Thursday, 31 March 2011

Reality is a Department Store

The environment of our world is full of floors and departments, offering all sorts of frequencies ... but is there an elephant in the store, or maybe a dinosaur? Something we thought was extinct just underneath the floorboards?

Reality gets compartmentalized by the information space we dwell in. We choose our space -- consciously to a degree, but largely subconsciously and unconsciously. The information space is the environment of information we are entranced by, which is not just what we read or watch, nor our conversations, but also the locality, with its encoded data, in which we move around.

There are many realities. Below is a simple hierarchy of forces, realities unto themselves, that shape our common experience. The numbers reveal the order of influential effect, but I have deliberately listed them in nonlinear fashion.

1. Astrology reveals the Cosmic influences that set the tone for reality. This is the most subtle, yet paradoxically the most powerful, of the forces listed. Cosmic force is so obvious as to be largely invisible to the modern human. The electromagnetic plasma field of space and our Solar Orb are fundamental to life; we only remember that the Cosmos is in charge when a visceral natural phenomenon ‘interrupts’ our information space—our everyday default life. From the potent Cosmic realm, energy is filtered down into manifestation through various levels of consciousness and mind, then more solidly through our emotive, desire-led, imagination-based feeling selves.

2. The totality of Earth the Noosphere/Planetary Lightbody is the transducer of the Cosmic energies from ‘above’ and the integration with social forces from ‘below’. Included within the totality of Earth's consciousness and its field is the reflective intelligence of the matrix, which responds to the totality of collective human energy with the decree, ‘Thy wish is my command’. This manifestation is in a creative and even conflictive relationship with the Cosmic. The totality arises from a dynamic blend of the Cosmic and total emotional output.

5. The obvious dominant social reality is materialism (aka economics, consumerism etc). Even though this increasingly gets interrupted by natural disasters, the life focus soon returns to economic considerations and the accompanying global media, scientism and politically based script of the world, which is encoded by default into all entertainment. Whilst within the information space of ‘normality’, this reality seems impenetrable and solid, something that can be lived within forever. This reality of materialism is still the strongest at present, but on a bigger scale of things it is relatively weak, which is to say, it is a temporary theatre that will change in the decades and years to come.

6. The Dark Force, though more dense, is hidden, as in a major conspiracy that is veiled from the public; it is not that obvious to most people, yet is actually at present gaining considerable power. This is essentially an occult force, rather than merely being a force of material greed, although obviously the edges between the two are blurred. It is debatable where the power balance of our society is. Is it within the materialistic-scientism values? Or in the values of an empire that is psychologically attuned to the frequency of ‘the strong shall use the weak and this is the divine way of things’ ?

4. The collective soul that permeates all humans. The counterculture and alternative movement that is opposing the Dark Forces and Materialism is growing in strength, but still at present in a slightly underdog position. How long will it take for this value system to reach the tipping point?

3. The whole human system and its relationship to nature and cosmic energy; this systemic reality of a self-organizing chaos directed by the evolutionary imperatives of survival and growth is an implicit power. In many ways this is existential. If we wake up here on this level of reality, we stand halfway in the existential zone where we see that life ‘Just Is’. Reality is what it is, not because there is no reason, but because all reasons are true and they all cancel each other out… but not quite. Life is not absolute neutrality, which would be truly existential in the nihilistic sense. The awakening here is that life is tilted towards benevolence and abundance -- this means we cannot find comfort in mere existentialism, but are pulled into response in order to meet the requirements of the life force. The life force is impulsed towards the benevolent abundance, which is to say, it evolves.

Each individual weaves their own tapestry of experience, their own kaleidoscopic information space, drawing from the menu of realities from the terrestrial department store.

Get Real
Always tricky this one. How does one ‘get real’? Everyone has a divine right to their reality; existence in its infinite wisdom always says YES to your reality to a lesser or greater degree of realization. 
Looking at the broader social reality, we can see that materialism (Uranus Enchantment) has peaked and is diminishing in the West, leaving an increasing vacuum for either Dark Forces (anchored in negative Jupiter Enchantment; ‘the conspiracy’, which like all realities is a self-perpetuating perception in the act of manifesting), or the alternative values (Neptune Enchantment) of humanitarian equality and -- sneaking into view -- the systemic reality (Pluto Enchantment).

