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When any of us as individuals go through a fundamental life change, we are exposed to more of who we are, we learn more truth about ourselves, this is generally uncomfortable.

The process of change involves an acknowledgement of an area of ourselves that was previously hidden. The person who reawakens to their spiritual nature experiences feelings of bliss, increased sensitivity and the shock of seeing aspects of their own shadow. The trans-formative process involves some degree of therapy or a therapeutic cathartic examination, this can be formally or informally through self examination and through sharing the new realizations with friends. The early encounters with that which we had suppressed is upsetting, shocking and traumatic. However it is not exclusively terrible because simultaneously to this challenging process we start to feel more alive than ever before. Healing is undertaken, acceptance is sought and in so doing a new level of consciousness is awaken and the self, the world and all existence is seen and experienced as a new place. Reality becomes greatly expanded and in so doing we care more about more of life, even though self interest is still strong, we become more sensitive to the effects of our actions, gain more empathy and feel good about life itself. This whole process has been mapped quite thoroughly, we all go through definable stages of development each with their own value system and perspective on reality.

 The individual stages of development are in fact, in a general sense the stages of development of the whole human species. Well now we are going through a wholesale shift on a species level, we as a species are at the early stages of this awakening and transformation. To this end we as a species have to enter into a therapeutic process and examine the shadow of our society. It is becoming increasingly important for more people to take part in the social therapeutic process and this is uncomfortable, because it means looking at some very unpleasant truths. Again we need to remind ourselves this is what happens to us all in our individual development. In the process of awakening we find that we made agreements with our self in the past, that enabled us to act in a manner that is now deemed incredibly selfish, we performed acts that hurt others, exploited others, we used people and we took advantage. In the shadow of the psyche we unconsciously suppress certain truths in order to take compete unhindered in the tough external world. With maturity we accept that was a necessary inadvertent agreement we had to make with ourselves in order to survive and flourish at that level of consciousness. This is acceptance, this love, unconditional love accepting that life is complex. God is love, because God loves it all, God loves it all! God is all, that is a love we are no where near evolved enough to embody. The scale of the shadow on the collective level is something all together more shocking than on an individual level, for we have made agreements with those who are serving, leading, creating the context for society. We have unconsciously agreed to allow incredible inequities, cruelties, destruction, slaughter and evil to take place in our collective name. We were not conscious enough in the past that this is what we were doing, we believed that war had to be fought in order to preserve our good life, we believed that people with vast wealth were great examples of the reward that is given to those who work hard enough to provide services for society, we believed that governments were doing the best they could, we believed that corporations were held in check by the fair and honest competition of the market place. We believed that governments were elected by the people and were attempting to do the best for the country.

 All of this sounds quite quaint doesn't it?

 Are we ready to be the truth we want to see in the world, are we ready to be love? Well let us get a little real about what that means. It does not mean avoiding the unpleasant truths of our situation that we have inherited from our past. There is no excuse anymore for any awakened adult to ignore the fact that, 1/ we are in the midst of an enormous change, 2/ we have to look at the shadow of our society, 3/ we have unconsciously made agreements with those in power that they could lie to us, manipulate us, conspire against us in order to gain power and provide us with entertainment, a theatre for our experience, not just through cinema or television but through news and documentaries. We agreed to it, because it served us, it created a structure, a context for our reality. Well now that structure has become too inhibitive, too small, we are attempting to grow, this means facing the collective shadow the social demons that we put in place. We have to accept responsibility as a species that we have allowed this to be and that is okay because we knew no better.

 Fine, but now it is time to purge ourselves as a society. Spirituality brings us in touch with the transcendental beauty, majesty and awe of spirit, the unlimited nature of existence, creation, its intelligence and overall benevolence, to realize this evokes an extraordinary bliss. That is eternal and infinite. However although that truth is always available it does not enable us to avoid the transformation of the immediate reality. Look at us all as individuals, even if we are spiritual we all have our shit to deal with. We are entering a period with tremendous opportunity and equally tremendous challenges, the world is being shaken and now is the time to wake up and look at the world with a deeply inquiring gaze. The system is on the edge of falling apart, it has become corrupted, this is organic, this is what happens when something has come to a completion, it rots. We have to accept that the world has no choice but to change and the message of mainstream society is that large Corporations can lead that change, through the good that results from market forces, really? Really, do you really believe that? Where is the power, is it in the market place? I would suggest to you that we can not find the problem on the surface we have to look into the unconscious as you would in therapy, into the shadow. The shadow is the past. The collective unconscious contains all manner of occult, pagan and animistic archetypes. The past is being revealed in this therapeutic process, ancient occult archetypes are surfacing, are being exposed. Look all around you, your video games, your television, your films. The world has been in a materialistic dream for less than one hundred years, for most of the time we have been connected to existence in a way that we experienced it as truly living, primal and full of spirits. We need to look into the collective unconscious, the shadow all around us now being exposed,that which stays in our unconscious controls us, the light of awareness illuminates and dispels the darkness.

 The London Olympics opening ceremony is an occult ritual, it will be magnificent, spectacular and it will probably hypnotize you with its drama and pageantry. I urge you to recognize that this ceremony is a highly organized ritual, that has been protected and nurtured with millions of pounds. The Olympics have been set up to benefit those in power, all the money is being directed from the public purse to the Corporate purse.

 These games is not for the people, they are for the benefit of the power elite and that elite is motivated by power and they at their root are secretly religious, occult driven and is an expression of an ancient dark past. Look at the Olympics with this in mind and you will see it for yourself. following on from the shooting....

Sneak preview of opening ceremony complete with Batman optical effect at 40 seconds here

