Tuesday, 28 January 2014

You are Simply Enchanted

The biggest understandings of life are almost childlike revelations, almost childlike in their simplicity.

We mostly get to realize profound simple truths in life through the effort of grappling with complexity, simple truths encompass extraordinary complexity and we have these occasional breakthroughs, revelations where it all suddenly appears so simple. 

It is in some ways like learning to drive a car, it seems so complicated to begin with, so many things to remember, but once you have learnt it, it is automatic, the details are left to the subconscious

This is analogous to the quest of consciousness expansion, from searching, learning and testing life to Aha! and then on again to the search and the next big Aha!

The Life Journey

Each level of awakening is an awakening from a dream, where we see how we have been bewitched and then we evoke a more benevolent and abundant theatre to enter into, a more sublime circus to be enchanted by. 

For example the bewitchment of fundamentalist literal religion to scientism, from scientism to the inner awakening of soul and onwards to other levels of lucidity.

I propose that that we scan out for a moment from the circus and remember that we live on Earth which is in the cosmos, we live in the cosmos.

A Simple Truth

For example the Sun is the source of our physical life, we love the Sun, we worship it, we are in awe of it and we know it must be respected. The Sun can burn us, if we do not respect him. We can be very clever and learn about fusion and the nature of the plasma ball that we call Sun, but it still comes down to recognizing the Sun is all powerful to us. The Sun wakes us up, without sunlight we would not have daylight, we would not have food, we would not have any energy, we would not be here. All the animals, plants and rocks would not exist, the buildings would not have been built. The computer would not exist. The Sun is our God, well it is our local god in this area of the cosmos, it is Gods representative in our cosmic neighborhood, our cosmic neighborhood being the Solar System which is the energy field of our Sun. The Solar System is our locals gods domain. 

Who's Your Daddy?

The Sun rules the space that the Earth travels in. The Sun has a Mummy, the Galaxy, our Galaxy, called the Milky Way, this is the Mother of Daddy Sun. When the Sun goes to sleep, we call it night time, it is dark and we can see what is hiding beyond the Sun. The Sun is awesome, but the Universe we see, if we can escape the light pollution, is mind blowingly mysterious and a place of absolute awe, it overwhelms us with wonder, our mind, our cleverness just dissolves in its eternal, infinite expanse, we are staring into the unlimited. 

Or what seems to be unlimited from our smallness. 

Yet in our smallness we feel a connection, something stirs in us, the cosmos is not just this devouring mystery that alienates us, it fills us with emotional yearning, something in us, not only wants to explore it, but also feels it is our home, or our ancestry, we know somewhere in our hearts that we come from the cosmos. Look into the night sky long enough and you feel that you came from there, somehow, and that you will return.

But hey that is for another day, it is time to sleep, because in the morning you have work, another day, another buck.

Coming Back to Your Life on Earth

Your body stirs, you emerge from the Land of Nod, (The Land of Nod is a very interesting phrase more on that much much later), the bodyclock tells you it is time to be reborn in the world, you come back and join in again. The land of the world, looks pretty much the same each new day, but there is some novel twists in each day, at the end of the day it is back to Nod and then again you wake up and then…you get the idea, it is a like a wheel, is it not? Despite the news, the latest trend, the new fashion in designer footwear, celebrity gossip, the latest app or sports headline…and hey that is all very interesting, stimulating and entertaining but… it is still basically the same world and more important you still go in and out of Nod and the world every 24 hours. The bodyclock, the circadian rhythm  is your master program, not Windows 8, no, your bodyclock is the essential software, the bodyclock is ruled by Daddy Sun.

The world is so entertaining, there is so much complexity that you and I can access through our computer screen, which is a portal into the collective human imagination, that we sort of forget about Daddy Sun. Everything is hidden in plain sight. The bigger the the truth, the more likely we are to miss it.



Look at the Zoo logo, see the gorilla and Lioness in white. The Tour De France logo has a cyclist, just two simple reminders of how things are also embedded by design. 

