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2012 is the Beginning : Part Six


Is there a large planetary body and/or a Brown Dwarf ‘star’ referred to with various names as Planet X, Niburu, Wormwood, Nemesis or Marduk,  returning.  More pertinently and more dramatically are the reptilian creator gods that live there soon to be revisiting us here on Earth?

I will categorically say that yes, in some shape, form or density the creator gods from the distant past have a cyclical visitation to planet earth. What is more they are on there way. They have never totally left, but they are well and truly returning ‘soon.’
One or more species who are on a higher stage of technology than us—whom are related to us on a physical level—are returning. This species or these species’ are involved in our evolution. Many species are or have been involved in our evolution, but the ones I speak of, although they are more advanced than us they are on a relatively low order of evolution in the greater cosmic scheme of things.

They are returning and what’s more we know it.

Planets Move Through the Space and Time of the Cosmic Ocean

I predict that Global governance (which is already emerging) will have reached a significant stage of development by 2030 where the issues of life beyond Earth and our relationships with extra terrestrials will be in the public domain. Although the specifics are unknowable the general momentum towards a planetary civilization are unstoppable. Planetary issues as I have already stated include the interactions and influences of incoming energies and other humanoid species.

A planetary council or assembly, something along the lines I have described, is a natural outgrowth of the evolution of the scale of society. At each stage of development more life is inclusively recognized as part of one’s self interest. Sophisticated spiritual consciousness does not arise from a ‘goody two shoes’ approach but from the expanded complexity of that which is in your interest as you (the individual or your culture) becomes increasingly interconnected with more life. Expanded self interest gradually opens the heart, the heart centre is the portal to direct immersion in collective consciousness, and the open heart feels the energy exchange between self and other. We do not at present really feel the reality of space---the cosmic plasma-- that this planet exists in, but the visceral feeling will increase dramatically soon.


Even on a low level of consciousness such as a dictatorship or mafia, other people’s interests have to be taken into account for the sake of survival of the self and the organization. To get what you want you have to give something. The larger the community, the greater the degree of reliance on others each party has. We can see from history how in the long run invading conquering empires are cross pollinated by those that they overpower. It takes time but the conquest of another is never total, for a relationship is formed and cross fertilization of culture eventually erodes the dominance of the subjugators.

Our natural world, the bedrock of nature did not arise in isolation from the rest of the cosmos—the sense of earth as an isolated laboratory, a walled off compound is an extraordinarily unscientific theory.

 All manner of species have contributed aspects of themselves and their genetic code to co-create the diversity of life forms we see on our planet. This contribution of genetic code or consciousness from other species’ is motivated by all manner of self interests from the high end to the low end. By low end we are talking about opportunist species that have come to plunder the natural resources of this planet, create slave labour, harvest life force energy and gain a food supply for its own people.

When we are looking at the greater duration of time that is involved with a species that has been involved with our evolution through invasion, genetic manipulation and genetic contribution we are looking at a complex relationship with unavoidable mutual interests.

The energy transference involved over the duration when one species enters another planet and genetically co-creates or alters another species for its own, eventually means that the ‘alien gods’ own evolution is tied to that of their creations. Even on a genetic level DNA has been found to be a transmitter and receiver of light, DNA is an information highway of life experience. Life experience is harvested as essential information for evolution and survival by the genetic structure within the cell and travels throughout the matrix of those who share similar code. Light travel is not limited by locality; the information encoded in light is transferred instantaneously with all resonant receivers.

The advancement of technology and the evolution of Consciousness are intimately interconnected

Alien Visitor Crafts from other star systems utilize various kinds of what we can loosely describe as ‘torsion-spin’ technologies, this enables them to be free from the limitations of time and space that we are. To travel through the time/space field to this extent requires an engagement with the level of reality that transcends the time/space continuum. The levels of reality beyond what we perceive to be physical. Advanced species of humanoids are conscious of the subtle material energies that are meshed with the emotional and mental aspects of the psyche and the universe. To travel beyond time/space involves the use of the mind, for you are travelling to some extent through the realm of the mind or connected to the minds plane of existence. Classic UFO sightings show speeds and responses that are directed by the mind. As has been documented countless times the Alien Visitor responses to attacks by our military planes involve telepathic knowledge of a pilot’s intention. Many public witnesses report the sensation that the crafts are interacting with the observers on a telepathic level.

To reiterate; each developmental stage of evolution experiences a larger context of reality than the previous one, each expansion of context comes with greater interconnection. The many different developmental studies of psychology and sociology clearly show this.  Each expanded level is connected with more of existence and therefore experiences a greater degree of consequence.

The more advanced visitors, are more evolved, they are therefore more connected to the immediacy of consequence. Personal interest is therefore more refined, to blunder in and interfere with us on planet Earth has huge consequences for them and the Alien visitors of the higher order get an instant sense of the consequences of their actions, they experience the consequential energy feedback almost instantly. A humanoid that is in our atmosphere has a responsibility—that is felt within their being—to their own species. Would you want to get involved with sorting out the conflicts of a gang in the Bronx? Perhaps you would if you live in New York and that gang is affecting the neighborhood, but you would have to have a subtle strategy. If you just went in their and shot all the gang members you are going to create a whole load more problems, those gang members have loved ones, they are part of a bigger community, there are repercussions for violent intervention—as the invading nations of today are discovering on a larger scale.

Secondly short term interventions, such as stopping wars, will not create lasting change, the destructive symptoms of our society have causes. Advanced extra-terrestrial races are more concerned with guiding us subtly so that the causes can be addressed; only we can fully address the root of our problems, we can be helped but we have to change ourselves.

The ‘data’ (which I will be introducing) suggests…

At this stage I want to introduce an important point before we can empirically test reality, create an experiment if you like, there has to be a theoretical model. If you do not know what you are testing in a broad sense you can not be experimental. To find something you need to be looking in the right direction and have intelligent questions. There has to be a viable theory. A viable theory comes from looking at the implications and suggestions from the data available. My work is visionary; it is about exploring the potentials that seem to be on our threshold. The story I am conveying may seem to wild to be viable, to some of you, but I will be introducing the doorways to the data sphere that will enable you to explore for yourself the vast repository of information that this story is derived from.


