Monday, 23 May 2011

A Light Touch

Succulent moments and fullness of feeling, as I offer some delicious words as my gift of gratitude to the beings that are nourishing me.

During my Chiron Return, I am being taught through my experiences that a light touch in most situations is the most powerful. The return of Chiron to the same position it occupied at birth, which happens for everyone at around 50 years of age, heralds an eighteen-month to two-year rite of passage.

Connection and the Ache of Disconnection

The sense of the ‘connectedness factor’ of one’s life increases dramatically during this period as you are confronted with a deep, often disturbing sense of disconnection and then, without warning—in the cascading flow of arising experience—moments of lucid and tangible connection to the juice of life.

During my recent working trip to England, I enjoyed some of the most profound consultations ever, coupled with spontaneous realizations of the Earth energies that make me feel plugged into this terrestrial body of magnetism and light.

Likewise, during my recent birthday celebrations, I have been able to appreciate the large number of people in this world with whom I have a connection and who I care about. This appreciation has not always been present in the obvious moments, nor necessarily available on demand, but rather has arisen in ‘the in-betweens’. In most cases, these surges of feeling into my heart are not facilitated by overt, dramatic, idealistic or adrenalin-based actions and situations, but through the subtle moments, the gaps, the pauses and the surrender of expectation and assumption. 

More Creative Options for Reality

I have a burgeoning sense that my personal journey is interconnected to the changing environment of this 2012 transition era, which is to say I suspect that the pendulum is swinging back towards the forces of light. Having deliberately cut myself off from the media and the internet in the last two months, the main stories have nevertheless still infiltrated my bubble of intimacy and I feel rather bored with the fake terrorists, the fake assassinations, the usual fake science stories and such like.

The agenda of fear is an artifice of the gross frequencies that are the other side of the coin of our need for a drama that is supplied to us… a theatre we turn up to watch. I feel that the human species will soon start to seek more compliance with life itself, which means society will express a greater noncompliance with the social engineers and autobots who seem to have been accorded far more attention than they deserve.

Enough of that, I need to catch the wave…

I recognize my responsibility, my constant challenge to engage with that which truly feels right in each moment, rather than with that which would please others or gain applause. ‘Tis subtle you see…

I could let words fall out of me on this for days, but I think Sha-woman Mimi from Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Center expresses the essence of I want to say in regards to the implicit power of the subtle refined energies as she sings this icaros


Icaros are a sound form of vibrational energy that alter or create new states of consciousness, allowing for change and transformation to take place. Icaros are a system of communication between shamans and the spirit world. Amazonian shamans use icaros to energetically manage all aspects of their work. Icaros are used for calling the tree spirits and cleansing and straightening energy, among other things. Shamans may each have hundreds of icaros that they utilize to do their work.

Subtle is truly powerful. True power is gentle, slow and sustained, as opposed to all of the exciting, obvious things that are supposed to rock our boats and impress us.

This song takes me back to Peru and the Ayahuasca experience; the beauty, bliss and the terror of the vastness within which we have our being. Ayahuasca asks us to trust the greater powers of creation, whilst being viscerally confronted with our resistance to truth. In some regards, the Chiron Return is like a ‘mild’ but drawn-out Ayahuasca trip, especially since I feel that the pineal gland is being stimulated, leading to fluctuating low-level surges of DMT being released into the system.

I will throw off some of the sombre and wear a sombrero…

Dynamic not Static

There is a caveat, or a fuller explanation, required when I speak of the importance of the light touch, as it may conjure the false idea that I think there is a need to fully embrace meekness; a blatantly humble serenity, somehow equated with a ‘maturity’; or a serious demeanour. However, this is not what I am saying…

For me, more than ever, I feel that life is a dance of passion and grace in the toroidal flow of life’s energies. The idea of assuming the mantle of eldership too soon is not only unappealing, it is unnecessary. The nobility of the soul for me is not truly expressed by the humility and projected wise face of the sombre Superego, for the soul swims between the shoreline of its social masque and out into the unfettered cosmic ocean, a reality not only more extraordinary than we imagine, but far more extraordinary than we can imagine.  

During the Chiron Return, one looks into the psyche and there are several elephants in the room. The elephants all want. This spectrum of desire springs from the hearth of the life force and all wants need to be honoured. Even if one cannot realize all desires, vitality requires one to keep the flame alive… this is a responsibility for being fully alive and embodying an essence of the extraordinary nature of existence.

Through the portal of intimate content—be that the personal details of my clients, or communion with my wife, friends, family and acquaintances—I feel more connection to a numinous context, one that allows for a more liberated existence.

Thank you all for your generosity of spirit during my transition into the next half century.