Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's Time for a Revolution

I am just back from England and the jet lag going from west to east lasts a week, whereas its about 1 day of adjustment going from HK to UK, does anyone know why? …is it to do with the Earths spin, if so it’s pretty interesting and I wonder what implications can be drawn from it? I feel something interesting bubbling under the surface on this subject, what do you think?

A highlight of my trip to London was The Doors of Perception Conference, which inspired me and I have much to say from this conference. It was a great pleasure to hear Antoinne Gigal (here) speak, her work is unique, she spends half her time in Egypt and as well as speaking French, Chinese, Japanese she speaks Egyptian, the result is that opens doors others can not. Her talk was titled Evidence of High Technology in Ancient Egypt and she made great use of satellite imagery to show the network of waterworks that are connected to the pyramids over a large area, here work dovetails nicely with Christopher Dunn’s and if you add together what they present you can see strong evidence of an Earth based Technology for generating power.

Tim Wallace-Murphy was speaking about the symbol code and the links of Egypt, the Old Testament and Christianity his presentation followed on nicely from Robert Feathers talking about a particular Dead Sea Scroll.

All of the above are full time researchers who are contributing to one of the most important debates of our society, that of our true history.
The other dominant theme of the conference was regarding the global conspiracy of the New World Order. The world is at a tricky stage of transformation right now and for the next few years at least and the issue of our past is fundamental to a shift in consciousness. There is a real fear—in those who have been heavily educated in the conventional sense and those whose power depends upon the status quo—in hearing or allowing some of the incredible truths and mysteries of Earths history and therefore our evolution and evolution in general.

It is time for a revolution and that revolution is a media revolution.

I will be expounding further in greater details on all of this over the next 3 months, watch this space

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  1. Welcome back.

    I think the jet lag issue is cased by special relativity... It takes no time to acclimatise *going* on a trip.

    It takes far longer to recover *coming back*