Thursday, 25 February 2010

Enjoy Life and Be the Change in the World

The word ‘evolution’ can sound somewhat daunting, even exhausting. To some, it might reek of compulsive ‘progress’ and perfectionism. If you sign up for it – evolution, that is – you might think that sounds as if you are given no chance to slob out a little, nor to call upon the all-important slacker wisdom.

However, the evolution of consciousness totally requires that we stop and smell the roses – and also that we sometimes just ‘give in. If we over-identify with some overly masculine progression, there is a tendency towards getting inflated, rigid and fascist, in other words too serious…

Put Consciousness with Evolution … Aha!
The evolution of consciousness is about enjoying life, far more than it is about sacrifice. Enjoying life is not just about pleasure, or even about giving pleasure or comfort; it also involves the burgeoning enjoyment of the magnificence of life itself.

To continue enjoying our experience requires an ability to change the emphasis of our life as the long good road unfolds, to add to and refine the way in which we enjoy life.

The nature of self-interest is that as we become more conscious (ie more evolved), our self-centred desires, wishes and pleasures naturally become more benevolent and gift more aspects of creation – which is not the same as saying we just get more uniformly good and sweet in all areas.

Even Moments of Idiocy Are Allowed
The evolution of consciousness is neither smooth nor linear. It requires backward steps, losses and errors; they are all part of the journey, a fact that is easier to appreciate once you accept your own paradoxes and the paradoxes of creative existence.

The adventure of life itself can be called the evolution of consciousness. The evolution of consciousness is the expansion of awareness through all areas of a sphere. The expansion is an ebb and flow, a surge into one area and a temporary withdrawal from another. Yet, over time, we do indeed expand our awareness and interconnection as we open more doors to the greater universe. The best way to understand this is through the perspective of the aura.

The Flowing Energy of Your Psyche
See your body in the centre of the aura. The expansion of your consciousness takes place in two directions: outwards, through an outpouring of awareness from the body towards all areas of the energy sphere around you; and inwards, to your central channel. This inner journey moves you towards the infinite eternal mystery of the Source.

The outward expansion emphasizes the immanence of spirit in all things and our relationship to all things, as we talked about in a previous blog. The inward journey is the transcendence of those relationships and the connection to the universal deities and the Source of Life. These two directions of our subtle energy go hand in hand.

The evolution of consciousness is an unfoldment, an emergence, an adventure, an existential experience, a task requiring effort and persistence, a surrender and an innovative creative act of consciousness each step of the way.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mystic Cyber Crow is One Year Old

"he will keep crowing on about evolution"

I have really enjoyed
the journey of writing this blog and I would like to send you
a big thank you.

So, thank you for listening, all you visible elfs, sprites and crows on the far right, as well as you invisible regulars -- who I estimate, with the help of Google Analytics, to be about thirty or more. On top of that, there are a bunch of sporadic readers.

In total, the Crow gets about three hundred different visitors a month, from over 150 different cities around the world.

The transmission of writing this blog, putting out the links on Twitter and Facebook, and various websites that talk about some of the articles, together with the energetic communication into the ethers, is creating energy in my life -- various opportunities and connections have come from it recently. I feel the appropriate opportunity is on the horizon and this will synch in with my main website launch a little later this year, where I will present the updated Enchantments of Life map.

Today is also the first anniversary of Reality Activists Podcasts, which I present with Daniel “putting the insightful eye on the moment” Clarke.

In The Land of the Crow by LjL, click on image to see the crow.....


Online Art Gallery

Sunday, 21 February 2010


This and two other images in this post are of the Lion Whisperer,
Kevin Richardson. Found on Google images.

The Development of Relational Intelligence is a Product of Evolution and a Reflection of the Nature of Evolution

In the last blog, I talked about something ungraspable by the linear rational mind – the nature of time. The rational mind is a tool in symbiotic relationship with linear time, which we know is a limited perspective. The rational, reductive grasp of the mind exists within time; however, time–space as a fourth dimensional substance is bigger than the rational mind, so cannot be grasped by it.

In contrast to the intelligence of the rational mind, the intelligence we utilize in relationships scans, feels and intuits, whether we are relating to a person, an animal, an idea, a logo or a webpage.

This wide-spectrum intelligence that connects to the heart operates on multiple time frames and potentialities of near future and past—it is not confined to linear time. In relational intelligence, you are scanning beyond the linear time frame.

Once we see a complete system comprised of dynamic and relating parts—such as human society—the whole of that system looks very different from the bottom-up view, while the parts also look different with the benefit of the top-down view.

Looking at you as an individual from the perspective of the species gives us a very different understanding of who you are than if we were simply to understand you through your own self-referencing.

All systems are composed of the interactions between the parts—in the case of the human system, this is relationships. You and I are in a kaleidoscope of cascading relationships—we relate immediately, obliquely, vertically and horizontally. We relate most immediately to our lover, friends, family and work colleagues, but also with our mindset, our culture and, to a lesser degree, to all of the rest of the human species.

The relationship of the individual to everybody else is becoming stronger. The Internet and global integrated media means that increasingly we are having some kind of displaced information exchange with all other humans. The ability of the individual to affect the collective is becoming more apparent, while the collective consciousness and global effects are now of more relevance to the individual. We are all transmitting our stories that much more quickly into the collective soup from which each moment emerges.

This is the trend—and this trend will only increase as it is the way in which complexity emerges. Evolution is the increase in complexity, which means that as we evolve, we not only become part of larger wholes, we are co-creating the wholes.

Our Planet is a Whole System Interconnected through Intricate Patterns

Evolution is the increase in complexity, which means our system not only grows in scale of community, it also grows in intricacy.

Communities of a lower order of complexity still exist within the developing global village—we coexist with small pockets of tribal societies, fiefdoms, slum mafias, insular religious orders and nationalist states. These smaller-scale communities all filter the full impact of the global marketplace, to a greater or lesser extent, yet all increase the overall complex intelligence of the world.

The evolutionary impulse creates greater degrees of integration within the being of Earth.

Integration is Emerging

'Integral' means integrating all that exists within human thinking. It is oxymoronic to disavow astrology, UFOology, Cryptozoology or anything else in an integral exploration of planetary consciousness … that’s just over-intellectualizing and trying too hard to be ‘legitimate’, according to present standards.

To be openly integral means exploring new realms and relating to the full diversity of human beliefs, experience and paradigms of investigation.

The innovation of our society towards a fuller expression of the human species system (Yellow Pluto Enchantment [Ed: see the Enchantments section in our portal website]) means recognizing all people play a role—not all equal, but all have something to offer simply because they are in the system; the system cannot function to full capacity without them. This is not the evolution of 'winners and losers', but evolution of appropriate role play in a creative system of society.

Woodstock crowd, image from Google images

Crowd Sourcing

We need to restate this:

In a large, complex system all parts are relevant. No part exists out of the system, so it is by definition relevant. All parts may not be equal, but they are all relevant.

A fully trained scientific adult mind possesses more relevant information about the nature of the human species than does the mind of a preschool child. However, the child’s view is still a valid view from within the system—even though it may not be as valuable (in most cases) as the adult educated mind. But the child’s view is still an expression from within the system that has to be integrated, if we are to see the system as a whole.

A mixed group of novices and experts is more intelligent than a group consisting solely of experts, as outlined in the book, The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki.

What Does the Individual Look Like in All of This?

Your identity is formed through all that you relate to.

In the emerging global social environment, your ability to be cognitively elastic increases and you are becoming increasingly co-creative.

You are becoming more intelligent in your ability to relate to more aspects of all human life.

Relationships in the broadest sense and the agreements that come out of them are how we create reality; relationship is far more powerful than science as a determiner of creation.

Speaking as a man, this article is a good reminder to me of the importance of feminine ‘fuzzy logic’ as being equally valid to masculine so-called ‘objectivity’—but you knew that already didn’t you?