The default timeline, the unconscious or dark fate is encoded with apocalyptic potentialities. The evolutionary impulse is to shift consciousness enough to change the timeline in the duration of the whole Uranus square Pluto which is active from now until 2015. I believe humanity will do this. However the dark script that accompanies the default timeline is surfacing and in fact has to surface. The collective unconscious scripts always surface during times of fundamental change. The questions are, how bad does it have to get before enough of the species consciousness wakes up, what is the tipping point of awakening that can nudge social values towards a more egalitarian and benevolent future? The new moon is the seed point for the cycle and the Batman film was deliberately released worldwide with the new moon. The film primes the collective with the associative ideas of terrorist+anarchy on streets+military protection+sports stadium+nuclear threat+dark knight as saviour after being disgraced. Blane the terrorist sets off explosive charges underground which has an impact on the sport stadium and he threatens to take over the whole city and topple the governing force. Anarchy is on the streets. Batman was disgraced eight year earlier, he was wrongly accused of a crime, this is an associative suggestion that the Dark Cabal were disgraced 11 years earlier with 9-11 by conspiracy research. In this film the identity of Batman is revealed to several people, this is a reference to the fact that the conspiracy research has lifted the veil on the secret cabal. Batman is welcomed back into the city as saviour and rids the city of the nuclear bomb. You can make up some stories yourself from this associative thread. One such possibility is that a nuke will be discovered and disarmed by the heroic army thwarting the Syrian/Iranian terrorists. There could even be a bomb in an underground station and the thwarted nuke, or no nuke, the nuclear connection being linked to 'desired' outcome from Middle East During the games, the war in the Middle East could well kick off. Whilst the Moon was still conjunct the Sun, there is a massacre in a screening of dark knight, this blood sacrifice then anchors the film in real life and helps establish the primed psychological seed, it helps form a bridge between fantasy and real life. The blood sacrifice also anchors the energy on the new moon on a spiritual level. Furthermore is fuels the call for gun control in America, which ordinarily is a good idea, but now it is being pushed because of upcoming totalitarianism. Thanks to a friend for pointing out the legal aspect of all this pre-advertsised symbology Acquiescence here The first quarter of the Moon cycle is on the 26th July at 8.57 GMT the day before the Olympics, we should be attentive. The Full Moon is on August 2nd, this does not necessarily mean the main play will have happened, whatever that is, but the way script has unfolded will be totally apparent if we are indeed attentive. The end result required in war in the Middle East and a disempowered public, using the Olympics occultly and as a distraction/validation for end game. But now I have to let go off it all, have faith in the powers for good to lessen any intended mayhem...

Monday, 2 July 2012

The World Stage: 2012 and Beyond

The World Stage: 2012 and Beyond Introductory Primers

(There is an updated conclusion at the very bottom of this post added Friday 13th)

The play is about to really start, the Olympics, the American Presidency, the middle east, global large scale protests, the innovations of culture, art, economics, changing life styles and identities, the emergence of complex awareness, the awakening of the humanitarian and egalitarian necessity, a greater inclusion of spirituality in society, the increase in telepathic connections, internet revolutions of access and the transformation of the United States of America, the end of America as it has been, the emergence of a new complex global order...the next three years will be electric and will bring all of this closer to the surface of our awareness.

The inter-stellar plasma flooding our planet (see my book 2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness available soon) is creating tumultuous waves of energy flux in the astral realms, this means our emotive nature is in real flux. The dramatic increase in space weather and Earthquakes is the physical effect of this inter stellar influx. The whole planetary system is being charged with energy, the most important component of the planetary system is the human collective psyche. If the collective consciousness wakes up, the physical disasters will be markedly reduced and to some extent the worst is already being alleviated. This influx also means that all agendas are empowered, there is more juice in the system and those whom would like total control are looking to take advantage to steer the course of evolution. The first stages of a fundamental evolutionary change are the dissolution of the old structures, this will be a long drawn out affair.

The evolutionary impulse of life on Earth is towards a planetary consciousness and planetary civilization in the future, the interim stage is a global society.  A Planetary system is an open system; a global system is a relatively closed system. The incremental nature of development means that the next logical step in our evolution is a humanitarian based, refreshment of spirituality and egalitarian consciousness, which would form the basis for a planetary civilization further down the line.

We are all being challenged to have a more complex view on the world that we live in, one that includes an acknowledgement of the shadow of the present, in order for us to enact a fundamental change in our society. This change I talk of is a shift in values that is not merely ideological, but is an evolutionary necessity. The imperative to change and the scale of the challenge might seem overwhelming but I truly believe that a minority of individuals can change the future just by being better informed. The environment we inhabit is an environment of consciousness that is being dramatically vitalized by incoming interstellar plasma (covered in my book), and  is increasingly becoming interconnected with our personal awareness.

Now and the Near Future

The hypnotic information trance of the mainstream is wearing very thin with a lot of the public; many people are fed up with it, but are they fed up enough to awaken more fully? The austerity measures, the corruption of the western leadership and the ever present violent conflicts are creating a hunger for a new world; this is both good and bad. An unconscious call for change will be answered from behind the curtain by those whom seek total control, a conscious call for change will be organically answered more benevolently, the resultant truth is likely to be somewhere in the middle, hopefully veering towards the benevolent. A benevolent result will be obviously more humane. A more complete integration of east and west with Africa is on the far horizon.

The process of the emergence of the global society is both positive and negative. The negative face is of course obvious when one thinks of the New World Order. There will be a new order to the world of sorts, but the details are to be negotiated through the dynamic creative conflict of human values. Around 2020 a new global structure will start to appear, before that the United States will not exist in its present format. Around 2020 we will get a tipping point in the population of internet access, this is very significant for the world post 2020, I will touch upon it briefly. We might expect somewhere in the region of 70 percent or more of the adult population will have internet access and this will brings up many interesting probabilities. Firstly the competition to control and own the internet will be at the forefront of power broking.

We may well see internet revolutions, a breakaway internet, the internet becoming significantly integrated with all human activity through augmented reality technology, the awakening of the Noosphere and the increasing ineffectiveness of military conflict as conflict starts to become more cyber based. We can expect the cyber war will be more like small groups against governments and governments against citizens.

At what point do Governments change to become voted in by the people for the people? This is questionable and it depends upon the tipping point of a values shift from money to people. The shift of values I am talking about which is covered in my Enchantments of Life work is equivalent to the change bought about by the industrial revolution and the scientific enlightenment. The shift of power from Absolutist moralist values to the Economic and scientific competitive market was a long drawn out affair. We could surmise that it started in earnest with American Independence Day of July 4 1776 and was fully realized in 1984 with the yuppy. That is obviously a simplification of the complexity of the whole change, but it gives us a starting point for understanding the process of social values change. The shift is a sliding inter-meshing convergence rather than a clearly defined moment. In the 19th century in England and America we see the emergence of the following level of complexity that calls for the values that demand greater equality, a caring society, liberty for individuals to explore their own spirituality and psyche and the need for consensual agreement and consideration rather than mere market competition.

If the present dominant value system of materialism started to arise with the birth of the USA, then it could well be that the end of the dominance of what we call capitalism will be linked to the end of the American Empire, which is the alliance of western nations under the leadership of the might of the USA.

The egalitarian values were noticeably awakened, albeit by a minority in the west in the mid 1960s as the counter culture meme. In this immediate period from 2012-2015 we see another lurch forward towards this emergence. I will leave out a detailed explanation of the full shift to a equalizing society and the eventual planetary civilization to later works and will focus for now on the immediacy.

