Sunday, 4 May 2014

An Enchantments of Life Inspired Philosophical Exploration

This article is written for those who know The Enchantments of Life

At the planetary scale of consciousness, reality starts to become virtual, the past is not fixed. Reality is a construct derived from the totality of collective agreement. Our past is a story. Yesterday has a tangible quality, our personal childhood memories are mostly scant and the experience of being a child is essentially a mystery to the adult mind. The further back in time we go, the more time decays. Time decays with time. We understand that the future is malleable. The further we look into the future the more variables we will perceive and in some way this true of the ancient past.

We exist now and the present is a nodal point for multiple timelines, each timeline is real, virtually and can become real to experience if accepted as such.

What is the truth of our origins, our evolution, our ancient history, Atlantis, Egypt, Sumer, what beings have been involved in our development? What involvement has there been from deities, other dimensional beings, discarnate elemental spirits, extra-terrestrials, inter-terrestrials? 

How are we linked to other beings and other species? What contracts are in place? How do we re-negotiate contracts of reality that no longer serve our further evolution? Who is in control, who is in control of the controllers, and how much of reality is open to creative freewill?

The dialectic within the exploratory threads of the internet, (ie, not Wikipedia, nor Google approved, not mainstream media) is a surging growing divergence of perspectives inter-laced with self forming structures of potentiality. Meaning, that there is an expanding collective imagination that is coagulating into potential realities that are semi manifest. 

I contend that an understanding of reality requires the lens of the developmental structure of our psyches. To understand our reality we have to be able to see there are different levels of reality, not only in terms of other dimensions, but here now all around us, hidden in plain sight. These other levels of reality reveal themselves to us when we look for them, which is based on when we are ready to look for them.. The one looking, the observer is also subject to these other levels of consciousness, so that means we are all looking through a perspective that is both unique yet generic. The different perspectives of each us, is generated from the developmental levels of human evolution and the unique way we weave the generic frequencies consciousness.

The developmental structure of how consciousness evolves reveals the symbiotic relationship between an individual’s evolution and cultural evolution.

Each level of reality is constructed from consciousness that permeates the physical atomic world, each level of reality is expressed by its own artifacts.

Everything’s true, but what’s truer? 

The TRUTH is beyond reach yet always present.

The TRUTH, the ultimate nature of GOD which is beyond all time and space is something we are forever evolving towards, in other words the ultimate reality is a mystery, yet its’, or perhaps we should say his, her and its’ expression is within everything and is everything.

Existence is an omni-directional all pervasive intelligence that we can label the ground of consciousness, which is self learning, self organizing, self re-adjusting through dynamic omni-present feedback. We live within a unified, yet semi-compartmentalized field of unlimited intelligence.

From our perspective the field of consciousness contains structure, each structure is permeable and interconnected there is no such thing as complete isolation. Each structure is calibrated by its framing of time and space, which enables the level of complexity of the prevalent story that shapes the actions of all those within it. All endeavour, all art, all metaphysical and physical science, all experience is subject to the time/space frame. The time/space frame is most evident with calendars, how we divide and label each component of time and the named borders of space, clan, village, town, city, international market, global village, planetary reality etc.

From a higher perspective the structures of the developmental process are akin to frequency waves.

Everything is true? This means that everything has its own truth, everything is self-reinforcing, self consistent… to a degree, not fully enclosed because it contains a crack, a wound, a discordance that is the portal, connection and opening to a larger truth. 

The larger the truth, the more complex reality becomes. The measure of complexity of reality is the measure of its number of constituent parts, pathways between parts and scale of encompassment. A more complex reality embraces more time, more space, more affinity with more of life, with more of existence, in more ways.

 Each person adjusts to the complexity of their scale of reality. As reality become more complex, the two primary impulses--of love/openess/acceptance or destruction/power/control--  grow stronger. Which is to say the pressure increases either to love more of life, accept more of existence and be an expression of life’s unending beauty and majesty OR to control the complications of reality--which no individual can do, so they are tempted by the ‘darkside’--to align with the energy that pretends to be in control. Control is only ever partial, yet important in evolution, for we grow incrementally. A degree of control creates structure.

Now we are feeling the evolutionary pressure to embrace a much larger reality, which requires greater co-operation and acceptance, yet confrontation with the shadow of reality and increased sovereignty. So the co-operation I speak of is not based on finding easy consensual comfort, it is based on the intent to solve the relevant problems of our world through a creative non violent competition, where the most creative is honoured and valued in each moment.

 Leadership then naturally becomes a revolving doorway, as the spotlight, the status, success is temporary, celebrity erodes as fame is a passing irrelevance. Self satisfaction is more important and acknowledgement from others is also important, but not to be overly fixated upon. Why, because acclaim is an illusions that trap the ego within its own prison.  Power is the greatest illusion, for the greatest power is non local and always beyond the present frame. 

We desire the freedom that comes with accepting some limitations, whilst not limiting the divine essence within us, so that we can continue to flow and to grow at a rate that we can accommodate. At present there is an overwhelm due to the evolutionary pressure of the transition from one level of culture to another. The outgoing reality based on scientism is collapsing, the story that accompanies scientism includes a neo-Darwinian projection and a history that starts only 5,000 years ago and then only fuzzily. 

