Friday, 19 November 2010

The Trickster Punk of Asia

This year I have read Tricksters & Punks of Asia by Phil Nicks, which is a unique collection of essays and inspired fragments of the punk philosophy.

Author Phil Nicks is, in his own words, “the itinerant UK exile, outsider rascal and uncompromising enemy of political correctness. Nick was employed as a finance director of an offshore bank before he was chased away by Mafioso clients to a new life in Asia.”

Phil Talking About Tricksters

“Tricksters are the mythological demigods who preside over punks and other masters of ‘the shortcut’.

“Tricksters and punks are chameleon-like, passionate and immoral individuals who love freedom; but they hate standards, rules and other constraints. Thailand is a popular place for foreigners to reinvent themselves because Thais are very tolerant.

“Political correctness is the modern form of control that prevents many people from expressing themselves truthfully”.


 I would like to give my personal introduction to the trickster punk philosophy and how it relates to the astrological consciousness of Chiron. Punk emerged with Chiron’s discovery in 1977, as did greater environmental awareness, deeper expressions of therapeutic healing such as primal therapy, extraterrestrial involvement with Earth and with human development and many other oddities that are clues to a whole new implicate order of holographic reality.

Phil Nicks is aware of the Punk/Trickster Chiron connection and gives voice to many different elements that arise with this consciousness.
Chiron rules the attempt of the spirit to integrate and to make whole everything in life. This impulse from the spirit brings the truth of the psyche’s fragmentation. When you truly look at the world and seek the unity of it without the filters of idealism, or you look at yourself in the same vein and you also feel what you see, you firstly feel the pain of disconnection. The cascade of pain you feel is derived from the chasms between all of the intersections of the seemingly disparate elements of life.

Here is how I introduce the Enchantments perspective derived from what I call the Chiron Enchantment.

Film, advertising, science, governments, the integral movement, the new age phenomena, UFOs, religion, the Internet, game culture, hip hop, skateboarding, punk, robotics, genetics, the corporate world, office life, the harsh reality of a slum, sex, love, human imagination, the ocean and the stars at night … seemingly random fragments of reality, yet all part of our one-planet experience.

Our world and its kaleidoscopic diversity is starting to wake up to itself. All realities are impermanent—some more enduring than others, all of them real unto themselves, all constructed from agreement-sustained magic. Which is to say that the world as a totality is an Enchantment with different scales of Enchantment within its fabric.

The planetary awakening is pushing us to start integrating. To do that, we have to be prepared to express discordancy, even anger, to connect to our primal and sexual self, and to rebel against anything that inhibits this new subtle and slowly emerging complex consciousness.

The emerging Chiron consciousness requires that we are not afraid to get it wrong, that we must learn to express the self from differing and even opposing perspectives. On the psychological level, the synthesis and integration I speak of is a messy business without easy neat conclusions—it is open ended. By breaking free from spiritual idealism, political correctness and other safe structures inherited from philosophy and moral thinking, we increase the disturbing sense of insecurity.

The healing from this new complex holism lies beyond the mind; it lies in a whole energy experience that can only be realized through first acknowledging and feeling the unavoidable discordancy.

Unlock the Door

Needless to say, not many people are yet willing or able to open up this door. Phil Nicks, however, is. In his own life he has undertaken a nonlinear journey of healing and exploring consciousness, thrown off alcohol dependency, dived into the seedy world of Asia and here reveals his heart, his ranting self and his mental musings in an attempt to make sense of it all.

Appropriately, Phil Nicks has created his own publishing imprint, Fast Track Publishing, and his books include How to Make a Living in Paradise, Love Entrepreneurs, Genius of Love and Tricksters & Punks of Asia.

While the book does lack synthesis, it opens up many different and valuable avenues and is full of amusing personal anecdotes. My favourite chapter is “Spiritual Tricksters”, where he encounters a conman and then goes on to experience the real-deal ‘psychic’ surgeon.

Tricksters is a different kind of book. Phil expresses his paradoxes and lets his emotion and philosophic self off the rein simultaneously—so if you want a singular linear message you might be frustrated by it. The ideas seem to jump around quite randomly, but there is an underlying unity.

Which I would say is this:

The book expresses the important impulse to break free from social restraints that are no longer serving humanity and to seek a new more honest expression of being human. Phil exposes the need for trickster energy in our world and reminds us that the terrain is hazardous.