In the run up to 2020, we are about to see the energized dynamic of change on the world stage in the next three years, in the form of a great conflict of values and ideologies.

The positive outlook is that there will be a significant awakening within a large percentage of the human population that empowers the emergence of new value system to some degree. The details are complex and to be created, so all summaries, like this statement above need to be fuzzy at this point.

This mass awakening will involve a revulsion against the present economic system and the leadership that is steering it. As the 1960s saw a minority revolution against the system, the next few years will see a significantly larger and slightly more sophisticated opposition to the present mainstream view of human life, this will also bring into question the origins of human beings and human history. The context of our society is built upon its myths, its stories and for the change to happen the continuum, the meta-narrative; the human story will be questioned and eventually changed. Without this, it is monopolized business as usual. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

The symbolic realm is as powerful as ever in determining the shared reality experience. Corporate marketing, government marketing and even the marketing of war are based on all manner of logos branded imagery—symbols and myths. 

Also check out the all new London Shard, I like large scale architecture, but...   and here 

From the top of the Shard you can see the LONDON EYE and Pyramid topped Canary Wharf...ho hum, those dastardly plotters, I mean it is rather comic book in many ways. To even point this out makes one sound ridiculous, but this symbolism is not orchestrated by rationally driven people, this is occulture and is hidden from the rational frequency of middle earth. Although the covert cabals are driven by the lust for power and occult religion there strategies do have a rationale to them. If the intent is placed in the public domain, hidden in plain sight it is empowered, it has energetic legitimacy and is inadvertently supported by the public. For total control to be achieved, the people must ask for it, this is the classic create a crisis and offer a solution script. Full compliance is necessary because the dark spiritual agenda is control of the life force and collective psyche, money is an important  tool for this agenda, but it is not the agenda itself.

Howabout the BBC Olympics advert? The landscape of the UK is within a giant sporting arena under the watchful eyes of the 'pyramid eye' lights...

The official song for thr Olympics by Muse is called Survival

Race, life’s a race
And I am gonna win
Yes, I am gonna win

And I’ll light the fuse
And I’ll never lose
And I choose to survive
Whatever it takes
You won’t pull ahead
I’ll keep up the pace
And i’ll reveal my strength
To the whole human race
Yes i am prepared
To stay alive
I won’t forgive, the vengance is mine
And i won’t give in
Because i choose to thrive

The song could be said to legitimize an extreme neo-darwinism that life is the survival of the fittest and that violence is valid.

I should add that the choice of song for Britsh Airways Olympics  advert in light of the official concerns for terrorism at the games is, well badly chosen. It is a rousing song but the lyrics! London's burning, the war has begun, London calling to the underworld come out of your cupboard boys and girls...freaky shit....bad bad choice methinks. The Clash wrote this song as a protest song or a wake up call to social problems and the dangers of nuclear power. The term 'London Calling' refers the allied propaganda radio broadcasts during the second world war. The song is rousing, but if this has been used as part of the social engineering for an organized attack during the Olympics, then we can see how the original intent of the song has been twisted. We can not make a conclusive statement about the choice of this Clash number for the British Airways advert, but it certainly seems to be poorly chosen, commercial advertising on this scale involves a lot of discussion.

Okay let us look the adverts for traveling around London during the Olympics
The men's Pole Vault is on the 8th and 10th of August. If you go down the rabbit hole, 8-8-2012, adds up to 21, this is blackjack, the card game, this shows a tenuous link to Operation Blackjack a weird fictious story that appeared without being properly accredited, in the Telegraph in January 2009 that involves false flag terrorism in order to instill the new dawn of a global government...the way the story appeared it certainly weird. I would not take the literal events portrayed in the comic as the exact plan, but you cannot be too sure, there has been an increasing number of fictional representations of a nuclear bomb explosion in London...?

So who wins the survival race of the Olympics we might conjecture.... the suited illumined gentleman going in the opposite direction?...of course this could be bonkers... linking all of this up, but the thread is spooky. Especially if we add in this one below, number 27 (occult significant number) walking away here...with the hired muscle (4) who has just rigged up the tube? The child (with Mum 00) is carrying the red flag, (see red flag above as well by the base of the pole vault) and also that an Arabic guy (990), ie the fall guy....I am sorry this is too dark to be true right...possibly? Whilst everyone else is casually walking to the tube, the main two characters are walking with intent in the opposite direction, the Arabic guy is behind, so he will be seen as last man.

Then we have the TV series Spooks Code 9 , this video here  includes an evaluation of this series and other symbolism that suggest Olympics False Flag, it is very disturbing. Hopefully The Mayor of London is wrong and that this summer will not be totally different from other summers.

Also check out this video animation released sometime at the end of June, possibly suggesting, through inherent symbolism or through deliberate proclamation a second 9-11. This is a mesmerizing piece of art, Vigilant Citizen decodes it as a positive message. Not sure exactly, looks to me like Christ figure is drugged then wakes up to see the Church collapse as he enters the underworld. The film makers certainly know their stuff, religion, conspiracy, occult symbolism is thick.

I, Pet Goat 11
The first Pet Goat (1) is attributed to George Bush allegedly reading a book to the children, called pet goat on 9-11

George in the Classroom with Free Masonry Checkered Floor!

Then Morphs into the next puppet Obama

Twin Towers and a whole load of other stuff in this satanic feeling video
Christ/Osiris moving through the underworld

Here is George Bush in the classroom as the first thing hit the towers---Video

The first Pet Goat was when George Bush was in the classroom is the second one being flagged either deliberately or inadvertently as the Olympics. I say that because this video I, Pet Goat 2 has just been released in June. The creator of this video, whether intentionally or not, is bringing the idea of a nuclear Armageddon to the surface of awareness, an end of days as prophecised by religions as something that follows on from 9-11  before a new dawn can emerge.

The Rockerfeller Foundation in 2010...imagines a future that includes 13,000 people dead from a bomb at the Olympics

I am trying to purge my suspicious mind by laying this all out...and alleviate its happening, if a minority look at it, perhaps it will change the course of events in this highly charged psychic environment...

"Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity."
Marshall McLuhan

Reality is constructed from collective agreement, mostly inadvertently or subconsciously on the mythic realms. The story I am presenting looks like subliminal programming, hidden in plain sight feeding the collective subconscious so as to gain public acceptance of the desired outcome. It is also powerful to proclaim Intent publicly, if one is to perform magical works.