You are a co-creator.

If you enjoyed this article and know anyone else who might like it, please send them the link...thank you.

A Short Sunday Outing

Just thought I would share my sentiments of today with you.

Life is a trip. As we incarnate, a veil comes down and once again we take the journey of life with the necessary loss of memory. A good trip must be fully immersive.
Within each incarnation life offers us a large array of trips to involve our whole selves in, some are obligatory or I should the basic parameters of the lifescape are collectively pre-structured, so that we are involved in experiences that are resonant with others.


We also create a script for our life before we get here, the astrology chart reveals it in 4 dimensional symbolic language, our job is about awakening within each situation to get the most out of it, ultimately it comes down to gifting others and in so doing we are infused into the world, colouring the world with our essential unique character and living as vessels that receive the gifts of others.


I have done the trip of the new age that is an excellent theatre, one of the best; I also did the philosophical trip of Ken Wilber, superb. Relationships, beliefs, careers, businesses, taking on any kind of social role, yoga, meditation, any ideology you care to mention are all just wonderful. Being anonymous and detached is one of those trips that become more available as you get older if you so choose, it offers refreshment to the soul. However the challenge is to remind ourselves that as one enchanting reality dissolves there are more available if you keep your heart and soul open. If you stay adrift from everyone you lose the light of life which only others can give you, unless you are completely surrendering to God without any attachment as to what God is.

The Long Good Road is all about immersing oneself, followed by a crisis period of releasing oneself from our identification and then starting all over again.

I have often woken up with the sense of awe of how theatrical reality’ is, the moment I try to hold onto that feeling it dissolves back into the ethers, but each time a louder echo of this illuminated emptiness stays with me for all time.

The best meditations I have done have been largely spontaneous, with my eyes open just sitting, normally early morning, mostly in nature but not always and they last about a minute….a long time. In those moments life passes unhindered through me and is flavoured very subtly by me.


I feel the cliché about love is true, no matter what, love lasts forever. Love is the Kosmic glue.

Get Real....

Although all trips require respect, there are certain laws built in to them, we are here to enjoy it all with a sense of humour, just don’t laugh in the middle of someone else’s trip as they are coming up though, they get very upset. Especially if it is a popular selection, its just not done to try to remind people that they are taking it too serious and their trip is not permanent or universally true.

With respect, enjoy your trip.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It Is Time

Multiple Timelines Converge into this Moment

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger.

The correlation between the lunar calendar and the weather is pretty accurate here in Hong Kong. The temperature dropped quite radically, as is often the case in the last few days leading up to the Chinese New Year new moon, and it rained as well, which is good luck in this tradition, as rain is money. I go with that.

I sold a painting on New Year’s Day—Cave Wall—which reflects my feeling of late of being in the flow of things. My paintings express my investigations into the nature of reality and evolution.

To evaluate the nature of human evolution on the deepest level, we need to explore our relationship with time.

As I often emphasize, the question of how we evolve depends on our picture of the past. The past is normally thought of as straight line running backwards on a flat plane. Einstein’s physics, though, tells us that time and space are one fabric and that fabric is not flat—it’s lumpy and it’s curved. Linear time is a limited perspective and is an assumption of present-day historians, archaeologists and evolutionary theorists. The lumps and curves of time–space mean we cannot see that far back—the horizon of the past is not an eternal flat landscape.

When writing my first book, The 21st Century Book of the Dead, I was researching the work of Nikola Tesla and had an altered-state connection to him, an interaction with the spirit of Tesla. I do not think it was his ghost who came to visit me as such; rather, I received a transmission from his soul.

The message I received from him was this:
“Time decays over time.”

This I understood instantly. The future is an increasing variable. We have a good idea of the potentials and outcomes of tomorrow (most of the time), but the further we look into the future the more unpredictable eventualities are. In this regard, the ancient past is similar to the future, especially if we go back thousands of years. The past becomes increasingly variable.

Is the past fixed? Can history be a variable? Does history not just look different, but is it different, depending upon our consciousness? How absolute is the reality of Atlantis, for example?

The cataclysm of around 10,000–12,000 BCE is a particularly potent and obvious point of historical decay and is the source of the veil to Atlantis. If the history of Atlantis is shrouded by heavy mists of perception, does it mean that Atlantis has more than one single definable timeline of events?

Memory Blocks Change the Past
Immanuel Velikovsky proposed something that really struck a chord with me—collective amnesia encoded into our DNA caused by the shock of a planetary disaster as little as 2,500 years ago; an emotional block, a veil to the past.

Time decaying over time suggests there are ‘reality splits’ in our past, caused by collective emotionally charged moments that affect time–space.

Real time is connected to mind and emotion; we all experience that phenomenon every day in a small way. Time is in fact constructed by mind and emotion; time is a product of mind.

My major meditation and contemplation on time over the last 10 years or more suggests a bifurcation of time that underpins parallel realities. In science fiction and even theoretical physics (Stephen Hawkings’ Multiverse, for example), this is a fairly prevalent consideration.

On an everyday level, nobody experiences linear time to the extent the clock does. Our emotional state slows and speeds our time experience. More dramatically, as we get older, time speeds up; our experience of time is poles apart from that of a child.

Emotions are interconnected with our biochemical state, but are not locked inside the physical body, nor locked to linear time. Emotions are centred in the emotional body, which transcends tick-tock time. When you have a fantasy, a dream, or feel really excited, your experience is nonlinear. This is something we all experience. The empirical evidence of emotional states is that they take place in a far more fluid state of matter than the mechanical universe.

The esoteric traditions—backed up by the personal testimonies of numerous people who have had out-of-body experiences—state quite clearly that the nature of time in the astral body is of a different order to that of the linear time of the clock.

To this we must add that the nature of space is also very different in the astral realms. Ghosts can walk through physical walls and through people because in the emotional and astral realms there are lateral dimensions to space.

The brain wave activity of young children is in the alpha, delta and theta regions. Their experience of time is almost ‘timeless’ compared to ours as they are not yet fully in their bodies. Young children have invisible friends, for example, because their experiences are still based in the astral realms. They are effectively transcending the linear time frame of the physical world.

As we grow through childhood, we move into greater density and experience more of the corresponding stability of tick-tock time. Early childhood is the dreamlike experience of more than one simultaneous reality, albeit parallel and interlocking realities, through a range of densities.

Refining Consciousness through Involvement with Density
Even if the meatpack has evolved in linear time to the extent that consciousness arises from it, out from the body, we still have to consider the issue of consciousness existing beyond linear time and then the way in which consciousness enters into the evolving physicality.

Evolution is the emergence and unfoldment that takes place in linear time. The ‘descension’ of consciousness into this realm from higher dimensions, beyond linear time and space, is what I term ‘involution’.

We live in a time on Earth when evolution is waking up to itself and preparing to experience an Omega Point, a convergence on this planet as evolution and involution meet, the awakening of immanence on Earth.

In 1994 I experienced an aspect of my soul from another star system and time frame converging into myself in this density. It was an exhilarating 20 minutes where I knew what was going on, but my mind was held in freeze frame. While I was in this alpha (or deeper) state, I was simultaneously—and very actively—sculpting an enormous and quite beautiful alien head out of a large bag of clay, representative of this other aspect of self.

Multidimensional Time–Space Travellers

Different universal time frames or planetary time–space experiences are compartmentalized by consciousness.

UFOs, for example, are able to jump time because they are not held back by our own planetary consciousness. Those involved in interstellar travel have a trans-planetary consciousness and are effectively time-travelling as much as they are travelling in space.

The Strata of Development

Geosphere→Biosphere (Gaia) →Noosphere/Technosphere (Human world) →Toroidal Energy Sphere (Timeship Earth)

On planet Earth we are approaching planetary membership—the global village, Internet linkup and the emergence of greater interconnection of government and marketplace.

