Friday, 28 May 2010

The Garden of Eden

The book I have started writing is about the enchanting nature of reality and the different Enchantments of human unfoldment. The enchanting nature of life is the view from the Brow Chakra.
The journey of writing has been intense, with moments of frustration and blockage where a vision is gestating and I am forced to let go. I am also feeling an increasing sense of connection to other realms and guidance as I have committed to writing the book. A new portal in my psyche is definitely opening up as I reach out to greater intelligences to understand with more clarity the story of creation upon Earth.

I have been posting prompters and questions on Facebook as part of the writing process as I formulate the book. Getting feedback from people has been invaluable and helps keeps my mind open. The big issue from the comments and my own perceptions is understanding the role of the mind and the heart, the limits of rationality and the recognition that we have lost something. Something we had in the Garden of Eden.

Feeling the Vibrations from Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis and Arcadia, Antediluvian paradises and the pre-physical states of human species origins
Briefly, here is one of the perspectives that I am developing for the book:

Oh yes we can see who's fault it is!
The very naughty Lilith as the serpent, from Notre Dame Cathedral

Kicked Out of Eden
Before evolution, involution occurs. Involution is the Fall; the descension of our consciousness into form, time and space. Involution starts at a point beyond time and space, in an innocent state without self-consciousness, and involves the development of progressively denser bodies for the involuting consciousness to inhabit.

Evolution occurs on Earth and ‘in time’. At some point after the formation of the basic biosphere—with its plants and animals—a human body emerges. The involutionary process runs parallel to ‘evolution in time’, yet involution is beyond time and space.

We still yearn to go back to the Garden of Eden, the original dream-like innocence.
We do lose innocence as we evolve, but we can return to innocence with more consciousness during the evolutionary adventure. In between each lifetime—and during each sleep time and in every moment—we experience varying degrees of the return to the blissful innocence of the soul’s resting place, beyond the mind, heart and abstract mind.

At some point during the Nirvana state, there is an impulse from within the soul to project itself once again into the whole drama. Involution then reoccurs; evolution in time/space is re-engaged with. This in turn is then followed by the return to Nirvana, after death, during sleep and during those times when we are totally present in each infinitesimal moment.

Before each life, before conception, we recapitulate aspects of involution and this continues during gestation in our mother’s womb. Concurrently, the foetus in the womb recapitulates the evolutionary process as it changes form from egg to fish, to reptile, to mammalian prototypes, before becoming a recognizable human embryo. The fetus is predominately female first before the male traits and sexual organs of the male emerge. However the male sperm determines the matrix of gender. What comes first male or female? The answer to this question changes all the way back to source depending upon which level you stop to view it from.

Human Gestation and Involution of the Soul

During this period, our involuting soul is connected by a psychic chord to, and absorbing the experiences of, the physical embryo. The physical embryo in the amniotic fluid is resonant with the involuting soul in the psychic plasma.

The psychic fallout from the Fall continues to ripple into our being as we grow and develop through childhood and then onto adulthood.

Reality Is Timeless and Cyclical, yet Evolving in Time

The Mythic Realm is a state of timeless truth and is recursive; a fractal experience. So if we take the myth of the Garden of Eden and the accompanying fall from innocence, we re-experience it at various stages of evolution as we lose more innocence and become more self-conscious. The re-experience and reinvention of the Fall in different historical contexts will be explored later, when I introduce the expanded Enchantments of Life map. However although the myth changes to suit the epoch of evolution and history, the essential myth is timeless and can be approached directly by anyone in an intuitive manner. On one level the exit out of Eden is the loss of our animal instinct—as we became more self conscious due to evolution—and therefore separate from the wild natural environment., but it is more than that, it is rooted in the Souls journey into the body from its state of pre-manifest blissful innocence.

In general terms within our subtle physiology, the Fall is the fall down through the chakras.

The Brow Chakra is the point where the twin serpents of the Kundalini life force meet each other and fuse. We can see that the snake in the Garden of Eden is the awakener of the life force, just as we awaken to duality in the Brow Chakra. The Brow Chakra opens up to a celestial realm of the deities, the origin and true home of myth as the poetic substratum of existence.

The Fall involves a separation of Spirit (Adam) and Soul (Eve) to create the first androgynous beings, whose souls have a female or male emphasis, while their spirits have a contrary male or female emphasis. At this stage of human involution, these beings can reproduce from themselves asexually.