 Art, culture, fiction, emotive and indirect subliminals are far more powerful than direct advertising, every ad executive knows this. Is it all just coincidence? Is it accidental? Even if in the unlikely event that this is all just random creativity, the symbolism is inherent. The symbolism speaks of a new world to be overseen by a central intelligence and controlled with tight laws for every bodies safety, a world of total conformity. It does not have to come to total fruition, however it would if everyone remained unconscious to it, as it is the default program. To what extent is it random creations revealing a collective unconscious fear, one thread of the tapestry of human consciousness and to what extent is it deliberately constructed?

Okay so I ask you to continue to just observe without assuming this is a definitive absolute nor would I suggest should you dismiss it as pure fantasy. There is a level of truth here, it is a potentiality, that again I will reiterate ,will not necessarily happen...hopefully not.

Psychology and in particular mass psychology has come of age. Since the early 20th century all large organizations have spent a lot of effort on engineering society in accord with their myth, once this is achieved outcomes are more assured. There is plenty of evidence of sophisticated engineering in all popular entertainment. If this is a novel idea for you then I recommend you watch the compelling and award winning BBC documentary the Century of the Self. (it was available on Google I could only find parts 2,3 and 4, this time). To a large degree the context of mainstream media is controlled. Not total control.

Going Gaga

 No longer can we afford to completely relax whilst being entertained as entertainment has become the concern of monolithic enterprise that carefully monitor the imagery we absorb. Shockingly and most contentiously the symbolic story includes occult images partly intended to dehumanize and desensitize people into accepting servility to a dark god of technocratic-psychic supremacy. As well as deliberate occult symbolic engineering we have the implicit spontaneous interest in occulture as part of the transition stage, because as the social structure erodes older coping mechanism are explored. The process of change brings about a release of energy creating an interim chaos which self organizes as the next level of complex society emerges. Once the known order erodes the collective psyche goes into therapy and explores the unconscious, the underworld, this reveals the dark scripts and the underworld lords. This is akin to the developmental process for individuals but of course is far more dramatic on the collective scale.

The occult is now back in fashion with such subjects as vampires. The irony and paradox is that the dark shadowy world of the soul is part of our makeup and the fictional representation can be a cathartic spiritual process to releasing our own personal shadow and accepting the totality of our own complex psyches. The subject of occult symbolism is not black and white but the subject is very real and luridly present in popular entertainment. To some extent it has spawned brilliant art forms, provocative talking points and is prodding the species to remember that we are in fact spiritual beings. The need to bear witness to that which enthralls us has become paramount to our awakening.

The awakening will, as it is already doing so to some extent, contain, inhibit and soften the worst case scenarios of global conflict and economic meltdown. The challenge is to awaken to the shadow of our mainstream system in order to move towards something all together different as much as is possible. There has to be an engagement with the political realities by a lot more people for more of the positive potential to manifest. It is not sufficient to just meditate or merely wish for peace without exploration of the way that human society is presently structured in my view. Tibet still got invaded and there were plenty of people meditating. We need people to both find stillness and yet engage with the immanent creative conflict, there is no easy answer or glib palliative sufficient. We cannot merely focus on Love without examining the complexity of human nature.

Ignoring the shadow gives it power, getting lost in the reality of the shadow gives it is tricky but then change always requires that we navigate through the dark waters of the psyche. The astrology from June 24 this year (with Uranus square to Pluto) until 2015 enables and demands a collective purge of the shadow reality in order for an incremental change that will herald a liberating innovation of many areas of our lives. The degree of how much positive transformation we can realize is not fated, it is an ongoing creative process, one that takes place in the psyche and starts with the individual willing and wanting to be involved with the evolution of consciousness. An evolution of consciousness that offers much opportunity for personal as well collective gain, the two are not inseparable, far from it, the new opportunities, the new permissions are good for you, good for me and good for all to some extent. The next three years are going to be dramatic.

Well, not on your own, but every little helps...the environment is being empowered with the cosmic influx and this means that consciousness is more vitalized than ever before. We walk around in the collective consciousness, the astral and mental  realms interpenetrate the physical world anchored by people, this is the framework that we call our environment.

The inevitable and absolute truth is that all social structures are in flux and are changing. All forms of governance, leadership, business, economics, are changing, This is without doubt, the material world and its social structure is changing. There will be an engagement with the political realities by a lot more people one way or another. It is no longer appropriate for someone who considers themselves to be on a path of expanding their consciousness to avert their eyes away from the mess unfolding before our eyes. However a mass focus on the issues will quite quickly yield dramatic results and improve the condition within the political realm. Politics can no longer be left to intellectual dullards but has to be embraced by those with heart.

The Dystopian Side

The negative scenario which would seem to be, we have to say seem to be, is there is a cabal whom are to some degree rooted in occult tradition and to some degree rooted in Capitalism. The plan that is both envisioned to some degree and inherent to some degree is based on total supremacy. It is centred in Europe and the USA, with the American military machine being the tool for its initiation and a heavily controlled global central banking system being the tool for its implementation. The implementation is by creating a monolopolized one world currency that is purely electronic, as a fully integrated technology, ultimately the micro-chipping of the population. 

So we can wonder...after much deliberation they finally decided on a reptilian eye for their logo? oh yes and set in a pyramidal form

Remember VeriChip, the Florida company that once dreamed of injecting its human-implantable RFID microchips in everyone from immigrant guest workers to prison inmates?
We haven’t heard much from the company since a dipping stock price nearly got it delisted from the NASDAQ in March. But it’s still alive, and in November it pulled off a seemingly incongruous acquisition. Now called PositiveID, the new company is a merger between VeriChip and Steel Vault, the people behind
With a human-implantable microchip maker now running a credit-scoring and identity-theft-protection website, privacy activists are worried again. “The attraction to investors is the potential for synergies,” says Mark Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington. “You have to anticipate over time there will be an attempt to integrate the services.”
“Sci-fi wise, you could have a chip read by a scanner that determines your credit-worthiness,” says Evan Hendricks, editor of Privacy Times. “Or you could have a credit card implant.                                

The Dark Potential

Micro-Chipping..., the first official advertisement was released June 2012 Advert and see the Law

Are we to see a deliberated global economic collapse sometime after a mild economic recovery on the back of the American Presidential election, with the collapse being timed with an attempt to start WW3? So that a call arises for a New World Order with much tighter controls for the sake of survival?

I say this is a dark potential that does not take into account the positive force that opposes it, but by looking at with our awareness and some detachment I hasten to add we shine the light onto it and help dissipate it.

The exact agency, intent and awareness of official global political leaders is very difficult to ascertain. We might ask to what degree are they puppets, naive, innocents or consciously doing the best they can in a massively uncontrollable drama? I will leave this as a question for now for simplicity. The answer will be far from simple.

