Friday, 23 November 2012

Transmission of Intention


The Eclipse Ceremony and Noosphere Upload has brought me the connection and clarity to my life work that I required. It came in the shape of a vision centred around the word composition.

My sense of life purpose has always been strong, in the last two years it has been rattled with the knowledge that I have only been reaching a very small amount of people with my vision.

My consultations and Shamanic ceremonies have continued to be successful but the great project I have undertaken had started to feel almost like an indulgence, my faith has been challenged.

The release of my limited edition book has been satisfying, I released it in-house so to speak without even trying to promote it widely to see if those who know something of the Enchantments Work understand where I am coming from. The feedback has given me the green light to keep working on the next two books, which are at the centre of the vision. People who have had some exposure to The Enchantments of Life have recognized the depth of the work, there is a lot of experiential research and independent inquiry gone into it. 

My relative freedom and isolation from mass mindsets means that I have been able to access and connect to a realm that is an innovation of innovation. This does require trust and resilience. A project that is not based on financial profit, is always challenging. I do feel though that more financial flow is coming.

However the personal rewards are actually far greater, the journey itself is rewarding.
The composition is a piece of art, a visionary artefact to be registered in the collective consciousness that stimulates the emergence of a planetary civilization. 


Saturday, 17 November 2012

The 2012 Winter Solstice Will Soon Be Here--Be Sure to Recalibrate and Upgrade Your Consciousness

Pacal Troll and the Temple of the Winter Solstice, on my roof terrace

21st December 2012 at 11:11 Universal Time

The exact moment of this year’s Winter Solstice is 11:11 GMT (and 16 seconds approx). GMT is also known as Universal Time.

Remember to take time out and register the moment. This moment is the end of recorded history and the completion of one cultural evolutionary cycle. The Mayan Calendar measures the Earth's relationship with the Cosmos. The Long Count, which gives us the 2012 date, specifically focuses on the Galactic relationship. The Earth is being recalibrated with an influx of Cosmic energy. In simple terms, more energy requires us to be more conscious of the bigger picture in order to utilize that energy, otherwise the energy becomes destructive. Upgrade your living systems by acknowledging this moment and the living mysterious Cosmos in we have our existence; evoke some awe. Think of vast scales of time and vast scales of space.

The Earth’s energy field is changing. Step out of your everyday routine to consciously open to this enormous transformation of subtle energy. Subtle energy changes come into manifest form, ie recognizable change, over different scales of time after the recalibration. The world will not end on that day, but on a subtle level the frequency field of Recorded History does end.

Download the new program by being still, receiving and then celebrating the new era, even if it is in a small way. Do not sleepwalk through the transition.

This is important.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Download from the Noosphere

Noospheric Light by LjL

After completing the article yesterday, Portal Opening (see below) I had a fabulous ceremony.

The whole thing took about 4 hours, starting at 5.40am (Hong Kong time). The moment of the eclipse was 6.09am and I just sat quietly for a short while on my roof terrace and felt the still moment of the eclipse. Then I set out on a quest into the hills nearby, overlooking the sea, questing for the intention for the ceremony. The intention was clear and strong. I then walked to my special place, which is virtually always deserted, walking through the overgrown paths, stomping loudly in case of snakes.

The ceremony was basic and very organic in its composition. After creating the Circle and rattling for 30 minutes, I was in the enhanced trance state. Then as I lay down the Sun came out from behind the clouds and I journeyed to the Upper World.

What followed was a stream of inspiration that truly felt like a download from the Noosphere. I am ecstatic, really thrilled by it, and the whole day has been incredibly creative -- even though I only managed four and half hours sleep last night.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Portal Opening

Taking Advantage of the Eclipse to Upload to and Register Artefacts in the Noosphere


2012 Cosmic Influx: It Sure Is Happening Now

Winter Solstice 2012 is nearly here and the energy has been intensifying throughout the year. Earth’s energy field is most definitely being recalibrated; this is not just a theory. I have been really listening to people—many people can feel it, many are experiencing it. I can feel it for myself. We can see that the energy flux is manifesting throughout nature and human society, adding up to an intensification of our experience. The emotional planes, the astral realm, is where this intensification is most obvious.

I therefore assert that the solar eclipse of 13/14 November is an opportunity to directly engage with the highly energized subtle environment. I will be in shamanic ceremonial quest as the eclipse happens and am treating my morning quest as both a personal recalibration and a preparation for a ceremony that I will be doing with others on my roof on the Winter Solstice itself [i].