The data suggests that there is a species that do not have the full access to superluminal travel technology, are not as advanced as the majority of visitors we are seeing. We are talking about a species whose evolution is perhaps on a slightly different trajectory to ours, whom are more advanced in many ways but are not yet …how can we say…spiritually advanced. This species or these species’ have to rely upon travel within time space to some extent; they are more technologically proficient than us—although we are starting to catch up with them. We are starting to catch up, partly because of covert deals with our governments—starting in the early 1950s or before—where partial technology is exchanged for honouring (in a limited way) certain sovereign claims on human life our creator gods presume they have. In their eyes as our co-creators they would claim ownership. It is true there DNA contribution does need to be acknowledged and appreciated, that is why we as a species are involved in negotiations. Negotiations that need some resolution before there home planet, their base of operations is close enough to Earth for them to have a more ‘complete visitation’.

To have a strong hand in this negotiation, more people need to be more conscious so that our frequency is slightly out of range, we need to shift our values from a materially obsessed, adrenalin drama led society driven by short term reactionism towards one that recognizes our true self interest at this time. It is in all of our self interests to sculpt a more humanitarian society. To be more conscious is to have an expanded sense; of our reality, of who we are and how we have evolved.

In the next part we open the doors to the data sphere that surrounds this subject.

Image is based on Andy Lloyd's work which we will talk about soon

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

2012 is the Beginning : Part Five

The Ground of all being is consciousness, this implies there are no limits to what can manifest as reality. However experience of life clearly shows us that there are limits, there are structures. The structures of a society evolve through stages of ever increasing complexity.

Science is not revealing timeless truth, but partial and temporary truth, this is not an attack on science per se, but mainstream science is close to its limits as the force for our further evolution.

What is the fundamental factor that determines the collective experience of life, what we might call the common reality, the answer is agreement. It is not science for science is ever evolving. To be clear when we use science with the purity of its meaning, we are talking about the empirical observation of reality which is subject to perspective and perception—determined by the general common agreement. In other words the truth of the day, the science of the day starts with built in unconsciously agreed assumptions. The repeatable experiments that prove a theory work within the context of the historical epoch that they are performed in, but the ground of nature is a shifting sliding floor.

Science in the modern sense exists on two levels; one as a crystallized set of established rules, principles, formulae and axioms; secondly at the leading edge as a questioning and testing of the laws established within the mainstream—academia, scientific institution and media. The establishment refines its laws of science very slowly and relatively gradually in a narrow and specific manner. Modern science has become increasingly compartmentalized. Most people who proclaim they are scientific in our world do not do real empirical testing of reality on a regular basis, they just read science from the mainstream media. The independent scientist at the leading edge inspired by intuition has more uncertainty about the ‘established laws’, tends to cross reference different understandings from two or more paradigms within the scientific field and actually tests reality (Pluto Enchantment thinking). The independent research field extends from those who are close to the consensual centre of the institution of science (Uranus and Pluto Enchantment) to those who harbour a completely different value system and essential assumption on reality (Neptune, also Pluto and Chiron Enchantments). In the mainstream the essential assumption is that we are purely physical, the challenging paradigm starts with the assumption that we are consciousness in form.

Is reality mechanistically accurate and determinable by scientific precision? Scientists are adamant that it is, but is that after the fact? 

Coherence in existence comes from a vast repository of cosmic agreement... video interview with Ervin Laszlo here

I would suggest that the world is run by feeling and myth more than reason. Scientists passionately defend their believes and are subject to emotional needs just like all of us. Scientists are reliant on money which sets an agenda, science is a community, it has membership rules. The myth of science is more powerful than the cold reason, the logic, the detached intellect the proof of science’s worth is amongst other things the computer, which is wonderful yet also the atomic bomb is evidently from science not so good, so we cannot presume that evolution is to be led by science alone.

What shapes the assumptions of a new stage of development, a new level of complexity, how do the assumptions emerge? The fundamental of the collective agreement that a stage of development will be built upon come from the background mythology. The stories that form in the collective imagination are gradually refined from a very general potentiality to a more specific potentiality. 

In the world today the powerful determiner of background, subconscious mythology, the emerging story, is television and more powerfully… the most profound and the most popular films. Fiction is given permission to explore reality, the realism of today’s films anchor a virtual experience within the human organism.

Having researched films with the astrological map for the last 15 years or so, I have found that the cool edge of new film footage reflects the new seeded reality potential and reflects the reality of the other dimensions hidden from the consciousness.

Is our experience of life scientific, is it logical? Or is our experience of life more accurately defined by stories. Life has a rational element to it, buried within the narrative of life. Life can be said to be an experience of a story that is not just read to us, but that we are emotionally involved in, co-creating it with our intention, editing it as we go.

Now at this point I need to emphasize that the visionary and the seemingly outlandish co-exists comfortably with the mundane. Our own lives are on one hand existential, just living, normal stuff based on how the world is, what we encounter as we go about our  ‘mundane tasks’. We also explore future potentials in our imagination either consciously through self volition, (research based or just through inspired contemplation) or unconsciously as passive receivers of entertainment or media. The future exists within the astral world; the unseen collective imagination that we walk around in, which through osmosis permeates our personal filtered imagination. Our own fantasy is not completely walled off from the collective imagination, it depends upon the type of fantasy we have. If we use the imagination for sexual stimulation it is very personal, when we use the imagination to envisage the future we are starting to energetically enter the collective consciousness field.

The manifest experience (the agreed upon visceral encounter) forms within the potentiality field of the collective imagination. Reality manifests from and inside subtle energy fields towards denser energy, but the subtle energy sets the overall parameters or context for the particulate or specific reality experience.

We are here to utilize the creative power of the imagination. As co-creative entities we are here to take part in the creative evolution of life throughout existence. The Enchantments show that the complexity of our evolution is moving away from merely receiving the story from experts or appointed priests towards a more democratic contribution to the central mythological bedrock.

The major agreements of reality are up for renegotiation. The move towards Neptune, Pluto and even Chiron Enchantments is an enormous shift and could take a long time. However there is a change, an undeniable instability and a pressure to encompass the new consciousness, presently counter cultural, relativistic, feeling based sense of multidimensionality—the vast landscape presently labeled alternative.

2012 has captured the attention of the public, there is a vast spectrum of belief around it, but the main beliefs are ‘Cataclysm’, ‘non event’ and ‘benevolent reality shift’, with so much energy being focused upon it, 2012 is significant. The world will change by a degree no matter what. For example if nothing much happens the alternative community will be flattened and will have to dig deeper into their understandings. The end of the Mayan cycle coincides with an escalation of Earth changes, totalitarian laws being implemented, belief in a big conspiracy, revolt, civil unrest, potential global financial collapse and increasing concern for the environment.