My personal opinion is that the world is presently being ruled by tricksters who emanate a veneer of respectability to control the masses. More people need to develop a trickster mentality to liberate the spirit in our world and yet that potentially opens the door to some anarchy and chaos—the terrain ahead does indeed look well tricky.

In this book, as well as in Genius of Love, the author offers some truthful insights into living in Asia that you won’t find expressed anywhere else. Trickster criminals, spiritual fakes, and opportunists in general are linked in with the punk rock scene of the 1970s, the growing unease of corporatization and the need for love.

His books are for those wanting to open doors and are written with a distinctly Asian ex–pat flavour.

Here is his website and here is an interview with the man himself:

Monday, 1 November 2010

Chiron Bytes

Advanced Understanding of Planet Chiron

The planetary body of light is the harvest of all life. All life constantly transmits information in the form of light. Light, though, is not just cold data; light includes the warmth of life—its soul, its feeling.

Every life form contributes to the totality of planetary consciousness. All human endeavour, all innovation, expression, drama, angst, struggle and valour are fed back into the planetary consciousness.

Innocence Returns

Transits of the planet Chiron enable the individual to become conscious, to a degree, of the fragmentation and entropy that occurs during the journey of light into manifest form. Chiron connects us to the experience of the severance from Source, the pain of loss of wholeness. Chiron reveals the wound that resides within us, the pain of loss of innocence of our childhood and tribal beginnings.

Yet, this wounding revelation reconnects the soul to the inherent unity that is always present in the adventure of consciousness. Chiron liberates us from the enclosures of our minds, our self-importance, our certainties, our imperfections and our failures. Chiron reconnects us to Planet Earth and the Cosmos.

Project Earth is an ongoing creative endeavour. The novelty of evolution through time makes the whole more conscious. Chiron allows us to become conscious of the ongoing harvest—the perpetual feedback reality—whilst we are alive.

Chiron enables us to feel the ongoing death, as well as the ever-emerging changing wholeness of the planet we live within.

If you are an Astrologer, it is very important to understand the basic astronomical picture

Planets as Enchantment Levels

If we are enchanted by Uranus, we are no longer enchanted by Saturn. If you awaken to the bewitchment of Neptune, you are no longer enthralled nor limited by the enchantment of Uranus. If you then develop and expand your awareness to the Pluto Enchantment stage, your psychic landscape has expanded beyond Neptune.

By examining the orbits of the planets whilst understanding that reality is holographic, you can understand how the expansion of space described by the orbit of the planet beyond the previous one corresponds to an expansion of consciousness.

Pluto’s orbit is not only an expansion of space on the flat plane of the ecliptic, it is an expansion of dimension, since Pluto is tilted 17 degrees to the ecliptic. Furthermore, Pluto orbits between 30 astronomical units (au) and 50 au, unlike Saturn (9.5 au), Uranus (19.6 au) and Neptune (30 au), none of which stray very far from their average orbital parameters. Pluto has what is known in astronomical terms an ‘eccentric orbit’. By the standards of the previous levels of consciousness, Pluto Enchanted individuals are eccentric.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Originating in the Kuiper Belt, Chiron adds yet greater novelty and complexity. Chiron probably hails from outside the orbit of Pluto and yet has been projected into the middle of the Solar System (8.5 au to 18.9 au). Chiron intersects Saturn’s orbit, unlocking the barrier of linear time, linear mind and the demarcation between subject and object. Chiron connects the mental space of Uranus with that which is veiled by the great wall of Saturn, which holds back a more complex ancient history and blocks the truth to the nature of time itself. Yet Chiron’s orbital parameters tell us that not only does Chiron connect Saturn with Uranus, it also shatters the comfort afforded by both these Enchantment levels and, with that, their perceptions of absolute religious morality, historical reality, knowledge, science and progress.

Chiron wounds us to awaken us, piercing the mind’s grasp, thus eliminating the need for a total solution and, by enchanting us, we are led into the perpetual rolling river of time and space. Chiron awakens the immanent holiness of life as it is. 

Chiron enchanted individuals are almost invisible to the social mindsets of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Enchantments.

Chiron and its family, which includes the Scattered Disc Object TL66, urges a resolution of polarity, which in turn brings the polarities—all opposition—to the surface of our awareness.

