Global Society

A few pointers and prompters towards the sort of dialogues and research to be had in the Enchantments Initiative.

Changing the world?

The medium with the most power for changing consciousness is film, whether it is big budget blockbusters, science fiction, documentaries, dramas, web cam monologues or small scale independent films, film reaches into our subconscious and plants the seeds of change.
Films speaks to the mythic bedrock of the soul, its evokes the most powerful emotions and can be encoded with an enormous amount of easily digested information, film is exciting, fun, sexy, artistic, visionary—film engages us and is a shared experience, that provokes dialogue.

The Adventure of Learning to Feel What is True for Each of Us and True for Everyone

At present we are seeing the explosion of information skirmishes increasing between governments, corporations, covert groups, ideologies and individuals. The internet is subject to all manner of disinformation, public relations exercises and individual truth. The structure of society is being shaken and rebuilt, the old guard are playing to keep control, partly to stop anarchy and chaos and partly to just keep power, in turn the agency of change comes in the form of a whole host of agendas, many of which are benevolent some of which are not.

As the internet gains coverage with the help of mobile technology, truth becomes more relative.
The democratic nature of the internet means everyone can have their say, media is becoming intimate not just institutional and this is popularizing the idea that all truths are equal.

The emergence of Neptune Enchantment as a powerful and influential value system and perspective means that truth is harder to define, life become more confusing, yet freer and equality increases. All truths are equal in Neptune Enchantment under the dominance of a humanitarian truth, which reveres the rights of all individuals as sovereign souls to express themselves and live as they choose—as long as they are not causing undue harm to others, to animals and nature.

The world will continue to become more interesting and yet uncertain as the width of expression increases, creating a proliferation of truths.

The information overload is dissolving the rigidity of Saturn Enchantment, the old certainties will continue to dissolve as the internet goes truly global over the next couple of decades. Pyramids and centrifugal foci of authority, experts, winners and celebrities will still exist and serve a purpose, but we will continue to have less attachment to their importance. The individual and society are becoming quite rapidly functioning as multi-tiered evaluators. We are learning to evaluate what is right, for us right now.

As a structure of society the internet firstly increases the Neptune enchantment as it brings equality. Secondarily and on the back of that, we see Pluto Enchantment emerge as more choice, more freedom, less certainty, brings more acceptance of paradox and less identification with self, education, scientific, historical, political and ideological information.

In Pluto Enchantment we adapt to the informational environment by becoming aware that although all truth appears relative, truth is also dependent upon what is appropriate. In time we recognize that different truth is appropriate to different people in different situations and at different times. We learn to respond to situations and information by feeling the resonance of reality within each moment whilst having formed a basic template of truth for ourselves which is forever growing, evolving and adapting. We are able to choose the appropriate truth which is a level beyond the ocean of relativity and the awareness of all truth as equal.

The Pluto Enchantment creates a wide spectrum attention, a non linear intelligence that can scan and absorb, sense and respond to large amounts and a diverse range of stimuli, imagery and video in multiple dimensions simultaneously, we can be emailing, facebooking, surfing, listening to podcasts, or watching video with more simultaneity.

Chiron Enchantment

On the back of the internet, behind the cyber-spacial architecture, a planetary mind is emerging, a noosphere. The psychic fecundity of our environment will increase dramatically as the internet reaches a near global saturation.

Truth is then well and truly experienced, truth is then based on direct engagement with energy, all informational packages, be that film or text will be decoded more easily as we become more conscious of the energy signature of the transmission.

Power and Consciousness

Although China is still a huge mystery, not only to me but also I suspect to the majority of the world, it is worth asking, how will the world change under China’s rise to economic power? Will Chinese nationalistic global power be curtailed by the power of global community?

The paradox in my mind is that the Chinese rise to power will I suspect eventually lead to a greater unification of the global society. China in Africa will probably bring Africa into the world more.
China is presently going through a gradual shift from Saturn Enchantment to Uranus Enchantment. The nationalists (Saturn Enchantment) still hold power, but the internationalist (Uranus Enchantment) are gaining ground as far as I can tell, admittedly I base this on intuition and internet whispers more than proper research.

A similar shift is occurring in India—Saturn to Uranus—I personally feel that a lot of the most extraordinary innovations of society will come from the Indian consciousness.

The citizens of the USA have the most brilliant people who are hindered by an emotional attachment to Americanism and although I have some wonderful friends and connections with Americans and love a lot of what is good about the USA it seems that even American alternative thinking is just not with the program of the emerging global community.

In the first instance it would be fabulous to see a dialogue between enlightened Americans, Indians and Chinese. South America still has a healthy kick ass attitude towards corporatization, especially I suspect because of the distrust of the power of USA, due to the insidious covert operations of the American corporatocracy.

The evolutionary impulse within the human species is attempting to shift power from Uranus Enchantment toward Neptune Enchantment with a growing influence of Pluto Enchantment, also part of that picture. To reinforce the obvious we need to state that the internet plays a big part in that process of shifting power dominance.

The Global Population is a major part of the Environment

Human and planetary survival, the environment and resources

Fundamental to the process of shifting power is a new economic system, which can only happen with a shift in consciousness, it is a systemic loop.
The dangerous and simplistic meme that the world is overpopulated misses the point. The present system is still based on putting money before people; this emphasis creates the environmental problem. I have written some pieces on this here on Mystic Cyber Crow.

Essentially the point is this, population growth is good, it equates to complexity consciousness, benevolent abundant creativity that can solve all manner of problems, the present dominant system though is inadequate for the population size and the planet Earth. The Earth wants and needs humans, we are not a blight, we are part of the evolutionary experiment and intent of our Planet. The environment can no longer be described merely by materialism, the environment is waking up to itself—the Noosphere.

The environmental crisis is a crisis/opportunity of consciousness. Pollution is real, especially due to oil, war and chemicals but these pollutants are tied to consciousness and values, perception and vision. The dialogue within the establishment is stuck in the early 20th century. We obviously need clean and relatively free energy, we need an abundant economic system, based on free money, these are intrinsic components of the environmental and species survival issue.

The Enchantments Initiative will create new questions, new benevolent memes that can be released into the world.

Slums and the World Population

The environment you live and work in shapes your consciousness to a large degree.
Over 1 billion people of the world’s population of 6.7 billion live in what is considered a slum this means that their community and basic enchantment level is below Blue Saturn Enchantment.


The dominant enchantment levels of slum dwellers are Lime Ceres Enchantment and Maroon Jupiter Enchantment. The Ceres Enchantment equates to a more urgent sense of survival as your daily life is tenuous as you live with he constant threat of floods, property developers, authorities or mafia moving you on or destroying your home. The individual lives with the swings of delight and despair connected to the magical elements and playful nature of life whilst living with the background fear of immense powerful forces and the constant confrontation with sudden death and eviction in their community.

The Jupiter elements of slum communities have more stability as they fall under the protection of the local godfather in exchange for obeisance and respect. The father figure that runs a slum or a particular quarter is a mythic figure, heroic, wise benevolent and terrifying. The Book Shantaram gives an excellent insight into Mumbai

A percentage of those who live in the slums secure their lives with fundamental religion and a very small percentage manage to maintain a professional job, perhaps suiting up and working in an office. In either case the Psyche of the individual will still have a large array of the lower enchantments.

Secure housing that protects one from the elements and is supplied with clean water, electricity and sanitation means that you have a good foundation in Saturn Enchantment.