Whilst the West is seeing a rot, elsewhere -- such as Brazil and the East -- materialism is gaining effectiveness to a degree. However, the caveat to the developing economies and their material abundance is that, in totality within the Earth's field, there is an evolutionary pressure (or so it would seem?) to shift beyond mere materialism. For materialism to keep working, the economic system needs to truly be a free market that allows for entrepreneurial endeavour, without inhibiting the demands of the market. The paradox is that the market force of alternative values undermines the market force of materialism.

What is in your basket?

Where will you place your focus and therefore conjure your information space?

How will you navigate the needs to be happy, healthy, vital and positive with the negative effects of a materialistic reality and the ‘public market of human needs’ that is struggling to adapt and transform?

We owe it to ourselves and to existence itself to enjoy life and to feed the environment with our enjoyment, whilst staying engaged with the systemic changes we see all around us.

I suggest it is time to ask more refined questions about the nature of life, reality, the great big dinosaur that seems to be stirring under our feet and how we manifest our shared experience.

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By the way, here is a great way of understanding astrology. This is fun and profound, a real easy-peasy way of connecting to the astrological truth of frequencies.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be relaxing a bit, backing off from the sludge weight of the world situation a little, and focusing again on vitality, simple enjoyment of life, ha! changing some of my selections...

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Quick Prayer

Just adding to what I wrote yesterday -- this morning I have experienced how the earthquakes in Japan directly affect the whole Earth. Although we are two thousand miles away here on Lamma Island, Hong Kong, the air is electric and the Earth is fecund. The hills suddenly have far more blossom and are strongly fragrant, with a beautiful and exquisite perfume. I also do not remember hearing so much birdsong.

The painful irony of all that human suffering and death is that there is a massive release of repressed energy. 

Jupiter Square Pluto heralded the unfoldment of the protests in North Africa and Middle East, as well as this horrendously tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which happened just before Uranus moved into Aries. The actual ingress of Uranus into Aries was expressed the day after the great quake by the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Note that Jupiter’s ingress into Aries corresponded with the Egyptian uprising.

The utter stupidity of nuclear power is once again (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl) clear to all but the most highly paid nuclear scientists and those who profit from the archaic energy business we presently have.

The full moon due this coming Saturday (Sunday morning, 20 March, 3.11am Tokyo time)  is worrying, with more shocks predicted in Japan. The Moon will be closer to Earth than it has been for some time -- this makes one think of more tsunami …. We need Divine Intervention. I will have faith in that, I think, for no reason other than Japan has suffered too much already.

All of this is obviously scary, with Uranus moving towards a close Square with Pluto this summer (just over a one degree orb), but more particularly with the full Square starting in 2012. The first exact Square will be  activated in June 2012 after the Solar Eclipse in May. 

I am concerned with false-flag terrorism (like 9-11) or similar at the London Olympics. Please may divine forces intervene.

This Chinese Rabbit Year is a mere taster for the Uranus-Square-Pluto Dragon year next year.

The all-important positive effect of Uranus Square Pluto is radical transformation; a creative conflict between value systems with widespread public protest giving rise to counterculture, music, art, partying and community, as people oppose the ridiculous autocratic, blinkered, corrupted and lumbering mechanism of our social hierarchy. 

The love and peace sentiment, as well the cosmic awe (helped along with LSD) that was prevalent at the Uranus conjunction with Pluto in 1965/6 seeks its next level of sophistication, yet with an equally flamboyant and joyful expression.

Surprising turnarounds of what is expected will be commonplace. For example, with Jupiter Square Pluto and Uranus moving into Aries, we saw Italy beat France in the Rugby?

Chiron and Neptune’s move into Pisces bring a greater occurrence of denial about: 
1. How the world is manipulated and the extent that negative events are often (not always) orchestrated; 
2. The natural state of fundamental planetary change that is apparent at this time. 

In contrast, the other important aspect is a more readily available transcendence.

Transcendence can be avoidance, but it allows for us to be the peace we wish to see in the world. To be a living example of peace requires a transcendence and a sense of humour (even black humour and flippancy have a place), and yet an active engagement with life through an open heart—challenging!

The Chiron and Pisces Energy
Miraculous changes of energy are very possible through the transmission of collective human awareness, as it is able to change the total frequency of Planet Earth's energy field, which can then also be utilized by higher entities to intervene and minimize disaster. This is why prayer works.

I am sending a prayer to the Japanese spirit -- "Long life, prosperity and peace".