The Adam and Eve story is then recapitulated further into density with actual gender crystallization and the accompanying awakening of the serpent, as man and woman are embodied as separate polarities that can only reproduce by coming together.

Lilith is Adams first wife, she is the feminine principle that will not conform to the male structure. The Lilith archetype and her rebellion is relevant to our intimate relationships and the culture of patriarchy through history. However at root Lilith is a Daemon, a trickster spirit goddess, often associated with the serpent as seen in the picture... who expresses the whole realm of the astral spirits who do not exhibit rational or religious principles but are the wild celebratory and creative force within the Earths soul.

The shapeshifting spirit of Lilth shows her feet are rooted in the animal kingdom, yet her Screech Owl associations reveals that she belongs to the night and the mysteries behind nature

In the fantasy film The Golden Compass (Picture below), everyone has a daemon, a guardian spirit/totem animal, I suggest this fantasy is not far from the truth.

Reversing the Fall

The varying and evolving tantric paths focus upon the fusion of male and female to lesser or greater degrees. This can be by transcending sex and concentrating on the inner fusion of spirit and soul (the yoking of the Yogic tradition), or through making love with another to reach a higher level of unity consciousness, where lust is transmuted into higher bliss as the Kundalini snake rises beyond the solar plexus.

"oh go on just a taste, you know you want it"

The Fall into Earth’s Imagination

To emphasize: involution and evolution are recursive. We fall into matter, experience growth and then return to Source each day. During sleep we withdraw from the world of time and space, voyaging through the dream state to the more-subtle realms of the dreamless state. When we awaken, we have descended back into the body, passing down through the astral dream states on our way. In fact, we undergo this circuitous journey (the Bardo) in every infinitesimal moment. At a speed beyond any moment the mind can grasp, the whole of material existence flickers on and off.

After the first split of Spirit and Soul, Spirit stays beyond and outside of all worldly existence. Soul gives birth to the angels, which in time leads to the whole parallel world of the Devic kingdom—the fallen angels who seduce us into matter, the inorganic beings, the ultraterrestrials, the trickster spirits, the Djinni, the elves, the trolls, the pixies, the faeries, the Muses and the whole population of astral beings that shadow the human kingdom. Before religion was or is established in any community, humanity is in continuous interaction with this Devic kingdom. I have had many types of contact with this kingdom myself, throughout my life.

Reality Under Construction

For evolution to advance, this contact had to be diminished, so as to limit the wild, unstable effects of Majik. Civilization as we know it could not have emerged without limiting our relationship with the Devic world. So it is that religion deems it ‘bad’, even ‘evil’. To be fair to religion, the entities of the Devic kingdom in the astral realm can be evil, if utilized by the black sorcerers. To get round this possibility, religion and its morality has blanket demonized Pan and all his cohorts, in effect creating a perceptual barrier. We should mention here that the process of first interacting with, and then shutting down to, the Devic kingdom, is recapitulated in early childhood—all young children play with the faeries. At around seven years of age as the concrete mind—the social conditioning that determines what is acceptable to our culture— prevails, then the sprites and fauns, and the modern day comic book entities disappear from the walled garden of the psyche.

The building of the wall is applicable to childhood, to civilization and also to evolution, for the wall is the wall of those first cities; the wall in the collective psyche that creates a cultural amnesia; and also the wall of our personal boundaries, the construction of which begins in childhood. The symbiotic relationship of personal, collective and evolutionary stories makes sense when we realize that reality—including time—is essentially holographic and recursive. All that has been recapitulates in each moment, though the mind is confounded by this outrageous suggestion, the soul experiences this enfolding and unfolding moment.

Veiling the Earth’s Psyche

Part of the Fall involved becoming unconsciouss of the Serpent Force and the astral world that we fell through to get into density. The two fold process of separating from the Devic Kingdom is through religion and science, morality and rationality both necessary and good stages of development.

The moral foundation—guilt encoded into the body as a constant low-level adrenal inhibitor—creates a platform for the later emergence of the rational mind. The rational mind then fully divides the physical and astral worlds into objective and subjective, real and imaginary, where all Devic manifestations are labelled as merely psychological projections.

However, the tricksters have not gone away—if you look, they are everywhere, creating phenomena that defy easy explanation. Part of the evolution of consciousness in the future (and the awakened return to the Garden of Eden) will involve re-engaging with the Devic kingdom, but now with a greater understanding of its role in creating the world.