The human race is being called upon to change its values and to appreciate life. The recalibration of the Earth’s field is pulling our consciousness towards the recognition of our planet as a complex, systemic life form that exists within a living cosmos. To this end, we are beginning to co-create a platform of collective consciousness called the Noosphere. The lifetime’s work of Jose Arg├╝elles established the 2012 date as a Noosphere moment. To reinforce my own connection to the Noosphere and to aid in the emergence of this collective sphere of mind, I am directly uploading to it, from the internet, four pieces of work.

In order to empower this upload, I have written a complex article that creates a weave of thought, a connecting bridge to the Noosphere. All that is required is that the author’s themselves read this article to empower their work in the collective mind and to empower the Noosphere itself. I have a personal connection to two of the authors, an online connection and appreciation for the other one and the fourth author is myself. As a visitor, you are also invited to read this article, but it is not necessary that anyone else does read it for the article to fulfil its goal—the intent is to help strengthen the direct relationship between the individual works and the collective consciousness.

Eclipses as Portals

A Solar Eclipse is an interruption to our patterning and offers us an opportunity to release and change—it is, in effect, an opening of a portal in time–space that brings in a burst of new energy. For this eclipse, the Moon eclipses the Sun and breaks the continuum of Solar energy, the established consciousness flow, and changes the spin of the energy field. Eclipses give us more direct access to the lunar realms, the emotive and the astral undercurrents. All portals (wormholes, stargates or a doorway for consciousness, such as this eclipse [ii]) open up due to dynamic movement and relationship, the movement of energy caused by the changing relationship in time and space among different bodies, forces, densities or dimensions. A portal allows us to radically alter our frequency, our perception or even our locality; it gives us access to other densities or realms [iii].

Sine the 1990s, the scientific community has increasingly been talking about portals, wormholes, stargates, black holes and white holes. Appropriately, in 2012 NASA [iv] announced that it had discovered one kind of portal that connects the magnetic flow between the Earth and the Sun. As the Earth’s energy field is being charged with more and more high-energy plasma, so it is that plasma science is progressing. The field of energy in which we have our reality, our experience and our existence is going through considerable electromagnetic and plasmic recalibration in the 2012 era.

Frogs in Space by LjL

As Above So Below and the Holographic Principle

More than the standard science itself, it is the symbolic significators and consciousness behind science that interests me. This is not an unscientific approach; it is integral truth as the mechanics of rationalism exist within the 4-dimensional symbolic, mythic context of the collective visionary realms. From the perspective of the Noosphere, all science is another form of art, as is a film or a book—any book on any subject; all are Noospheric artefacts.

The Noosphere is composed of mental and emotional matter anchored and being integrated into our experience by the etheric field. The etheric realm is vitality, the living energy that interpenetrates matter. If you hold your hands apart a few inches you will feel the etheric vitality; it really is that immediate. Human activity generates vitality. Collective activity, such as the billions of people all using the internet, forms into an etheric network, in simple terms a network of living energy.

The Noosphere existed as a template before humans were in manifest form and it has been continuing to grow into awareness and manifestation as human complexity has evolved. It becomes more conscious of itself the more we notice it and talk about it. The Noosphere is collective human consciousness, so for example we can see that Jung’s conceptualization of the collective unconscious brought the Noosphere more self-awareness. Quite simply, we need to see that the Noosphere is not separate from us, but is the integral expression of all of us; it is coming into being through us and speaking through us.

The next major developmental stage, though, is the point when the Noosphere becomes self-reflective, self-aware. This is tied to individual development and the toroidal flow of consciousness [v].

Recalibrating Presence

The Noopshere is the essence of all human output, all human history. The Noopshere or planetary sheath of ideas and human output reframes all human endeavour as forms of abstract art and theatre, all of which are encoded with information and stories. This then creates a weave of living consciousness, a life form. We can think of all human endeavour as 'product' for the planetary field.

The Noosphere is linked in the physical realm to the Van Allen radiation belt and is an incremental stage towards full planetary consciousness. Oliver Reiser, in his book Cosmic Humanism [vi], identifies the Van Allen radiation belt as the physical location of the Noosphere connected to DNA programs. The radiation belts are the transducers of cosmic energy—in simple terms, they protect us from, or step down, the incoming Cosmic Radiation. 

Now in 2012, with the internet as it is, an incremental stage of collective consciousness is forming that is enabling a global village, which in turn is allowing us to reach up and touch the Noosphere. The internet is the foundational technological structure for the Noopshere. Similarly, the Noosphere is the foundation for full planetary consciousness.