Mystic Cyber Crow’s ongoing enquiry into the nature of evolution will involve connecting the new systemic understandings of science, such as James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis of the natural world as a complex singular system and Howard Bloom’s Global Brain, which outlines the evolution of mass mind arising up from the interconnected data transference within Earth’s bacterial system. More pertinently, we will also be looking at the concept of the Noosphere, attributable to eminent Russian scientist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky and developed by French scientist, philosopher and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (conceiver of the Omega Point).*

Once we get to understand the Noosphere, the mental envelope of all human thought, we are in the area where developmental psychology, aspects of spirituality, the nature of time and our relationship with time all begin to interconnect with the so-called hard sciences.

Timeship Earth

The recognition of the Noosphere is one small step away from seeing the whole Earth as a four-dimensional being; a living energy field that encompasses all human activity, product and history, as well the natural world (the Gaian system).

The next fundamental shift of science, from the paradigm of materialism within time–space, is to an energy field paradigm beyond linear time. The shift involves seeing the whole before the parts; the application of whole systems, which then changes how we see all parts of the Earth system, be that the atom, the body, human society or the natural world. A full recognition of time–space as a whole, rather than seeing time and space as separate, will therefore redefine time and matter.

The Earth and the human species have not always existed in the same density of matter that we experience today. The Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, for instance, talks of a different order of reality. The emergent planetary consciousness of the future is the return of the Dreamtime on another level of consciousness.

Time and space are fluid entities, as is matter, as is history. Time decays over time.

* However, it seems likely that Vernadsky himself developed his concept of the Noosphere way beyond what he wrote about academically

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Blessing The Tiger

The new moon on Valentine’s Day 2010 heralds the beginning of the Tiger Year in the lunar-based Chinese calendar.

The Sun, Moon, Neptune and Chiron are all in conjunction today, suggesting a year of extreme sensitivity and responsiveness in the atmosphere of human society.

The planet Neptune has completed one orbit since its discovery in 1846. Neptune is the god of the Ocean, the collective soul of dreams and eternity, where separation is lost, where we merge, get lost, sacrifice ourselves and experience the intoxication of giving ourselves over to love or ideals.

This is a significant moment in the heart of humanity. What dreams have we realized? What illusions have we lost? Where is our delusion? Can we let go of disillusionment? What new aspirations are seizing us?

In this Year of the Tiger energy can flare up, spread and disseminate quickly; a volatile and exciting year. The dangers of mob emotion are apparent—however, the chance for unexpected abundance is there, if you surrender to the right wave. The opportunities for those who connect to the Zeitgeist are heightened. If your energy is in resonance with the collective soul, your transmissions will flow like ripples on a pond throughout the world.

The Sacred Mayan Calendar day on 14 February (New Year’s Day) is 3 Storm, which again confirms the vitality and movement in an unstable world, as humanity as a single entity is impulsed to shake things up.

Feel into the new moon energy and see what the synchronicities of your day offer you—whatever it is, you can work with it to your advantage. The world has been experiencing some blocks and controls, fears and inhibitions in the last couple of years and the collective pressure is building, so be sensitive to where the dam is leaking. Stay open to the small portal through which your inspiration can flow into the resonant ocean of human hope, faith, idealism, romance, love and yearning.

Neptune and Chiron speak of the pain of impermanence and, at the same time, of a depth of divinely felt connection to the timeless truth of love in all its forms. Be clear in your soul—life is an extraordinary mystery, for in that mystery is the fertility of an ever-giving, ever-present cornucopia of miracles.

By the grace of the outrageous outlandish ineffability, may it be your year.

To read more, see this piece I wrote in January.

What a fabulous picture of the Tiger by Westley Hargrave

Expanding the Truth of Human Evolution: Evolving Meatpacks or Conscious Creation?

A contemporaneous accepted theory of evolution mirrors the evolutionary stage of that society.

How do we get a clearer, truer, fuller view of the nature of evolution?

The Story of the Story
To refine the story of evolution requires knowledge and evaluation of the past. The first step in refining evolutionary theory is to understand something of the history of evolutionary theory itself and how, through its development, veils to the past are pulled down.

The Mists of Avalon

I have had personal experiences of some of these veils—in Tintagel in Cornwall; at Tonina, Mexico, one of the last outposts of Classic Maya civilization; and through past life journeys to Egypt and Atlantis. My sense of these veils is that they are psychic mists that emerged from collective consciousness and through deliberate intervention from overseers.

Agreements create walls of thought, literal structures that inhibit perception.

As agreements are made to what is considered ‘proof’ and what has been ‘proven’, filters of perception are put in place.

If we want a clearer view of the past, the archaic, the origins of Humanity, we need to unlock the doors we locked behind us.

Table Lifting, Ectoplasmic, ‘Spirit Knocking on His Door’ Scientist Alfred Wallace
So today I will offer just one indicator of the veil, albeit an important turning point that is directly related to the evolutionary debate and social structure of today.

The Darwinian Lock Down

The idea of Natural Selection did not exclusively belong to Charles Darwin.

The idea of Natural Selection was also that of Alfred Russell Wallace.

If anything, Wallace was slightly ahead of Darwin in presenting his ideas to the public. Wallace is not talked about in much depth, mostly because of his scientific research into spiritualism. His serious and detailed research is labelled ‘an interest’, as if it was a mere hobby. He found that there was a genuine phenomena occurring in Victorian England—the hucksters and fraudsters were not as prevalent as is supposed. Wallace demonstrated genuine cases of physical mediumship to other scientists, who would admit in private that what they witnessed was authentic, but had to deny it publically.

The forward momentum of science at that time could not be stopped and any doubts about the absolute truth of materialism had to be dispelled if science was to survive the onslaught of religion. All theism needed to be fought, for it lay dangerously close to religious ideas.

Thomas Huxley was the first bulldog to defend the territory of what is called Darwinism; others then dug deeper and got more certain. This process was understandable; it created an evolutionary valve to stop us regressing as a society to one which was dominated by fundamental religion.

It was wholly appropriate to emphasize the competitive element of evolution in the 19th century so that civilization could develop, but now we need a new story that is appropriate to the next big leap. With the abundance of evidence and innovative understandings within our society, our story can now be far more comprehensive.

For the Gods’ Sakes Stop Taking the Gene Out of the Earth System

From Wikipedia
Historians of science have noted that, while Darwin considered the ideas in Wallace's paper to be essentially the same as his own, there were differences. Darwin emphasized competition between individuals of the same species to survive and reproduce, whereas Wallace emphasized environmental pressures on varieties and species forcing them to become adapted to their local environment.

Others have noted that another difference was that Wallace appeared to have envisioned natural selection as a kind of feedback mechanism keeping species and varieties adapted to their environment. They point to a largely overlooked passage of Wallace's famous 1858 paper:

The action of this principle is exactly like that of the centrifugal governor of the steam engine, which checks and corrects any irregularities almost before they become evident; and in like manner no unbalanced deficiency in the animal kingdom can ever reach any conspicuous magnitude, because it would make itself felt at the very first step, by rendering existence difficult and extinction almost sure soon to follow.

The cybernetician and anthropologist Gregory Bateson would observe in the 1970s that, though writing it only as an example, Wallace had "probably said the most powerful thing that’d been said in the 19th Century". Bateson revisited the topic in his 1979 book Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity, and other scholars have continued to explore the connection between natural selection and systems theory.

Andy Wah, Andy Wahols... Andy was Whole -- Not Just a Collection of Cells and Organs that somehow Managed to Paint
The seed of an idea that Wallace presents was too far ahead of its time, more relevant to today’s burgeoning era of systems and chaos theory.