In this quick overview, a lot of details are glossed over by necessity, but will be explained more fully in the book. I will be elaborating upon Majik and the differences between self-generated and received experiences in our imagination and dreams. I will also look at the historical connotations of myth and its relevance to our lives today.

It is also probably a good idea to give Lilith her dues and look at the Epic of Gilgamesh, more here on the Crow as I continue to share my journey of writing.

Below we see the Sumerian Garden of Eden that predates the writing of Genesis


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Life Changing Vortex

I have been immersed in writing; the Muses have descended upon me, jumping on my back, whispering and shouting in my ears, while trickster spirits are invading my many hypnagogic moments. The astral spirits, the inorganic beings, have not visited me for ages, but as soon as I started re-tuning into the Castaneda realms, the lucid dreams with weird and wonderful beings have started again.

My focus has been to boil down the data stream and data bank of my research into the essential message for my new website launch later this year. What has happened is that 'the book' has suddenly emerged. I am not wanting to do much else but write and visualize my book and play with the Muses. They will not go away anyway, so if you cannot beat them, join them. I have decided to share some of my process with you and will be posting excerpts on this blog.

I am beginning a rite of passage, with big changes of my energy, as Chiron went into Pisces. Overwhelm, disconnection, existentialism, detachment, disdain and extremes of deep connection where it all suddenly falls into place. The energy body is really sensitive, without me being in a pure space. I am riding the shamanic wave again, which is so out of tune with Hong Kong. I mean, I really love it here on Lamma, but Hong Kong is so, well, just not soulful. I feel more global than ever, yet totally Lamma in a private family, go sit in the hills overlooking the islands kind of way. I could say I feel like a part of me is a fine mist emanating over the world, invisible and insignificant, yet somehow relevant to ... well, something. Looks pretentious on screen as I read it, but its pretty evocative of my experiences of late. Overall I am feeling a new sense of connection. Jeez, what a trip.

Download begin…

Monday, 10 May 2010

The Wonder of It All: Life Is Awesome

The World Truly Is a Theatre
We all live enchanted lives, meaning that we exist in a hypnotic state, entranced by our information flow, which includes our cultural and working environments, home, relationships and entertainment, anchored by our dietary habits and the physical exercise we take.

Living in this hypnotic state is not an error, it is not wrong, nor is it something to be angry about or ashamed of. It just is one of the essential truths of consciousness, of life—and it is true throughout any of the Enchantment levels. Life as we experience it is an unconsciously agreed-upon theatre.

The present-day dominant consensual agreement about the nature of reality—the Orange Uranus Enchantment—is maintained and reinforced through the television-newspaper media and the economic political system, a fact which a lot of people understand. The confidence and consistency of the essential underlying mythology of ‘scientism’, which is built upon neo-Darwinism, hypnotizes the world.

The psychology of this frequency of perception is based on the axiom that there are many different ways to do things. This is an enormous leap forward from the earlier moralist stage (Blue Saturn Enchantment), which is encoded with the thought form that there is only one way to do things (the ‘right’ way, as opposed to the ‘wrong’ way).

While the perception of the Orange Uranus Enchantment is that there are many different ways to do things, there is only one single ‘best’ method. There is one ‘winning way’; therefore there are winners and losers, winning paths and paths for losers. This is the ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality. Anything outside the winning way is an inferior way, an inferior perception, truth or belief, and is therefore not to be taken seriously.

The relative benevolence of the Orange Uranus market-forces mentality, though, does allow for other methods and other types of people. It allows religion to exist and it allows for the New Age to be. However, the axiom unfolds further as it is assumed to be essential that reality be defended for the sake of all people, which means not allowing ‘inferior’ perceptions or mythologies to be given the same respect or kudos as the central mythology, the proven ‘winner’ of materialism-scientism that is a prerequisite of the capitalist system. In the Uranus Enchantment, alternative views of reality are ridiculed and suppressed in the interests of the system; they are framed as jokes, often with some condescending compassion for the ‘poor losers’ who believe in them. The strategy is to subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) undermine alternative perceptions.

All of this constructed reality is but one step on the path of evolution. It is a partial truth, an expansion of truth compared with the fundamentalism of the absolute moralist.

Walls of Thought
What amazes and often awes me is the solidity of the hypnotic trance within the mainframe of our society. This solidity filters out deep enquiry on subjects that have an impressive reservoir of human testimony.