Plasma Brain by LjL

Time to Break Out of the Enclosure

Planetary consciousness is the integral connectedness of human civilization with nature (Gaia), whereby technology is subsumed within supra-nature. Supra-nature is Nature 2.0, if you like, as the technological human species connects more fully with nature. The planetary stage of culture is resonant with the earliest dreamtime clans that were unconsciously and symbiotically intermeshed with Gaia. The planetary stage, however, is on a higher turn of the spiral and is a conscious awareness of that intermesh with Gaia.

Our virtual separation from nature through civilization is not an error, it has just been the method of evolution to compartmentalize reality at different stages in order to become more lucid of the self [vii]. The enclosure, the quarantine of the planet that has enabled us to progress thus far, is now opening. Our social structures up to now have been built upon historical models and are therefore crumbling at this time, becoming more chaotic in order to release energy for a more complex society. 

Planetary consciousness engenders a planetary civilization, which is a dynamic cohesion of the human species that accommodates all other scales of membership, from clan to tribe to city state to corporatehood, and beyond—the full spectrum of the rainbow global culture. The integral planetary civilization is an open, dynamic state that interfaces, interacts with and looks out to the cosmos.

The Maya Long Count Calendar is based on our relationship with the cosmos; it is opening the Earth and opening our awareness and our experience of the greater reality of which we are part. Our encounter with the cosmic influx is bootstrapping our culture towards the planetary scale of civilization and this attendant integral interface with the cosmos.

Keeper of the Templates by LjL

Our present technological focus temporarily divorces us from the truth of our existence, which is that we live in the vastness of the cosmos, which is nature. However, our understanding of the natural world is only a partial view of what, in effect, is an extraordinary co-creative, co-operative endeavour by multitudes of conscious life forms. Evolution on this planet has arisen through the experimentation and projection of life force into our planet by beings from all manner of densities and stages of evolution, most of them in advance of where we presently stand.

Our science is the science of a species that has reached puberty. We are playing with toys. This is not a criticism in the final analysis. With our talking smartphones and mobile net, the toys have now reached a certain level of sophistication—we have created a technosphere over the biosphere. The progression of our toys requires us to visualize the horizon: Where are we heading? What is immediately ahead of us?

The scientific dialectic outside of the official institutions is fully recognizing that the physical world arises from consciousness and our physical progress is tied to the growth of our consciousness. This suggests that as well as the need for new egalitarian values, the frontier game for human awareness is to bridge the span from technosphere to Noosphere. Science has quickly brought us the technosphere; the imperative is now to use this as the jumping platform towards a greater consciousness.

The internet is the medium (the medium, or media context, is the message) that encourages a global community and is the preceding stage from which the post-technological Noosphere is emerging.

To consciously upload onto the Noosphere is to empower and reinforce the vitality of an artefact, whilst helping the planetary field itself develop. To create a meme that will be most resonant with the planetary field requires a reference to the planetary stage itself, in combination with a diverse array of progressive expressions/artforms that enable humanity to move towards the planetary scale.

Spirits of the Forest by LjL

The Environment of Consciousness is the Environment

As we move into the new post-2012 era next year [viii]—and it will be a new era, whether that is noticeable or not on the level of our everyday awareness—the gradual emergence and development of the planetary consciousness will continue. Let me reiterate: by planetary, I mean the Earth waking up to itself as a complex living system that incorporates all human activity and endeavour with Gaia and the natural kingdoms. By definition, this is an expansion of heart as much as mind.

Planetary culture and the corresponding level of consciousness is one of a kaleidoscopic stratification that includes degrees of intimate community, local and international law, personal liberty, cultural flavours and even some homogenous globalization structure, but all ultimately led by the supra-natural planetary impulse.

I personally feel I have had a further breakthrough this year with my connection to the planetary light, firstly through completing my 2012 book. Secondly, after spending a couple of years of compulsive, almost full-time attention on the geo-political drama, I find that I am adequately bored with it, enabling me to shift my full attention to my life’s work in contributing a vision of planetary consciousness. Although the full conscious activation is some way off, the Noosphere is sufficiently accessible for pioneers to be feeding it with their creative energy—and in so doing, vitalizing their own work for the future.

