Friday, 18 June 2010

Myth Speaks and So It Is

How do we break out of the information trance of materialism? The short cut is by recognizing that myth is causal to the manifest world.

All forms of science—from metaphysics to rational deduction—are subservient to the essential, raw creative power of myth.

Every individual lifetime is a myth unfolding. We are born of myth and we return to myth, feeding the mythic bedrock of all reality. History, and therefore culture, is all product of myth; a society cannot be separated from its myths. All human endeavour unfolds from the seeds of cosmic mythology, filtered through the planetary being and in the end harvested as an essence that we call myth.

If we want to see what the newly emerging consciousness is in our society, we turn first to the mythological expressions. The mythic realm of culture today will gradually crystallize as tomorrow’s experiential reality. In the modern world, film is one of the most powerfully evocative forms of mythic expression. The information veneer of the media, itself a form of myth, veils the underlying tectonic shifts of the collective psyche that can be seen clearly through those stories that speak most loudly to the soul of a human being.

The Passion of Creation

The face of the creator is hidden from us by the brilliant light of the void—this is the ineffable truth of existence. All of existence is the self-reflection of the unity consciousness some like to call God. Arising out of the brilliant light of the void are deities who create the foundations of all existence through their passionate interaction, an interaction something akin to making love. The deities proliferate themselves.

The result of these sexually charged unions of the gods are the real stories, the first dramas, that create the mytho-poetic substratum of all existence throughout the cosmos.

As Above So Below: Heaven Is Mirrored on Earth
All cultural mythology originates in essence from the living reality of the gods, whose lives are seemingly taking place on a realm of transcendental immensity beyond our reach, whilst visible in every occurrence of life as we experience it.

Our dramas are smaller versions of the dramas of the gods. Our collective cultural mythology, though a watered-down version of the lives of the gods, are in fact representational of the gods’ own dramatic experiences.

If any of us wants to truly understand our own lives, we should read our lives as unfolding mythological stories punctuated with chapters.

Myth reaches all people and speaks all languages; it is translatable through all psychological levels—albeit perceived slightly differently on each Enchantment level. Myth is encoded with an expanding, radial multiplicity of meaning, whilst retaining its essential integrity. Myth is received into our being via our imagination; pictures and symbols are myth’s evocative messengers. A picture or story can be interpreted anew every time; myth grows as we grow.

The Light of Creation

Before evolution begins in the denser physical realm, involution unfolds. Involution is the descension of pure consciousness from the infinite eternal now into time and space.

Involution unfolds from the Source, moving down through the mythic realm of the cosmic gods into the Earth’s being. The process of involution, which is the adventure of consciousness moving into form (aka ‘the Fall’, or the collective dreamstate), then creates a living structure (the Matrix), comprised of abstract thought forms, or blueprints for the denser realms to come. Further along the process of involution comes the creative, emotive, imaginative fluid of the psychic plasma, Earth’s imagination (the astral worlds). The astral worlds mirror the realm of the mythic deities and are populated with an ever-increasing array of inorganic beings, angels and elementals—this lower Devic kingdom exists side by side with the human kingdom and responds to the directives of human imagination.

Life begins with light. In the earliest dawning of physical life on Earth, the light of the Sun travels to Earth and is transformed through various primal organisms that synthesize light. The organisms gradually become more complex, enabling the vital energy of our Sun to materialize as ever-more sophisticated physical forms through a system of light transducers. The journey of light (photons) to living organisms is mirrored by the journey of consciousness, since light is a physical form of consciousness. The light of the void is stepped down through the gods, then through the astral worlds, before solidifying in the physical world. Humanity emerges from the prima materia of consciousness.

The dramas of the cosmic gods eventually materialize as dynamic archetypes in the terrestrial realm—fluid, poetic oceanic templates for human existence. Our souls descend down through the cosmos, clothing themselves in the weave that has been woven by the gods before we incarnate, before we have even started our evolutionary adventure.

The Matrix

The Matrix is the Etheric Template, found in the individual human and the collective planetary energy fields.

It is the neutrality realm of higher abstract thought—geometric, mathematical and mechanical—and it is the reservoir of living blueprints for all form. Its function is preservation of form and separation from Source, so that human consciousness is not forever turning back into the soup or unified goo of the collective dreamstate of involution. The Matrix is the essence of survival; it has a reptilian nature and, we can say, a technological nature. Technology is inherent within nature—nothing humankind can conceive of is not already in existence.

