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The New Era Circus and the path of the Paradox Warrior, Filthy Lucre, Survival and Satisfaction

Your journey as a warrior through the rough and tumble of the circus. Learning how to handle paradox, survive, flourish and satisfy the need to express the self and feel connected to existence. The call of spirit and learning to dance with the devil that is money. 

Cirque Eloize

The Spiritual hypermarket, the ‘new age’ circus is still the leading edge of social-cultural evolution.

There are stages of development for all individuals who inhabit and pass through the seeming madhouse of what is perceived to be the new age market. In actuality I would say that the new age market is a valid stage of culture and personal development. The first stage of awakening is a blissful adventure, of free exploration and the ego is by necessity unleashed so that the feeling body is freed from the constraints of previous stages of culture. The first stage is liberation of the self, not always very pretty, but a liberation none the less.

Today the narcissism of the internet with the explosion of selfies is part of that necessary stage of development. Celebrity culture promoted by the mainstream is not in essence any different, with its highly polished promotional representation of scientists, politicians, business people, actors, sports people and singers. The difference being that, if someone can do it, why can’t everyone do it? Fair point? In a world ruled by image manufacturing, then the natural conclusion is that everyone will take part in the circus. Talent and usefulness are not easily to quantify. There are many highly talented individuals who never receive media attention, so we cannot in all honesty attribute mainstream fame to be a conclusive and balanced arbiter of authentic value. The media is a dubious stamp of approval. Furthermore financial worth is no longer seen as a way of measuring someone’s true value to humanity. 

Yes there is sometimes validity by some mainstream critics to alternative lives, we can learn from them, but the world is a madhouse at the moment and there is an urgency for more spiritual awakenings, alternative lifestyles and more spiritual product. The Paradox Warrior can learn from everyone and refine the self, without wavering on the path to become a performer in the New Era Circus.


The world has always been and certainly is now more than ever a circus, a performance. The Circus is a valid description of absolute reality. Yes it’s a school as well, except the lessons get more complex and the element of theatre becomes more apparent as we wake up. Trying to project any kind of uber-rational appraisal be it academic or scientific onto reality will fall short of our experience and the evident nature of absolute reality.

Our everyday space of normal world activity is predominately psychological. The contemporary world of human interaction and monetary exchange is a psychological reality.
Our survival is based on the physical body, but that is dependent upon our psychological health, wanting to live and that most often means a certain amount of money. Adequate and healthy food, warmth and shelter are now expensive. In order to survive physically we also need human connection, to feel part of some kind of social network, all of that requires money. 

Two brothers living in cave outside Budapest stand to inherit $6.6 billion

To live a life that feels like it’s worth living, we need love and meaningfulness and eventually that requires soul awareness as well as personal expression. As we get older we require more depth and everyone is challenged to become more conscious as they age. It is eventually unavoidable that an expanded consciousness becomes increasingly important and the world as a totality is edging towards the encounter with this fact. 

Consciousness encompasses spirituality, psychology and materialism.

Material crisis leads to psychological evaluation and eventually, in everyone, a consideration of the soul. The world has not quite got there yet, even though the physical and psychological challenge of living today is extraordinary, but at some point it is inevitable that the nature of spirit and soul will invade the mainstream. Alternatively people will be totally zombied out and absorbed by technology and lose their soul, literally. Many people see the full dystopian matrix manifesting, but I am an optimist even though it does look like it will be a close call, there is just enough awakening I believe to stop that happening, only just, but just about enough.

The fact that money dominates this physical reality is for many an unfortunate one. The importance of money in our world starkly reminds us of the relative low level of human evolution at present. Despite the rapid development of technology, this conceptual value we call money is inhibiting humanity from solving all of its problems. A humanity released from the shackles of the economic system, which literally sucks big time, sucks out human energy, could apply itself whole heartedly to solving all of the most challenging of the world’s problems. We have the greatest resource ever, 7.3 billion people, and this enables extreme specialization. None of the environmental, resource, energy food, water or habitation challenges are beyond humanity at its present level of development. I have spent a long time looking at that and could easily write a book on that point alone.

from https://blog.equinix.com/blog/2011/06/15/global-financial-markets-a-network-neutral-future/

For now at least, as sucky as it is, money is still a massive factor and that means for everyone including anyone on a spiritual path, exploration of consciousness or creative endeavour. We all have to struggle with it and adapt to it. Those who are not struggling are experiencing a temporary level of comfort I say temporarily because the nature of money is the barrier to the environmental, population, resource, energy problem etc.

