moving that it is planting the seeds within the popular psyche to yearn for that connection to the Devic intelligence and the heart of our planet. The film clearly picks sides and demonizes the military industrial complex of the USA—rightly so.

On the ferry the other day I was sitting in front of this very charismatic intelligent young guy who had enthusiasm, vitality and extraordinary inquisitiveness about the world. His potency and freshness were so alluring.
He has come to Hong Kong to do business and wants to go to law school—he said he loves lawyers—what a waste of talented youth and energy. No offense meant to blood sucking lawyers you understand but…Hey dude get with the program!

Disclaimer Some of my friends and clients are in fact lawyers and bankers and journalists and PR people, Honk Kong is over run with public relations….I do not think they are blood sucking but let us not be shy and let us now accurately describe the corporate entity and it meme. Breathing in slowly and deeply, I centre myself in all sobriety, so as to be able to fairly and in a balanced way make a reasonable and adult pronouncement concerning the effects of corporatization

The corporatization meme well and truly SUCKS, the term suck was totally invented to describe corporatization, it’s the zenith of its career as a social cliché, as a word when placed after Corporatization it has arrived…
Lets us applaud the sucking sound of suck after it has placed itself on its throne at the right hand side of Corporations

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Tranquility

My heart is with nature and its primeval echoes this morning. I was awoken by an exotic bird call that has reminiscences of the jungles of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and my time on predawn commons in England. This morning my walk with Chocolate dog into the Lamma hills overlooking the islands and sea that surrounds us was infused with a beautiful melancholic atmosphere. The soft light of the sky with its intermittent grays and luminations, the soaring Kites, the darting low-flying birds, were all completely at ease with the 20-storey tower blocks on the far shore and the incessant traffic of the shipping lane. The giant cargo ships, like metatonic whales that refuse to submerge, always entrance me with their refusal to slow down or ever stop. In this realm, with its distant panorama, the machinations of civilizations are seen in soft focus as integral to the environment.

Ridiculous as it may be, I have always romanticized the half-rusting cargo ships with their promise of exotic unknown lands... even though they are merely carrying everyday stuff, in their wholeness they seem to embody and belong to the sea and its mystery, more than to the commercial world.

The longing to be, rather than to do, is connecting me to the peace that veils the extraordinary frenetic business of the spirit world that underpins the natural world, like the hidden almost frantic paddling of the remote-control ducks in London parks.

How lucky we are to have some safe distance from the edginess of what we call nature, yet how we yearn for that full immersion in the fecundity, vitality, colour, and smell, the transiencies of weather and voices of the wilderness.

The heart is impossible. That is what makes life worth living, for the reality of existence is impossible; the possible and so called actualities of the mind are nevertheless quite wonderful distractions from the unsolvable and ungraspable truth.

Surfing the waves of ephemeral feelings, this is LjL signing off……

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Divine Comedy

When you first realize that ‘what you focus you become’ is true, then you tend to become a hyper-positive person. The meme of positivity can then become a kind of fascism, where the shadow is denied; more than that you can negate the richness and variety of life.

The soul enjoys the paradox of existence within the unity, but the mind wants to lock onto a solution to life and of course life is not to be really solved—that is the antipathy of life, which is really about being in the flow of experience.

I know from my walk on the long good road that there are times periodically when the shadow elements and the negative aspects of oneself, others and the world in general have by necessity to become your focus. My recent foray into the conspiratorial truths of this world and the underlying trickster nature of the dark spirits was not a pleasant time, but an enriching one nonetheless. The subject matter that I explored was quite a turn off for many people; I felt my own energy to be dimmed.

As we move through developmental levels the capacity to face more darkness increases as we shift to the next level of perception. The journey is one of increasing complexity—complexity is not confusion, but an increased sophistication in the unity we perceive.

As consciousness increases life is experienced more like an art form than a school. The spiritual analogy of our journey here as a school is true to some degree, but this is a more simplistic level of consciousness. The truth is that our baggage, our issues, are never completely cleared because they are part of the colour of our character. The concept of healing, as it is commonly perceived, is slightly flawed in my perception for it tends to idealize human nature. Not that we cannot heal to some degree, but mostly we expand ourselves beyond the issues of our earlier life whilst still expressing them in part. In many ways we tend to get more stuff, more baggage as we grow, rather than less. Most if not all of the fairly enlightened teachers I have come across tend to have these wild and crazy elements of personality with power trips and blind spots.

In itself that does negate their ability to expand other people’s consciousness.

The value in understanding that whatever we are focusing upon is creating more of the same is that we start to see the way manifest reality is being filtered through us.

In the final analysis, we are here to be responsible for our energy. The totality of our emissions and transmissions do indeed attract and create the reality we experience.

We are not to blame for life’s inequities, but if we are to be conscious beings we are to take the position that we are creator gods. This position is the luxury and the burden of those who dare to wake up, the luxury to be born with time to explore the inner worlds and spiritual realities.

How can we handle the responsibility?

Only through understanding that life is a divine comedy.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Your Master Intention?