As Planet Earth is awakening, the core wound is arising to liberate us from the illusion of the quarantined Earth, the enclosed matrix.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Ecuador Postponed

I have been putting off writing this announcement, as it pains me somewhat, but I have had to face the fact that I will not be able to elicit enough people to put on the Ecuador Enchantments Experience in 2011. Money is the issue; most of those that are interested do not have the money that is needed. The cost would be considerably more than I first thought. There is a growing interest in the Enchantments of Life, but at present many of those people are merely curious.

So my job is to continue to write, explain and bring greater cohesion to my work and attract a more substantial interest in The Enchantments.

This morning as I was on my roof in the sunshine doing my practices, the joy of the Ecuador vision I have been holding flooded into me. South America feels like the best location in the world to anchor the Enchantments Initiative. Ecuador and in particular Vilcabamba is not only beautiful, safe, tranquil and energetically clear, it is also a place of vitality.

Montesueños itself is the perfect venue for several reasons, it sits just outside the town, is a purpose built, environmentally harmonious, magical and extraordinarily delicious intimate space, created by Brian O’leary who has spent his life seeing the Enchantment of the world and recognizing some of the fundamental needs for our planetary survival and evolution.

I have a clear intention that I will be going to Montesueños, hopefully in 2012 and hopefully with a group of people.

My heart felt thanks to those who showed interest in coming with me in 2011 and with the gods willing support we will be there in 2012.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

For Astrologers

I am now looking to introduce my Enchantments of Life map to fellow professional astrologers. About 8 years ago, I cut off from the astrological community, stopped reading astrology books, took on board the criticisms of the ancient art of astrology and got rather cynical about the clichés. This coincided with a pretty much full-time exploration of psychology and Integral Theory. I read all of Ken Wilber and everything I could find by Dr Clare Graves, as well as about Spiral Dynamics, and looked at Jean Gebser and many others. What did I find? 

Astrology all over again, on another turn of the spiral.

My astrological research continued throughout this time, as did my consultancy work. My research went ‘out of town’ into the Trans-Neptunians, Centaurs and other minor bodies. From 1994, I was heavily into Chiron and then by 1997, Pholus and Chariklo. I was experiencing the holographic nature of the energy field in my daily practice, a visceral and literal connection to the old adage, ‘as above so below’. I knew that the explosion of planetary discovery meant that, like the astronomical view of our Solar System, astrology had access to not just a lot more information, but a whole new order of understanding that information.

Tuning into Chariklo opened the door for me to the holographic nature of the plasma field or the plasmic ocean we call space. My Enchantments of Life model emerged from my experiential awareness of the fractal relationship of my Aura, the Planetary Aura and the Solar System (the Sun’s Aura).

The Enchantments of Life adds a whole new contextual understanding to astrology, without negating the traditional art or the modern neo-Jungian perspective.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Walking Forward - Slowly but Surely

Having spent a few weeks immersed in a state more akin to ordinary reality, hanging out with people living within the normal world, I am reminded of the essential goodness of human beings, regardless of their value system.

Many people working deep within the corporate structure are aware of the discordance that is arising within the world — their world. The environmental issue is one obvious disturbance within consensual reality. Further to this, conversations I have had reveal that many bankers and lawyers are aware the business practices of the monoliths they work for are despicable.

The sobering truth is that once you have a family and a general dependency upon a certain income and live within a social group, it is unthinkable to leave it. Where can you go? How can you earn any sort of living that can support your life and those you love? How can you retain your friends and social reality?

Likewise, once a person has become part of the alternative humanitarian-based movement, you have joined a mindset that has its own certainties and laws of membership. Healers have to remain bright and light, yogis have to radiate purity, meditators have to remain transcendental and conspiracy researchers have to remain dark and cynical.

To talk about the complexity of our species' dynamics is neither welcome nor appropriate, for the subject brings truth that people do not yet need, nor that is yet visible. The complex truth plants the seed for the death of one's identity and undermines the survival mechanism and coping system in place that maintain daily living.

We all need to survive and maintain an underlying story that supports the life we are living. Each story has its own consistency within its contextual boundaries. The consensual materialistic world is intellectually self-consistent; the alternative world is emotionally self-consistent. If someone is to take on a more sophisticated perception, based on the multilevelled nature of human beings, they are effectively casting themselves into a virtual desert. To speak of the paradoxical dynamics of individuals and societies, nations and mindsets is to appear confused to those who need their certainties. Yet I also must find more alliances if I am to survive and fulfil my role.