People who escape the gravity of money very rarely do anything fundamental to help humanity awaken. Freedom from money is extremely rare and those who have accumulated it, are generally more entrapped by it, they cannot stop thinking in terms of money, this is because of the nature of money itself. To escape the gravity of money is theoretically possible with the equivalent of about five million US dollars. In practice though people spend too much, do not live carefully with 5 Mill and the equivalent amount needed seems to be about 10-20 million dollars, but rarely do people make radical use of time even then. Seriously I have studied this as well and I have seen clients with lots of money worrying more than those have no capital what so ever. The other one I see a lot of is, “I will wait until I have enough money before following my heart”, it will not happen, you will never have enough.

If we applied this maxim to the world we can see that the world is waiting for enough money before it deals with reality, but the money we have today sucks, literally sucks! Political and business pundits speak of being practical when comes to world problems, what they always mean is we have to consider money first. No doggam it, you have to consider money, yes, but it comes second in consideration. Money is second to all that is good in life, all that is worthwhile and all problem solving and especially to anyone on spiritual path. But you still have to consider it.

The first stage of the new age awakening.
I will use the term new age awakening in an all encompassing manner to include the positive meaning of; humanity moving into a new awakened epoch where it recognizes its spiritual existence.
The first stage is a calling, an absolute imperative to follow the heart and to explore. This first stage is exhilarating and blissful as you move into a vast landscape of energy and potential that has always been there, just waiting for you to carrive. The early stage is joyful, yes with uncomfortable feelings and emotions, self worth issues are all part of the roller coaster ride, but the essential experience is liberation.

For those with money, the adventure includes full immersion into exploring the many products, courses and services in the spiritual hypermarket. For those without money there is often a horrible feeling of being left out. In either case the essential factor is developing habitual discipline and the autonomy to practice on a day to day basis, to do the work and enjoy the work, for it is incredibly satisfying. The danger for those who have the money for the spiritual hypermarket is that they will hop around from product to product as continual consumers of introductory level weekends.
If you do not have any money to spend its okay, what you need is actually available to you and it starts with developing your own investigatory practices.

Now with all that I have said so far I hope this next statement will make sense.

It is ridiculous to criticize someone who charges a professional freelance fee for a spiritual service.
Professional fees are by necessity quite expensive, in most cases there are many unseen hours that go into each hour with a client. We are not living in India in 500 BCE, you cannot choose to fully opt out, the financial system disavows it.

You still have to 'find the Zen' in the circus Photo credit: thegardenofzen.com

When I started, seriously on the path of exploration, 25 years ago, I had zilch, I did whinge a bit occasionally but essentially I got up very early and went out and did my shamanic and energy practices. I cannot tell you enough how much of a gift that has been to myself.

If you are limited by cash and cannot afford to do hardly any courses, do not whinge and accuse teachers and those who have set themselves up in the hypermarket of being profiteers. It will do you no good at all and you are most probably wrong. 

The world is a fucking circus and the spirit loves it! Play the game and shake that shit off, what shit? The total purist, super-ego, self righteous  boring holy muthrfckg politically correct regressive. I speak with compassion, as I have this a little of this voice within myself as well.
The spiritual Hypermarket or shall we expand it to all that is not legit in the mainstream the new epoch circus, the New Era Circus.

The New Era Circus , is fully ET’d up, it is conspiracy’d, it is atlantis’d, its astrologized, it is yeti’d its everything fringe and unless you have studied it with real depth I would suggest you hold back from calling any of it out as BS. Why?

Robotics and Genetics

Because once you leave the mainstream, you are a weirdo, fringe dwelling, delusional, psuedo-scientific, psuedo-intellectual, nut job that needs to be humoured, someone somewhere thinks you are full of shit. I say this because I see a lot of fringe dwellers calling out specific areas of study as being fake. Virtually all if not all of the traditions have now been infected with Circus mentality as well, you will not find that pure space of perfection that you think exists, embrace the paradox, it is humanity.

If you have expanded your awareness beyond the mainstream, then you can see what madness is being packaged as rationalism, pragmatism and mature behaviour, so do not be so quick to judge elsewhere.

The adventure in the New Era Circus requires you to be strong, to be adaptable to handle the paradoxes that are the natural result of the structure of the psyche. You are living in an environment that requires constant adjustment and adaptability, cognitive fluidity and a sense of humour, especially when it comes to yourself. 