My proposition is the 2012 is the significator of a planetary civilization emerging here on Earth. I have already introduced what a planetary civilization looks like and will reiterate it is far more complex and benevolent than an economic global village a new world order. A Planetary civilization acknowledges and validates consciousness, subtle energy and spirituality as part of the whole reality.

A quick reminder of two earlier points

As we start to explore reality I have proposed that we find that nature was not god given directly, nor was it a happy accident of natural selection but a chaotic co-creation from many species.

We would seem to require an outside agency to wake us up from the socio centric economic reality to shift consciousness.

In the next section we will look at what might appear to be one of the wildest theories, Planet X, ET invasion and the reptilian creator gods.

The Extra Invasion scenario is well and truly ubiquitous thanks to Hollywood and a growing world wide belief in UFOs as Alien Visitor Craft, based on peoples’ experiences, which include abductions. UFOlogy and its reportage on the internet, entertainment such as Stargate, V, Independence Day and others which have planted a seed within the collective imagination that we expect to be invaded or in conflict with an alien species. Running parallel to hostilities with another species humanity holds a subconscious belief that ET is here to save us.

Even though experts of academia and politicians distance themselves from such ‘nonsense’ the emotional investment in the collective sphere is pretty strong, for sure this is not the only collective vision, but it is one that is growing…

Wanna take a ride?

Monday, 20 June 2011

2012 is the Beginning : Part Four

A Planetary Civilization Interacts with Other Species

Continuing my paper on the emergence of a planetary civilization here on Earth--linked to the consciousness shift associated with the 2012 era. This is a work in progress not yet edited or crafted.

In approaching the question of ET we cannot forget the developmental map of reality.

 As in all things there are levels of reality to the Extra-terrestrial phenomenon, whether it is sightings of UFOs or contact with the multitude of beings that have interacted with humanity.

One aspect of the field that is either ignored or used to explain away all of it (as in the work of Ultra-terrestrials) is the involvement of the elemental kingdom. I have covered this elsewhere so will only touch upon it here. The elemental kingdom reflects and models the human imagination and all the visitations that enter into the planetary field of energy and consciousness. Some of the abductions fall under the guise of psychic interactions with elementals. This is just one component.

One of the most outstanding researchers in the field was Dr John Mack who was a Harvard Professor of Psychology (his label in USA being Professor of psychiatry, but his work was not isolated to mere brain chemistry and behaviour-ism). He worked with those who alleged to have abduction experiences and his summation of this was that yes there was a subjective factor in abductions, but also quite clearly an objective reality. A study of his work shows how our engagement with ET can not be neatly wedged into the idea of a subject-object division of reality. ET amongst other things including the elemental kingdom, transgresses the demarcation between matter and imagination. As soon as we enter into experience of the astral/emotional body and astral density we leave behind the surety of material physics.

One of the most comprehensive visions of Alien visitation is through the work of Dr Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project. Apart from reading some of his work I have watched something like 30 hours of video with Dr Greer speaking or his interviews. As a military Doctor he and his team have interviewed over 400 of the military elite and intelligence community, scientists, air traffic controllers and those who had worked on covert corporate projects. The four hour basic documentary The disclosure Project available online for free is essential viewing for anyone wishing to start to understand the extra-terrestrial situation. The film is very powerful because it is human testimony on record, which is admissible as evidence in a court of law. The Project is not some ‘Johnny come lately flash in the pan’ adrenalin exploratory ride. Dr Greer started the project in 1994, has survived attacks on his life and retained his axiom of spirituality. He has led groups on meditations, mostly in the desert, that has resulted in Craft visitation and telepathic communication. His perspective on ET is that they are more evolved and are benevolent.

Drawing from the findings of the Disclosure project and many other sources

The Roswell incident did involve a genuine AVC (Alien Visitor Craft), bodies were recovered and obviously so was the remnants of the craft itself. This event although not the only one, well and truly initiated the modern UFOlogy era and the reverse engineering of Alien technology. It is also suggested that this was a watershed for contact between the covert government and certain species of ET.

 By 1947 the term Flying Saucer was coined.

Here are some quotes from The-Disclosure Project Briefing-Document

According to an article in the April 1, 1966 issue of Life magazine, between June 1947 and early 1966, 10,147 UFO sightings had been reported. The term "flying saucers" itself sprang from private pilot Kenneth Arnold’s experience on June 24, 1947 near Mount Rainier, Washington. He saw a formation of nine rapidly moving disc-shaped objects while flying in a small plane. In the wild publicity and wave of sightings that followed during the summer of 1947, the term "flying saucers" was coined by the popular press.
The Roswell Incident: On July 2, 1947, an object crashed into a remote field on rancher William "Mac" Brazel’s land. Mr. Brazel reported hearing a loud explosion during a severe thunderstorm. The next morning, he discovered debris scattered over an area which may have spanned fifty acres. Mr. Brazel notified the local sheriff’s office who in turn called the Army. The case created a stir when the 509th Bomb Group at the Army Air Force Base at Roswell Field, New Mexico, officially released to the press the astounding story that a flying saucer had crashed near Roswell. The Public Information Officer at the base who released the story to the press was First Lieutenant Walter Haut, who still lives in Roswell. The Roswell Daily Record ran the story on the front page in bold headlines: "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region." Two days later, the Army recanted, issuing a second press release claiming that only a weather balloon had crashed.

According to Dr Greer’s witnesses the whole Alien project went covert and into the hands of a secret cabal by 1952-53. Agreements were also made with ET races. It should be noted that there was a major sighting of a fleet over Washington (on Film) during the summer of 1952. According to Carol Rosin, Dr Werner Von Braun an ex-Nazi scientist told here that a false flag, aka fake, ET invasion was being planned in the 1950s for the future. This would serve the agenda of creating more controls and siphoning off more resources for defence, which equates to financial profit, which equates to the real motivator Power.

Dr Greer is now focusing on a secondary project called the Orion Project which concerns the development of free energy. The propulsion systems of AVCs, which involve super-luminal travel, light speed or beyond, opens the door to a whole other level of physics—the physics of toroids and torsion fields. (covered elsewhere). The elegance of this emerging physics is plain to see, but it can not be manifest on Earth until there is a sufficient shift of consciousness. The physics on this level is directly linked to consciousness; we have to reframe our whole perspective on reality before we can have free energy. It should be obvious to you that most of the environmental problems are totally transcended with a relatively free, clean energy. This of course contravenes the psychological development of our present system and the present power elite and their industries.