The C Word

There is a now a growth of activity looking at the psychology of conspiracy theorists, this is due to an enormous increase of interest in conspiracy since 9-11. The psychologists all basically come up with the same conclusion, that a belief in conspiracy is based on subjective beliefs, conspiracy is a projection of the persons own sense of powerlessness.

None of the conferences or the papers on psychology that study the conspiracy researchers, actually study the conspiracies themselves, all inquiry starts with the assumption that conspiracy belief is a malfunction of the rational mind, it is merely an emotive response. This assumption makes a mockery of all human history, it also unscientific in the strict sense. Like all understandings, conspiracy research is based on a concentrated focus and attention to detail. Much of the material for the emerging conspiracy picture is derived from whistle-blowers or witnesses who go on record, are videoed and give evidence, we should note that personal testimony is the basis for a court of law. The investigations of conspiracy by this new mindset comprised of sociologists and psychologists do not spend the time looking at the evidence from testimony or documentation, of which there is a vast repository. The biggest problem is time, money and motivation, it is not profitable or professionally beneficial to look at the shadow of our socio-political-economic system.

My work is based on the mystical/shamanic position that there is always a projection involved. The experience of reality is constructed from personal and collective actions, focus and perception and these energies form around different specific levels of complexity‑‑The Enchantments of Life. We all filter life but there are many generalized things that we can agree upon that are not dependent upon our level of perception. What is interesting amongst the vast mass of people waking to conspiracy is that they include people from all levels of perception. The absolute conclusions vary depending upon the core beliefs of those looking at this, but there are some general consensual opinions that emerge.

The world is in debt, a certain percentage of the debt especially in the USA has been caused by military spending, however this debt is mainly the result of burgeoning interest charges

The Monetarist policy of the 1980s and the laws that were passed that gave the fed almost total control over the US dollar, the currency underpinning the global economy, marks the point for massive national indebtedness.

The World Debt now stands at 40 trillion

All of the capitalist countries are heavily in debt, the so called undeveloped countries are not.

So is capitalism not working?

Actually it is... a capitalist philosophy supports the magnetism of all money and power to the top.

A Short History of Debt HERE

77% of JP Morgan’s Net Income Comes from Government Subsidies SEE HERE

AND Governments Don’t Rule the World, Goldman Sachs Does, Says Trader

The only solution to Global Debt would involve a market re-evaluation, as explained IN THIS EXCELLENT VIDEO

This is common sense and veiled by the economic complexity that is generated after the fact of currency issuance.  The Oligarchy or oligarchies behind the Central Banks are not ready to surrender their supremacy over government and the accompanying control over the military, pharmaceuticals, media etc.

The Conspiracy Researchers Viewpoint, goes something like this...

The New World Order insanely requires, wants, a third World War triggered by falsified terrorism, possibly at the Olympics this summer.

The idea being that an act of terror, a false flag event will be being pinned on a Muslim organization in order to legitimize yet more military intervention in the middle east that eventually leads to something like a nuclear strike by Israel on Iran. Further down the line because of a global conflict, with Russia and China involved global peace will be proposed under the direction of the dominant party the New World Order. The BBC is running stories that Al Qaeda might be gaining strength in Syria! Do I need to spell it out the events in Syria to me are so obviously being managed, check out RT on youtube for another angle and listen to the Russian perspective.

“The only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that Russia and China will pay a price,” Clinton warned.­ (Hilary)

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Friday the West is operating within a friend-or-foe framework that he called outmoded.

“We categorically reject that such a question would even be posed regarding the current situation in Syria and Russia’s ‘backing’ of President Bashar Assad. This is not a question of supporting certain political figures or leaders. This is a question of managing a crisis situation in the country within a normal political framework,” Ryabkov said.

“Unfortunately, we’re unable to get a basic understanding from our Western partners. The West is still appealing to ‘friend-or-foe’ terms. We considered such terminology to be a thing of the past,” he explained.

The final statement of the Friends of the Syrian People meeting demanded the Syrian president to step down.

The demand by itself is in contradiction with an agreement reached last week in Geneva, where the world powers agreed to a transition government in which all sides could participate.


 I am not going to dwell too much on that here, the term Al Qaeda has been exposed as a covert agency computer name basically meaning the network and not really existing as such. The power of media is that it is 24 hours a day seven days a week, this psychologically overpowers the attention of the public and the journalists themselves live on adrenalin to keep meeting the daily deadline for news. Truth is controlled contextually.

This apocalyptic scenario is definitely written in the subtext of the global narrative. The year 2012 carries an evocative emotional charge and the background situation to this year’s Olympics is extremely tense. 



 The 7/7 Bus Above

The day after the Olympic Bid results, when it was officially announced that London was to host the 2012 Olympics there was the 7/7 London Bus bombing, this was a false flag event. This was done to link a terror attack with the London Olympics in the shadow realms, it also broadcast the intention and gains inadvertent agreement through being put into the public domain in a symbolic fashion. Reality is contractual, it does not matter if people are not conscious of what is going on, only that they give their energy to it and inadvertently validate it by their unknowing inertia. The closing ceremony at Beijing 2008 included a ritualistic handover to London and here we see the re-enactment of the 7/7 London Bus bombing through an occult filter, but using an actual bus with the top unfolded akin to the roof being blown off of the bus on 7/7.

The intention looks as real but that in itself does not mean it will occur. Ian Crane was an oil executive, sitting pretty in the system who gave up his lucrative job after going to Iraq and discovering for himself how the Iraqi oil fields were set on fire by Allied Special Forces. Ian has been actively and widely declaring the false flag plan for the Olympics. The public knowledge of this event and its symbolic intention, albeit by a minority, could possibly change the plan

I have heard how an increasing number of bankers are amongst those who research and follow the conspiracy research paradigm, I think this is true of policemen, military men and many others in the powerful institutions, this could turn the whole thing on its head very quickly and the pyramid could collapse.

Here is one such policeman, Tony Farrell an intelligence analyst who lost his job after trying to not complying with the official story of 7/7

The Beijing London Bus Ritual

Ian on The Grand Plan

Ian looking at the grand plan the geo-political agenda, this is very good if you like well thought explanations based on solid research by an intelligent individual. I find Ian's reasoning pretty sound
Ian Crane on the Moore Show

I am finding a lot of integration of my astrological research looking at Nation State Charts with the conspiracy research. Ian mentions 'Global Governence 2025 – The Rockefeller Foundation (Sept 2010)' this fits with the emergence of global governance in some form from 2020 onwards after Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto form conjunctions in Capricorn which is the seed point for a large scale conglomeration of nation states, not that this has to be fulfilled in a total Orwellian manner.

