Thursday, 17 February 2011

On Your Horizon ...

… and out of the ocean of possibilities, exist the opportunities you are going to respond to.

If you live in Hong Kong and are in the midst of a life change, then I can help you with a series of consultations that will ensure you get the best out of your transformation.

If things are ending, then other things are seeking to be born.

An astrology consultation reveals the energies we are co-creatively working with.

My consultations and life change programs are effective for those who are looking to engage consciously with their own life, with the finesse of understanding the specific energies that are available to them. To be conscious means to be willing and able to respond and adapt, to truly adjust to the energies of the moment. This is the life skill of utilizing surrender and will, acceptance and action, receiving and intention. The importance of an intuitive, feeling-based focus has to be balanced with some creative direction, as well as with an acknowledgement of the Master Intention, the life purpose.

Some people believe their life is totally fated and they require fortune telling. Others rally against the idea of any kind of fate or restriction of their will; these people are mostly hypnotized by the paradigm of scientism and materialism—they do not visit astrologers.

Within the alternative community are those who wish to be told they are destined to fulfill their potential through internal processing alone. I have found that this is not true—intention and action plays a part and, more accurately, so does the ability to respond to and navigate the situation at hand. This also involves being as aware as possible of the multiple options encoded into the unfolding energy.

My consultations are highly interactive and help you become more conscious of your life purpose, to see the truth that resides within you, in amongst the noise of doubt, confusion, emotional issues and lack of confidence. I help you understand the higher reasons behind the challenging emotions and life conditions.

My intention is to empower you with more confidence in your intuitive sense and your intentional power.

Although the feedback I get from single-session clients is positive, a major change requires more than one session. My astrologically based consultations have the advantage of being able to accelerate healing and transformation.

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Go with the Flow into the Emerging Reality

 If you have come to the Crow to read about the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, scroll down past these two blogs, which follow on from the Chinese Lunar Year evaluation and take you further down the rabbit hole.

Emotional navigation in 2011 and beyond, with the subsequent 2012 effect, as Chiron and Neptune move through Pisces: A whole systems approach

I have talked about the transit of Chiron and Neptune into Pisces being one of the key elements of understanding this year and the 2012 effect in the years to come. More transcendental and cosmic energies are piercing the Earth’s energy field, including both subtle and denser energies. In the physical realm, this is the increase of high-energy plasma within our Solar System that accounts for all our planets heating up, aka global warming, which is a separate issue from industrial pollution (and emotional pollution).

The resultant effect is dissolving fixed ideologies and fixed belief systems, including ‘scientism’, new age-ism and fundamental religion, as well as social structures such as governments, nation states, economies and legal and corporate structures. This creates the appearance of pure chaos.

However, what is gradually emerging behind the distraction of the data sphere, the information explosion, is a new highly complex and dynamic organizing force. This force is intelligent and whole—it is the planetary awakening of Earth as a living being, which includes all human artefact as well as the natural world.

The toroidal shape is the key contemplative symbol and the literal form of energy fields.

“Reality cannot be found except in One single source, because of the interconnection of all things with one another. ... I maintain also that substances, whether material or immaterial, cannot be conceived in their bare essence without any activity, activity being of the essence of substance in general.”
Gottfried Leibniz, 1670

Our challenge is to go with the flow and yet become conscious of the holism, the intelligent direction that is leading humanity to change its frame of reference from the economic-political model of society to a new context where we recognize we live on a planet that traverses the cosmos. Herein lies the solution to the world’s problems—the energy crisis, the environmental crisis and the increasing emotional anxiety of our species.

The Niagara Falls of flowing information within our world has a direction—it is heading for a greater contextual coherence-into-form-manifestation

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Transparency: Chiron into Pisces

If you have come to the Crow to read about the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, scroll down to the previous blog.

Today, Chiron re-enters Pisces and I have been reminded of the empty moment.

Regardless of whether one is religious, new age, ‘spiritual’, a meditator, a mystic, a shaman, or has adopted a purely existential position, the joy of emptiness is apt to spontaneously arise -- most often in nature but not exclusively. Maybe after making love, or whilst lost in a focused activity. The feeling of freedom, of bliss, that comes from no resistance or mental machinations can descend on almost anyone of any psychological composition. Invariably though we will grab at it and put something on it, depending upon our personal filters, but it is in this open state that we experience the inherent goodness of existence.

What is it?
A common peak experience, a peek into a state that mostly transcends our life situation, our aspirations, our needs, our concerns and our life, is a connection to the ground, the fabric of existence, and it is unmistakably good. Life is not neutral; it is weighted on the side of that which is benevolent.

The experience transcends time and arrives as an infinitesimal moment, which we then instantly filter through the complexity of our feelings. Each level of complexity owns it, but with an increasing large contextual enclosure.

