Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Talking with Crows

I could not sleep last night after 2.39am, due to this waning quarter moon, it was aspecting my natal Mars. Eventually I got up at 4am, sat on the roof killing mosquitos and enjoying the gradual awakening of the day. I got out to my special wild garden by about 5.45am, feeling tired, no way I was going to a full ceremony. But as I often forget, the best things happen without ceremony as such, just intent, I just did some processing and simple energy exercises and thought well, I will wait to 7am then go home. I was just enjoying the early morning heat and chorus.

At 7am exactly my friends the Crows turned up, they live in the hood, but like to stay hidden except for special occasions. There was a small group of them very close making a hell of a racket. So I talked to them and they talked back of course.

One thing I was wondering was how many of them were there, 3 or 4 maybe. At that point they flew as one, and revealed their number 5....of course 5 crows on 5 Jaguar.

The rest of the conversation is between me and the crows.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Planet 9 and Mike Brown

 Mike Brown pointing at the expected zone of Planet Nine's orbit

From Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin's blog The Search for Planet Nine

Nasa recently posted this vision of travel to Europa, Jupiter's Moon.

The Search for Planet Nine

 Abstract: We use an extensive suite of numerical simulations to constrain the mass and orbit of Planet Nine, the recently proposed perturber in a distant eccentric orbit in the outer solar system. We  compare our simulations to the observed population of aligned eccentric high semimajor axis Kuiper belt objects and determine which simulation parameters are statistically compatible with the observations. We find that only a narrow range of orbital elements can reproduce the observations. In particular, the combination of semimajor axis, eccentricity, and mass of Planet Nine strongly dictates the semimajor axis range of the orbital confinement of the distant eccentric Kuiper belt objects. Allowed orbits, which confine Kuiper belt objects with semimajor axis beyond 230 AU, have perihelia roughly between 200 and 350 AU, semimajor axes between 300 and 900 AU, and masses of approximately 10 Earth masses. Orbitally confined objects also generally have orbital planes similar to that of the planet, suggesting that the planet is inclined approximately 30 degrees to the ecliptic. We compare the allowed orbital positions and estimated brightness of Planet Nine to previous and ongoing surveys which would be sensitive to the planet's detection and use these surveys to rule out approximately two-thirds of the planet's orbit. Planet Nine is likely near aphelion with an approximate brightness of 22<V<25.  At opposition, its motion, mainly due to parallax, can easily be detected within 24 hours. 
The predicted planet would be a super-Earth, with an estimated mass of about 10 times that of Earth (approximately 5,000 times the mass of Pluto), a diameter two to four times that of Earth, and a highly elliptical orbit that is so far away that it could take around 15,000 years to orbit the Sun. Wikipedia

Quality of the Moment?

"Now I need to remember my Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimi, Legolas, Merry & Pippin voices from 3 months ago for Return of the King. Dad work is tough"

Mike Brown is reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings to his daughter

Planet 9: Astronomer Mike Brown's daughter told him to find new planet after he 'killed off Pluto'

'She said ‘Daddy, what you need to do is go find a new planet so that people will no longer be sad about Pluto’' 
Early on 20 January, Mike Brown put on his special “planet socks” decorated with famous members of the Solar System and went to work. Later that night the astronomer came home to his front door with a celebratory message pinned on it from his ten-year-old daughter Lilah: “Congratulations Daddy! The 9th Planet, AKA The Lilah Planet.”
Recent confirmatory Finding
uo3L91 is an object of the Kuiper Belt (KBO) discovered by Michael E. Brown March 24, 2016. According to its discoverer, it is an additional proof of the existence of the planet Nine because its position is consistent with the disruption models KBO induced by the planet Nine . (46au-1300au approx)

Timeline Changes-Atlantis-and much more....

Friday, 1 April 2016

Atlantis is Here Now

Atlantis is a powerful and ubiquitous thought-form.

Everyone has heard of Atlantis and the word is used all the time in all manner of cultural endeavours and expressions.

Atlantis exists as a dream-like-idea in our social environment, surrounding us and yet slightly veiled by a subconscious collective fear to face it. We are moving into resonance with Atlantis and although many adults believe Atlantis to be a made up story I contend that the evidence is mounting at this time for its existence. Atlantis is gradually appearing from the fog.