 The Scripts

World War three, WWIII as a thought form has not yet been put to rest,  interpretations of the Nostradamus prophecy include a conflict involving China. The book of revelations is commonly interpreted in such a manner as to suggest a resonance with these times, with its ‘mark of the beast’ aka microchip and the coming of false prophets and the proclamation of the antichrist. 

Holy Father below

This narrative is in the collective consciousness on the mythic realm and it does need exorcising. In order to change the script, the default, out of date script needs to bought into the light of awareness. The Biblical literalists welcome this script for they believe that their salvation and place in eternal heaven is at hand, it is not sufficient to laugh at them as merely superstitious and irrational. For the collective emotional consciousness is irrational, superstitious and archaic and if it is suppressed, ignored and denied it can and will surface. The psychological fact is that the beliefs we emotionally hold do have power and there is a massive collective charge that in fact can be manipulated or can unconsciously unfold. Reality shapes itself to the totality of psychic energy. It might seem to our rational minds that in a world of computers the Biblical stories are quaintly antiquated. The rational mind though does not hold the power, is not in control when a crisis occurs and as tension increases, as it seems likely and more people get confused the irrational lower levels of consciousness are present. The script should be seen as that an old program that needs to be written over.  We need a rewrite, we need to see the mythic stories that are shouting out at us, right here, right now. 

This whole scenario is horrendous, but at this stage I urge you not to allow your emotional response get carried away, I choose to believe that the full war will not happen. Many people do not want to be dragged down by this kind of exploration, it is depressing it could be said to be negative to even talk about it, it is often deemed to be irrelevant to the tasks of keeping our own lives going. I totally empathize with this position; I too have trouble looking at all of this. However we need to keep in mind that the world is getting increasingly interconnected and hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed by the Allied War Machine in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and now in Syria. In America there is a marked increase in violence and abuse by the system on its own people. If we look at the global stage and recognize that the world is in crisis we can be part of the change. Managing our emotions whilst looking at this is terribly difficult... anger, depression and powerlessness do always arise leading to the need for trivial distraction and these are all normal, natural and understandable responses. An edge of detachment, a fluctuating focus and a sense of humour are required to steer are way through the shadow and to stay conscious of the real positive emergence that is running parallel to the negative. The positive artifacts though are, almost without exception, arising outside of mainstream culture, the positive is not arising publicly from the billionaires, not from the rock stars, the politicians etc, because they are heavily invested in the system and heavily exposed, they consciously or unconsciously in fear of stepping out of line of the consensual narrative.

We have the fairly unknown factor of China which is presenting the polar opposite type of energy to the overt aggressive conquest by the New World Order, China is growing in power every day through controlled pragmatic means. In fact it would seem to me that in the first instance, the first instance mind, China is the saving grace that is needed to oppose a rampant war machine. Secondly we have the rumours that the New World Order are collapsing from within, they are on borrowed time, this may be true but for now they are still forging ahead externally, as we can see in the intervention wars of Libya and Syria. Allied to this is the economic bailout of Greece and the direction that Europe is heading which is to say the transference of ownership to central banking.

The American economy and political system has been high jacked, this seems to be  transparently obvious when we consider such things as  the multi-trillion dollar bailout and the universal official cover up and refusal to investigate 9-11 properly.

I for one will be relieved once the Olympics is over and nothing has happened, we need to remember the Iraq debacle

Robin Cook,  revealed not long after the 7/7 London  bombings that Al Qaeda was the name of a CIA database of US-trained Mujaheddin. He was a harsh critic of the Iraq War. He died whilst walking in Scotland, a few weeks later on August 6th.

"some commentators and senior politicians said that Cook seemed destined for a senior Cabinet post under a Brown premiership" Wikipedia

Dr. David Kelly was found dead on July 18, 2003 just three days after testifying at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament regarding Tony Blair’s fabricated intelligence "spin" concerning Iraq’s nuclear capabilities. The Hutton Commission Report is a not only a Whitewash, which allows Tony Blair to demand apologies, it is a cover-up on the causes of David Kelly's death.

What Dr. Kelly Told The BBC

It was almost a month after the end of the war, on May 29, 2003, that Andrew Gilligan made the following report on BBC’s Radio 4’s Today program:
"What we’ve been told by one of the senior officials in charge of drawing up that dossier [Blair’s September 2002 speech justifying war on Iraq] was that, actually, the government probably knew that the 45 minute figure was wrong, even before it decided to put it in. What this person [their secret source – Dr. Kelly] says is that, a week before the publication date of the dossier, it was actually rather a bland production . . . Downing Street, our source says, ordered (before publication) for it to be ‘sexed up’, to be made more exciting, and ordered more facts to be discovered ... and essentially, the 45 minute point was probably the most important thing that was added ..."1
Then, on June 2 and June 4, 2003 Newsnight BBC, Susan Watts quoted from the same source (later revealed to be Dr. Kelly) as follows:
"The 45 minute point was a statement that was made and it got out of all proportion. They were desperate for information; they were pushing hard for information which could be released. That was one that popped up and it was seized on and it’s unfortunate that it was. That’s why there is the argument between the intelligence services and the Cabinet Office/Number 10 because they picked up on it and once they’ve picked up on it, you can’t pull it back from them."


Since 9-11 the USA has been heading towards dissolution, this dissolution will be obvious by 2016 and the identity of America as a country will change beyond recognition over the next ten years. The terms I am using dissolution and identity are by necessity ambiguous. There is a pre-determined destiny and a wide area of creative free will in regards to the details of exactly what this will mean. The eventual outcome I believe is positive; the process is messy due to the emotional attachment to the American Dream which has already faded away and looking like a fantasy reserved for TV.

American is pivotal as it changes, global culture changes.

The fragility and flux of the psychic environment means that nothing is inevitable and to this end it is productive to look at the potentials dispassionately, in order to affect change invisibly. I make this claim based on the fact that the Earth energy field is being highly charged and energized at present which means conscious intent can indirectly intervene with world events. Is there sufficient will, energy, consciousness or is the mass inertia too far stuck? We need to keep asking it for now, keep pressing for awareness.

I personally do believe that there are higher forces protecting us and they respond to our light, I do believe there is a significant awakening, I do think we will avert the biggest disasters but let us not be complacent.

The facts of the matter is that the background reality to the Olympics is the Syria situation, the fragile global economy (now the LIBOR scandal is rising with just 3 weeks to the Olympics) the general energy is intense. One of the big films of the year Dark Knight Rises opens a week before the Olympics, it has a terrorist attack in a football stadium. The Films released on the 27 July include a comedy The Watch making fun conspiracy researchers (making them out to be ridiculous) and especially the idea of Alien Invasion, ie a nod to the fact that a false flag ET invasion is not on the cards at the moment. Also we have Step Up which tells of riots and social unrest. 