Dr Greer’s perspective is in contrast to the perspective of Project Camelot. This project interviews whistleblowers who step forward. The project is headed by Kerry and Bill, (now split into two branches Avalon and Camelot). Here the scenario that is most focused on is the threat of ET races, however I feel sure that some of that is disinformation that serves the dark agenda.

To say the situation is complex is understatement—we are talking about the kaleidoscopic enormity of the Galaxy. Humanity will enter into the extraterrestrial community during the next century, in what form is yet to be determined. It could be said that has already happened and to this end the Exopolitical movement has started. Exopolotics is the politics of human and ET affairs.

This paper below Is available here 

Research Study # 4 Published May 30, 2003, by Michael E. Salla, PhD is a fascinating read

Here is a snippet and I feel it has some accuracy to it

A dualistic moral framework, however, is not an accurate basis for understanding ET efforts to influence and/or control human affairs through alliances with clandestine organizations. The complexity of the ET interactions described by different sources suggests that a more complex dynamic between different ET factions exists, and that simple moral categories such as benevolent/good and malevolent/evil are misleading. For example, according to Dr Jamisson Neruda who claims to be a ‘whistleblower’ who defected from a clandestine organization embedded within the National Security Agency, there are a number of ET races intervening on the planet with multiple agendas where simple moral categories are insufficient to fully understand the consequences of their activities and influence. Consequently, a ‘triadic framework’ that doesn’t use such misleading moral categories is necessary since this more accurately reflects the dynamics of the ways ETs interact with one another, the rules of intervention that are set and observed by ET races, and the ‘political philosophies’ of these ET races.

The file goes onto describe the ET various factions that include Earth based subterranean reptilians and he categorizes them as comprising of such groups and alliances of species that can be labelled as Good Shepherd, Wise Mentor, Protective Parent alliances from Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and elsewhere.

2012 implicitly asks us to consider our lives within a galactic framework. The extra-terrestrial issue will become much bigger in the ensuing decades. As overwhelming as the subject may appear, it really comes down to consciousness, where we place our attention and how we hold our focus upon what it is we want as a species.  It is not down to us to have total control of the Earth, but it would seem that the bigger picture requires more conscious attention. Our own consciousness is the commodity.

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2012 is the Beginning : Part Three

 Painting A Dreaming of the Whole Earth by Gulwan

2012 is an Era
I suggest that we can understand more about the 2012 effect and the duration of ‘transformation intensity’—the window of change—by affirming the significance of the development and use of the atomic bomb. Furthermore I suggest our entry into the atomic age tells us something of what is being required of us by life itself in relation to the 2012 era.

Two individuals that are associated most strongly with 2012 Terence McKenna and Jose Arg├╝elles both draw attention to the birth of the atomic age as a significant gateway that is linked to the 2012 date.

Is there really a big transformation in the offing? Are we truly living in a profound evolutionary transformational epoch?

I and millions of others are proclaiming that we are living in an extraordinary time, which is offering us a fundamental opportunity to co-create a new world.
But! is this truly any different from other times in history, many people still doubt that it is special, there is still a sense for many of an unending smooth continuity and adaption for progress. The full answer is fairly complex but I present the case that on a basic level this is truly an era of change.

The Detonation of the Nuclear Bomb was an undeniable watershed in our history. It marked the occasion where we had access to enough power to destroy all life on Earth. The Human Species had enough power to commit the ultimate atrocity, enough power to kill millions of people and do lasting damage to the natural world, power without the wisdom, heart and consciousness to know any better. There can not be a more visceral alarm evident in our history that we in our adolescence had opened the door to an evolutionary threshold that requires us to…“wake up” or is it.. "Wake the Fuck Up"?

How else can we put it, intelligent, sophisticated and often charming men came to the point where they decided (and still hold onto this idea) that the only way forward is through this most heinous act. More alarming than that is the fact that we have all been compliant with wars of mass destruction often carried out on the innocents, in recent years we have all, including myself, stood by and allowed our so called leaders to kill millions of innocent people in the name of some very dubious agendas that have nothing to do with the interests of a real civilized humanity.

The mass destruction and horror is still being perpetrated but a percentage of us at least are saying “not in my name”.

It has to be recognized 1945 marks the moment of something significant; the stakes were raised from that moment and have continued to rise exponentially since then.

A realistic, truthful and responsible human being would surely have to recognize that things have to change. Firstly just that, just have the recognition. The enormity of the world’s shadow is overwhelming so we tend to look away. Now I do not think we can live our life without humour or relaxation, nor do I believe we should be living with guilt or the hideously serious sense of it being all down to us as individuals— to take personal responsibility of the world upon our shoulders.

I would suggest that what is required from us is to firstly be conscious of the fact that we as a species are at a relative low level of evolution  and are entering into the ‘space’ where we have some real evolutionary potential. This potential comes with the need to be more conscious. We are an expression of evolution in action just beginning to wake up to itself.

I would further suggest that although none of us can take on the responsibility of the world, far more of us have to engage with the bigger picture and be conscious of the potentials and directions that are unfolding. In the past, in our lower levels of development humanity has gradually evolved through the power of minority leadership.  It is no longer enough to look to figureheads, it is not appropriate anymore to accept the dictates of government, corporate executives or scientific experts. None of these paradigms show any signs of being adequate to the job that is being asked of humanity—these dominant areas of human endeavour are inadequate without a higher directive. Science has brought us many wonders but it has brought us weapons of mass destruction. Business or economics has enabled us to live in comfort and to have access to all manner of entertainment and pleasure. Government and business have now basically become unified as an economic system. This system it’s principles, its perspective has no answers unto itself in regards to the pressing needs for us to care for life and enable us to evolve further.

The economic system can still be useful, but surely it is obvious that it needs to be overseen by a more conscious, non profit orientated agenda. Science is still important yet it needs a guiding hand, its need to be shown that as a mindset it can not be neutral, it can not be servile to economics. Science as a mindset must own its own potentials. Something changed in 1945 and we have still not yet fully recognized the significance of the change and have therefore not changed our social system on a fundamental level accordingly.

Admittedly if we go onto a deeper level of understanding with the aid of the Enchantments of Life (the Developmental map of human consciousness) we see that the awareness of evolution has developed in as much as 10-15 percent of the adult population have shifted their awareness. Since 1945 new levels of complexity have indeed emerged, but they have not as yet taken the central stage of our society.