The Sun Lord

We live within the Sun’s energy field, the Earth exists within the Suns energy field. Everything that happens here on Earth is within the planetary domain, the Earth’s energy field. Everything that happens on the Earth’s surface whether it be films, celebrity, cat pictures on Facebook, scientific theories or evolution takes place within the Earth’s energy field.

The Earth’s energy field is dependent upon the energy it receives from the Sun and the Sun’s energy field. We call the Sun’s energy field the Solar System. All the movements, the orbits of the planets change the flavour of the energy that comes into and supports the Earth, that supports your experience. Of course it is filtered, through various levels of energy, electro-magnetic fields, the Van Allen Radiation Belts, the weather patterns and also filtered through the totality of information output of the world.

If you read that the whole economic system is probably going to crash quite soon, your experience is heavily filtered through fear and you sort of forget about the incoming energy from the cosmos. In fact if the economy is to collapse the question of whether you change from Windows 7 to Windows 8 becomes pretty irrelevant. If you fall in love or you win a shed load of money, or you get a new home or finally get a new job that you have been after for years, the whole idea of a cosmic influx supporting and shaping your experience seems totally abstract and removed from real experience.

We are essentially being hypnotized, bewitched, enchanted by one thing after another. This is not a bad thing, it just is the nature of experience, we live in a world of enchantment. Whatever film you watched last night, whatever grabbed your attention on Facebook at the end of the day, who you were with last thing at night and the emotional interaction you had with them affected your dreams and then also flavored the feeling you had as came back from Nod. To a larger or smaller extent it affects the whole day ahead. The experience of the day also depends upon the cosmic influx, most obviously if, for example, it is a full moon. Each of our days is a kaleidoscopic mix, an exotic recipe of energies, many of which we choose, many of which we are merely subject to. 

Remember the basic context is the day and the Sun creates days. Whose your Daddy?

The Sun travels through the Sky, starting with its appearance in the East.

The empirical truth is that the Sun travels through the sky, starting from the East and disappears in the West and the lights go out and we are called to Nod. This is true, from a body perspective, each of us are in the middle of our own universe. It is not the whole truth, but it is true. It also true to say that the Earth is travelling around the Sun and also true that the Sun is travelling around the Milky Way and the Milky Way is travelling around a super galactic centre and so on into an almost infinity it would seem. We are on a planet spiralling in some extraordinary vortical motion through the cosmic ocean of plasma.

The Enduring Reality

The architecture, the structure of our experience, of our enduring reality is dependent upon the architecture of nature. Starts with the Sun, right? Yeah got you it. 

Our environment shapes our experience, we can now use childlike simplicity again. 

The Mountain is big and tall and pointy and is the climb of life, the desert is dry and empty and is the empty mind, the beauty of nature is happiness, the wildness of nature is scary and magnificent. The Ocean is the depths of our feelings, of our soul, the gushing river is an invigorating emotion, the trickling stream is a delightful emotion, the green grass is a calming peaceful feeling, the tree connects us from under the world to the sky, like a bridge. Volcanoes are destructive and regenerative artifacts fuelled by the deep impulse of the Earth, their eruptions are the gurgling pent up emotions and energies of the whole planetary system.  


The beach is fun, somewhat sexy with its foaming shoreline as sea and sand intermingle with an effervescent tingle. The lightening storm is exhilarating, awakening, cleansing, renewing, vitalizing and waking us up. The cave is the womb, an inner sanctuary within the Earth that if it goes deep is a terrifying corridor into the underworld. The skyscraper is a big dong, thrusting up, a magnificent hard on, the erection of progress--I am not judging it particularly, just saying what it is.

IFC Hong Kong Island 1999 88 floors

ICC Kowloon, directly across the sea 108 floors 2010

The-tallest-building-in-the-world-Burj-Khalifa-Dubai-163 floors

The car is the ego vehicle, the roads are the thoughts that connect things up. And so on. Literally true. Our unconscious and subconscious is absorbing all the data of the environment we are in, on various levels of our being and with varying degrees of sophistication. But at the base of our psyche it is pretty basic and fundamentally raw primal essence, as in the major shaping of the psyche is based on raw emotions and raw symbols. Freud had some of the truth.