The New Moon on the 19th July is at 26.55 Cancer, this tells of the emotional vibe during the whole moon cycle, the Sabian Symbol is A Storm in a Canyon.

 Astrologically Uranus which goes retrograde on July 13 is square Pluto this makes things volatile but also very unpredictable, things can change very spontaneously, So all plans can change. The New Moon on the 19th July is at 26.55 Cancer the Sabian Symbol is A Storm in a Canyon. The Sabian symbol highlights the potential for turmoil and terror but also talks of intensification and heightened expression of self.


It looks to me as if there is a plan for another false flag event, this one is for the Olympics.

I do not know if it will actually happen, but mainstream journalist are asleep to the plan and just doing their job as usual, passing on the story they are given.

The hope lies in the flip flop energy of the moment.

The energy of  the latter half of 2012 and up to 2015 is in a high state of flux and could be said to be a creative conflict between the fundamental value systems of the human species, so the resultant will be a mix of the dynamic forces at play. To this end, our awareness will assist in a more positive outcome. There will be surprises and hopefully many of those will be exciting, innovative and positive artifacts of art, culture and consciousness. 

I feel that a great deal more of the public will wake up soon, let us hope so, in order to soften the bigger plan. The resultant reality will be a mix of the negative and positive potentials.

The high state of flux which is exposing the underworld, in such things as the zombie outbreak, also means that things are less likely to stick and endure for a while. So the big bad plans of the dark forces are unlikely to fully materialize. If you have something innovative for the world, something that assists in aligning people with new values and can act as a bridge from materialism to consciousness, then now is the time, with patience and self belief to pursue it, there is a real opportunity for positive change, despite the way it appears when we look at the shadow reality.

Addendum 10 minutes of Video

In the Loop a British black comedy 

I am still exploring this whole thing, so here is a second part....

Powered Up Reality

The human environment is now vitalized with a great deal of power and has reached a crisis which is also an opportunity of evolutionary change, a shift to the next stage of human civilization.

Change is generally dramatic, evolutionary shifts always come with a level of discomfort or shock, something is given up or lost The conditions demand a change, once this is faced and accepted then the positive transformation becomes immediately apparent. Even in the midst of change those who are have an open attitude can connect to or even enjoy the changes.  

The Earth's system has been rapidly evolving throughout the last century, the Earth system is evolving through the increased complexity of consciousness of the human species, the massively increased population, which dramatically creates more vital force, more souls, more energy, as human consciousness is a prime energy within the planetary system. The human species has not become spiritually enlightened nor has it become perfect, but in evolutionary terms there has been an enormous evolution and an incredible increase in the vitality of Earth. The 2012 date is very pertinent to this, as it is linked to the Earth's alignment with the Galactic plane and accounts for the cosmic influx that is manifesting as all the planets in the Solar System going through environmental changes, including more Earthquakes and space weather.


The Future can be Seen in the Psychic Social Landscape

What does the near future hold for us in this year 2012. Nothing comes of thin air.
All happenings have a thread to them, that can be understood. When we look at history we can see the conditions and collective mood, the overall feeling and the incremental steps that led to any event, new invention or evolutionary breakthrough. All eventualities exist within the narrative of unfolding events and the mythic realm. Cultural storytelling be that film or theatre, television or radio, or even online niche networks are all reflecting and co-creating the world just before it exists in manifest form. We can see that there is a perpetual feedback interaction between what is happening now and that which is being discussed explored and therefore that which is inspiring new art and new culture. The shared experience in material reality comes into manifestation from the realms of mind and imagination, from individual inspiration and collective creative development. All invention be that an object or a film starts off as inspiration which then grows in the individual and collective imagination through teamwork on a project or through cultural memes that cross pollinate with other viral creations. Creativity is fuelled both from above, as in beyond the time/space reality, divinely inspired and simultaneously from the social influence which includes conversations with friends, stories that are generated through the internet and of course the latest blockbuster film.  The truth of what is to come into being in the world is present in the mythic realm right now, the aspect of the mythic realm, closest to actuality and that we can easily access is through our most popular entertainment. The popular media is closest to what we call consensual ordinary reality. All potentials can be seen through analyzing the cultural media.

So it can be reasonably argues that whatever you look for you can find, to some extent, the limits are dependent upon the popularity or commonality of the subject.

Anyone who has their own business is trying to create popularity for their product, the more successful projects create a brand. A brand is a quasi-mystical entity, it evokes emotional response, it has a logo and it has an image but more than that it tells a story. We respond to brands because we want to be part of the story it evokes, we want more of the feeling it gives us, in some way it will make us feel special either as being cool, successful, counter culture edgy or caring or even being a good person.

The world is full of brands and images, constructed myths all vying for attention and all shaping the psychological and psychic landscape, which is integrated with and is also the precursor to the physical eventuality, the unfolding everyday reality.

The collective unconscious is rapidly becoming the collective conscious thanks in part to the internet and to an increased complexity of consciousness particularly in the cultural creative mindset. The collective unconscious is also the astral planes which is the subtle material plane of existence that interpenetrates this world and is the substance of emotion and imagination. The collective imagination is expressed through us all but especially through art and culture.

As we are in a transition, a fundamental change a death and rebirth situation, we do have to purge the Armageddon script that is strong in the collective and is rooted in past beliefs which still exist as substance in the astral realm. Alternatively those who are religious and that includes Satanists welcome the Armageddon or apocalypse for they believe that there lord will come and that they will find their place in the new dawn of a new kingdom.

To this end we may well conjecture that those who are connected to dark occult religions would deliberately try to influence the collective consciousness to taking on their vision, through engineering fear and planting visions of destruction and totalitarian control in the subconscious through arts and entertainment. 

There is a plan.

The test is to have a bigger vision a more up to date vision, however the past collective beliefs will surface and need to be purged, they need to be faced and moved through, this requires a collective awakening.


The energy of the moment is wildly fluctuating, due to the cosmic influx associated with the Galactic alignment of the 2012 era. The flux is in the astral world , the realm of the emotions and imagination, this is empowering the mythic and symbolic. This means that energy is very changeable and yet also highly charged for social transformation.

The Olympics have been set up as a grand occult ritual that is to feed off the energy and direct it towards to starting WW3, this may include a false flag terror attack in London.
I do not think the nuclear bomb scenario is really intended for the London Olympics but the idea has been planted in entertainment, why?