All I have written above expresses the process I have gone through over the years and some of machinations that have led me to creating my new course. I have been looking to create a course that is efficient, yet professional. What I mean by this is that I charge a proper fee and yet teach, facilitate and provide tools that enable self practice and most of all encourage sovereignty.  
A course that is not cheap and yet does not enslave you in a cultish manner or leave you dependent upon me. A course that empowers you to navigate the circus and encourage you to create your own financial autonomy. Eventually and fairly often people who embark upon the consciousness exploration feel the need to move from the corporate environment and then create their own professional service.

It is my intention to encourage this, as we need new performers in the circus.
I will unveil my new course structure at some point after the October new moon.

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The Door Opening as we Move from Summer to Autumn..........Part Two (Projects and New Initiatives)

Hold that Eagle and be ready

The New Moon in Libra in October heralds a new gateway for and into society, as it will be conjunct Jupiter in its new sign of Libra, with themes of expanded, polarized and energized relationships and social interactions.

In September we have two eclipses, bringing in adjustments and reboots, Mercury is retrograde until 22nd with the Autumn Equinox a time of harvesting your wisdom, then Pluto goes forward on the 26th after being retrograde since 18 April, so deeper inner changes since then now start to unfold as external change.Then a period of integration for a few days before the New Moon on October 1st, a new emotional cycle, which heavily effects the cycle of social mood.

Looking at the Mayan Timewaves we can ascertain a process for all projects.

Warrior Timewave find your truth and ask for forgiveness from the source for the unavoidable problems this creates for others (from today)

Water Timewave Connect to source, cleanse, purify your project, feel your gratitude and allow yourself to feel the energy of your new project.

Wind Timewave starting 13th September, formulate the information and message for the project, be open to last minute adjustments due to synchronistic messages.

Eagle Timewave from 26th September The Vision manifests and you let it fly after the new moon, seeking money and rewards. Monday 3rd is a commitment to the message you wish to convey to others. Do it!

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The Door Opening as we Move from Summer to Autumn

An email from a friend pushed me into looking at an upcoming alignment of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter

Hi Laurence, I understand that an alignment of planets is to take place on the 25th Aug to early September, the likes of which hasn't been seen since 1940.

I wondered what you might be picking up?

More here  http://earthsky.org/

Venus and Jupiter and Mercury will be visible and very close with Venus and Jupiter merging, this is not so unusual but it does feel good and it is lovely to see. With Mercury in close attendance there is more power to this conjunction, suggesting a message, a teaching or important information will be delivered.  Jupiter and Venus did the same thing last summer.

So bearing in mind this might not be a super significant event I will give a quick appraisal of the energy. Venus and Jupiter together bring a surge of good energy and optimism, I remember that from last year. This can be easily spent indulgently, or you can enjoy the feeling but stay conscious.
Key Symbolism found in the three planets positions: power and authority with beauty and harmony.
The alignment takes place in the peak of The Vulture Timewave in the Mayan Calendar, linking in with higher authority and teachers.

More Symbolism An authoritative charismatic teacher, a master appears from an ancient society, or institution, and reveals secret knowledge. 

The conjunction is a seed point that points towards the near future emergence of strong leadership founded on real knowledge.
This can manifest in various ways positively and negatively (as a deceptive character), but generally speaking it is a great benefic energy, abundant, generous and harmonious.  Jupiter and Venus also alludes to parties, luxury, pleasure, falling in love or… falling prey to lavish charm. 

The Venus-Jupiter cycle, is 399 days approximately, ie every 399 days the two come together, not always at the same longitude ie not always merging.  The half way point of the cycle in May 2017 will be the flowering of this next cycle when the planets are opposite each other , so the full extent of the theme not be obvious until next year.

Looking further into this end of summer period we notice that the alignment takes places very close to the end of the moon cycle. The next moon cycle begins with an Eclipse on 1st September and although Venus has moved off a bit by 4 degrees, Mercury is now retrograde and in an exact conjunction with Jupiter at the 29th degree of Virgo, A Man Gaining secret Knowledge from a Paper He is Reading, that symbol sits very comfortably with Mercury retrograde powered by Jupiter…Secret Knowledge, powerful knowledge, important information, deeper meaning, occult knowledge or spiritual knowledge.

