Monday, 30 November 2009

2012—Going Beyond Information

The 2012 winter solstice is marker for the Earth as a being waking up to its Galactic membership which creates an increased conductivity of psychic phenomenon. The frequency of this is just beyond the info sphere. The info sphere or we could say techno sphere plugs directly into the internet. The internet is where the proliferation of information is manifest. In the 2012 era, which extends a decade or two beyond 2012 is where we witness the acceleration of polarity as information polarities are seeking resolution; this creates an increase in paradox.

I first experience this in a vision on top of a mountain in Real De Catorce in Mexico at spring equinox 1997. I saw, I was shown the multi leveled cacophony of truths and perceptions where different scales of organizations, from secret governments, local governments, religions and group ideological mindsets were convinced that they were in control or knew the truth. The emphasis of the vision was that it was imperative that each individual learn to feel energy and feel the energy behind the kaleidoscope of social myths. The Earth as a totality is unifying, but not in a static form, but in the form of a toroidal doughnut where internal and external reality folds in or feed each other much quicker. The fixed ideologies, whether new age, religious or governmental are based on set ideas, whereas the flowing energy field is being refreshed and made anew at a much faster rate, which requires an openness of mind and sensitivity to energy flows.

The polarity resolution impulse manifests as an information war. The consciousness we want to plug into is beyond this polarity and is experiential, creating an increase in your ability to feel energy, especially through simple chi gong exercises. The ability to feel your auric energy will increasingly become a valuable commodity as it allows for instant downloads.

The first thing to do is to recognize that there is in fact an information war and a lot of this battle is centred on the 2012 point. The negative scenarios, the doom and gloom brigade are consciously encouraging and manipulating the vision of destruction and even alien invasion. You do not have to buy into the worst case scenarios but just be conscious that there is an agenda to create fear through disinformation and misinformation. The infiltration of new age networking or other paradigms such as UFO-ology by agents of shadow societies is deliberately being purported. The mainstream media is invariably controlled—very easily done once you understand the psychology— to either ridicule the idea of consciousness expansion or paint the whole picture black.

If you learn the script of manipulation then it becomes far easier to navigate the social energy and tune into the slightly higher frequency of awakening that is just beyond the polarity. I say just beyond, because the Earth awakening is an immanence of consciousness, which we experience as a descension of spirit or light. The immanence of Earth awakening has no definitive correlations with the timeless wisdom and the transcendental traditions. I call this consciousness Turquoise Chiron Enchantment, which is the integration of all human artifact with what we call nature—it is supranatural.

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