Once we open the door to systems theory, we eventually have to acknowledge that the sum is not only more than the parts, but the sum total is of a different order and the relationships between the parts are an essential part of the whole. This is true whether we are talking physics, biology, psychology, humanity or the whole planetary environment— which includes human beings.

Daddy of Systems Thinking, Ludwig von Bertalanffy

From Wikipedia
Bertalanffy, according to Weckowicz (1989), "occupies an important position in the intellectual history of the twentieth century. His contributions went beyond biology, and extended to cybernetics, education, history, philosophy, psychiatry, psychology and sociology. Some of his admirers even believe that von Bertalanffy's general systems theory could provide a conceptual framework for all these disciplines".[1] He is seen as founder of the interdisciplinary school of thought known as general systems theory. Yet he spent his life in semi-obscurity, and he survives mostly in footnotes. Ludwig von Bertalanffy may well be the least known intellectual titan of the twentieth century.

Bertalanffy argued for open systems, not closed systems, as each whole is a holon, both complete unto itself and yet part of something else. What is more, the whole and the parts are dynamic and creative and in relationship both vertically and horizontally.

A Bigger Whole

Ken Wilber
“Both subjects and objects co-create, all the way up, all the way down.”

"The ability to reduce everything to simple fundamental laws does not imply the ability to start from those laws and reconstruct the universe. The constructionist hypothesis breaks down when confronted with the twin difficulties of scale and complexity. At each level of complexity entirely new properties appear. Psychology is not applied biology, nor is biology applied chemistry. We can now see that the whole becomes not merely more, but very different from the sum of its parts."(Anderson 1972)

Systems theory, once developed, will lead on to a revolution in scientific method where we recognize we need to see the whole before we see the parts.

The Challenge of Today

The decision was made early on to deem certain evidence inadmissible; to say “No, it cannot exist, for we have a theory that fits this evidence. Look at this evidence that we have here in front of us. We do not need a different theory to explain life from the evidence we have in front of us. So don’t show us any other evidence … okay?”!

Before reality can be renegotiated, the agreements have to be acknowledged. Unless you see the assumptions and contract made in the first place, you cannot see through the veil into the space of possibilities that exists on the other side.

Social structures are walls of thoughts, literal structures that although subtle in terms of density—in comparison to what we consider matter—are in fact more powerful shapers of reality than so-called physical evidence that we can touch with our hands.

Evolution it is a hot potato.

This leads on to the next evolution blog, where we will go much further with this investigation.

Tomorrow is the new moon that starts the Year of the Tiger, so I will write a piece for that, because it is going to roar!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Liquid Light Moment on MCC

Liquid Light is the intoxicating fluid consciousness of potentiality and impermanence held at bay by the structural agreements of community. Enduring realities require agreements to create separation from source and relationship with others. Structure is essential. All structures are temporary, useful until the time they merely inhibit the adventure of consciousness.

In My Fathers House There Are Many Mansions

There are an almost infinite number of realms for conscious beings to inhabit in the Kosmos. As our membership and affinity moves beyond mere planetary reality — for we are but youngsters in the cosmos — then a vast array of different dimensions and realities will open up before us. Each realm has its own enclosure of time, its own story, relationship with history, unique set of laws and appropriate science that fits the existential foundation that supports its community.

Tomorrow we will continue with our journey of evolution looking at its contractual nature.

If you are feeling too dry from intellectual inquiry, take a moment now and drink from the spring of Liquid Light — refreshing you with the freedom of potentiality.

My online shamanic art exhibition is HERE

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Today Mystic Cyber Crow is all about fame, me and Lady Ga Ga.

What power is there in the imagery put out by pop music?

Does fame make the audience or the performer go ga ga?

My Fame?

I am artist of the month on Lamma Island, or I should say, be sure to have a look at the 15 paintings selected, click on each one to enlarge...
my 15 pictures here

Lady Ga Ga’s Fame

here she is before she was famous, I have to say she is obviously talented.

so what happens to her in the metamorphosis from Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta to Ga Ga?

She decides to go Ga Ga, regressing back to the helplessness of babyhood, becoming imbecile, a vacant popstar, or creating imbeciles—that’s the story she is playing with by taking on the name Ga Ga....playing with I said.

Her hidden self emerges as she takes on the identity of Ga Ga, to become a star.

"I was like the weird girl who dressed like a zoo animal, the trash glamour in a roomful of urban hip-hop cats," she smiles. "They'd be, like, 'Gaga, what do you think of this lyric?' and I'd twist it all up and all of a sudden it was edgy." –Lady Gaga

She seems to be a very bright woman—she studied art, religion and socio-policital order—playful, creative and informed.
The first couple of times I listened to her it sounded just like cheap pop dross, but some of it was real ear worm stuff, it changes when you see the performance.

I have been watching a batch of her videos, they are compelling, and I can see the genius in the artistry of her whole performance, which looks to be a mixture of her own expression and those she works with. The Bad Romance video is particularly amazing it is also extremely sinister, but then I ask myself does art transform the darkness by showing it as part of the game of life, or do we merely become what we place our attention upon?

Watch video Here

The message that is inherent within some of her work, the subtext is that she is selling her soul for fame and she is crying inside, her soul is caged in the trappings of material seduction. “When I’m not working, I go crazy.” “The truth is, the psychotic woman that I truly am comes out when I’m not working,”

The fame monster is a post modern comment on the decadence of celebrity whilst pursuing excessive success.
Although she is wearing an overtly sexually provocative mask in Bad Romance, the net effect is not sexual as such it’s about power, perversion and enslavement. She is deliberately raising some shadow issues, being provocative. She is pretending to become a slave with a nod to the crowd that she has it under control.

How conscious is she of the meanings behind the freemason, occult and satanic symbols she uses and mixes, does it matter? Is she feeding the darkness?

So here is the analysis of her videos that has become legend on the internet
Three pages to read, but do come back to see my take on it all.

first part
part two
Analysis of Bad Romance here


this guy, the vigilant citizen is not nuts…. the symbolism is really there, but how do we interpret it?

Is there a deliberate manipulation of her, has she really made a deal with someone? The conspiracy view is now so latent within the collective consciousness and so we could surmise that creative people just pick up on it semi consciously… maybe just for effect?

For me, my own modest art channels and reflects that which I have been thinking about and working on, same for everyone, art is not separate from the artist and is the perfect vehicle to draw upon the unconscious, art is channeling.

Behind the scenes video here

“getting attention and doing anything to get it” Jonas Akerlund

look at his tea shirt, quote below from Vigilant Citizen

The director of the Paparazzi is wearing a Venom shirt, bearing the face of Baphomet and the Sigil of the Church of Satan. So, there is a chance that the director is slightly aware of those kinds of things

Some Astro Nerd Stuff and My Conclusion
Her sun Sign is Aries, but I am more interested in her Nodes the Souls Intention.

The Producer Jonas Akerlund is Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in tight conjunction in Scorpio and all tightly conjunct her Moon
Stefani’s transformation to Lady Ga ga—“don’t ever call me Stefani ever again” occurred in 2006. (Jupiter was transiting through Scorpio in that year conjunct her Pluto as she changed her music style).
She was 19 when she turned up at the studio that really set her upon her path, around the time of her nodal return.
Sun, Venus and Mars were transiting around her Scorpio South Node at the time she changed her name in November 2006. Her south node is conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in 11th house suggesting she is unconsciously drawing upon past life experience with occult groups. The north node in her natal chart is conjunct Venus in Taurus in the 5th house suggesting the challenge of her life is self expression, turning her past life enslavement into an artform by using her feminine seduction.

Rodeo Satan

Does she have a karmic contract and/or is she is transmuting the energy of occult enslavement and making it light…I will go with that second option as a conclusion at the moment.

She is certainly playing with Satan, will she ride Satan or will Satan ride her?
A master shaman from Peru uses the term riding Satan meaning mastering Satan “Rodeo Satan”, mastering the darkness. The Pluto in Scorpio generation is here to make light of the darkness of the human drama and they do have an ability to transform power abuse, so again I will go with that.