The combined picture we get from the new revelations and inspirations from geology, archaeo-astronomy, archaeology, palaeontology,  global mythology, genetics, astronomy, fiction and the awakened collective intuitive understanding of Atlantis, in my estimation, shows compelling evidence for its existence. 

This revelation is telling us that we are in danger of repeating the same mistakes.
What mistakes?

A large minority of people can answer that question intuitively and have a very similar answer.
The answer will go something like this…

The mistake of the Atlantean’s was in their arrogance and their wilful focus on technology, warfare and materialism. This mistake directly and possibly indirectly led to a global cataclysm. They forgot their divinity, they disregarded the Earth and nature and were led by the idea that they could act as gods.

We stand at a crossroads and there is a potential for a glorious new age of planetary civilization that utilizes its technology as a tool under the command of a planetary conscious population. The key word as any many already know is consciousness, our consciousness is the problem and the solution. Quite simply human consciousness has to evolve.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Upcoming Extra-ordinary Eclipse

The Extraordinary Eclipse

Looking at the chart we see extremely integrated angular relationships with most of the main planets with tight orbs of influence. In the Eclipse chart we see Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, the Nodes all aspecting the Sun-Moon Eclipse. Leading me to think that we will see a spectrum of experience that on one hand is further fragmentation of reality and on the other a cohesion of all issues on a deeper level. What I am getting from this is a potential change of the meta-myth of global society, a new story an start to emerge. The new story which will be seen and felt by some at least will lead to a further disintegration of the mainstream illusion. Negatively, many people will be drawn yet further into the fallacy of how the world appears via mainstream media, denial. Other groups of people may well psychologically retreat into a small niche reality. I do not know what events will happen, but the message is clear to me, time to connect to a new story, a bigger story.

Every area of human culture, all endeavours are touched by the energy of this eclipse, as the mythic foundation for all perspectives, all paradigms receives a quake. Fierce competition will ensue to claim heritage, the legitimacy from the past. The victors write the history in order to hold power in the future. Expect many disinformational memes to be flooding the market, look out for yet more false science concerning cosmology or evolution.

  To connect to the energy adjustment of this eclipse means staying conscious of the themes over the following moon cycle and into the next 3-4 months. Mostly people forget and think things have moved on.

So, I strongly advise you to create some space around this eclipse and write down your intuitions, feelings and note the synchronicities and breaking news both personal and global. 

Sun 18.56, Moon 18.57, (Master Instructing Pupil-learning)  Chiron 20.54 (Little White Lamb, a Child and a Servant -Seeking unity from diversity)South Node 21.47 (A Man Bringing Down New Law from Sinai-divine revelation and highest authority) all in Pisces.

Opposing Jupiter Retrograde 18.13 (Swimming Race-competition and preparation), North Node 21.47 (A Royal Coats of Arms-inherited rights and privileges) both together in Virgo.

Uranus 18.41 Aries (Magic Carpet-inspired vision and imagination) 150 degrees to Jupiter (Swimming Race) , 30 degrees to Sun and Moon, trine Saturn and Saturn is at 16.11 Sagittarius (Easter Sunrise) in a 2 degree square to Sun-Moon slowing down the rate of change yet also making it more enduring.

Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron. Uranus is slowly pulling away from the square with Pluto but the square is yet again brought powerfully into play with this eclipse.

Pluto at 17.04 Capricorn (Union Jack, Sovereignty) sextile to Sun-Moon, tightly trine Jupiter. Government trying to implement wide ranging legislation. The issue of sovereignty for nations and individuals is challenged. 

We have a serious competition for authority being highlighted, this authority extends to government and the metaphysical view of the world. Spiritual teachers need to realign with a greater continuity that extends further back into the past to encompass a larger timeframe. 

The competition over the details is fierce as ambition, vision, intuitive imagination is empowered with a big picture view and the ego needs to be kept in check. If teaching, do not overwhelm people. Watch out for assumptions of authority, certain declarations by governors and teachers are out of date.

The meta-physical precepts behind science, religion, spiritual teachings and governance are up for review as they are eclipsed, the heritage of their assumed truth is being interrupted as the door to a more extended past and more inclusive perception of our reality is opening up. 

In general we all need to make some subtle recalibrations to our energy field, by being present around the eclipse.

Greater confusion and disconnection, chaos can occur but the potential is a cohesive connection to a much wider range of energies.