In summary, 1945 is the demarcation point from where the human species is required by the planet, all life on Earth, by the necessity of survival to be conscious that the  species has entered into a new level of creativity and that creativity requires the level of consciousness that at the very least is a planetary consciousness. Humanity moved to a highly significant level of planetary effect in 1945. So although there was a wave that led us to that point, the actual detonation of the bomb over Hiroshima was an unmistakable event, an exclamation mark.

67 years before 2012

Can we tie 1945 to 2012, is there a connection?

What followed the war was a boom in economics and a flowering of counter culture in the mid sixties. Computer technology has come of age and the availability of information indicates a new landscape. The exclamation mark of the atomic age has triggered new frequencies of consciousness that are the expression of the evolutionary imperative as we see by the emerging new levels of complexity of Neptune, Pluto, Chiron (and Pholus Enchantments.)
However all of this has happened within human society but what about something cosmic, some external. To refresh your memory on how I finished part two…

The alternative consciousness movement and new breaking sciences are eroding the systems’ stranglehold from the inside; however it still looks like we need an external stimulus to shift.

The Challenge; Can we tie in 1945 with 2012 and an external stimulus that can shift our species consciousness?

At this point I need to remind you that 2012 is calling our attention to the greater cosmos. The Maya Calendar suggests that Earth is subject to cyclic events that are linked to Galactic cycles. The Maya were a shamanic culture and their deities have been shown to be personifications of planets, stars and the dark riff close to the Galactic centre. Their metaphysics, their measurement of time is encoded with cosmic significance there is no argument from standard archaeology that the Maya priesthood focused heavily upon the heavens above and that they developed sophisticated maps for time that point to evolutionary epochs. Academia might not recognize that the dates they point to are significant but they can recognize the Maya had a cosmic shamanism.

The relevance to ‘the challenge’ is that the 21-12-12 date is an artifact of cosmic focus by a shamanic culture. The external stimulus needed to get us to look at our whole planet and recognize the planet is not separate from the plasmic ocean it travels in… has to be in the area of the Cosmic-Galactic-Space Age phenomena.

Now it is true that in the 1950s humans were put into orbit around our Earth and since then in the decades that followed our telescope technology has greatly increased our information of the Galaxy and the Universe. We are starting to peer out towards space, this has had an effect. However it has not shifted the fundamental materialistic paradigm of consciousness. I still reiterate we are need some kind of external; cosmic interference. So is there any and can it be linked to 1945?

(Video here)

Yes Indeed.

In 1947 the Modern UFO era was fully established. The Roswell Incident.
ET arrived big time and it has been noted. Not so much little green men, but little grey men and all manner of humanoid beings from throughout the cosmos.

The whole Extra-terrestrial and Alien Visitor Craft paradigm is a quagmire of information. Within this data sphere of ET study we see a spectrum of perceptional distortion and differing perspectives, Government cover ups, (not all of that is malevolent) and an active and organized agenda of misinformation. All of this adds up to a bewildering task for the casual observer to ascertain any clear sense of truth concerning the extraordinary phenomena of alien visitation.
Despite the fact that millions and millions of people believe that ET is visiting us and that millions of people have seen UFOs and had encounters with extra-terrestrials and ultra terrestrials (see…..) the subject remains a taboo for academic, scientific and… well just about anyone who needs to be considered legitimate in the Corporate world.
It is considered a joke subject not suitable for grown ups, responsible citizens or the intellectually astute.

I often come across those who believe that UFology may have some truth to it, but will quickly counter that with “we need to sort our own planet out first”, especially alluded to is the environment.

However the whole subject does attract some of the cream of science, academia and ‘serious people’ such as astronauts, pilots, engineers, military officers, governmental officials and such like.

My Position after a life time’s interest, some experience and study

It is not an irrelevant subject to the environmental situation, the political situation, economic situation, energy situation, sociological situation or to the spiritual seeker. In fact it is probably one of the most relevant subjects. For the implications of this reality seriously challenge our whole idea on who we are, how Earth has evolved, our future, our technology, how we can evolve and solve our problems on Earth

What I am going to endeavor to present to you, is the basic agreed upon story from within the field and the major differing perspectives from within that context. I will be looking at it from the 2012 and Enchantments positions.

Before we proceed to meet ET, let us just emphasize the sense of being in the ‘transformational intensification era’

We can say with certainty that the next 67 years after 2012 is going to be a most radical transformation. Therefore it very interesting that the Maya Calendar whether by conscious design or subconscious intuition pinpoints the year 2012 as a change of cycle in the midst of an extraordinary evolutionary epoch.

If you can recognize the 2012 date stands approximately in the middle of a window of change then you will not be as unconscious of the 2012 date as most. The mainstream are waiting to wake up in January 2013 and say, see nothing happened. The New Age will be suffering disillusionment if there was not ascension on December 21st 2012. Both schools of thought miss the message that is implicit within the date. A large cycle of time (at least 5,125 years maybe a whole Precessional cycle or half a one of 13,000 years) is ending and a new one is beginning, that means there is a window of decades for transformation and opportunity that requires our conscious engagement.  

We can not dismiss the date if the world does not appear to be completely different in a 24 hour or 12 month period.

A radical transformation means not just more progress of the same kind, it won’t just be extraordinary technology, it has to be linked to the implications that have led us to being able to develop extraordinary technology and the implications of that technology.

I would say that it is a completely new understanding of life, of time, space and reality. This understanding fits with a planetary consciousness.

art by Gulwan 

Friday, 17 June 2011

2012 is the Beginning: Part Two

Having laid out my general proposition for an emerging Planetary civilization, I will now go into more specifics. Starting with a simple reminder of the present situation.

Planetary Consciousness includes systemic consciousness; we have to recognize that our world is an interconnected complex whole. This in turn means that each of us rapidly needs to move beyond an isolated particulate focus. Each individual is being challenged to not just see the bits, the parts that make up the whole but to recognize that there is a whole Earth system comprised of various interlocking sub systems.

In today’s ‘real world’ each individual has to be ‘practical’ and make a living. We all need money and we all like to have more money than we need, after all in an evolving culture, abundance and freedoms to make choices are valid and essential to our enjoyment and development.

Herein lays the great dichotomy

Outlining the situation in the Uranus Enchantment

Let us look at the small percentage of the world’s population privileged enough to have enough money to truly feel financially successful and confident about their place in the ‘real world’. In general they are good people, hard working and intellectually smart.

