Monday, 3 August 2009

A New look at Astrology

We live in a universe of cycles and growth. We are born, we live, we die, and we are born again. Does the soul grow, does life evolve? Yes it does.
Our life is cyclical, elements grow and decay all the time, but we do not walk around flat circles. Equally although we mature and learn it’s not a neat linear progression. What’s true here for you is true for all life.
Human society is subject to cyclical repetition and evolution, it is not easy to see both at the same time. Modern science sees the evolutionary impulse up from matter, spirituality see the growth of the soul, but consciousness explorers often negate the idea of progress. The stories of ancient world tease us with golden ages of knowledge and wisdom we may well have lost.

The Enchantments of Life reveal the kaleidoscopic nature of a human being and the species, the cyclical reality, the spiral path of evolution and the toroidal feedback system whereby all that is gained is fed back and seemingly surrendered to feed the source of existence. Birth, growth and death takes places on a multitude of scales and we as souls are taking part in social and planetary growth. This can appear overwhelming and we can feel individually insignificant. However If you can recognize that your life is part of something bigger and therefore your life adds something to this world, a world that is impulsed to change and grow, then it aids you to understand the epic, spiraling and complex scales of planetary evolution. An understanding of the integrated map of human species evolution adds meaning to your every day existence.

Later this year I will be launching my main website which will reveal the Enchantments of Life map-which I have been refining over the last few years and am looking forward to sharing with the astrological community. I will be inviting questions and insights from other researchers and passionate inquirers who have an open and yet discerning mind.

I do not claim to have solved the mysteries of all creation, but I sincerely propose that The Enchantments of Life Map is a revolution of astrology which adds depth and growth to the cyclical patterns we see in an astrology chart. The map also encompasses the over view of evolution as proposed by the great Ken Wilber in his spectrum of consciousness and other developmental models such as Spiral Dynamics. The Enchantments map allows for ancient civilizations, ET, astrology, the occult and developmental psychology to sit easily in the same space as psychological developmental studies, with its foundation rooted in the ineffability of consciousness.
I look forward to developing the Enchantments of Life and refining it with the help of your promptings, questions and perceptions.


  1. A that planet was spiralling rather than orbiting it would become either lost in space or crash into the sun.

    Is our evolutionary growth going to mean we end up increasingly detached from our physical bodies?
    Or are we spiralling inward to reunite with our souls?

    Or is it the other way around?

  2. I suspect the feeling of a `golden age’ of past civilisations is similar to an adult looking back nostalgically at a carefree childhood – forgetting how as children, whilst we often wouldn’t have had the burden of responsibility, we also wouldn’t have had a great amount of freedom.

    We don our bodies like space suits to allow us to exist in this universe, we forget our own part in it’s creation, and we go exploring, to learn - more about ourselves.

    I recon.

  3. yes the Earth is moving around the Sun, the sun around the galactic centre etc, so the path of timeship Earth depends on the reference point. The Toroid is a higher dimensional perspective that looks like it is a more appropriate geometry, representative at least for the Earth as a being waking up to itself. The self awakening of Earth brings us to a new level of shamanic global village that is a tech or even post technological culture.

    The enchantments suggest that moving on from childhood is a step forward in growth but each step forward comes with a cost where we temporarily set aside a certain kind of experience that we pick up again later through integration on a new level, So yes golden age is both romanticized yet also I suggest something extraordinary was happening as well.

    The noospheric stage of Earth waking up to itself does indeed show us the potential of different relationship with time/space and therefore exploration of the cosmos begins.
    I think it likely we have had more cosmic connection in a previous era in a more innocent unconscious way, not necessarily ideallyic though

    Thank you for your excellent comments guys