I am not here to enforce change upon those who are not already changing. I am one of those people looking to facilitate understanding and clarity for those whose identities are either moving towards post-corporate, post-new age and post hard-line conspiracy, or are already there, adapting to that which is given, whilst creating that which can be created.

The work of the Enchantments is closest to education; therefore, like all education, it is not commercially viable but does need subsidizing. The workshops I have done up to now have been 101 affairs, necessarily watered down due to constraints of time, and at the same time nonprofitable, even subsidized by other monies.

I walk forward with a spirit of adventure and plenty of uncertainty, but with an underlying sense of faith.

Meet you at the oasis.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Monkeys, Butterflies and an Iguana

My wife and I are just back from a lovely six-day holiday in Penang. Penang is a multicultural island off the northwest coast of Malaysia, a popular holiday destination for travellers from all over Asia, including those from the rest of Malaysia, as well as those of us from Hong Kong. It is a perfect place for an eating holiday and, although urbanized in many areas, it has beautiful unspoiled tropical rain forests and some lovely beaches. Malaysia is a Muslim country, but in Penang we see Muslim mosques, Chinese ancestral temples and old clan houses, Hindu shrines and Buddhist temples, all happily co-existing.

The people are very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is a little bit 1970s-ish and reminds me of the comfort of an innocence no longer found in the West. In fact, much of Asia is like that. The Saturn and early Uranus Enchantments in a lot of Asia are fairly benevolent and, as long as you play by the rules, life is good.

While Penang is very easy—and cheap—to get around by bus, we decided to treat ourselves, as we did last year, to one day with a tour guide and driver (the ever friendly and helpful Simon Sin, so that we could see as much as possible in complete comfort and ease, leaving other days of our short break for lolling around the hotel beach, with its resident wild iguana, as well as shorter, more gentle outings by bus into enticing George Town by day and a few evening trips to Batu Ferringhi for sunset beach strolls, night market shopping and mouth-watering food at its many restaurants and the hawker stalls.  (Iguana at 100 metres below...)

Among the varied attractions we took in during our day tour, we visited one of only two remaining handmade batik craft factories; the inland town of Balik Pulau where we ate delicious Penang Assam Laksa, Siam Laksa and the best Char Koay Teow that the island has to offer; and a garishly beautiful and intricate temple and clan house in George Town, the Khoo Kongsi. We also visited the Butterfly Garden, which I love. There is something special about being surrounded by a cloud of butterflies, as I first discovered a couple of years ago in a butterfly sanctuary on an island on the Amazon.

One of our favourite places in Penang is the Tropical Spice Garden (, well worth a few hours just wandering around absorbing the incredible beauty of the gardens. This year we were blessed to be followed around by a troop of Dusky Leaf Monkeys, who have moved into this eco space of their own accord—they were as interested in us as we were in them, led by one intrepid youngster who took a shine to my wife.

As it is rare for me to ‘go on holiday’, I left my laptop behind and indulged myself at the airport before heading out with some magazines—Vanity Fair, Esquire and Rolling Stone. Vanity Fair is an intelligent read, emotionally anchored in an America long gone. Like a good soap opera, it evokes the life of the affluent, shielded from the awareness of the shadow of capitalism. I find it a good escapist experience as I enter the reality tunnel of Vanity Fair with its sense of glamour-drama. In the September issue, as well as a candid interview with Lady Gaga, there are stories of the old billionaires and their personal lives going back to the Kennedy era.

In summary, all this has reminded me of the goodness, the fun and the safety of the old realities that still coexist within the cacophony of the human global society.

The world is changing on multiple levels, but it is comforting to be able to visit the realms of normality, to take a holiday from focusing on the challenges and complexities of the global changes we are in the midst of. I am reminded of how the world offers us so much on so many levels.

The world will continue to retain all the old theatres, methinks. And best of all, the treasures of nature and contact with animals—and that is wonderful.

What a lovely holiday. We could now really do with another couple of weeks away, perhaps in Thailand, ah, sigh…

I will start promoting the April 2011 Ecuador trip within the next two weeks.