So its just art huh? its not just art, it carries a lot of energy and it wouldn’t harm people to be a bit more conscious of occult symbols so that mass manipulation does not manifest.

Like Marilyn Manson, who I really like, she is an intelligent creative freak that speaks for many disenfranchised kids and also the gay community who love her camp theatrical performance.
In an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show she says she is expressing something on behalf of all those who do not feel they fit in and can not be winners, the paradox now of course is that she is a winner.

My sense is she is quite poppunk for the new era, purging deep dark energy I hope she manages to stay detached, as in not identify with her masquerade and find the space for privacy and soul connection that has to follow this crazy high octane fame trip she is currently on.

The awakening within her soul —another level of consciousness starts in spring this year end in march but really kicks in January until November 2011as Pluto is transiting her natal Neptune, in 2012 Pluto will square her Sun, and Uranus will conjunct her sun as she goes through a total identity change that year.

The story behind her name here

oh and have a look at my shamanic art here

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Evolution-It’s a Love Thing, Let’s Chill

What a Beautiful Day

The sun is shining; the air is fresh, thank God for my life, thank you society for everything you have given me including my schooling. I am not here to whine, not really, this is an exciting time to be alive, never before in recorded history have we had so much knowledge at our finger tips, progress is real. We do grow from child to adult, society does evolve, and humanity evolves, progress is real, so let us progress.

How Do We Evolve, That’s the Question

This inquiry has to take place in the underground on the web, society would collapse if everything about the consensual myths were to be exposed over night in the full light of the Television spotlight.

What would we do with all of those beautiful encyclopedias, if it was revealed that actually… it does not look like there is this gradual mutation of species thing going on..

Product Recall on Educational Tools

Dear sir and Madam we are sorry to have to write to you to tell that the product we have sold you is faulty—oopsy— and we have to recall all 19 volumes of your encyclopedia collection for immediate incineration.

No, cant happen, so okay ERROR in the system, we all make mistakes, so no need to get hung up about it…
Okay, everyone is forgiven, let’s chill, no need to defend anything let us just open the inquiry....peace

Pluto in Capricorn Era the Walls of the Consensual Myth are Crumbling

So what adaptions are there to evolutionary theory....
punctuated evolution?

hyper evolution

...better, definitely better but still using a bucket of cement and trough to seal the cracks in the wall, might as well just look through the cracks and see what is trying to get through?

Dr. Peter Gariaev - Astonishing DNA Wave Transformation

Here is David Wilcox inspired by Peter Gariev, you can watch hours of David Wilcox online, this is from one of his Project Camelot interviews

“Dr. Francis Crick, who was one of the co-discoverers of the DNA molecule, showed that the dust in the galaxy, when you take a line of sight from where we are to the center of the galaxy, 99.9% of that dust in the galaxy has all the spectrographic signatures, all the lightwaves that you expect to see from living bacteria.
I'm going to prove to you that the nature of this evolutionary process fundamentally rewrites DNA and biological life to such an extreme that within one generation – I will show you the proof in this presentation – that a creature can give birth to something that becomes an entirely different species than the creature whose womb it came out of...

...and that there is nothing more that needs to be done to create that energetic change but to simply zap the embryo with a light wave that comes from another embryo that has the genetic pattern that you wish to transfer.

The only way that this makes any sense is to begin seeing DNA as susceptible to quantum wave effects.

You have frog eggs, okay? The frog eggs are laid and they're all sitting there. Then you have a salamander's eggs, and you take a laser beam that's not going to burn them, it's not going to kill them, it just picks up the wave information from the salamander. You take those salamander eggs, you shine the wave through it, you redirect the wave into the frog eggs. Guess what happens to the frog's eggs?

You get a complete metamorphosis. The genetic material of the frog's eggs becomes cannibalized by the wave of the salamander. "Cannibalized" is maybe a strong word to use, but it gobbles up all the genetic material that was going to make a frog and totally rewrites the code and transforms it into a salamander's body.

It happens in ONE generation. You have eggs that come out of a frog's body, and they turn into a completely different species. That doesn't take very long. It's instantaneous energetic change.”

Listen to the Man Himself
Here is an open letter from Peter Gariev the father of wave genetics (fractal genetics)

DNA programming

The most astonishing experiment that was performed by Garjajev’s group is the reprogramming of the DNA codon sequences using modulated laser light. From their discovered grammatical syntax of the DNA language they were able to modulate coherent laser light and even radio waves and add semantics (meaning) to the carrier wave. In this way they were able to reprogram in vivo DNA in living organisms, by using the correct resonant frequencies of DNA. The most impressive discovery made so far is that spoken language can be modulated to the carrier wave with the same reprogramming effect. Now this is a baffling and stunning scientific discovery! Our own DNA can simply be reprogrammed by human speech, supposing that the words are modulated on the correct carrier frequencies!

Crisis in Life Sciences. The Wave Genetics Response

Dr. Pjotr GARAJAJEV [ Peter Gariaev ] & Vladimir POPONIN
DNA BioComputer Reprogramming


The Archaeological Records

We might ask, we ought to ask, what is the actual physical proof from the past?
For the time being never mind the theories of punctuation and hyped up evolution, we need to start with what is actually there, as in materiel form.
We can start that exploration with Michael Cremo, here is a fairly short sample chapter--the introduction and it gives you a good over view--of the 952 page book called Forbidden Archaeology

and here is a good short review of Mr cremo’s condensed book “Hidden History” with a table of anomalous artifacts, just a few samples but gets the ball rolling.

Here is Michael talking on video introducing Forbidden Archaeology…. and there is masses of radio interview available online as well.

To End
Evolution is it a love thing? (video)

Will start looking at Lady Ga Ga tomorrow in between our steps on this evolutionary journey

Its all up in the air baby

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Are We Going Gaga as the Lady Suggests or Are We Evolving?

This week I am going to continue with the exploration of human evolution, this requires walking down some lateral pathways. Last week the pathway we took involved the Yeti, Sasquatch, Big Foot—the hominoids of which there are said to be five species on earth at present. Oh yes they exist!

The Relationship between Evolution and Innovation

People who find the Intersection between cultures—draw upon their experience from two or more cultures— produce creative innovations in cuisine, fashion, architecture, music, art, language and even in the way they relate. The world is providing us all with a smorgasbord of remixes.

Most innovations are small micro changes which are useful to society but are we living in the era of a fundamental revolutionary innovation of our culture, not just an improvement but a contextual change?
The next question that follows on from that is; can we be on the verge of an even more profound change, an evolutionary shift, a mutation of the species involving the physical body and physical environment.

Vindaloo Prawns, Rice and Beer

Also after a brain feeding curry at the Dheli Lamma with Professor Rodney ‘Skateboard’ Jones (see January 25th Post Skateboarding-The Centaur Rides).
As I do not read newspapers or own a Television, I check in once in a while with friends or the internet on mainstream TV led culture.
From the Prof’s inspiration I will be having a look at Lady Ga Ga …can she sing…. does it matter? She seems to know how to hit ‘cultural buttons’ …is she just a product or is she the latest Madonna-esque savy girl-powered celebrity….hmmm…artist, zombie puppet or instinctive psychologist?

Lady Ga Ga is such a phenomenal and sudden success who uses a lot of provocative symbolism in her performance—so I will be having a look at her astrology chart and her videos. (Alison might have something say about this subject?)

Plus Stephen Colbert, Cool-bert, is he America’s first mainstream counter culturist, is there such a thing?
I was first exposed to him in 2008 when staying with friends Scott and Jen in California, I love him, but it took me a few minutes to get where he was coming from. Apparently the stats suggest that a whole chunk of his audience are ‘nod along in agreement’ true blue republicans, who never get where he is coming from.