The Eclipse (an eclipse is on/off reboot of reality) is at the 10th degree of Virgo, Two Heads Looking Out Beyond the Shadows, seeing both sides of an issue and seeing beyond and behind appearances and the importance of gaining a second opinion, someone else’s perspective. Just to add emphasis it is also 2 Dog in the Tzolkin on the 1st, so yes! get a second opinion from someone you trust.

Jupiter moves into Libra, changing the flavour of social energies on 9 September and increasing debate, differences and social interaction, potentially creating more social harmony. 

The Node is at 13th degree of Virgo throughout most of this period A Strong Hand Supplanting Political Hysteria (hmm), positively clearing up social disorder and confusion.
The overall message for me seems to be that it is  a time for taking control of life from the basis of real knowledge and a position of a positive abundant state of consciousness.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter prior to the Venus-Jupiter merge on August 21 and the Sun returns here (within 1 degree) Flag at Half Mast theme of respect and reputation for the Full Moon penumbral eclipse on 16 September with Moon conjunct Chiron Purging the Priesthood.

So the leader or in your own personal situation your confidence in taking control of your life also requires wisdom and humility, do not fake your position, find authentic confidence and ride that.
August is a relaxed month, a time for holidays and pleasure, this coming period is a good time to enjoy holiday season and feel refreshed and see if you can find a deep positive will to move forward in your life with genuine confidence this September. Just have some sobriety , stay balanced ie do not be a flaky positive bunny rabbit, but find the quiet reserved confidence of your wisest self. When we are relaxed we can easily gain fresh insights and inspiration. Holidays are great for change, if you hook into the essential element of your insights. Take time out and then take note.

If you can find that refreshment and fresh perspective within you, then start to take your life to a new level this autumn.

If you seriously want to capitalize on this opening, then log and follow the changes of energy from August 21 to September 16, write them down and learn directly from the qualities of each moment. 

An Important Point

The visible merging conjunction of Jupiter and Venus with Mercury close by around August 27, followed by an Eclipse might not have such a huge effect, it is not a radical change, it is one of many interesting alignments that occur fairly regularly. New Age channels get really excited all the time and then tend to wait and hope with ungrounded expectation and so it is that people feel very cynical about the astrological events that pop up on social media. The end of August-mid September period is an opportunity for those that make it so, the energy supports a change if you engage with the unfolding flow of energies. The symbolism is fairly clear and straightforward and energy is there for you, if you access it. 

Process it and work with it!

I have written this with myself in mind and will take my own advice and will share my new course after Mercury has started to go forward and the Sun is conjunct Jupiter around 26 September which is Eagle 1 in the Tzolkin.

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The Conceptual Framework and Shamanism

All Images Are From HERE Tatiana she is seeing it!

Shamanism is undergoing transformation, definitions are in flux and shamanic experience is also changing and the application of shamanism is evolving to encompass an enormous diversity

The Conceptual Framework

Each individual has a perceptional field, which can be understood as the imagination in the broadest possible sense, which includes all concepts, opinions and knowledge that comprises his or hers conceptual framework. The conceptual framework translates all experience through its own lexicon. Experiences are further translated down into the centralized identity, such as the mental ego construct of self.  The mind allows some conceptual energy into the file known as Reality (1), and other energy is filed under Fiction (2) and some is filed into Unlikely but not sure (3) as well as Likely but not quite sure (4).


 Shamanism involves connection to and adaption to the environment. Shamanism is about working with the living energies, that underpin and shape the environment. The environment is a living field of energy and consciousness, it is a lot more than the biospheric environment, that people commonly associate with the word. As such the environment is a dynamic changing and evolving lifescape.
Within the Earth’s environment we are living through an epoch with a dramatic emergence of technology, one aspect of this is the internet. The internet provides a framework of concepts. 

The conceptual framework of humanity has undergone an enormous expansion and complexification, the ideas, experiences, imaginings, opinions and revelations that are available are too expansive for any one mind. Regardless to how much individuals choose to take on, of this reservoir of information and perception within their reality framework and their belief system, is irrelevant, this extraordinary conceptual framework now exists. The informational landscape of the internet is part of the environment. The environment is going through an dramatic transition. 


Reality, which is an agreement of how we filter experience and engage with the physical dimension, is in transition and the agreement of reality is now increasingly becoming more fluid, relative and virtual. Ultimate reality (?) is not knowable to human beings at their present state of development.