Friday, 20 August 2010


I am writing, organizing and editing the book at the moment.
I will be talking to Brian in September about the Ecuador Enchantments trip.
Have a look at the Enchantments of Life page, which is now edited, this will be part of the book.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Enchantments Experience Ecuador

To be held at Montesuenos in the tranquil, temperate and energetically clear Valley of Longevity. Enjoy an extraordinary exploration into reality under the influence of the South American star night, exotic birds, flowers and mountain views, up at an altitude of over one mile high. Are you interested in coming?

The Course Structure

The dates I have been toying up to now are set. I have looked at the astrology and the Mayan Calendar and this structure all works with the energy available. Brian suggests these dates are ideal for him and his wife and is looking to be really accommodating. He has promised to share some of his extraordinary experience with us. The cost of the course itself is 270 GBP, US $430, HK $3,350 per person(not including flights, accommodation or food), which includes a structured community resource on the Internet to prime you in the weeks leading up to the experience -- this promises to be a course unto itself. I will base the modules on each day of the Ecuador course.

Arrive on or before Sunday 10th April 2011

Monday 11th April
The Force is Strong in That One—Life is at Hand

After the formal introduction, during which I will explain the intent to create new conscious questions, we start the course with direct experiential practice.

The energy field is instantly accessible; the vital force of life is literally at the end of your fingers and in the palm of your hands. Energy practices and theory on the holographic and holonomic nature of your energy field and how it connects with the Earth. A practice that is vitalizing, which recalibrates the frequencies of your consciousness, and which changes your perspective and heightens your sense of the world you are walking about in.

Module one includes rare perspectives on the Chakras, Aura and electrochemical nature of the body. All based on my 20 years of personal practice and exploration.

Tuesday 12th April
It’s all About You—The Self and Enchantments

Understanding the nature of change within yourself. We will be exploring childhood development, developmental psychology, nature and nurture, your life as a story, personal life aspirations and intentionality. The long good road of life and rites of passage.

Yoga Nidra and energy practice.

Wednesday 13th April
The Big Tomato—The Enchantments of Life

Looking at the whole juicy picture, we greedily consume the whole tomato; seeds and juice spill out onto the floor. We will be going through the whole model of the evolution of consciousness from involution, evolution, ancient history and recorded history up through present times and will touch upon the potentials of the future. Eat it all up with relish, without worrying what you spill, swallow as much as you would enjoy.

Lectures followed by interactive discussions where the aim will be to isolate the best questions.

Energy practices on each day.

Thursday 14th April
The Twilight Zone—The Wild, the Extreme and the Wonderful

Going way out of town to the places considered illegitimate by academics, integralists and developmental psychologists, what is normally considered mere fantasy but which seems to present us with a vast body of human testimony and compelling evidence that the world is not only stranger than we suppose, but is stranger than we can suppose. Life jackets will be handed out at the start of the day as we plunge into the oily waters of the mystery. From ET to big foot, to time travel and beyond. How do they fit?

Friday 15th April
Keeping It Real—Looking at Real World Issues

Lectures on the Enchantments of Life and the relevant challenges, listening to what is considered serious and facing it full on. As conscious, open-minded and experienced adults, we are as capable as anyone of looking at the important issues of world events and coming up with intelligent questions -- certainly as intelligent as those presented in the mainstream media. By the way, even though this day has gravitas, we will be laughing; dark humour is welcome and outrageous viewpoints are invited.

Saturday 16th April
Clear Day
Walking, massages, horse riding, chilling out at the ranch - whatever pulls you.
Evening visit to the Iguana Disco Café. Go off on your own or join me on a walk?

Sunday 17th April
Cosmic Plans and The Random Human—The Feedback Universe

Bringing it all home. Coming back to your everyday self, we accept our interests in celebrities, sex, sport, restaurants, wine, beer and intoxicants, newspapers, magazines and other addictions, cooking, shopping, clothing, TV dramas and furniture, whilst acknowledging the wonders and excitement of the diversity of your perversities. Hmmmm, yes, but how is this all relevant to the Enchantments of Life stuff, in terms of the intimate immediacy of the mundane and not-so-mundane life we lead, the existential reality?

Energy field practice — feeling the multiple frequencies in your field - and an open discussion on how you see everyday life changing and your visions on the nature of your work, entertainment and social life.

