Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Wealth of California Sunshine

California is on my mind today, my good friend Scott is visiting me here on Lamma Island and he’s from Carlsbad CA. In my inbox this morning I get this email from Peter Ragnor

“Would you be surprised to hear that America's most populous state, with 38 million people and a GDP of 1.8 trillion dollars (an economy bigger than Russia, Brazil, Canada, and India) is bankrupt? No, that's not an opinion, but a fact according to Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Our wallet is empty, our bank is closed. And our credit is dried up," he told a joint session of the California legislature’’

California came into being as a state as a direct result of the 1849 Gold rush which corresponded astrologically with Neptune’s discovery in 1846. Neptune rules non linear abundance, as in money from nowhere. Neptune has just completed its first orbit, completing a cycle.
California is still there and it is a very special place on Earth, apart from Hollywood the worlds biggest myths making industry, the climate and soil yields an abundance of natures harvest from fruits to Wine. The state really is a golden place, Mount Shasta, San Francisco, Death Valley, Sequoia state park its like heaven on Earth in many ways, I loved it there last year and found the people in Carlsbad to be open and interesting.

But anyway, I digress how real is money?

What is money?

Money is an agreement, a thought form. No more than 4% of the money in the world exists as paper or coins the rest is stored digitally. Money is a numerical abstraction held as real through collective emotion and agreement.

Money though is still so real to us all which just goes to show how the world is constructed from metaphysics. Thought forms are tangible substances, money exists as field of energy.

The day is gloriously sunny I have just got back from the beach and I am feeling kinda dreamy…

I was just wondering if it’s possible at this time as a society or as individuals that we can make a radical new contract with money?

It sure would be nice to magic some money out of the thick air….hmmm, is that possible without incurring bad karma?

Have you any ideas you would like to share with me about that?

Post your comments below

Tonight Scott, Daniel and I will record episode 10 of the Reality Activists podcasts.

More on money and this subject in a few days time

check out my earlier post of 27th May called Gold Rush which talks more about the 1849 Gold strike

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