Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Art of Selling Selling

Inspired by Twitter, although I am not being as cynical as you might think.

The top internet marketers sell you the method for selling a method to someone else.

Find an empty space and invite lots of people to it, tell them many more will come soon, as the room fills up people get off on the buzz of being part of the buzz. As a mystic I recognize that although hot air is being sold, the sum total is more than the parts, for it creates community, relationship, entertainment and purpose.

Banking is not so far removed from this. Banking creates and owns value, makes money from thin air and charges people to use it. However what is gained is a social structure, a service (I suggest it is vastly overpriced), its not that money is real, it’s a thought form, an idea that is agreed upon to be accepted of as real.

The human species is gradually waking up to its virtual existence as consciousness creating enduring holograms for consciousness to meet itself and see itself.

The world is a co-created inadvertently agreed upon hologram.

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