The Law of attraction states that whatever you are in resonance with comes into your life. The starting point for the process is your Intention.

What is your master Intention for this life?

The astrology chart reveals your life purpose, your master intention through the Moons Node. Post your birth details here, Time, Place and Date and I will give you a quick 30 second astro mini reading evaluating your basic purpose

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Just Like Me, You are So Attractive

Looking at my own birth chart at this moment is yet another humbling reminder that there are limits to ones free will, not total limits, but limits none the less. So I am once again writing a piece to prime myself to make the best of the difficult situation I have drawn towards me and am destined to deal with at this time. This is piece is a teaching from me to me, but hopefully it might help you too, if it does than that will feedback to me.

Which makes me think I should now erase that gurning picture from your mind and delete the post modern irony with a picture of beauty

does that work?

or maybe this?

The Context is bigger than us and we do live in the world of distraction...

You can not fight the energy the cosmos is feeding you. At any point in time you are a conduit for subtle Solar and cosmic plasma flows that are emphasized in accord to your astrological birth chart, which maps your energy and consciousness template. The background cosmic energy is universal but your template emphasizes different aspects of the unified energy as compared to other people.

Magical Reality

I am an advocate of the law of attraction which on the surface would seem to contradict the laws of Karma and ones fate.

As I say that is on the surface and the way that the law of attraction is most obviously presented—or perhaps understood by the recipients of the laws—is also somewhat superficial.

Law of Attraction

Whatever you focus upon grows, your intentions steer your sub consciousness and sculpts your attention, your attention feeds the energy of whatever it is you are locked into which in turn feeds back into your external reality reinforcing your focus and that which is drawn towards you.
Your response to the events, circumstances and people who are attracted to you in each moment then of course sets off another pathway of attention.
Your whole energy field has a signature frequency and that frequency attracts more of the same. The enormous challenge in trying to create our reality consciously by force of will is that we are unconscious of many of our frequencies being emitted by the different levels of our psyche—and we do have multiple levels of need and expression as I map in the Enchantments of Life. Our whole field expresses a complete energy signature but that signature is too complex in its make up to be seen quickly or easily by the conscious mind.

Firstly we have to understand we have already created a framework for our life in our previous lives through intention, actions and energy. The astrology chart based on your moment of birth, maps the template of energy, the context of your essential characteristics, destiny, purpose and the timing of change and opportunity.

Your intentions and choices before this life led to you ‘choosing’ your parents, who in turn create some of your most basic conditioning, that conditioning also is found within the parameters of the astrology chart.

So, we do have a certain amount of fate, but each energy we are destined to deal with has a wide range of potentials that fit the expression.

What is not in the astrology chart is the level of consciousness of the entity that it is drawn up for, for example at any particular point in time and even in the same locale more than one person, a multitude of animals, a host of materials goods, various forms of entertainment—are brought into existence and share the same birth chart.

The astrology chart maps the 4-dimensional energy fields of archetypal consciousness which we assign to the planets or the gods. These archetype fields can be expressed in a wide variety of expression whilst still being expressions of the one coherent energy. Venus can be sensuality, appreciation, fine clothing, your velvet curtains, a young girl, cosmetics, envy, romance, relating, friendships, art, diplomacy, harmony, attraction or Gucci shoes (do they make shoes?). The range is narrowed down and coloured depending upon the zodiac sign Venus is in and the angular relationship it has with other planets.

Now I know this sounds extraordinarily complicated that is because it is extraordinarily complicated, creation of reality is never in our total control.

However, that said we are given the most valuable co-creative tools of imagination and will, tools that are to be used. We are here to be co-creative, we are here to be conduits for the benevolence and abundance of LIFE. We also have to have the humility to know that we are here to surrender where appropriate and see what is present. The most basic truth of the Law of Attraction is not push things away through desperately wanting them all the time, we need to get into the space of harmony with that which we desire, by imagining and feeling that it is in our life right now.
Imagining what it would be like as if it were true right NOW to have that which we desire and enjoying that feeling unconditionally puts us in resonance.
Also we need to take responsive conscious action. Responsive conscious action is generally a little courageous because it is not always hard work, it often means not following the crowd and being strong enough not to be bombarded by others disbelief.

The fundamental of the fundamental though is being in gratitude to life itself which for most of us means a spiritual and physical practice, If you can clear your mind and energy, open up the body, vitalize your body, clear some of the toxicities of our chemical pleasures (food and alcohol for example) clear some of the toxicities of our drama addictions (films and media for example) then invariably you will find yourself in the state of natural-don’t-have-to-try-gratitude.

So then we also need a vision, something that we can believe in, this is tricky we always want far too much than would be good for us, well I say that then realize it’s not true some people do not want enough I guess?

Anyway we need a vision that is in harmony with who we are, yet is something that stretches us, something that fills us with joy. The vision then has to be fueled with energy and detached from, let go of.

In harmony with WHO we are, hmmm we all are here to experience things that might not be the ideal,

It is not easy that’s for sure, but the law of attraction is simply the law of resonance.