For example a comfortable or a generous income can most easily be derived from working in the Pharmaceutical industry, Banking and financial services, Science, the Military (officers) etc

Not all people working in these areas earn that much, but those who have worked hard enough and long enough to rise above a junior position are richly rewarded (the paradox here though is that one never feels one has enough, but leaving that aside for the moment) The financial rewards reinforce the feeling that one is doing it right, there is an underlying basic confidence about the self and its world view. Confidence is very attractive and it therefore hypnotizes more people to strive for financial success—to climb the corporate ladder.

Don’t they deserve their rewards; well yes they do, however…

The present system rewards specialization, the ability to have an isolated focus on a specific skill. If for example you are to be successful in science, by necessity—due to the extraordinary speed of precise developments and the subsequent amount of data— one has to be focused on the part, not the whole. Many of today’s scientists work in the Pharmaceutical industry, responding to the ever increasing diversity of health problems, or the challenges of food production or creating chemical based synthetic materials etc. In all cases the work requires them to respond to the immediate challenge to create a profitable solution, a short term solution to what looks like an isolated dilemma. A disease needs a vaccine but what is the effect in the human body over the long term? There is not enough time to find out, if a product is to compete in the market.

Likewise a large population needs to be fed, so we need high yield crops that are resistant to disease, hence we need genetically modified crops… no absolutely wrong. Greenpeace and many others have shown that this is just not true, the performance is disastrous over a few years as the whole eco system is wrecked, amongst other things the soil is depleted of essential nutrients, which is one of the main reason we need to eat food. And so on and so on we could go into further depth and greater detail and direct attention to masses of scientific papers and studies. But the point is very simple, isolated action is now detrimental to an interconnected planet, a planetary systemic approach is not just a futuristic idea but is the only way forward.

This small parts approach, which is endemic in virtually all Corporations requires admirable intellectual skill and a lack of awareness of the systemic repercussions. High IQ and yet limited awareness. There is no money, there is no time to ask deeper questions and see how the actions of production and service within the system are connected to the larger living systems of the whole human species and the natural world. On a very basic level this illustrates why all of the challenges of the world can be surmised to be due to a crisis in consciousness.

Now going on a deeper level, a large percentage of the more conscious individuals are in fact also working in the corporate world, after all that is where the money is, virtually all of the money. The very reasonable reaction to seeing that the system we have is not only crashing but is corrupted as well is “What can I do about it?”. We all have to earn a living.
Clunk! It requires from us all an acceptance of what is, without too much angry condemnation. An acceptance really means we have to look properly at what is, what is evident, what is the whole evidence of the whole system. This requires a generalist’s view rather than a specified reaction or localized focus.

To go from a system that is dying to a system that is newly emerging, requires a relatively long term view, a larger perspective and an understanding of the complexity of the planet we live within.

Take the Environmental Situation…

The environment is suffering from pollution and structural damage, pollutants and destruction from the Military, nuclear tests, depleted uranium weapons and the such like, possibly rival that of the pollution caused by the pharmaceutical industry. The solutions required of course completely undermine these industries.

However if we are truly to look at the environment we have to be realistic about what makes up the environment. A significant component of the environment is the human species. We cannot just look at the polluting industries without looking at the human species. We cannot just eradicate the obvious problem without understanding the causes.

The reactionary world-view to this, which is quite a popular, is that the human species is a virus and a mistake in nature and therefore it would be good if the population was greatly reduced. This is not a systemic view and this suggestion has not been thought out.

Human beings have evolved their consciousness when compared to that of human beings of a thousand years ago, (the start of rapid environmental decay) we cannot deny the wonderful developments of our culture as being separate from all life on Earth. The wonders of technology, music, art, the magnificence of cities, the available smorgasbord of entertainment and pleasure cannot be conceived to be purely a mistake. This simplistic answer of having a population cull to the environmental situation is humanistic self loathing which is low consciousness, destructive, negative and regressive. It is a dangerous idea that invites whole scale devastation, genocide, a doomsday comet, global war or even invasion by an extra terrestrial race.

So if we look at the human species with a systems approach we will see that there are developmental stages of consciousness. The developmental map shows us that which has power over us all to a large extent is the financially led consciousness of Uranus Enchantment.

The evolution of our consciousness is from an emphasis anchored in Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus Enchantments is towards Neptune, Pluto and Chiron Enchantments. Which is to say that evolution is from the empire mentality and values, absolutist moralist mentality and values, materialistic mentality and values towards the mindsets and values of the Humanitarian and spiritual revival of alternative culture; the interdependent, paradox acceptance, open responsive individualistic approach and the illuminated existentialist.

A full understanding of what I am saying above is only obvious with a study of The Enchantments of life.

However the essential point is that our environmental situation cannot be understood without understanding the human system, and the basic solution to the problems of our world is most obvious. The crisis is an opportunity—which has to be taken—which is to evolve. Evolution or annihilation is on the horizon.

A fearful approach to the enormity of the situation will yield a resignation to annihilation.
A realistic approach to the extraordinary world we live in—which is largely experienced as something very challenging but beautiful, amazing, exciting, awesome and delightful—is that we are developing, changing, transforming and evolving.

Therefore by understanding the system reality of our species (which outlines an evolution of consciousness) we do reinforce the implicit gratitude we have to be living and reinforce human evolution. In turn that will solve the more pressing environmental problems.

By consciously working with the planet in a progressive manner—rather than a return to some kind of Stone Age asceticism—the supply of clean water, clean air, energy, nutritious food, shelter will be met more than adequately.

The messy problem is that most of the dominant industries of today have to radically transform, be cut back and/or lose their power. The power battle is more than tricky, but in the end it comes down to public will.

The alternative consciousness movement and new breaking sciences are eroding the systems’ stranglehold from the inside; however it still looks like we need an external stimulus to shift.

I will look at one such possibility in Part Three

Thursday, 16 June 2011

2012 is the Beginning

2012 makes demands upon the Human Species to become a Planetary Society in the decades that follow.

Following on from today’s posting 9 Skull on My Mayan Calendar Log

Integrating twenty years of study on the Maya, their calendar, the 2012 astrology chart and the present global situation, I postulate that the evolutionary imperative requires our society to establish a Planetary Civilization. 

The confirmation of Planet X, a Brown Dwarf, in 2012 is just one of the possible physical events that can push the human species into looking at life on Earth with the cosmos in mind.

Reframing Global Issues onto a Higher Level.

 As those who have followed my work would know my position is that the population, resource, energy, financial and environmental crises, are in fact one crisis— a crisis of consciousness.