Here is what he said as he was standing next to W in 2006 at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

“ I stand by this man. I stand by this man because he stands for things. Not only for things, he stands on things. Things like aircraft carriers and rubble and recently flooded city squares. And that sends a strong message, that no matter what happens to America, she will always rebound—with the most powerfully staged photo ops in the world”

Another Freakin Crazy Story?

"There were Giants, in the earth in those days." (Genesis 6:4)

Giants, I have been really switched on by the stories of giant skeletons that have supposed to have been found, the consistent data I have read about over the decades suggest 20 foot humans—holy moly!

In regards to fossils what many people do not realize is that “Nature cleans her palette”, meaning the whole evolutionary story is constructed from a surprisingly small about of bones and skulls.

Where nature misses does that institute I mentioned last week clean up the rest?

Check out the Project Camelot interview at the bottom of this post it is over 90 minutes long, but it is only through watching things like this consistently that you can start to see the authenticity of alternative research. Amongst other things he talks about giant skeletons…sensational man but no way sensationalist.

Don’t Miss the Link

A Mammoth looks like an earlier model of an elephant that is the idea of evolution, it’s a good idea an in the development of human intellect, at the moment though it is just an idea.
The Mammoth was more suited to very cold conditions and the Elephant looks like it an adaption of the same animal to different environmental conditions, that’s a good insight, but is that is all it is?

The Flight of the Crow

For now, lets cut to the quick, is there room for individual creativity, adaptive evolution, instant creationism and the intervention of species by other species in the true picture of how we change. I believe so, in which case how do they fit together?
Follow the thread—with MC Crow from the twilight realm of the infosphere— by clicking on the subscribe button at the top.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

What is the Story of Human Evolution?

The Big Foot/Yeti/Sasquatch Research on Mystic Cyber Crow

Hominoids? My Conclusion Thus Far...

I conclude, my position, at this point in time is that there are physical hominoids on Earth.

Agreements Make Reality

I also suggest that the collective consciousness interferes—through subversion, perception filtration and psychic walls—with the manifest proof, the evidence needed for acceptance.

Consciousness is the dominant determiner, Big Foot exists but it is out of the frequency of consensual agreement.

Minnesota Iceman (see last blog)

In the case of the Minnesota Iceman, an apelike man that exhibited in state fairs in America, it looks like we have a genuine artifact. We have a creature that was shot and was found in ice, then made available for public examination, which was later replaced by a wax replica.

The question then arises, what was it?
A, he was a Neanderthal
B, he was one of the five known hominoid species
C, he was both

If The Answer Is C?

Houston we’ve got a problem, Richard Dawkins is out of a job, all of those nice drawings that show the gradual development of Homo sapiens need to be reviewed, the Discovery Channel needs to chuck some stuff out of its archives, and also it looks like maybe McDonalds are not the only ones selling indigestible Big Whoppers.
Actually even if the answer is A or B we still have the same problem

This leaves us with big questions and it is here we have to really start an inquiry, and get more sophisticated.


Michael Cremo (with Richard Thompson) examined the archaeological records in an eight year field study, and then wrote a 900 page academic book, called Forbidden Archaeology. Many of those in the fossil community went APE—it caused a STORM. I read the abridged version a few years ago The Hidden History of The Human Race.

A Stroke of Genius Combined with Academic Concentration

Michael took the flak, and then wrote a 500 page book called Forbidden Archaeology’s Impact, I have it here. In this book he answers all of the intelligent criticisms one by one. Outstanding!
People had to take notice and he made presentations all around the world to the more liberal universities. The research suggests that anatomically modern humans have existed for millions of years—no gradual evolution.

Terrestrial, Plus?

Lloyd Pye on the other hand who has been studying the genetic findings concludes that there has been an intervention by another species in our evolution. Actually not just an intervention in the human DNA but also an intervention in domesticated crops and domesticated animals.


Because the mythology of many indigenous peoples from around the world tells us that the Gods gave humanity farming and cattle.

More Than That…

The Sumerian text, interpreted by the Hebrews-via Babylon from the Epic of Gilgamesh- is known as Genesis aka Chapter One of the Bible,it says the gods, plural, made man in their image.

The Bible asserts that the Elohim said: “Let us fashion the Adam in our image and after our likeness.” Zecharia Sitchin

Loose Ends?

Once we have established the doubt then we can be fair and listen to the consensual view and utilize the expertise of Geneticists, archaeologists and other conventional evolutionists. We then have to see if we can find the intersections between the science of Richard Dawkins and the mainstream with the research of Michael Cremo and with Lloyd Pye and others.

The terrain is wide open and very interesting, finally the public debate can move on from the late 19th Century between Neo Darwinism and Fundamental Religion, because essentially that is where evolutionary theory seems stuck.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Carrying on with the hominoid enquiry of the last few days…

A Quick Rant and a Little Sidetrack

People do not like evidence that is too perfect, that is the other strange thing, we kind of feel that if it perfect then it is likely to be fake, we expect some fuzziness.

This Warrants Some Attention.

Look at this picture above, it’s pretty interesting it is supposed to be of an alien female…of course it might be fake…possibly, that’s the trouble with all of the disinformation and cynicism in the environment, one has to have an element of doubt.

One cannot be like a cherry picked television expert and espouse with absolute authority that one knows without a shadow of a doubt no.. one has to be more refined, more cultured, far superior to those arse^^^^…I am sorry just looking through the ridiculous rebuttals—from supposed intellectuals—of anything that does not fit inside the brainframe of their limited experience is enough to make you lose it once in a while. I feel like I am expressing some frustration on behalf of the many serious, patient and careful people who devote their lives to all sorts of research and do not get their work recognized

I find her compelling by the way…the alien lady, real or not?
here is a two part video analysis

well, pretty interesting...?

Anyway Back To Hominoids

The Minnesota Iceman

A hominoid creature or early apeman frozen in a block of ice and displayed at state fairs from 1967

Read here

Read What Eyewitnesses Have To Say From from Angel Fire link below

"In 1967 or 1968 I attended the Minnesota State Fair. There, for 50 cents, you could get a very good close up of the creature in the block. At that time I was so close to it that I could, and I did touch the block of ice. The man there said the body was found up in Northern Minnesota. The creature I saw was very real, you could see the one hand very well, and some of the upper body. The rest of the body was in a fog of ice. But I remeber the hand most of all. This was not a made up thing, no one could make a hand that perfectly. What I saw that day was very real". J.P.

"I saw the Iceman in 1968-69 at the State fair of Texas. My sister and I viewed the exhibit at great length. I remember being greatly intrigued by this "caveman" frozen in a block of ice. The image that sticks out in my mind is the bloody wound where the right eye would have been". Anonymous.

"I'm originally from Waterloo, Iowa and now live in Cumberland, WI. I am 41 years old. I saw your Iceman back in 1973 on display at the National Dairy CattleCongress, fair in that block of ice as a 14 year old boy. It cost me five dollars to look at this bigfoot. The more I looked at this bigfoot in a block of ice, the more I believed it not to be a fake. I went back two more times with my friends to see. They said to me it was real too. I hope this helps you". M.A.

this is from AngelFire comes with a timeline read it here

here is another perspective

and here is Wikipedia


The waters get muddied with misinformation, that much is obvious as you plough through the data field, so obviously deliberately twisted, which in itself tells us elements within the establishment are hiding something. The involvement of the FBI and the Smithsonian Institute in the affair is not exactly reassuring me that the truth of the situation has been reported.

The Minnesota Iceman was it real? some intelligent people saw it first hand and thought it was, including Ivan Sanderson, Lloyd Pye and many others...........?