Monday 18th April
Extravagantly Flavoured Moroccan Chickpea Stew Heightened by an Exotic Beni Sadden Rich Red Wine, followed by Rose Flavoured Milk Pudding
Your Personal Intentions, Ordering from The Menu

What will you order from the menu of life? The Waiter is always hovering; now we can help you make your choice.

The day starts with the energy practices, including a Yoga Nidra quest.

Lecture on Intentions, Law of Attraction, Life Purpose, sympathetic resonance, intent and will versus mystery and surrender, need versus want. A highly interactive day full of nourishment as we hear of the exotic flavours that are conjured up by the wide range of feelings you all have about your life intentionality.

Then optional 2 day pony trek or hiking into the Podocarpus Park, here is a photographic blog (good pictures) of someone’s hike.

Plus more optional days.

A leaflet will be produced from this structure. Also, see the blog Ecuador; The Flow of Consciousness, second blog below to understand more about the energy flow of the course structure.

Who Else is Interested?

I will be Skyping with Brian in early September so if you are interested at this stage let me know.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Enchantments of Life '2.0'

Here is an overview and reminder of the basic map we will be utilizing, understanding and experiencing on the Ecuador trip.

The evolutionary adventure of consciousness, towards more complexity, becoming more conscious, more intimate with larger scale of life. The expanding landscape of the psyche.

Enchantment: Self;
Quality and imperative
Membership, expanding consciousness by increasing in complexity as we evolve.

Dark Sun
: Mythos;
Falling into the dream within the dream;
An extrapolation of consciousness from the eternal dreams of divinity—the souls journey into matter
Unconscious union with cosmos

Earth: Instinctive;
Smooth consciousness merging with senses and with flickering moments as undecipherable dreams, objects and living things appear out of nowhere;
Embedded in nature, unconscious membership with Earth

Moon: Dreamtime self;
Ebbing and flowing awareness seeking safety, comfort and warmth;
Embedded in clan embedded in magical nature and cosmos

Mars: Impulsive Self-the Id;
Hot surges, seeking to ‘have it’ now, satiation;
The Self is now emerging within a power dominated tribe and marauding-tribalistic environment within the wildly chaotic jungle of unknown powers of sorcery and magical nature

: Role Playing self;
Attention zooms into the grain of sand, totem or totem toy and finds the universe it is creating, seeking self protection and pleasure from others; shamanic, ancestral and early farming Goddess village as a whole universe unto itself in the continuously seasonal cyclic reality

Jupiter; Mythic Self;
Yearning, as attention expands out in all directions seeking epic vision, adventure and the rush of the awesome;
Heroes create the universe—empires, theocracies and mafias of various scales of mythic membership competing with other mythic societies, includes advanced Goddess cultures

Saturn; Citizen;
Self censoring as attention constantly seeking reassurance, order, absolute morality, ever lasting peace of mind, release from guilt, to mend and secure the imperfect world, saving up for future reward in heaven and looking to authority; belonging in fixed family unit, in citystate, in early nation states, in clear cut cultural structure within a pyramidal cosmos with supreme godhead that has bestowed the truth upon it, object and subject

Uranus; External and materially expressive self;
Seeking winning strategies, successful alliances, sensual satisfaction, adrenalin peaks of excitement and melodrama, fun, lightness, wit, a sharp edge, new tastes of life, cutting edge novelty in the fast lane culture, looking to win the game of life;
Cool crowd within corporatized nation states within international market economy within the modern world within the random and material universe

: Soulful Joining Self;
Seeking bliss, depth, humanitarianism, peaceful and loving agreement, sensitivity, empathy, authentic soul, healing, to feel wholly connected and to feel self is working to bring a world of equality;
Connected feeling to soul groups within global rainbow tribe within the unified cosmic ocean—a connected osmoic field of consciousness and energy

: Systemic Expressive Self;
Seeking enjoyment of changing emergent reality and to express self, freedom from compunction or obligation, to respond, resolve paradoxes, play the game of life to keep it going, to give to others without undue sacrifice, to improve life where possible and facilitate others, innovative novelty, spontaneity and the refreshment of connections with people, higher expression of instinctive self
Membership is an oscillation of isolation and expanding interdependence within the chaotic living complex systems of relationship, family, friends, all interpenetrating each other within the whole human species and natural Earth within the evolving holonomic living life fields of existence

Chiron: Integrated Self;
Experiencing the wonder of wholeness with dynamic fractures, seeking direct experience of living consciousness, enjoy the mystery of the union with the totality of life on earth, opening to the mysteries of the cosmos and complex magical nature of reality, existential intimacy, higher expression of Dreamtime self
Belonging is found within cascading and kaleidoscopic relationships within whole Earth System within Life on the grandest scale that shrinks to the immediacy of each moment. Self recognizes consciousness is ubiquitous.