A crisis is an indicator of transformation. The world needs or will soon need a new conscious system that plugs into the next level of abundant supply. For it must be noted there is no lack of anything in existence, it depends upon ones capabilities to plug into an appropriate source of supply.

I would say that the population is not too large, it is more that the social systems we operate under are rapidly becoming inadequate to supply that human population in a way that also supports its cohabitants and our home. In general it is our own limitations of development that inhibit our ability to receive and have, in accord with the living systems of Earth.

A large human population gives rise to a greater diversity of roles and expressions that lead to an exquisitely complex consciousness. With more people on Earth the potential areas of specialization—niches—are expanded. This reservoir of diverse expertise can unleash a creative potential to innovate every area of life far in excess of what we can perceive possible. It is just a question of allowing human creativity to be openly explored

At present we do not operate with a free market competition of ideas, due to the context created by our present dominant level of consciousness. Money is considered before life conditions, which is now plainly ridiculous with the world as it is. Our financial system sets the context, rather than life conditions on earth setting the context for competing ideas. What has served us, as a species to some degree up to now no longer serves us. It really is time to move beyond the bottom line, the profit motive.
I will return to this in a moment.

The Earth’s awakening as a living complex system is immanent and is manifesting in our human society as an increase in complexity of collective consciousness.

Complexity: more working parts, more frequencies of consciousness, more diversity of values, truths and expression, all contained within a whole system and that system is an open system. Earth as a whole, inclusive of all natural and human artifact and open to the cosmos.

The Earth is Changing

This is due to a multitude of factors including an increase of cosmic energies, such as those documented by Alexei Dmitriev. Whose work highlights there is an intrusion of high energy plasma into the Solar System creating climatic and biospherical instability changing the atmosphere that we walk around in. The second factor which cannot be extricated from the cosmic energy is the evolution from within human society as it emerges from history—the abundance of the human population, technological progress and the widening range of potentials that the human imagination can conceive of.

The commentary and product of the global situation, the social dialectic is expressed most obviously on the internet. The true extent of the extraordinary spectrum of the collective dialogue is only apparent to those who are actively involved in Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social platforms. On the internet we find a huge clash of values, the greatest diversity of perspective and an enormous relativity of truth. The explosion of human testimony attributed to extraordinary realities, the unending interpretation of all world events, the expanded platform of opinion is all proof of itself of a society that has rapidly reached a degree of complex thinking, imagination and expression that was hard to conceive of fifty years ago.

So no matter what the truth actually is in regards to any of the contentious issues that are being explored, the totality of the situation is a massive increase of complexity of human perception, the system itself is going through a phase transition.

Taken as a whole, we are seeing a systemic change, the emergence of a planetary society interconnected to the Earth’s consciousness. However there is a long way to go before we consciously realize this planetary civilization.

My  Proposition

A planetary civilization would not only include the global village of culture, economics, politics, entertainment and community, it would also have an awareness of the cosmos that Earth is part of and shaped by. The realization of this planetary level of consciousness would necessitate a planetary council of attuned individuals. The members of ‘The Council’ would understand the planetary system as a conscious living and complex entity. They would be conscious of the incoming cosmic forces. They will be meditators, intuitives, psychics and such like who have an understanding in whole systems science, the council would mostly but not exclusively made up of elders. They would also have some exopolitical awareness—the spiritual politics between humanity and other humanoid species.

Subservient to the Council will be something like a planetary protectorate who would oversee the global government its economy, law, education etc. The protectorate would not be a dictatorship, their power would not be absolute, but would be exercised through influence, through education. The form of education would centre on stimulating the ability of our society to ask intelligent questions. The Protectorate would exercise power through guaranteed airtime on the integrated global media system. The Protectorate could be said to be social engineers who work in the interest of the whole planetary system enabling it to unfold organically as directed by collective consciousness and life conditions.

The Protectorate would be the liaison agency between all sectors of society and the Council. The Council who would be a transcendental community, living a life largely removed from all everyday concerns. The axiom of the Protectorate would be to create a social context for a free market of innovation to create abundance in accord with life conditions.

The Term Planetary Assembly might be than Planetary Council?

This contrasts with the monopoly market of the Corporatized paradigm, which purely focuses on money for moneys sake and the capture of public imagination based on adrenalin-drama, titillation and status.

From 2020 onwards some form of global governance, currency and law will emerge, hot on the heels of this we will see a significantly integrated global media, both chaotic at the edges and yet also with a centralized focus. The internet has become increasingly centralized in recent years.

“Although the internet is highly decentralized in its communication and social patterns, its
technical and regulatory foundations are extremely hierarchical, due to centralized control by
organizations like ICANN and oligopolistic ownership of network access”

It is imperative that the public have access to planetary perspective rather than just the economic based political news of today. This in turn can only come about by a significant awakening of consciousness within the population…  

however I hold onto the belief that it is inevitable

The energy pressure, the build up of latent consciousness I personally feel within the atmosphere will not be inhibited or contained for too much longer.

 The present system is becoming tired, it transparently is not creating benevolent abundance, most nation states for example are on the brink of bankruptcy—it is no longer keeping up, it is not adequately working.

Big Brother and the Totalitarian Government

It could be said that the implicit dystopian vision is forcing us to wake up to the divine function of the Earth’s etheric master template—the Matrix. The function of the matrix is to create and stabilize a reality based on the totality of collective agreement. The Matrix is like a computer in as much as it creates the templates for reality based purely on the energy fed into it. The totality of energy, attention, emotion and thought from life in planet Earth’s energy field programs the Etheric Matrix to perpetuate reality… “your wish is my command”

 In other words the dark potential such as it is shown in the film ‘The Matrix’ is there to force us to be conscious of the fundamental factor of how reality is formed, that it is an agreement, rather than a given permanent discoverable truth. This reframes the scientific endeavour to one of co-creation rather than mere discovery. The answers to our tests on reality and therefore our findings depend wholly upon the nature of the inquiry. The nature of a question frames the possibilities, sets the limits for the answer.

The increasing hunger for truth in the post 2012 era will stimulate a new dialogue one that does not look for instant answers, but a new global conversation that is a process of refined questioning. We are also talking about a new attitude of empiricism, which does not dismiss all manner of experience and enquiry, one that recognizes the legitimacy of all perception. This empiricism is based in an understanding of systems. A whole living system is not just the sum of its parts (all life forms), it includes the relationships between the parts and the totality itself—which is the field of energy (and consciousness) that creates the totality. A systemic approach would be more inclusive. The considerable testimony of consciousness as reality and spiritual experiences would then have to be considered to have legitimacy.