Another Story

Here below is Fox news doing its usual crap, tell me is that not just a deliberately twisted report, ha ha ha funny funny what a bunch of fantasists..ha ha big foots, aliens, ghosts la la la la jeeeez!
so how silly are all these hundreds of thousands of people , how many people did they interview, how many people actually said "well you never know.. I might like to hear the actual report without your stupid grinning sarcasm "...or is the world really populated with that many morons?

...there must be intelligent life on Earth?

I tell you what, how about hearing from a nice sober renowned English lady and hearing her viewpoint on Yeti and cousins... an introduction from Wikipedia

Dame Valerie Jane Morris Goodall, DBE (born 3 April 1934), is an English UN Messenger of Peace, primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist. She is well-known for her 45-year study of chimpanzee social and family interactions in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, and for founding the Jane Goodall Institute.

Listen to what she has to say...

I am clear they exist, these creatures are seen by real people and some of the evidence is real proof, not all of the footprints, recorded sounds, you tube videos and accounts of contact from hundreds of years are faked or fantasy.

Here is a selection of anecdotal reports-from crystal links -concerning the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman..."a humanlike monster whose tracks have been discovered in the frigid lands of perpetual snow in the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet"

1913 - A group of Chinese hunters reportedly wounded and captured a hairy man-like creature, that the locals soon named the "snowman". This creature was supposedly kept captive in Patang at Sinkiang province for a period of five months until it died. It was described as having a black monkey-like face and large body covered with silvery yellow hair several inches long; it's hands and feet were man-like and the creature was incredibly strong.

1914 - J. R. P. Gent, a British forestry officer stationed in Sikkim, wrote of discovering footprints of what must have been a huge and amazing creature.

1921 - Members of a British expedition (led by Col. Howard-Bury) climbing the north face of Mount Everest sighted some dark figures moving around on a snowfield above them. When the explorers reached the spot, at some 17,500 feet, the creatures were not there but had left behind some huge, humanlike footprints in the snow.

1923 - Major Alan Cameron, with the Everest Expedition of that year, observed a line of huge and dark creatures moving along a cliff face high above the snowline. Pictures of the creatures' tracks were taken two days later, when the expedition reached the area where they were seen.

1925 - A Greek photographer and member of the Royal Geographical Society named N. A. Tombazi glimpsed a creature he later described as "exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to uproot or pull some dwarf rhododendron bushes." Tombazi, who was at about 15,000 feet up in the mountains, later reached the spot where he sighted the creature, only to also find some intriguing tracks in the snow.

1936 - An expedition led by H. W. Tilman found strange footprints in the snow by the outer reaches of the snowline on the slopes approaching Mount Everest.

1937 - Returning from a campaign in Tibet, British explorer Frank Smythe relayed several reports of strange hairy wildmen made by the native Sherpas and Tibetans. He also claimed to have personally seen tracks of the creature at the 14,000-foot level.

1938 - The Yeti emerges as creatures of kindness and sympathy according to the story of Captain d'Auvergne, the curator of the Victoria Memorial near Chowringhee in Calcuta. The Captain claims that, injured while traveling on his own in the Himalayas and threatened with snow-blindness and exposure, he was saved from death by a 9 foot tall creature resembling a pre-historic human which, after carrying him several miles to a cave, fed and nursed him until he was able to make his way back home.

1942 - Slavomir Rawicz best selling book, The Long Walk published in 1952, telling how he and six friends escaped from a Siberian war camp and made their way to freedom in India by crossing the Himalayas describes an encounter with two 8 foot tall creatures somewhere between Bhutan and Sikkim. According to Slavomir, he and his companions watched the outsized beasts for over 2 hours, from a distance of 100 yards.

1948 - Norwegian uranium prospector Jan Frostis claimed he was attacked by one of two Yetis he stumble upon near Zemu Gap, in Sikkim. His shoulder was badly mangled and he required extensive medical treatment to recover from his lesions.

1949 - A Sherpa named Tenzing claimed to have seen playing in the snow near a monastery. This was the same Sherpa that shared the fame of Sir Edmund Hillary in the first successful ascent of Mount Everest.

1950 - A patch of skin and a mummified finger and thumb were found in the Himalayan mountains. Zoologists and anthropologists considered the fragments to be "almost human" and "similar in some respects to that of Neanderthal man" even though they could not be associated to any known living species.

1951 - The Everest Reconnaissance Expedition (organized to evaluate routes for an attempt to ascend Everest) encountered fresh tracks at 18,000 feet. During the following months, several additional sightings of Yeti tracks were reported.

1953 - New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay spot giant footprints during their conquest of Mount Everest.

there are plenty of modern reports, I have read hundreds online...

Why Is Big Foot Fuzzy?

One perspective that is aired in the Big Foot forums is that the elusive nature of the animal means it is not a physical being.
There are many reported experiences throughout the world where people encounter all manner of trickster creatures often with red, orange or yellow glowing eyes.
Have you seen the Mothman Prophecy with Richard Gere?
A good film actually… based on real events, they even erected a statue in the town...

...similar occurrences have taken place all over the world throughout history and in modern times… again… the data is overwhelming.

The basic phenomenon often distorts the fabric of time/space and includes intrusive psychic events.
Some of the Big Foot reports may well fall into this category as do a larger percentage of Extra Terrestrial encounters, but not all, no way.

There is a vast amount of documentation of visceral non psychic meetings with hominoids that is impressive and consistent.

I conclude, my position, at this point in time is that there are physical hominoids on Earth.

Agreements Make Reality.

I also suggest that the collective consciousness interferes—through subversion, filtration and psychic walls—with the manifest proof, the accepted evidence needed.
Consciousness is the dominant determiner, Big Foot exists but it is out of the frequency of consensual agreement.

I Ask You...?

Can something be proven until there is agreement that it is real or does proof create the agreement that something exists?

The normal viewpoint from the material perspective is that until we have the physical, reproducible product it is not proven and in many cases the assumption is that if it has not been proven it obviously does not exist.

My perspective is that consciousness is the determiner, Big Foot exists but it is out of the frequency of consensual agreement.

The agreement is shaped by conspiracies to a certain extent, by authorities who either want power or believe that it is not in the interests of human society to be given the shocking news.

However what is more powerful than conspiracy or paternal protection is the perception filter, the Enchantment factor.

It Can Not Be, So It Isn’t

Michael Cremo who spent eight years examining the archeological field looking at the artifacts of human remains, concludes that there is a process of knowledge filtration in operation, where evidence that does fit the standard story is hidden or its age is readjusted.

So are there no bodies? I would not be that surprised if the Smithsonian has got at least half a dozen in the freezer, and maybe the Vatican has one or two.
You could be the Pope and not know it, you can be the spokesperson for the Smithsonian and not know it, and if there is a conspiracy the best spokesperson would no nothing of course.

I leave with you this until tomorrow….

"I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry. And that's extra scary to me, because there's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside. Run. He's fuzzy. Get outta here!" Mitch Hedberg

Is Big Foot a psychoid, an ultra-terrrestrial, a virtual being....hmmmmm?

What does a forensic expert say in the National Geographic?

Oh yes and here is short flash presentation by Lloyd Pye...its very good!

More tomorrow....

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

What Has This Got To Do With You?

What has this Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch thing got to do with you?
I am noticing that subjects like this and ET get a lot less response that Law of Attraction, Life Purpose and even Astrology. The question of relevance comes into it.
What is the point, how can it benefit me you ask… fair enough.

Those who really get into this subject of Hominoids number in the thousands, not many thousands and those who are committed to it maybe number hundred, (that’s a rough estimate) which on global terms is very small.
My main areas of focus are astrological research and integral development.
Integral theory is also pretty niche as is astrological research.

Astrology as a passing interest is very popular and astrology as a study along Jungian psychological lines is also fairly popular, with a respectable number of full time astrologers in the world managing to earn a very meagre crust—but deep research of astrology is extremely niche.

