Friday, 21 February 2014

2014: What is Going On?

An Astrological Interpretation

The short answer to the question ‘What is going on this year?’ is that we are still experiencing the 2012 effect!

Within this larger context, I would like to draw attention to a significant astrological alignment that will affect us particularly in the first half of 2014. This is a Grand Cross—when four planets are arranged in the shape of a square—involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. 

What this means is that we are being stretched in four directions as we experience the relentless tension of the four primary forces pulling upon us. The four forces I speak of can be described as:
·     The Sacred Warrior imperative, which includes the courage of evolved self-interest;
·     The need for and supply of nourishment, safety and comfort;
·     A sense of excitement, distraction and innovation;
·     And lastly, the pressure of fundamental deep change.
This will be especially intense in April, when all four planets will be in exact alignment at the 14th degree of the cardinal signs of Libra, Cancer, Aries and Capricorn, respectively. 

The natal Sun of the United States happens to be at 14 degrees of Cancer. Thus the full tension and transformational force of the Grand Cross will be strongly activated for that nation, ushering in the next stage of its development. Its economy, in the first instance, will be very obviously affected, but more generally we can expect some major disruptions that will have global repercussions. The global drama—the clash of values and consciousness agendas—seems to be reaching a tipping point…


How does this affect us on a human level?

Inherent within all of this is a confrontation with our personal shadow and its attendant burden, inter-related to the shadow/astral energy of our immediate environment. More subtly, we are experiencing a dissolution of permanence, which is opening up a whole potentiality for our species and enabling a direct awareness of the wondrous mystery and connection to the cosmic and transcendental realities.
We are being challenged to work together in the most difficult circumstances, whilst recognizing that there is an opportunity to establish a profoundly positive shift in social values.

The global economy is extremely fragile and the breaking point is the US Dollar—if not this year, then within two years we will see economic turbulence. Crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, are inevitably part of the future of money.


Why is this happening? 

We can point to our changing relationship with the Galaxy, as mapped by the Mayan Long Count Calendar, with its turning point on 21 December 2012. On a physical level, the Earth’s energy field is now being flooded with high-energy plasma, as well as by intense subtle energies, both of which are necessitating an evolution of consciousness. This is what I call the ‘cosmic influx’ or the ‘2012 effect’. 

This cosmic influx is surging through the totality of the environment—which encompasses the physical, energetic and psychic—and is the cause of the current instability on Earth, including weather patterns and ecological disruption. During the latter half of 2013, the cosmic influx was being stepped down from the planet’s interface with the Cosmos to the astral planes (the collective emotional realm), creating what we could call an ‘astral storm’.
The pivotal issue here is the element of human consciousness within the Earth’s energy field.

The 2012 effect is stepped down into the social context in 2014, this means the year is a major key to an ongoing evolutionary transformation. Do remember the truth of what is going on will not be reported accurately in the mainstream media, TV or newspapers or even scientific magazines. The context of the mainstream is heavily engineered and therefore twisted and distorted, this is an essential thing to bear in mind at all times.


How do we navigate the 2012 effect?

We are being challenged to recalibrate our energy to align with the recalibration of the Earth, which, in the sociological realm, will eventually translate into a whole-scale shift of values. This is inevitably messy. Will the pressure burst through the ‘walls’, or will it be incrementally integrated as we navigate the changes? A bit of both, I suspect.

To navigate this effect, we must keep re-establishing our composure on a daily basis, returning again and again to centre as the fluctuating energies pull and push us this way and that. There is no cave in which to withdraw for any prolonged period; we are being forced to stay engaged, yet to draw upon our own sovereignty without getting pulled into mass hysteria or the easy solutions of the mob mindset.

There is no simple formula that fits everyone. The emphasis of the different planetary forces is unique to each individual. However, although this is no easy time, energy is available that can be harnessed for an evolution of our consciousness and for life-enhancing projects.


Key Words for the Planets in Play


Mars in Libra (retrograde in March). The themes of conflicted desires; the challenge of the Sacred Warrior; demanding a retreat where necessary and acting decisively when you can; holding onto truth whilst under attack, defending justice, anger at the injustice and knowing how to fight inequities without spinning out; appropriately fighting for truth.


Jupiter in Cancer (aligning with Sirius). The themes of comfort, safety, nourishment and care for our familiars; emotional nourishment as the primary consideration, whilst being totally interconnected to physical nourishment, including diet, exercise and clean water.


Uranus in Aries. The themes of excitement about the emerging changes and the impulse towards social innovation, or a surrender to endless novelty and pleasure-addiction, constellated around an adrenalin-based comfort zone that denies the state of affairs in the world.


Pluto in Capricorn. The themes of intense pressure caused by the fundamental changes to the underlying structure of civilization, symbiotic with the desperate attempts of dark forces working through the autocratic system to oppress humanity, creating a sense of overwhelm; a feeling of powerlessness, or a deep sense of the evolutionary impulse and a powerful motivation to be the change.


Saturn in Scorpio. The themes of holding, adjusting and releasing boundaries; confrontation with the personal shadow as well as that of the immediate environment; and repression or mastery with resolute patience.

Chiron and Neptune

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces are the significators of the cosmic influx dissolving the feeling of certainty held by the collective consciousness, whilst connecting us to an omni-directional potential.

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