The contract has expired. That truth haas served us, now we need a more complex truth.

The new contract is being negotiated, inadvertently to a large degree, for the competitive race to claim reality comes with the desire to authorize THE TRUTH. It will not be THE TRUTH, it will be a partial truth, that will be truer than the previous mythological construct of scientism. We are not able to grow beyond incremental stages, the species is moving towards the planetary scale of reality but it is impossible to say exactly when that will manifest. So the next truth that congeals will be or should be 'better' than the last truth of scientism.

The context of reality is changing. Context is linked to the framing of time/space, the story, the contract agreed upon. To look to science or I should scientism, for true progress, is now a folly, to see context requires understanding the mythological realm, the stories that are being told and being created by us all, what story will agree to you? On the fringe the timeframe has been extended back to the great cataclysm of about 11-13,000 years ago, a new history is gradually emerging, an ancient advanced civilization coming more clearly into view and with that the questions of what other beings were involved in this ancient civilization and, how were they involved?

At present there are different timelines that appear to be visible, the past is not fixed, because consciousness is the ground of being and consciousness is unlimited in its creativity. Many different beings from any different timelines wish to anchor our reality in their timeline. Beings like ET, travel between the stars or the dimensions, which is to say they travel time and therefore come from a future, not necessarily the future we are on.

The collective consciousness rules the reality we will select, the scale of the collective reality involved with this negotiation is based on the totality of the human species. In other words we have not yet embraced the extraterrestrial community, we are moving towards the global and then onto the planetary frame of space (and this also mean time). The many different extra-terrestrial and other-dimensional beings are outside of the human species energy field yet interconnected, looking in, involved with to some extent and trying to pull us towards their agenda, their timeline, their story.
The darker agendas within the theatre, incite fear whilst promising greater comfort and protection from the induced fear if we surrender our autonomy.

Enslavement of the spirit requires our agreement. The time we are living in is uncomfortable, if you feel some level of discomfort that seems to be in the energy, the all pervasive field that we live within then you are in touch with reality. Obviously we do not want too much discomfort, the solution seems to me, to keep engaging with the creative frontier. 

Luckily there is a large enough resistance, non compliance and creativity to keep the game going and it is a game.

Those who conspire against humanity do indeed suppress knowledge of the past, transparently evident with Egypt for example, they do hide extra-ordianry artifacts and information, texts and technology. However the greatest truth they hide is that they do not know THE TRUTH. There is no absolute control possible, only partial control.

 Human creativity is extraordinary, there is no problem present within our reality that does not have a solution that can be accessed. Humanity is forever accessing this dynamic creative engine, that is existence itself. As new revolutionary ideas or revelations about reality emerge they grow in popularity and as they becoming a movement and are gaining power they then become co-opted by dark agendas. 

For example the environmental crisis is fundamentally a crisis of consciousness that requires an expansion of consciousness, an awareness of a greater context. There is no shortage of energy in the cosmos or within Earth’s realm and therefore the next contextual level is abundant and holds all of the solutions to the immediate physical problems. By diverting this awareness to inadequate solutions--ie recycling plastic bags, unleaded petrol, suggesting a carbon tax, harking on about food, water, economic shortages, constantly plugging the over-population meme--people get hypnotized by content rather than looking at context. The intelligences that engineer the focus on this impoverished content, do not attempt to solve the problems... this is now transparently obviously to many people.

If I was to be asked for advice, I would suggest…

Stay free, or at least partially detached from all large scale movements, retain your ability to think for yourself and ask more intelligent questions, debate without getting involved in low level debates that descend into personality power battles, (easier for woman than men to detach from these), recognize that many people have part of the truth and no nodal point in the social theatre, be that an individual, guru, movement, website, organization, has all of the truth.

Your intuition and imagination is a valuable commodity, especially when it works hand with your intellect. The imagination is the creative function, keep it free. Virtually everything coming out of Hollywood is loaded with social programming, the scripts have become incredibly diminished and formulaic, the agenda of the controllers is apparent. In many ways fiction is more powerful than factual reportage, because fiction over rides the intellect, we allow in far more information and energy whilst watching a film than say reading the news.

Utilize your imagination and recognize how the collective imagination is covertly shaped, in this way you are able to retain the autonomy of the inherent co-creative function of the psyche. We are all co-creating the world, our vision, our perception is shaping the potentiality, the pre-manifest energy.

Now is the time to have a larger vision of life, the vision of scientism is full of rich and dense information but within a relatively small context. Envisage a larger context for all social issues, do not let your internal dialogue be shaped by the mainstream media, (including entertainment and the centralized aspects of the internet, ie Wikipedia) the polarities offered by the mainstream are product of a singular context, the seeming diversity of the populist script is actually contextually tight, rigid and conforming to a unified story, this story is but one version of reality.

Now is the time to ask bigger questions, contextually intelligent questions that energize and provide further unfolding questions, questions that feed the flow of creativity.

Expand your vision of life.