Extra Confirmations

Trans-neptunian Manwe is at 22 Pisces conjunct Chiron and this planet was discovered at the same degree where find the Eclipse  Mercury the 7th degree of Pisces ( the Sabian Symbol is a Cross Lying on Rocks )and with Neptune a 9.51 Pisces. 

The imperative is to have the courage of your own spiritual conviction and truth IF it incorporates a rejection of mass assumptions. The effect of this eclipse is that a widely held belief system is being disrobed and this is extremely uncomfortable for the herd mentality. The insight will be subtle and hard to quantify, but felt strongly if you remain sensitive to the recalibration of energy. Manwe and its companion Thoronder are named after Tolkien demi-gods of highest authority with oversight over forces of nature, the winds, the air and the eagles. The symbolism suggests that shamanic guidance will come through and outdated spiritual beliefs and religious belief will be challenged by a greater truth from the natural forces. 

This theme is reinforced by the fact that Borasisi named from a fictional religion within a fictional book written by Kurt Vonnegut is at 19 degrees of Pisces sandwiched between the Sun-Moon eclipse and Chiron.

Both Kurt Vonnegut (who was anti-war and against the detached perspectives of religious and scientific abstraction that disregarded humanity) and J.R.R Tolkien wrote from an ideological and deeply thought out psychic space and their characters are inherently symbolic. 

Timeline Change

Continuing with the exploration of my timeline choice thesis…
The Nodes rule the time trajectory and with Chiron on the South Node in Pisces effectively opening up the door to the past into a space prior to Monotheism (Sabian Symbol for South Node Sinai). Jupiter retrograding close to the North Node equates to bifurcation, splitting in a wide array of potential lines. 

The planet TL66, which is the connection to the space-time boundary is in exact square to Neptune in Pisces (10th degree Sabian, Aviator in the Clouds)  and itself is located at the 10th degree of Gemini (An Airplane Falling), highlighting the crisis and the atmosphere that humanity is presently feeling at a loss on a deep level or unknowing about the future. Superficially things are okay, there is more calm recently.

The future is being ‘chosen’ but the process at the moment is one of back and forth and flip flopping adjustments.  We cannot see how we are doing, it is hard to define the net result of consciousness awakening versus consciousness withdrawal. The withdrawal is increasing denial, distraction and avoidance of the rolling exposure of our mainstream mythology, it is a fa├žade without legitimacy. At the same time there is more faith that things will work out and I choose to invest in faith, whilst still recognizing the great deception being played upon humanity.

In my 2012 book, I start with the fact of the increase in high energy plasma in our Solar System, which is the cause of environmental flux throughout the Solar System. I am now of the opinion that there is an incoming planet or small Brown Dwarf that is causing this. When I wrote the book, I was hesitant with the Planet X theory, now it looks more convincing with the astronomy evidence. I feel that it is a still a way off, I cannot be sure, but that is my feeling. Astronomer Mike Brown is promising to find the 9th planet probably within a year from now and this will open up further speculation on the trans-Kuiper Belt solar system.

Essentially the energy field, the totality of Earth’s environment which means human consciousness needs to change in order to move out of resonance with incoming traffic.
The geological evidence of the cataclysm- flood of 10,800-9,600 BCE is now in the bag so to speak and the emerging archaeological evidence of ancient civilization (Gobekli Tepe for example dated before the flood and just after the flood) is compelling.

We are becoming conscious of what we might have to face, the emergence of evidence and of the push to colonize Mars and to get people used to the idea of living on Mars (it looks like we have already started on Mars), and much else all show that we are gearing up for a threshold moment, its coming but not here yet.

On one hand it is excessively disturbing to be seeing the enormous revelation of potential cosmic doom, on the other hand I feel a sense of excitement due to the fact the acknowledgment of it will cause the shift of consciousness to change our global culture to the next stage.

As the background energy continues to increase, there will be a stage where psychic conductivity a psychic internet becomes available, this will be later in the 2020s.

Coming Back to the Eclipse
The integration of the upcoming Eclipse and Moon Cycle with tmy speculative sense of the future reinforces the issue of spiritual authority and the teaching of how the world is, the metaphysical assumptions of our reality. We extend this metaphysical assumption to religion, science and new age spirituality.

Expand your awareness to find a new story.