Patience with the energy in our life is the most difficult thing, we have drawn circumstances to us from our creativity in this life and previous lives, plus we are swimming in the cosmic plasma currents and now we seek to grow in someway, this takes patience… the persistence to keep on believing in ourselves and our intention to be conduits for benevolent abundance. Benevolent abundance is that which is good for me, good for you and mostly good for the majority and the planet.

Life will never give up its mystery, thank the lord, so when working with the principles of the law of attraction
You don't have to become a control freak and want everything perfect in Neo-lifestyle magazinesque harmony, you do not have to be a WINNER

do not fall into the trap of wanting only the nicey nicey no hold it lightly because the weird,

wonderful and unexpected nourishes us too remember, often the law of attraction is presented like this;

and that gets up many peoples noses

whatever, live it big....Magic is as true as science

Restart Button

Expressing my angst ‘publically’ in the last post as a way of release did work, I feel much clearer. The underlying feeling is authentic and still within me, but my mood cleared within the hour. I used to do a lot of private journal writing/drawing in the 1990s in parallel to my spiritual practices as a way of digesting emotions—and also as a great way of learning astrology and the Mayan Calendar. Mostly these days I use yoga and chi gong to clear and refresh myself.

Which brings to my point, the nature of life is speeding up not just on an information processing level but on an intrinsic level of our collective reality. The challenge to keep letting go and hitting the restart button is increasing.

I have had agreement from many clients that yes indeed their feelings and emotions do in fact move from one state to another in any given day at a much faster rate than in years gone by.

I referred myself back to an earlier post that talks about going beyond the surface information and emotion streams as an important aspect of the 2012 effect.

Read it here

Indulgent Personal Note

I have come up onto my roof terrace to write a more personal note.
My wife and I have just moved into our new apartment on Lamma Island. The move was pretty stressful and heralds the end of a mini chapter in my life and the anticipation of another.

The New Year has started for me with quite a sense of emptiness. I feel the light and dark aspects of the void, a sense of freedom on one hand and on the other and more dominantly a lack of purpose and identity. It is funny how one can, I can, forget the bewildering aspects of change after going through so many. Moving house in itself does not seem that dramatic but my change is really to do with my connections to my soul and my connections to the external world and my role in it.

Last year was an intense journey of research and writing some of which I have put up here on this blog as well as Facebook, Mayan Calendar Blog, Reality Activists and my half complete main website not yet published. I have been researching for 18 years or more pretty much full time. The importance of spiritual practice to me is as strong as ever, although of late even that has fallen away a little as I feel the quake of change, a disturbing and humbling reminder of my own insignificance as just one of 6.7 billion people on planet Earth. This sense of being one person lost in the masses contrasts strongly with the deeper education of social, political and economics realities I have been absorbing. That further refinement of my big picture view has felt like a special insight, a rare privileged position that not many have the time to pursue. Not that this makes me feel unique or powerful for I fully appreciate that the unselfish service that many people give in their lives is perhaps of the greatest value. My own self centred quest in comparison can seem to be a journey of the fool, I am thinking of the Tarot card as I write this.

Regardless to that, I am compelled to walk forward on a path that seems to be heading nowhere in terms of financial reward or any kind of security. The further I open my consciousness and integrate more paradigms of endeavour the further I seem to move away from the market place.

The realization I have of just how much the company of spirits is involved with the theatre of the world has really knocked down a wall of comfort. The shadow of global politics and its inadvertent relationship with hidden semi robotic entities is rather sobering and not an easy subject to broach and keep in context within the overarching benevolent light that is life.

The answer for me lies in faith, the faith and subsequent peace of mind that I will continue to enjoy my truly abundant physical life, so as to be able to have the peace of mind to concentrate on writing. I need to present my ideas in a more structured form, a book maybe then have the faith that enough people will actually want to read it. Who is my audience?

This is tricky as the integral movement shies away from astrology and the truly wild tricksters elements of life that is the ground of being for shamanism. The astrological and new age communities shy away from the paradoxical and complex developmental picture.

The more popular approach understandably is one of simplicity, a simplicity that to me at least is either transcendental or a cliché of saccharine sentiments. Obviously it is not the world that is at fault it is my discordance that is causing me to feel such a pain of disconnection. I am theoretically biting off more than I can chew, but chomp I must.

I am passionate about seeing the largest possible view of global dynamics, that might be arrogant…..oh well chomp chomp chomp

The moments of clarity I am having in the clear light of no information stream, assure me all is well in my life and in the world.

I just wonder if a ground shaking change is coming to the world in this next decade my research suggests it, maybe, but that is coloured by own needs for either the world to change or a new portal to open up for me within the world as it is where I will find a more secure role.

I write and publish this admittedly indulgent piece, mainly for myself to release or speed up the release of the inertia I am feeling in this desert. Life is change and information, as Bill Gates says, has the shelf life of a banana… so tomorrow this will be virtual fish and chips wrapping…..hoooo-bloody-ra.