The Matrix is the level of existence that is survival; cold blooded and neutral. Its role is to serve the gods, who create existence from their procreative passion, just as technology is here to serve us, not rule us.

What if the Machine Takes Over?

This question is analogous to science without heart, or the tool of the mind becoming the master, or money before humanity—business for businesses sake before gifting.
If the light of the cosmos and the passion of the mythic realm are not accessed, then we believe that life is dead, that there is no essential character or personality in life.
Life then appears as an accident and all is relative, leaving ‘the true, the beautiful and the good’ reduced to a meme that is supposed to compete with the machinations of logic.

In the film The Matrix, NEO, the ONE, wakes up to the data trance and breaks out through heroic endeavour, appropriately seduced by the calling of Trinity, the triple-headed goddess stunningly portrayed in an updated fashion in a skin-tight costume.

If the heart and the imagination do not consciously override the Matrix, then we get ruled by the all-seeing eye of the dystopian future, expressed by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and more recently David Icke.

The old myths tell us of this and it is represented by the Eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings, which is derived from J.R. Tolkien’s lifetime study of mythology. Tolkien drew upon Norse mythology, but he suggests that the roots of his story are from Sumer. In truth it is timeless. (The dark empire versus the innocence of the Hobbits’ hearts). The same essential mythos is expressed in Star Wars, where the promise of power inherent within the ‘Force’ is temptation for Luke Skywalker.

The all-seeing eye controls the self-perpetuating reality of conspiracies in our world, which are fuelled by the lust for power, which then feeds back into the neutral Matrix, becoming and reinforcing the dominance of the reptilian kingdom. The Matrix generates the trickster spirits, also known as inorganic beings in the Toltec tradition, or, in the Arabic world, the djinni, the Genie—“Your wish is my command.” The Matrix also spits out the Men in Black, the virtual holographic beings that can transgress the object-subject divide, emerging from the astral worlds through the portal of fear.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” - Yoda

Those conspiring to control the world through occult means generate enough energy to meet and become enchanted by these tricksters. This is the secret of the inner sanctums of secret societies and their occult rituals. The compartmentalized and covert groupings that live in the shadows of power have been enchanted by their own desire, coming back to them as inorganic beings, programs, just like Agent Smith.

The World is Magic
We now stand at the threshold of change and reality is up for grabs. The elemental nature of the trickster spirits is to defend reality, to keep it going, whatever that reality is. But reality is also ours to choose and the gods are on our side.

Like NEO we can choose to wake up and break free of the Matrix into the realm of myth, the beatific living ocean that straddles our realm and the land of the gods, if we have the heart for it.

The impact of the film The Matrix, created for entertainment, like all good fiction, is inspired by the Muses and reflects the higher truths seeking to be heard.

The giant supercomputer of the Etheric Template, the Matrix itself, is a higher resonant structure of our rational mind. The advancement of our computer technology, which can be seen as the pinnacle of rationalism and science, and its rapid emergence into global society, indicates that we are collectively programming our reality. We are co-creating our world, hand in hand with the gods.

However, the myth of science places mind above heart and inadvertently the Matrix is then left in charge of our reality. The wonder of today’s technology and its current level of sophistication paradoxically attests to the need for our consciousness to stay one step ahead of technology, to ensure that technology serves us, not rules us. A new myth is needed that incorporates technology in a new way; a myth that ultimately transcends science, rationality and logic.

(Adam Scott Miller)

It is through an engagement with myth and symbol with a new reverence that we can bring love, beauty, art and heart into our world. Myth, and its messenger of symbolism, speaks directly to the imagination and evokes an energy that takes us beyond ourselves and beyond the data trance. We live in an enchanted world and we always have. Now is the time to be consciously enchanted and to break out of the slumbering mass consciousness that follows the default programs. The heart tells us that the world is on the verge of change. We shall make it so.

My Work
I work with individuals to help you see the meaning and purpose of your life, to evoke a recognition that your life is a story you are performing in. Utilizing your astrology chart and your own perception of your life, I help you sift out the white noise of confusion to see the truth that resides within you.

I also work with groups to show how evolution, which is product of consciousness manifesting, progresses through different stages, or what I call Enchantments. As we evolve through the Enchantments, we grow in complexity, but in truth we can simply say that the landscape of the psyche, the way the world looks to us, the lifescape we walk in, expands as we become more aware.