The Blue Sky is joy, it is heaven, the thick pale grey smog is oppressive, whereas a sky interspersed with grey clouds and blue sky allows for more complex contrasting feelings that can inspire, the sunset is contemplative, the midday Sun is the peak of the day’s energy, though the night time can be energized by the beautiful bright moving lights of the City.

We are Primed by Colours

The simple associations of colour we have all hold in true in our soufflé of experience. Baby pink is sentimental, Red is ardent, black is mysterious, purple is magic and has an occult feeling, orange is often radiant and energizing and the more subtle colours create more sophisticated frequencies of feeling. Sound also is in the mixing bowl, the sounds of nature speak to us of our connection with body and nature whilst the jarring sounds of industry put us on edge and stimulate the need to survive in the world. The city sounds are adrenal, exciting and exhausting.

The Scale of the Community Node

The city sits in a natural environment, either a gentle undulating landscape that is a mixture of male and female propensities or perhaps a flat barren landscape that hardens the artificial and unfriendly aspect of the city. The Town is a smaller, more conservative environment, somewhat staid in comparison to the city, the village is more intimate, the church is more prominent and so together these factors mean that behaviour is generally more modified.

Enchanted? Yes We are, All the Time

Everything out there, the environment that we move around within, shapes our experience. We are subconsciously primed by the architecture of the world, both natural and unnatural. This includes the more obvious primers such as advertising billboards. The architecture is further flavoured for you by the people within it, the styles of clothing they wear, their behaviour, their body language, their familiarity to you or their foreign-ness to you. Each person in a crowd is walking library of physical data interconnected to the others levels of their energy field, emotional moods, thoughts, musings, subtle feelings all of which make up their resonance. 

We are walking around in the collective consciousness, its being expressed visibly, the sensitive person pick up on the minute nuances of the physical interface and these signals act as portals into the subtle fields that encompass us and interpenetrate us. In fact we are all sensitive, not necessarily so consciously, but even the insensitive is shaped to some extent by the energy of the mass of people that envelopes them. Some people have very limited conscious filters; winner, loser, weirdo, cool, hot, dangerous or safe. The subconscious will absorb the data and it will be translated by the filters that the person holds, but the environment does inform them. No exceptions.

The external environment is an external projection of consciousness, akin to that is the fact that the computer is a reflection of the brain. We are operating in various environments simultaneously. For example we now have a cyberspace environment, which has its own architecture, such as, facebook, yahoo emails, Google, websites, Youtube etc. There are also emotional and mental environments, energy fields, subtle substances that surround and interpenetrate the physical environment and the cyber environment.

Scanning Out Again

The Earth is traversing an electrically charged ocean of plasma. Plasma being the fundamental state of matter, it can be likened to a liquid gas and has been found to be highly interconnected in a holographic manner. This means, in simplistic terms, the back ground reality is a holographic reality, all interconnected via a complex arrangement of holonic structures. 

What Does I mean by That?

Cutting to the quick. Holographically speaking…
The architecture of the Solar System is informing consciousness.

The Sun, is the source of life, the journey of light from the Sun, is the journey of consciousness from the source into density into physicality as it reaches Earth and thereafter it is the journey of evolution. The whole system is an architecture of the psyche, the radiance of light from the centre of the Solar System, the Sun, right out to the Oort Cloud, the outer edge of the Solar System is the impulse of the expansion of consciousness. The expansion of consciousness includes evolution and involution. Each planet describes an area of space and an area of time, based on its physical position in the Solar System and the duration of its orbit. The planets describe not only archetypes but stages in the journey of consciousness. The holographic principle is also known more commonly through the ancient dictum As Above, So Below, As within So Without.

I will elaborate more on the extraordinary truth this perspective reveals with my next post.

My model The Enchantments of Life based on The Enchantment Principle, outlines the holographic reality of environment, community, astronomy, time and space. On one level it is a revision of astrology and psychology, for it accommodates developmental psychology, (the context of all psychology) and the interconnected developmental levels of culture without invalidating the Jungian approach, it expands upon these principles. It appears complex at first, but as you get it, so you see it is simply obvious.

 I propose to you that if you see this, you will cut through the tangled forest of data.