Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Christmas Spirit

A time to remember the Winter Solstice Gods

Mithras, Horus, Attis, Dionysus the son of Zeus, Tammuz, Hercules, Perseus
Helios, Bacchus, Apollo, Jupiter, Sol Invictus
Saturn—Old Father Time, the Holly King —Celtic god of the dying year, Grandfather Frost— Russian winter god, Thor —Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats, Odin/Wotan —Scandinavian All-Father who rides the sky on an eight-legged horse, Frey (Norse fertility god), & the Tomte —a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Feed Me (Meet Your Leader)

We Get the Leadership We Deserve.
That might sound somewhat depressing but actually I see that the consciousness of a significant minority of people on the web is awakening. The overall effect of this awakening will create an energetic frequency that allows or permits a completely new type of leadership to emerge by the end of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn around 2024.

The corporatacoracy has been gradually taking complete power from the governments of the western world. This has not yet happened in such places as India or China, etc
In America we see the power shift occurred from 1950s and ‘they’ really had the presidential administration completely in the bag by about 1980, they even had an actor as president (funny, right!)

England followed behind by about 10 years, Maggie Thatcher was quaint, she assisted the corporate takeover but really had the values of the English shopkeeper (remember what Napoleon said)
The corporatacoracy now wants to take over the world
Old fashioned government is not really the answer, to this unsavoury ambition.
So we will continue see the clash between the autocratic governments of religion, like for example Iran, fighting this corporatacoracy and then more complex governments like China whose power is awesome of course.
However the nation state as the dominating force of the world is no longer viable, the US was the last country to hold global power in that way— the fall of the American empire was symbolized by 9-11.

The Jupiter/Pluto cycle (seeded in December 2007) suggests that a new impulse within the major power structures is emerging behind the scenes to challenge the corporatacoracy and will come to meet that structure head to head in 2013-14 (Jupiter in cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn), as well as old fashioned governments attempting to bring in regressive systems.
The seeds of a big change though will be generated as the public starts to rebel against draconian controls from around 2012 (Uranus square Pluto 2012-2015).
One of the artifacts of this power shift in the collective will come about by creative individuals who do not corporatize their work.

For example some of the people that have influenced my thinking include Matt Mason who wrote Pirates Dilemma, James Surowiecki the author of Wisdom of Crowds, the Medici Effect author Frans Johansson, Ken Wilber and Spiral Dynamics have all felt compelled to follow the money and water down their creative genius in reverence to corporate values. (Malcom Gladwell was charging something like 8,000 HK dollars for a seat to his seminar earlier this year, and has become increasingly monetized).

I do not mean to be holier than thou, we can all understand the lure of money, but by playing ball and rolling over on their bellies to be stroked by corporate money monsters they are feeding a machine that is not working any longer, not from a human point of view anyway.
Someone has to say it, so here I am saying it, it does not make my life easy, but it seems important?

The 'free market' system of capitalism, has been, from an evolutionary point of view a step forward, not perfect by any means with its enormous shadow and negative actions. However it has made the world a little better, but from the 1950s there have been diminishing returns for humanity.
What people are gradually waking up to is that you can’t let big business run a planet. Actually you can’t let big business run the environmental issue either! I digress, leave that for another time.

Bring on; The Complex Systems Science and Consciousness Paradigm!

The metaphysical energy that is shaping this world well beyond the radar of politics, media or profit making entities is the energy of planetary awakening, subtle but profoundly more powerful in the long term than present social action. This awakening is pushing us all to revere life itself, think globally and is pushing humanity to understand the complex systemic unity of our extraordinary world. From this understanding somehow we will create a leadership that is responsive to our Earth.
As human beings become once again more important than the corporate mechanical monster, then creative pioneers like those I mentioned above will not feel the need— or presume it to be the only option—to turn everything into a venture dominated by profit.