Here we have the difference between an open system as compared to a closed matrix, all paradigms are considered in a free market of innovation.

So What are the Parameters for Humanities Creativity?

If (?) you recognize that we exist in a living conscious multiverse then we can understand that there is vast strata’s of conscious creative beings, gods by any other name that create the substratum that we have woke up in. In other words nature as we know it here on Earth was not just handed down to us straight from God or through random accident but by millennia of creative experimentation, adjustment, competition and collusion between all manner of creative entities and consciousness.

The whole Earth experiment is a product of multiplicity of beings from a multiplicity of realms. As we become aware on the planetary level we engage with the co-creators of Earth, the gods from all realms. I will leave that subject alone for now.

Encoded within this cosmic production of Earth is a series of gateways to different levels of complexity. In simple terms we can see consciousness expands through stages of involution and evolution.

Involution is the fall of spirit into density.

Evolution is the developmental stages, starting with small bands of early humans picking berries. The stages after that proceed through clan, tribe, village, city state, national state, multinational corporate states, humanistic global networks, all human species society and then a truly planetary civilization. If you look at the developmental stages of culture you can understand that correspondingly individual expression, motivation and what we term human nature are changeable. An understanding of the evolving nature of consciousness does away with the idea of a fixed nature to humanity.

Human nature is complex rather than something fixed that always gravitates towards the lowest common denominators of greed, lust and selfishness, these expressions are just lower end components of our evolving being. We are arriving at a new level of the game; we are advanced enough to recognize that we are at a relatively low level of civilization if we stare into the cosmos. We are still Earthbound, this is sobering and yet incredibly inviting.

A planetary society looks to the stars, the greater community of living beings, the mysteries of time, space, energy and consciousness. Rationality and what has now become a reductionist science has brought us thus far, has brought the Human Species forward to a stage of adolescence. As a culture it will soon be time to start our higher education in preparation to become a species with an adult consciousness.

For me everything points towards 2012 as the beginning of the game to manifest a planetary society. The 2012 era is the demarcation, where the quarantine of Earth maintained throughout recorded history is lifted and we prepare to be conscious of the fact that we do not live in an enclosed social system—the Matrix—but that we live on a planet that traverses the ocean of the cosmos.

The Intention of my work is not to directly fuel the argumentative debate on what constitutes evidence but to stimulate visionary thinking, for it is time for humanity to at least envisage a way forward.

Stratospheric: Robert Harrison captured images of the Earth like this one above using a Canon Sure Shot camera fixed in a polystyrene box and attached to a helium balloon. From Here

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Eclipse and Transparency

The Eclipse of June 15 2011 at 20.15 GMT is asking us to expand beyond our present limitations, to stimulate this I am reminding myself of my essential truth in regards to the nature of reality.

God is nowhere and everywhere, everything we see and cannot see that is in existence is God, the pure consciousness that is the ground of all being. Consciousness reflects upon itself—akin to our thinking and feeling which self reflection is—to bring everything into existence. Consciousness reflects upon itself to create the myriad of deities, entities, spirits and souls from itself who in turn reflect upon themselves to co-create existence.

Enlightenment ultimately is just waking up to everything that is, there is, in the final analysis nowhere to go, enlightenment at least how it is normally meant, is to become conscious of that which is. The enlightened human can see through the self and its levels of being, life becomes transparent. The enlightened human still operates as a human being, which is to say the levels of development are intact, but the enlightened self as Ken Wilber emphasizes, is okay with that. 

This then brings us to the journey of personal transformation. 

Personal transformation is set within the context of the life purpose, the souls intention for this life, which creates the parameters within which freewill operates. The individual journey in essence is unique to each person, everybody has an exquisitely special set of challenges, lessons and opportunities, that are the none the less drawn from the essential universal ingredients of all human experience and expression. The individual also transforms simultaneously in accord with evolution—the developmental levels. So your personal journey within time and space is tied to the collective journey of evolution as described by the Enchantments, the stages of cultural expansion. 

The Enchantments reveal that evolution is the expansion towards encompassing more of life. On our horizon we can see that we the human species is moving towards a planetary society, before we step into the completely unknown landscape of becoming a cosmic society. This is the same as saying evolution is the move into greater complexity as culture becomes increasingly interconnected with and through more of life.  Each developmental stage is a whole, a complete system and the particulate in the system is the general expression that all individuals conform to. Our general self expression, our characteristics, habits, perceptions, ideas and beliefs conform to the level of complexity we are most heavily anchored in.

As well as the evolution towards complexity the journey ‘upward’ back to God, we have involution the descension of the soul into form, the ‘downward’ movement.

Ultimately there is no movement upward or downward because it is all here, but this is meaningless until one is God.

Great teachers, even those like Osho—whom I find to be divine—exhibit human traits, foibles, needs and shadows, or areas of unconsciousness, because they are human.

We are all in this together, whilst we incarnate, we are subject to the collective context. Yet we are also free from time space and evolution.

The mind cannot handle the incompleteness of this truth from the rational perspective, for the mind is incomplete, it is only a tool of consciousness. Only Consciousness can accommodate the truth that life is a journey to find out that there never was a journey.

The mind as we think of it, rationalizes, which is to say it reduces things down to the level that can be grasped. But the mind cannot grasp that which is bigger than itself, it cannot reduce infinity into the finite or eternity into a box, or expanded consciousness into a laboratory. Common sense is truth in its easily digested form, useful in the general sense. Like rational science it enables us to live a productive life but it is a pale reflection of the greater truths that unfold as consciousness becomes more lucid.

The Eclipse that is coming is pushing us to expand our horizon, our aspiration to live more fully. Expand beyond your common sense, your rational appraisal and dare to imagine, to yearn and to seek.

The yearning to be free is uncomfortable, but it is the divine discontent that triggers personal transformation and human evolution.

So if you feel a deep longing to be living more expansively, then validate that feeling. The world will present you with very reasonable arguments to certain limitations, why you cannot be more than you are today why you cannot do this or do that. Have no argument with them, for what they suggest is... maybe reasonable to a degree, it may well be common sense and it possibly is rational. If you feel the yearning of the soul during this eclipse then step into your heart felt gnosis and call upon the gods, for they can move mountains if it is meant to be.

Praise be to the gods that life is far bigger than we can ever imagine.

Moon by Stigorigirl32