The Filters
The playful self of the inner child is enraptured with the magic of the experience and interacts with the locality, seeing fairies and cartoon depictions of that which is close at hand. The heroic self mythologizes the experience; the religious self grasps at it as salvation, the new age self idealizes it. The meditator can see it as the escape and deny the needs of self.

The existential mystic self (of Chiron Enchantment) is in awe of it, as the reflection of the whole planetary experience, localized to Earth and yet aware of the great beyond.

Whatever—no really, whatever way you colour it, which could mean you combine more than one facet of self—is good.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces this year will increase this occurrence as numinous light punctures the tight weave of the drama unfolding in our society.

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Goodbye Tiger, Welcome Rabbit

We are now on the brink of a new Chinese year, the Year of the Rabbit, beginning 3 February 2011 and ending on 22 January 2012.

Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It’s shameful, but…   ehhh, it’s a living.”
Bugs Bunny

If you tune into the energy of this Rabbit year, you will be able to transcend the worldly drama, to some degree, and quietly get on with creative endeavours. There will be an enormous amount of change occurring this year, especially underground. Be alert, adaptable and creative; nurture a state of grace.

There is a lot more opportunity to be flexible and adaptive to energies during the Rabbit, as opposed to last year’s Tiger, who was outright wilful in his attempts to break down the walls.

2010, 2011 and 2012

This year is a Yin Metal Rabbit year
Last year was a Yang Metal Tiger year
2012 is a Yang Water Dragon year.

In Chinese astrology, each of the five elements rules for two consecutive years. So, for example, 2012 is ruled by the element Water, as is the following year, 2013, the Year of the Snake. To understand the quality of each year, we have to take into account the year’s own element and how that interacts and overlays with the essential or original element that governs each of the Chinese Zodiacal Animals.

For the animals themselves, these are the essential governing elements, their fixed intrinsic natures:

Tiger is Yang Wood
Rabbit is Yin Wood
Dragon is Yang Wood
Snake is Yin Fire.

Wood is the new growth and the energy of spring and sunrise, so we can see that the subcycle of 2010–2012 is linked to the urge for new realities to dawn and sprout in our society. The element of Wood is assertive and competitive. I would say that the clash of agendas on a global level is simmering away in the collective consciousness, awaiting release so that a new breakthrough, new growth, can start to emerge.

Metal cuts down Wood. This really frustrated Yang Tiger and led to his year 2010 (14 February 2010 to 2 February 2011) having an oppressive atmosphere in general.

Metal will also cut down Rabbit’s Wood, but as Rabbit is intrinsically Yin, this will not be so tough to deal with.

Water—the ruling element of the Chinese New Year in 2012—supports Wood, which suggests that the undercurrent of frustration and oppression will be released in 2012. As the exciting new social energies and values seeking manifestation are irrigated by Water in 2012, new cultural sprouts can begin to emerge. In 2011, do not force your seedlings to grow too fast—your ideas and intentions should be gently encouraged and attentively overseen. 

The Alchemical Pot is Cooking

In support of this, I refer to the fact that Uranus comes into an exact square with Pluto from the summer of 2012 (revolutionary protests, eruptions and dynamic social movements), plus the fact that 2012 is at the very least a psychological primer for radical change.

This Year of the Rabbit would seem to hold the continuing and increasing bubbling of hidden energy in the collective unconscious, a simmering tension.

Rabbits are quieter than Tigers; more contemplative, social and relational. So we will see a lot of connecting and sharing behind the fa├žade of the conventional social theatre, which will continue to be full of gross and emotive rhetoric.

The move of Jupiter and Uranus into Aries this year (22 January and 12 March, respectively) suggests an increase of pioneering, exciting, zealous and even confrontational energy—but however fiery it seems, it will still be more ‘preparatory’, as if something is being held back, particularly in comparison with the somewhat explosive creative friction that will be apparent from the summer of 2012 and onwards, through into 2015.

There are many negative potentials being discussed on the internet and in the mainstream social dialectic. These include such issues as an illegitimate war in Iran, global food shortages, global economic meltdown, yet more earthquakes and floods, as well as other environmental disasters occurring organically—and yet also deliberately created by HAARP, as an example, plus other covert strategies. I feel that although the news will continue to be… well, hardly jolly, the atmosphere will be lighter this year if you can step back from it. A great many of these negative potentials will not fully materialize. It is worth remembering that these issues are swamped in illusion.

Shhhhhhhh! I'm about to defy you.”
Bugs Bunny

Neptune moving into Pisces on 4 April suggests a measure of transcendence (this links in nicely with the Yin Rabbit). This astrological ingress of Neptune in Pisces also suggests some spiritual nutrition, as well as a great deal of confusion, deception, fog, muddle, mess, fraud, scandals and falsities. If you get too attached to the stories and dramas circulating during this year, you will be left with a sense of futility. However, the truth is that it will not be as bad as it seems.

If you stay sensitive, nurture your confidence and listen to your intuition, you will be able to tune into the enormity of change and birth that is occurring on the subtle levels of the whole planetary system—the immanent awakening of our planet.