Maybe because the dark team are well aware of the massive interest in conspiracies and want to create that level of fear in the conspiracy mindset, they know that after 9-11 people are on high alert to their intentions which they deliberately put out into the public domain, this all adds energy to the ritual. The nuclear scenarios are in indeed linked through entertainment to the Olympics, because they want either a limited nuclear exchange in the middle east or a full blown WW3. America has sent a fourth Aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf today, this is seriously provocative to Iran, Russia and China.

Whilst the games are going on the energy will be directed through the grid, the world's attention will be on London and the opening ceremony as others have suggested seems to be drawing upon the idea of Blake's New Jerusalem. The ceremony not surprisingly is encapsulating all of English consciousness and linking to the ancient world, drawing deep upon the pagan heritage, most obviously as Glastonbury Tor is reproduced in the stadium. There are many indicators of this including that fact that Stonehenge was activated with lights for June 11 a few days after the Venus transit, eleven days are astral doorways. Dark rituals mirror benevolent rituals and then pervert the flow, the call for England to be ringing bells in the early morning will as Richy from the Lawful Rebellion website has suggested creating a discordant vibration. Drawing upon what he say it looks like the tone of the giant bell to be sound at 9pm on 27th Ceremony is also key to the frequency intended.

Sebastion Coe said one of the motifs of the ceremonies would be "who we are, who we were and who we hope to be".

I would add that the ceremony does not represent for me who I hope we will be, for it is clearly twisted, if you look into it.

I notice on a project Avalon thread that someone made pointed out that 999 is England's emergency number I have been wondering about that, 9-11 is of course is the emergency number of the USA and well....The person then went on  to reiterate the ubiquitous use of number 27.  We are looking at 27 as a root number of 9,  a 27 ton bell, 27 on the July, with what was originally budgeted at 27 million pounds being spent on opening ceremony, now it is 81 million, that is another root 9.

On the same thread

Yesterday’s announcement of the ‘news’ that the official opening ceremony of the London 2102 Olympics will commence with the ringing of a 27-ton bell – (that’s twice the size of Big Ben) inscribed with a line from Shakespeare's The Tempest: "Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises." – Literally making me shiver!

Here's the quote in full - read by Caliban - Act III Scene 2

“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices,
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me; that, when I waked,
I cried to dream again.”

William Shakespeare - The Tempest

In ‘The Tempest’ the character Caliban is said to be a hideous, monstrous being - a representation of - part fish, part beast, part man

The story of Caliban is of someone forced into servitude.

When we bring it all together, some of which is below in the main article, (on MCC) then we have to conclude that yes there is a plan for a 'terrorist attack' but I also suspect the main focus is on Syria and Iran and in preparing the ground, literally, for a long term plan of total global control.

New revelations on the symbolic truth and the anomalous activities around the ceremony and games are being posted every day, I cannot keep up with them. The evidence is not just from people looking for a conspiracy and it is worth noting most people feel the same a sense of disbelief about what they are seeing being suggested.

The distraction of the Olympics and the energy of the Olympics could enable the middle east situation to accelerate. The main area of focus at the moment for the dark team is Syria, and then onto Iran, presumably to deliberately provoke or call out Russia and China. Whilst the disaster in Japan was occurring Libya was invaded this struck me at the time, the way the invasion was sneaked in as it were, and this all happened as Uranus entered into Aries. Uranus turns retrograde today Friday the 13th following on from the Venus transit on June 5/6 and the first exact Uranus square with Pluto June 24, which is to say that the energy is at a new heightened level.

However the intention and the actuality are not going to be the same as the Uranus square Pluto (from summer 2012 and into 2015)  suggests creative conflict, this is revolutionary, erratic and unpredictable so positive intent or the totality of the awakened consciousness will also affect the outcome.

Each time there is a major calendar end date the apocalyptic scripts emerge as a potential, with the millennium we had the fear of the computer bug and the Christian calendar end date did in fact manifest with 9-11, (remember George Bush and Tony Blair using the Crusades analogy) terrible as it was, it was not the end of the world, yet also we must add that the world changed dramatically. The 2012 galactic alignment talks of an evolutionary change that ultimately is of a much longer duration than a few years. The Uranus square Pluto of 2012-2015 is an incremental shift and mini ending that again activates the biblical scripts encoded into the collective astral realm, the astral realm is the repository of  history. I do not think the Armageddon/apocalypse will literally unfold, as this frequency is below the centre of gravity of the Human population, (this is drawn from my main research The Enchantments of Life, which is a map of the evolution of consciousness). The mass innocence of materialism and rationalism in some ways creates some safety and softens or waters down the lower frequency imperial occult intent.

I have consumed and been consumed by the research out there on line, now as I step back, personally,  I am sure the worst will not happen, in this immediate 3 year change ,which is not the same as saying it will be just be a wholly positive outcome or a positive start.

The environment of consciousness at the time of 9-11 was represented by Saturn's opposition to Pluto. Pluto rules the evolutionary impulse of the collective unconsciousness, Saturn was blocking it and this is historically the time when oppressive controlling energy flourishes. The energy of now is Uranus square Pluto, this is the next station in the Uranus Pluto cycle that was seeded in 1965/6. There was the Vietnam war and plenty of other chaos but the resultant was that there was an evolutionary surge forward in consciousness. The sixties was a time of opportunity and hope, new awakenings, vitality and innovation that changed the world forever. The environment of consciousness is a continually unfolding drama that is driven by the evolutionary impulse towards a greater complexity of consciousness. Uranus square Pluto promises a creative conflict that enables an incremental shift forward towards a new value system. The details are organically negotiated by the actions and events that emerge and cannot be controlled as the energy, although volatile, is held within the context of the forward momentum of evolution.

I recommend that you stay detached, or view the Olympics with some detachment, recognize the deception, and add a little pray, meditate or call upon light, whatever works for you, into your day during the Olympics.
The defeat of these despots will ultimately be from the community dialogue and sharing of the truth, it will not happen from within the system, not politicians, not mainstream media, not pop stars or anyone mega-wealthy. Once there is a tipping point of agreement amongst humanity that this leadership is illegitimate, then and only then will this pyramid of fear collapse.

"The largest public protests, rallies and demonstrations that the world has ever seen are happening right now - with almost no media coverage. Not only is ... there a blackout on these events in the media, but YouTube is frequently removing footage of these mass rallies and events when requested to do so by governments: 'Google, the owner of YouTube, has complied with the majority of requests from governments, particularly in the United States and the UK, not only to remove YouTube videos, but also specific web search terms and thousands of “data requests”."