The information flow through the consensual machine churns ever-faster in order to maintain the dominant reality, yet holes are appearing in the walls along the borders. Outsides the walls, to those who are looking for the new world, the landscape appears radically different and far more spacious.

Two of the subjects I have continued to study over many years are UFOlogy and Big Foot. I can say with confidence that both of these phenomena are real phenomena, ie throughout recent history, and even way back in time, people have experienced, seen and interacted with these other beings. The question as to the absolute nature of Big Foot and the aliens that are essentially humanoid variants is another matter. The point here is that it is astonishing how easy it has been for the dominant power structure of the Orange Uranus perception to keep these subjects from serious investigation, sidelining them as ridiculous for so long in an increasingly connected world. This trivialization can’t last much longer.

Why are these subjects important? The current economic-political system is built upon an essential philosophic framework, a religion of sorts—neo-Darwinism. Throwing aliens and Big Foot into the pot changes the entire archaeological terrain. The artefacts of archaeology used to weave the accepted story of evolution are surprisingly sparse; nature tends to devour bones over time, thus the scientific evidence for a gradual transformation of one species into another is all but nonexistent. Evolution is not yet properly understood, so if we are to further our understanding we need to keep the research open.

The more I examine the ET and Big Foot testimony, the more I am amazed by the way these subjects are labelled mere fantasy.

Each Enchantment is a landscape that is filled with human activity and attention; it is an environment of the psyche. The expansion of consciousness on Earth right now means that the environment of the planetary psyche and its walls are straining from the pressure of a growing consciousness. This consciousness is seeking to tear down the ‘Berlin Wall’ of outdated beliefs. The current social system that is the product of the way the world is enchanted now (by the symbiosis of scientism and economics) is inadequate for our near future—inadequate because it cannot support the growing population, nor can it sustain our environment.

In complete contrast to the mainstream position, from an Enchantments perspective, the population explosion on Earth—while not without challenges—is a good thing. A bigger population leads to more social complexity; a larger landscape; a new, more expansive enchanted world; a larger, more abundant reality; and an expanded planetary consciousness.

Likewise, the environment, from the Enchantments perspective, is not merely physical, but is an environment of consciousness and energy, with what we normally think of as the environment, ie the physical world, being but part of the whole.

Without a change in consciousness, the environment is in danger and the world is overpopulated, as the present landscape of the collective psyche is too small.

The New Frontier
The Industrial Revolution and Age of Enlightenment led to an enormously expanded terrain for human life. However, the abundance thinking of yesterday is today’s poverty mentality.

It was the radicals who led the way in the past; it is the radicals who do so now. A little bit of punk attitude and the spirit of adventure is required. Life is always abundant—we just need to turn our gaze outwards, away from the hypnotist of materialism. So it is that once again we are preparing for the surge into an exponentially capacious reality—a reality of energy and consciousness.

Pioneering individuals, pockets of renegades, have broken through the walls and are forging pathways through the thicket, catching glimpses of a new landscape. Even though supply lines are limited, there is growing anticipation and wonder at just how magnificent and how voluminous, how immense, the new world will look. The pathways of alternative enquiry include the recapitulation of old ideas—refreshing, reinvigorating, but ultimately re-expressing the past. Such enquiry includes the nature of Earth energy, the Earth grid and the human aura, ancient civilizations and forgotten knowledge.

The prospectors of the new world come back with tales of open source economies, morphogenic fields, the human Noosphere, superluminal travel—faster than light speed, ie interstellar travel, as suggested by UFOs—and free energy from the quantum field. These prospectors bring us hope of a world so extraordinary and so filled with greater abundance and benevolence. Dare we believe?

The new landscape will most likely have at its foundation a sense of everydayness, its own normality; however, idealism is the impetus for change. It is imagination and its accompanying intensity of feeling that is the creative energy preceding the manifestation of experiential reality. We will not find certainty in this future world, but in the same breath, yesterday’s ‘certainties’ no longer serve us.

The world is enchanted and is in the process of re-enchantment. What theatre are we as a species to create next? It is time to construct a better dreamscape.

I am not so much complaining about suppression of facts—nor disinformation, nor psychological blindness, nor the narrowness of the intellectual dialectic—rather it is that I want to express the profound sense of awe I feel about how life is constructed in plain sight, right in front of us and through us and with our attention.

The enchanting nature of reality, its very construct, may be uncomfortable for the mind, but it is ultimately liberating for the consciousness. Dare we dream and leave the confines of the compound?