Friday, 25 May 2012

2012 and Beyond Transformation of the Psychic Landscape and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness

The Emergence of a Planetary Civilization

In the year 2013 we should, in the first instance, ask what just happened.
In the second instance we should ask what is happening, what is still happening.
The 2012 phenomena—like the Christian calendar date of the Millennium, which is inextricably linked—is a significator of an evolutionary change, a cyclic change that covers a more prolonged transition. At the centre of this is the 2012-2015 creative social friction, a clash of values that enables and offers validity and permission for all agendas, but especially those that seek a greater benevolently abundant society.

The world is changing, the rate of change is accelerating this obvious to everyone, but how is it changing.

To this end we need to scan out and see a bigger picture one that takes in the incredible increase in human complexity over the last century.

The Maya left us a notice that our relationship with the cosmos is becoming more pertinent. This means we are receiving all manner of energies from the cosmos that we have our existence within, the impact of interstellar energies is now suddenly at the forefront of scientific contemplation. This diverse array of light, electro magnetic plasmas, consciousness and Extra-terrestrial visitation is forcing us to wake up to the fundamentally expanded and truly mind blowing level of reality on the Planetary scale. The everyday activities of work, relationships, entertainment and commerce are all subject to and actually playing a part in the evolution of the human experience. Mostly this imperceptible to those who do not take a moment to step off the world of necessity.  Life is seeing its own evolution.

Do you want to be taking part in this?

Seeing as you are here on Earth, right now and we would hope some time to come, it would seem to be a good idea. In fact we are all taking part in this, through the expenditure of our attention. To be aware of the absolutely extraordinary and multi-faceted movements in the fabric of our reality is the most compelling and entertaining gift you can give yourself. The impetus of life itself on Earth is towards the Planetary scale of civilization, this is not just a question of more of the same but is a change of state, a change of the human experience.


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Monday, 21 May 2012

The High Energy Influx in the 2012 Era creating open portals, as we are flooded by interstellar plasma due to the mechanics of torsion physics
Since the year 2000 everywhere you look in pop culture (increasingly) you see Occult symbolism whilst the official mainstream becomes increasingly ruled by scientism.
After watching The Avengers yesterday I am reminded by the fact that it is the wormhole/stargate that brings together mainstream science theory, cutting edge alternative physics, magic, the occult and consciousness. The powerful message we find encoded in our entertainment is that portals, wormhole, gateways, black-white holes are opening, opening now in the Earth’s energy field. It is not viscerally obvious in our manifest world because of the filters of the collective psyche that protects society from full invasion, whether that invasion is aliens or spirits or the invasion of the senses by the overwhelming kaleidoscope of the psychotropic reality. The filters are the Enchantments of Life. 
The wall of linear thought, rationalism, history and fixed rules (Saturn Enchantment) is eroding within the collective is GAME ON...reality is being renegotiated.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

OK, Back in the Room

I am just back from a 9 week intensive working tour of England, (internet fasting as much as possible) which was very rewarding on so many levels, with consultations, seminars and partying. I got to see so many special people, but still there were quite a few special people I did not have time to meet up with, this time. 
What I am getting from a significant percentage of my clients this year is an undeniable underground innovation stirring, led mostly by women. Typically it involves a project that will radically open up the availability of new consciousness thinking, more humanitarian values and yet with savvy enough to be systemic, ie commercially possible, good for me, good for you and good for all. In the next three years on a sociological level we will see the demarcation between the material paradigm and the consciousness paradigm eroding.
It is fair to say that the high quotient of occulture in popular entertainment—be it vampires, especially, black magic pop symbolism and even Harry Potter—has been eroding the walls that are guarded by hard core religion and corporatized scientism. Even though both of these mind sets are fighting hard and dirty, the worm of spirit, magic and consciousness is working its way through the collective mind. The renegotiation of reality, its very fabric is well and truly underway.
 It is time, there is the energy and the permission for innovation, new approaches and new directives...the great majority have had enough and they are waiting, they are waiting for those who will be brave enough to step beyond the mindset of austerity and fear.
2012 has already brought a breath of fresh air and we have not seen anything yet, get ready to rumble as the Uranus square Pluto kicks off this summer, aka 1960’s mark two. I do hope the Illuminati plan for a false flag terror attack at the London Olympics is dissolved by the fabulous spirit of London, I have fallen in love with London all over again this year, there is something so truly buzzing about the English City.
The Venus transit in June heralds the increased malleability of human desires and the cosmic influx that the Maya foresaw will continue to drip down into the social theatre...
My 2012 special limited edition full colour book will be available next month...