So I am not making things that easy for me, but I love what I do. The message of my work is that the world is changing, nothing radical there, but the nature of that change is towards an integration of all things on Earth.

The shift of consciousness on Earth that is being guided, spontaneously arising and what many people want is from a material paradigm to a consciousness paradigm.
A global shift of consciousness takes a lot of energy but that energy is building.
So let us take a particular look at the nature of change.

Life is Continuous Renewal

I love new things, novelty, we all do, and the initial excitement of discovering something new is allied to the hearts natural state of being in love with life. All humans yearn for the joy of love—to be open. To en-joy life we have to love what we do. The heart and soul know that life is eternally new; there are more things on heaven and in Earth than we can possibly know.

The Truth is Out There......WAY OUT THERE !

Have you ever looked at the Fortean Times which reports on Sasquatch, UFOS, Lochness Monsters, Raining Frogs, ten foot Lizardmen with glowing eyes and so much more, it’s just so crazy like the X-files. It feels too overloading, too wacky, disturbing and like a B-movie somehow, too novel to be true. It is so far removed from that every day existential feeling of normality that most of us experience and quite rightly need.

Yet Normal

What I will suggest to you is that once you have integrated; shamanic realities and the acceptance of the existence of other beings with us here in this physical realm—whether they are crossing in and out of it or living here fully physical as Earth inhabitants in the wildernesses of the world—then it is all rather normal. The difference is your reality has greatly expanded, but that same feeling of existential normality is essentially the same. If a significant amount of people woke up to a much larger reality we then would have greater manifestations—on a new level of existence.

The ecological challenges would be met, as would many of the global inequities, clean free energy for example would be accepted—acceptance is a major factor in expanding reality. Life would not, or will not be perfect the evolutionary impulse to continue the adventure of growth requires and supplies new challenges.

Compartmentalizing Reality

The minds role is to set limits, compartmentalize, create structure, safety and make life easier in terms of comfort. Our minds commit to and defend our corner of reality to stabilize our world so that we can function in society as it stands, relating to others by finding common ground. The effect of acquiring knowledge and information—which includes, moral conduct, law and social etiquette—is that we narrow our focus and create identity and belonging. The need to belong and to conform to something to find agreements is an essential foundation.

The challenge then is then how do we stay open. The more we are identified and embodied in a particular role the more threatening it is to take on new experiences, truth and open our minds and hearts to aspects of reality that seem to undermine the mythology we have agreed to adhere to. As we get older the tendency is to crystallize and close doors of enquiry.

If your income is dependent on a particular school of thought, then the tendency is that you will defend it. If your daily bread requires that you find approval from those in your paradigm— social circle, culture, religion be it a new age mind set, the environmental movement or integral movement—then you learn to ignore, attack or filter out that which will get you kicked out of the club. Ridicule is a killer.

What's My Point?

Partly I am looking to open doors of enquiry, partly I am here to entertain your mind, but in many ways I am interested for myself in continuing to live my life with a spirit of adventure, so as to not close down but to continually reawaken that sense of wonder about reality and thus enjoy my life. I hope am I speaking to others who also need that sense of adventure to find life enjoyable?

The Long Good Road

I think we are living in an extraordinary epoch, where the need to ask intelligent questions is becoming paramount. The forward momentum of our society and its problem solving ability depends wholly on the ability to refine questions. The debates concerning science and religion, within the media from my perspective are in the main idiotic arguments that belong to a dark age. The environmental debate seems to be fairly unsophisticated, the energy debate especially—partly this is because of deliberate manipulation.

From what I see the limited questions, research and development that is coming from the main stream paradigms is actually impacting us all negatively to some degree or certainly has the potential to do so. Increasingly over the next 10-20 years the prerogative of our society is to open and change.

The manifest world is a direct reflection of human focus and the questions or the nature of our quest. Limiting the quest to find economic and technological solutions to all of the challenges upon Earth is no longer sufficient.

The question of Yetis make us laugh it is funny however the subject like many other fringe issues has enormous repercussions on our view of the world, our origins, evolution, history and ultimately our experience here on Earth. Humour is essential and I hope I do not come across too serious.

But at the same time…we don’t even to be slack minded

Compartmentalized Society

Human beings in the main live in tightly packed clusters on a relatively small part of the earth’s surface, apart from indigenous peoples or those who choose to live isolated from society—who all talk of what we presently call mythical creatures.

Despite the wonders of Google earth, we actually do not know so much about what is going on Earth, still enormous chunks of the earth surface have not been foot surveyed. The Yetis or Hominoid species live in dense and sometimes swampy forested areas like Northern California. Ivan Sanderson in his book Abominable Snowman-Legend Comes To Life explains how the majority of those that live in towns within 30 miles or less of Hominoid habitation will not open their minds to Hominoid existence. The process of denial and name calling gives sufficient reason to stop them making any efforts to go and look at say anomalous footprints, listen to those who have seen the creatures or make any enquiries what so ever. The indigenous populations that have and still do to some extent live in wilderness on five continents for hundreds of years have seen and accepted their local Hominoid ‘community’.

Year in and year out people from civilization encounter unknown species, large human like apes and all manner of other things that correspond with the so called myths and legends of indigenous peoples.

Body Wisdom

When I embarked on my shamanic exploration of reality in 1991/1992 I would get up early every day and go to my local common, Horsell Common in Woking England, which is the place that HG Wells sat and was inspired to write the war of the worlds. As an aside I got to understand why, in the next couple of years with the strange experiences I had there…anyway another time.
What was so amazing at arriving at the common as early as 4am in mid summer was that it was wild, the energy and atmosphere was electric. Through my sustained practices I awakened my instinct—an ability linked to smell to feel when others were on the common and when they were approaching within hundreds of yards, even if they were well hidden from view.

I had no work what so ever for over three years, I was living on bare minimum social security and basically just dedicated to shamanic and energy exploration with astrological research. The unhindered period of enquiry without a subconscious agenda of profit and worldly concerns, allowed me to know what animalistic instinct is. The instinct allied to the base chakra and our sense of smell is where we are directly plugged into the natural environment.

The instinct is really a receiver, where we are part of the environment and it has an extreme sensitivity as we know from animals’ abilities to respond to earthquakes before they happen and the collective migrations impulses of many species.

The nocturnal hominoids with their instinctive intelligence are quick to hide away from humankind. The species we are talking about have gone further and further into the wildernesses.

More To Find

“The story of the Giant Panda is significant, because even after it was spotted; it took another 60 years and hundreds of highly skilled trackers to finally capture one”..

from here

Scientists have discovered more than 1,000 species in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong region in the past decade, including a spider as big as a dinner plate
World wildlife fund 2008

A rat thought to have become extinct 11 million years ago and a cyanide-laced, shocking pink millipede were among creatures found in what the group called a "biological treasure trove".
The species were all found in the rainforests and wetlands along the Mekong River, which flows through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.
"It doesn't get any better than this," Stuart Chapman, director of WWF's Greater Mekong Programme, was quoted as saying in a statement by the group.
"We thought discoveries of this scale were confined to the history books."

From Google News

The Spirit of Science

What is suggested time and time again is that a number of archaeologists and scientists are really interested in the extra-terrestrial phenomenon, hominoids and ancient civilizations and other models of evolution, where there might be room for elements of creationism, intelligent design and intervention theory.

This is where we need to discriminate between scientists, using open scientific methodology and science media, the institutions of science. The institutions produce the more fundamental, vocal, defensive members of science, whereas the open minded enquirer and truly scientific investigator is less vocal, more cautious, more accepting of uncertainty—therefore willing to question.
We are at a stage where the next step is about asking intelligent questions rather than the defense of fixed positions.

Back to You

What I am suggesting is that really it all starts with the individual and the willingness to enjoy life as an adventure of learning and expanding….its not really about sacrifices, I am talking about the joy of expanding experience and staying open to the immensity of life.

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