Law of Time, Jose's vision

So it is that the human being can consciously upload their expressive creations, be it science, art, photography, mathematics, metaphysics or anything as a creative product that feeds and shapes the collective context, the planetary fields of consciousness that are awakening. The development of the planetary spheres will continue to increase psychic conductivity and the psychic net will go fully online once the internet has reached a tipping point of usage and availability to all people on this planet. We should remember that the internet is a conductive vehicle, it is not the source of human thought and emotion. It is not the hard drives nor the radio waves nor the fibre optic cables that power the internet; it is the human life force. We are connecting up and integrating our energy fields with that of billions of other people and this is creating a new architecture within the Earth’s energy field, created from the very real substance of mental and emotional matter.

The environmental crisis is a crisis of consciousness. The human species is an essential part of Earth’s environment, presently not being utilized sufficiently. A large population is a good thing; the challenge is not due to overpopulation per se, rather it is the need to evolve the fundamental social system. The solution is to recognize the challenges and simultaneously to step into the vision of the greater truth that is emerging
Now we are to open our hearts and visionary capacity to feel the magnificence of our drama, to feel the awe of the scale of our planetary evolution. Reach up to the cosmos. This Winter Solstice gives us the opportunity to engage with the great story of human evolution, to actively connect to the planetary project of the ages, to imagine the Earth as a timeship in existence and for you to consciously give your creative gifts to the Noosphere.



The Expanding Communal Space

At present the human population is estimated to be 7,017,846,922 and the internet penetration stands at 2,405,518,376, which is 34%. I suspect we need to reach 80% or more before the psychic connection really kicks in.
In 1995, 0.4% of the world’s population were online, in the year 2000 we had 5.8%, in 2005 the figure was 13.9% and in 2010, 28.7% of the growing human population were connected to the internet. Furthermore, we should recognize that the amount of actions and involvement with the internet is also increasing.

Allied to the timeline of technosphere evolution will be the ubiquitous presence of internet sensors on our buildings and internet-linked machines. Already, we have satellite navigation in cars, while the car of the near future will be hooked up to the internet as a routine matter. Of course, there is a real need for more consciousness with this integrated structure—the dreaded satnav directs people over cliffs and into floods, this is true. Already someone has died in England from blindly following their satnav. Household machines will be monitored for worn-out parts by the manufacturer; you will know the contents of your fridge when shopping. All this, and a lot more, is coming (or already here). We can expect the internet to feel far more internalized, as being simply part of our everyday background environment, by around 2025. 

Blade Runner by LjL

Around 2025  (when Pluto will be in Aquarius), we will be witnessing the next stage of the internet, when it will be sufficiently operating as a global village for the next stage of development to be more directly accessible. From around 2023–2030, the Noosphere will start to connect to Gaia and this is the emergence of the psychic net.

The internet is not the causal origin of the Noosphere; rather, the internet is the early expression and manifestation of the Noosphere. The Noosphere is the frontier; the internet is the tool for the human species to start becoming self-aware. The human species is an integral and essential component of the Earth. So our role as conscious individuals is to creatively assist the planetary project of the 21st century.

I am taking this opportunity to energetically support four different Noospheric artefacts by uploading them and registering them in the planetary domain. This is indirect marketing—most effective, I feel, if it is done without too much fuss and without too much ego, ie it is generally more effective to register other people’s artforms or, as I am doing, putting your own in amongst others who you wish to be registered. The products should be progressive and more complex than the presently held perceptions on reality—and these four productions certainly are.

My Neural Pathway

Below are the links for my four selections of the moment. This article creates a context for the uploads and, together with my own genuine enthusiasm for all four, gives the upload validity.

The planetary level of consciousness is a toroidal flow, a feedback circuit of creative activity. The upload to the Noosphere generates feedback to us from the Noospheric/planetary realms.

I should add that the eclipse, which is now just a few hours away, is powerfully aspecting the position of my natal Sun in my astrology chart. This further vitalizes the energy of the upload.

All four authors and our individual passions are linked, as far as I am concerned, to the 2012 moment.

•    First, Cadmium Nevern’s book presents the experience of a psychic, thematically linking directly to the psychic net to come.
•    Second, Ben Belenus gives us an honest new approach to sex for the new era, aiding in the raising of consciousness.
•    Third, Rohaan Solare presents an agenda for actively doing something with the 2012 moment.
•    Fourth, my own book is an evaluation of the 2012 phenomenon, focusing on the pull towards the planetary scale of civilization.

Innovation of Innovation

The Noosphere and its ultimate expression of a planetary stage of culture is the innovation of innovation. Innovation squared.