Coral, Teal Enchantments and Beyond, The Future suggests various stages of trans-human self and Extra terrestrial communities involved in creation.

I will be posting more information tomorrow on the course and trip structure.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ecuador ; The Flow of Consciousness

The Enchantments Process for the Interactive Retreat at Montesueños

This cycle of energy flow is based on the organic process of my own experiential research; it is a toroidal loop back from self to society back to self, with self as an intimate expression of the era and quality of the world ERA-ARC.

1. Experience the whole, through One’s Energy Field
2. Refinement of Overall Perspective by examining Enchantments of Life Map
3. Analysis, looking at details until entropy and relativity set in
4. Appropriate Vision, locating the real world challenges
5. Relevancy back to self and one’s own life purpose and your specific role
6. Connection to the Whole, Reconnecting with more clarity to personal energy and experience of life as it is.

1. Accessing the energy field with the understanding that we are fuzzy fractals, holons with a holographic resonance to whole Earth Energy field, yet we have limits to our perspective and energy access due to perceptional filters, beliefs, values and prejudices. Utilizing Chi gong style movement.

2. Refining the perception by examining the structure of the evolution of consciousness—The Enchantments of Life.

3. Honing in on some aspects of the big picture, that excite and pull on the attention and exploring potentials without prejudice or inhibition This is a why post corporate, post new age, easy going non politically correct approach with humour is important. To this we should add that it is easier to be out of the context of the herd mentality and the mass ideological energy to be as free as possible to explore, large groups create moral rules instantly. Further to this we develop the ability to hold different perspectives simultaneously; I will elaborate on this tomorrow.

4. Get real, we ask, “yes, but, what is the next step for human consciousness, culture and relationship to enable us to move on?”

5. How does that connect to each of us on a personal level, what is our unique function, purpose, natural expression and just manner of being?

6. Experiential energy connection, anchoring and integrating with a new level of energy and expanded spectrum of frequencies.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Ecuador Trip: Prices

A friend called David rang me the other day and has said he is seriously interested in coming to Ecuador

He has a connection to the Enchantments and has said that he would also like to go because it is a part of the world he has never been to. The two components will come together to make a synthesis, the content and the place will create something unforgettable for us.

I have some interest from people from USA, Canada, South America, Hong Kong, England, and possibly other Europeans and may be able to get the odd person from Vilcabamba itself.
A few people are asking me about costs, I am still working on that but here is how it is shaping up.

The price of the course is 270 GB pounds US $430, HK $3,350
The Accommodation for 14 nights is around 200 GB pounds, US $300, HK$2,300
The internal flight return with taxi is around 200 GBP,US $300, HK$ 2,300
The Flight to Ecuador, is easy from the States, from HK, we go via Europe.
The price from London might be as much as 920 GBP, although I have seen flights from 500 GB pounds, so we will all need to shop around for that.

The course fee I have kept modest as possible, I am not in this for profit, just to pay me enough to get there and function at my best. Nine participants will get me there, more than that I can trim my fee, if Carey does not come.

The accommodation is good value, beautiful artistic, an amazing energy as it is created with the intent totally in resonance with what I and hopefully you want to do.

The cost of the main flight from London... Whoa, I hear you say, yes the big cost is getting from Europe to South America.

Staggering, I know, the base fare is around GBP 520; the tax & fuel surcharge is nearly GBP 400, CLUNK.. (arse!.. hopefully we can trim that.
So this is not the easiest place in the world to get to, but the beauty and the energy of Vilcabamba and in particular Monseuntos is so right for this experience at this time in the elad up to 2012.

I believe that everyone that has shown an interest in this could get the money if they desired to come, if it was truly worth it for them, if you really want to come...