Healing and Wholeness

Shamanism looks to heal the soul. Healing involves temporary stabilization where we feel healed, bu it is ongoing process of stability and growth.The soul is an evolving consciousness, evolution includes a process of involution or graduated descension of soul into the ego-mind that has formed through history, shamanism has its roots in the human species pre-egoic stages. The soul or the consciousness exists outside time and space as we know it and yet also encompasses all of the senses and the ideas and beliefs we encounter, the soul is not a fixed entity. The human soul is an osmotic self, that is seeking to integrate with the ego domain and therefore transform it.

Shamanism is a direct experiential practice and way of being and yet with that comes an increasingly sophisticated conceptual framework. We can no longer merely see shamanism as the ancient ancestoral experience, for the environment is no longer merely natural, but supranatural. 

The human species is attempting to become a planetary civilization, whereby the full diversity and complexity of the total living environment is experienced as a dynamic unified whole (not enclosed) and that whole interfaces with and adapts to cosmic energies. Healing is now reconnection and dynamic adaption to the dramatically changing environment. We cannot find a blissful state of stability for all time, we must now accept that the journey is one of navigation and adventure within the flux state environment.

Chill out Dudes and Learn from Others

The practice of shamanism involves stretching the conceptual framework.  The experience we get from plant medicines or even LSD catapults us into an experience beyond our established conceptual framework and way beyond the walls of our identity.

However even after hundreds of entheogenic journeys the conceptual framework although radically reconfigured can still retain limitations, I have seen it. Cultural diversity and exposure to new ideas and beliefs has to be part of a shamanic path of development.

An understanding of how the Earth is changing and how a planetary culture in a planetary environment is emerging is an essential part of contemporary shamanism.

The Shamans of today,  if they are to be totally relevant, cannot be politically na├»ve or complicit with the mainstream illusion in any way, in any corner.

So we must recognize that one shaman is unlikely to have it all mastered, this opens the door to a multiplicity of shamanic approaches. 

It is an absurdity to dismiss other peoples experiences if you are undergoing shamanic development.

A respect for traditional shamans and an openness to the best of the neo-shamanic approaches and the best of the new age cosmic modalities is the way forward.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Future Trajectory, the Road Ahead Opens Up

Noosphere by Tatiana Plakhova my favourite Artist see more here

Today is 10 Good Road in the Tzolkin

The manifestation of Foredawn, is the timeline now set in the subconscious dream realms? Has a major contextual bifurcation occurred in time, that although not creating a fixed fate, may have sculpted a dominant trajectory for our species? 

I was with friends last night, and my friend 8 Deer was telling me about a sudden panic among Hong Kong companies to get on board with augmented and virtual reality, presumably triggered by the Pokemon Go craze.

Earlier this week I saw this story on Wired about a start-up Magic Leap creating superimposed virtual realities and I returned once again to the Pluto in Aquarius theme.

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2045
Pluto in Aquarius promises us the tipping point effect of a saturated augmented virtual reality internet integrated with objects and environments. Potentially all of this will be connected globally via satellite, changing the locus of control to an off world assemblage.

The effect of this Pholus frequency emergence on consciousness is that reality itself becomes increasingly virtual.  There will be an increasing transparency of the self-virtual temporary identities, a dreamlike environment and dislocation from the material. It will not be an information environment, this is a dreamscape seeking emergence.

On the negative end of the Spectrum we have the possible full realization of the Dystopian Matrix, on the positive end of the spectrum we have an opportunity for the freedom of consciousness.
The likely outcome will be somewhere between these two poles. On one hand technology is a major catalyst for the transformation of consciousness and the other hand the human psyche is disconnected from the body, nature and the soul.

I saw most of this from my energy field shamanic practices from around 1997. External tools, such as computers allow the human to reclaim the corresponding ability within the soul, with the evolution of consciousness the objective reality is encompassed within the subjective realm, ie the internet is a training tool for the psychic net.

Technology primes (gives permission to) our psychological self, our imagination and our perceptional field to be able access other dimensional realms of energy and consciousness. The more virtual the reality the more reality can be created by higher dimensional consciousness…you can imagine various scenarios of how this might play out.

Entertainment and Information an Empty promise without Pro-active Consciousness Growth

What interests me now and has done since the 1990s is the development of post technological shamanism. I was shown this and experienced it directly through shamanic exploration

The holographic energy field connected to body, time-space and the soul inherently contains all of the emerging technologies with the essential factor of the psyche retaining sovereignty.