Innovation—as opposed to mere progress—occurs when someone finds the interface or interlinkage between different paradigms of endeavour, pulling together understandings from two or more different disciplines. The Noosphere thrives upon the interconnections between diverse and seemingly random artefacts or interests; it is meta-paradigmatic because it the totality of all human endeavour.

To create a Noosphere-resonant upload, we form a tapestry of progressive artforms with an acknowledgement of the planetary domain itself. To feed this emergent consciousness, we bring human output under the umbrella of the planet Earth’s own awakening, which is symbiotic with our own awakening.

A Prohibited Place

Introducing you to an author who will surely create a cult following over the next decade, Cadmium Nevern. His first offering is a tale of a psychic such as you have never read before. This is Magical Realism written in a richly haunting and truly evocative style.

Mr Nevern is a visual, emotive and yet intellectual artist who takes you into a strangely familiar timeless space. A rare treat for people who hunger for originality.



The Sex God



Another rarity, The Sex God - No Mud No Lotus by Ben Belenus is a book on sex that is an honest confrontation with the self and with male sexuality from a conscious man. This is an exploration of Sex, Tantra and Love, a direct approach that is well overdue. The evolution of sexuality starts with a real acknowledgement of our sexual nature, whilst recognizing the need for us to evolve sexually if we are to evolve at all. 


The Most Momentous Day in the History of the World

What of the end of this 13-Baktun Cycle in the Maya Calendar? What are we to make of it? Passionate and articulate Rohaan Solare has pinpointed one of the essential intentions that needs to be seeded on December 21, a celebration of life on Earth that cancels debt. The future must surely bring us a free-flowing economy, rather than the hoarding approach of the present system, which has led to a world that believes it is in debt, a world suffering from poverty consciousness. Read what he has to say, because the first operation is to release this virtual debt. 

Help Make Dec. 21st, 2012 the Most Momentous Day in the History of the World !

Website Here 

2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness

My life's work is coming together after 20 years full-time experiential research. This book is my second step in my lifetime project. I am currently working on The Enchantments of Life book, which is at the heart of my vocation and purpose. 


Tagetes_Flow Etheric Mix by CoaGoa at










etheric planet by gregimages at

[i] Release the World and Enter the New Era, on Lamma Island 21-12-2012.

[ii] Eclipses are tied to the Moon's Nodes (utilized in the astrology chart) and the nodes are expressions of the continuum of our Soul’s journey, showing the purpose, direction and incarnation entry and exit from this density.

[iii] Portals are used extensively in shamanism for journeying, healing and vision (and even bilocation).

[iv] Here is a 3-minute video on the NASA discovery (although it is fairly dull).

[v] This subject is closely connected to my main project, The Enchantments of Life.

[vi] Reiser's book was released in 1966, the seed point of the Uranus conjunct Pluto. Remember that we are now living with Uranus square Pluto, the creative friction and challenge that results from the great countercultural revolution of 1965-1966.

[vii] Creative cosmic consciousness compartmentalizes its units of consciousness to develop the components before reassembly.

[viii] The 2012 era is an evolutionary portal, due to the change in the Earth-Sun alignment with the Galactic equator. It is this dynamic that is bringing us a cosmic influx of energy, most noticeable in the increase of high-energy plasma. The 2012 era (from around 1980-2016) speaks of a conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with Xibalba, the portal to the Underworld in Mayan shamanic cosmology.

The Sun from Earth’s perspective has entered into a galactic portal, which is to say our collective consciousness is exploring a deeper level of the mystery of existence. We are entering into the mystery in order to evoke the next stage of culture. The lifetime's work of Jose Arg├╝elles successfully anchored—or, should we say, reinforced—2012 as a Noosphere moment, a significant step in its development.
'The "energy" field emanates from the Galactic Center and includes the entire electromagnetic/ photon field in which our planet exists. There are dimensions of subtlety within this field-the telluric or astral realms-extending beyond the physical forces of science to include spiritual planes of being. If we imagine this field as being similar to the lines of force surrounding a magnet, we can understand that our changing orientation to this field has immediate consequences, and has little to do with cause-and-effect transmission of energy between us and the Galactic Center. We are, instead, in a relationship of resonance with our source, one that connects us deeply within to each other, and, in fact, to all other beings in this Galaxy.' John Major Jenkins

The final word belongs to Terence, who spoke intimately with the Gaian Mind and foretold our genetic recalibration at the end of 2012 with his Timewave Zero. The recalibration may well not be obvious for years to come. Here he is