On the Mainstream Social Level

Dragons are flamboyant, powerful and vital. We can already see the power struggle that is building; the clash of values will be fully out in the open during the second half of 2012.

Until then, stay nimble, proceed with some caution and be open to enjoying understated social connections that are deceptively potent. This is a good year to not get too involved with what appears to be happening, nor to get hooked into the increasingly illusory nature of world events.

Instead, during this Rabbit year, focus upon your more creative cultural projects and interests, as novel breakthroughs in the arts, music and perception will emerge. Work towards your goals with a gentle approach and keep the faith.

The Rabbit can confer grace upon you if you tune into this emerging numinous current of consciousness that is arising with Neptune and Chiron’s transit into Pisces. Tune in and enjoy the sense of accessing fresh, renewing subtle realms.

Keep it light, keep the faith and find the joy, but without ignoring the dramatic shifting social environment in which we live.

Shamanic Understanding of the Rabbit

Rabbits are constantly alert, quick to respond, quiet, fertile and humble. Rabbits utilize guile, they carry the teaching about moving through fear; they are sensitive to subtle energies, they burrow and they inhabit a largely hidden underground community.

In Mayan mythology, the hero twins tell the Rabbit to hide outside the Ballcourt whilst they take on the Lords of Darkness. In both Chinese and Mayan culture, as well as Native American tradition, the Rabbit is associated with the Moon and the Moon Goddess. (Rabbits have a gestation period of approximately 28–31 days.)

Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”
Bugs Bunny

2011: The Psychic Internet Starts to Awaken

Aquarius is the astrological correlate of the internet as the cutting edge. Does Pisces correspondingly equate to the psychic net as the cutting edge?

Neptune and Chiron both move out of Aquarius and into Pisces in 2011.

The transits of Jupiter in Aquarius (1997–1998), Uranus in Aquarius (1995–2003) and Neptune in Aquarius (1998–2011) all correlate to the explosion of the internet.

Chiron moved into Aquarius in spring 2005; Facebook launched its high school version in September 2005. The transits of Neptune and Chiron through Aquarius correlate specifically to online social networks, with Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron coming together in a triple conjunction (2009–2010) during the time that Facebook became the alternative internet within the internet. Facebook has become the place of communal connection that is paradoxically interconnected and yet disconnected from the consensual world.

Neptune and Chiron together correspond with the collective imagination and how it connects to all areas of both the manifest world and the subtle realms. The movement of Neptune and Chiron into Pisces suggests an adjustment of the collective imagination and a desire for a new soul-based connection, other than the internet. Pisces rules the indefinable whole.

Neptune will be in Pisces from 2011 to 2025
Chiron will be in Pisces from 2011 to 2019
Pluto moves into Aquarius from 2024, strongly suggesting a complete transformation of the internet.

Throughout Neptune and Chiron’s transit through Pisces, the ‘real world’ will become more obviously theatrical to more people. The individual will seek to pierce the illusory imagery and data-overwhelm and confusion that comes from the relativistic truth (where all truths appear valid, so what is actually true?) that is fuelled by innumerable perspectives and misinformation on the internet. The awakened individual will increasingly yearn to connect to an underlying essence.

The Rabbit in Chinese astrology approximately equates to the zodiac sign of Pisces in Western astrology. So to go back to our earlier question in slightly different words: Is this year of the Rabbit the beginning of the emergence of the psychically fecund Noosphere?

The Noosphere is the Overmind of the human species and its interconnection with the total consciousness of planet Earth. The internet is the quasi-physical structure that conjures the virtual environment of cyberspace, which hides—and yet provides the basis for—the slowly developing Noosphere. The Planetary Mind rides in on the back of the internet.

Rabbit Mysticism

The White Rabbit in popular culture is the gatekeeper to the proverbial rabbit hole of reality.

To go down the rabbit hole means to venture into the mystery….

To pull a rabbit out of a hat means to do something surprising and to find a miraculous solution.

Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?”
“Let's pretend it isn't,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.”
From Winnie the Pooh


My work over the last 20 years as an astrological consultant and researcher has been based on Western astrology, now overlaid with my Enchantments model and my understanding of the evolution of human consciousness, as well as with what I term Holospheric astrology, which takes into account orbital parameters and views planetary bodies as reflections of emerging consciousness.

While I can claim no particular expertise of Chinese astrology, I do have a fascinated interest in that field, inspired by my move to Hong Kong several years back. My integral brain really enjoys learning about new paradigms and finding where energies, theories and understandings intersect and resonate with other paradigms.

If you would like an integral understanding of your life purpose and the opportunities available for you in the next couple of years, or if you simply want to find out what the year ahead has in store for you personally, contact me for an astrological consultation. Hong Kongers can visit me on my roof on Lamma Island, overlooking the trees and hills, as a change from the usual perspective of your life.

I also do Skype consultations for anyone, anywhere.

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