Thursday, 18 June 2009

Time Decays Over Time

Just over decade ago, I tuned into the spirit of Nikola Tesla and received the message: 'Time decays over time.'

If you look to the future, you are aware that the future holds multiple potentials that spring from the present circumstances.

What happens in Time is subject to free will.

What is true of the future is true of the past.

To create a new future on planet Earth we must create a new past. The story we hold of human nature, evolution and cultural development sets very real limits for what we can create. Our reality takes place within the context of our social mythology.

What has happened in the past is not anchored or materialized until we agree to it.

History, like the future, is a negotiable reality.

Time starts to bifurcate quite dramatically at some point before 10,000 BCE into different timelines.

If we investigate Egypt and Sumer with fresh eyes and then look at the evidence of a pre-flood civilization, we will create a larger vision of the past. As we send out an invitation into the past, it will oblige us and new evidence will step forward.

However, I am not merely talking metaphorically or psychologically. Time–space is a 4-dimensional substance constructed from consciousness. History is a sculpture we are collectively moulding with the sum total of all human imagination.

As a species, we must create the past anew if we are to create a fundamentally new future – and therefore reload the present.

I invite you now to boldly go where hardly anyone seems to have gone before.

Time–space and consciousness are the final frontiers.

This is the Enterprise.

Mystic Cyber Crow is opening doors to the Ancient Past, be sure to beam on board…

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