So go back up your original excitement for a moment…

Ecuador and its exotica, the beautiful Monseuntos, the enigma of Brian perhaps, the walking and a horse trek maybe, restaurants and holiday mood with a group of interesting, really interesting people…and then the course and the content, the stars and enjoying each others company under the stars

Justify the money Mr Lucas

Okay, I will,

For those who would find it a challenge to warrant this money, I am committed to really giving you plenty of resources to expand your whole perspective on the reality in the world today.

So I am putting myself on the line, that’s the way it has to be
These times are full of financial reasons why we should be modest, reserved and not go out of the box provided. I truly believe that this is the perfect time for personal innovation and breakthroughs, this exactly the time to grab life by the short ‘n’ curlies and say “hey baby, I am here and I am alive, and I am kicking, bring it on”, any doubts, just listen to Sash>

...or words to that effect.

I have set up a community site, only accessible by The Ecuador Enchanters, that will have the course structure, the online prep course (free) is reading, watching some video to the degree you are able and want to and posting comments or longer pieces if you so desire and sending in links that are relevant to any particular section. I will start that in January.

The whole experience is going to give you a lot more than a course; I intend to facilitate a unique event, I am not using that word flippantly. I will also give you this online resource and community site for 3 months before hand.

I will layer the site, so that there is a basic 101 intro to each section, mirroring the structure of our time in Ecuador.
Then there will also be a deeper level of enquiry for those who can and are willing.

Here is another Ecuador Music Video


and also a seven minute Ecuador sampler

More structured information will be here by about Wednesday next week.

Stay with me, on this….

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Clean Free Energy

Brian has confirmed a few details for me, the dialogue is ongoing.

Amongst other things I now know that the town is a 25 minute walk from Montesueños, or a $3 taxi ride, which is perfect and the two day hike in Podocarpus is very do-able. Most importantly though is that Brian can talk to us and give us the wisdom of his inside knowledge on the subject of free energy. I will get onto free energy in a moment. First I want to keep enjoying the beauty of nature, above is a picture of the cloud forest mountains above Vilcabamba, The clouds rarely clear from the mountains in the Podocarpus National Park.

I was delighted to hear Brian at the end of his Zurich interactive workshop (embedded below) where he discusses the energy solution with scientists, engineers and others say this…

The Human software solution of consciousness (and the software solution is the solution to global problems including the energy/environment) is through relatively small numbers of people coming together, (and accessing consciousness)... and they can perform miracles.

This is such a wonderful confirmation for me personally. My intent with the Enchantments Initiative fits perfectly and I feel is destined to be anchored at Montesueños.

The Incredible Truths of New Energy

The importance of raising awareness of the availability of clean virtually free energy cannot be over emphasized as an element of consciousness shift towards Chiron Enchantment, as well as a values shift to a humanitarian society that is truly abundant and more egalitarian. The manifestation of new energy is directly linked to a new economic system and more fluent energy throughout the world.

Dr Stephen Greer the leading light of the Disclosure Project, has interviewed over 400 top level officials and has access to those with direct knowledge of the reality of the extra terrestrial presence. The agenda of the project has been for a full disclosure and the priority for Dr Greer now is free energy. Here is a quick intro to the Orion Project the free energy arm of his organization.

ET and UFOs are naturally aligned with what some might consider to be the science fiction potentials of free energy and the incredible knock on effects and positive implications there after. The reverse engineering of alien craft by human covert ops, their evident superluminal capacity all lead us to new types of energy. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that a shift of how we use energy can liberate humanity to the next level of a vastly more conscious civilization. Dr Greer and Brian walk in the worlds of consciousness and new emerging sciences and do not see these as separate paradigms. The present level of our species consciousness is awakening to new scripts that come with a willingness to receive, rather than be tied up struggling with archaic labour driven systems that belong to a low level order of species evolution. These issues become transparent with a deep understanding of the Enchantments and the self perpetuating nature of reality. What is more this is accessible and fun when you get into it, and see it as part of Earths awakening.

Zurich Interactive Workshop below

HERE IS Brian giving a workshop in Zurich in 2009, dealing with difficult issues. Very relevant to our discussions.

Here is Brian being interviewed by Project Camelot

If you go onto Orion Project website you can watch further introductory videos with Dr Greer such as;

The Transition: A discussion of issues surrounding the transition to a clean energy society. (4:39) How long and how could this happen? My research suggest that 2025-2030 as Chiron returns to its discover position it becomes possible and imperative that we do make the transition.

The Suppression: A discussion of the suppression of clean energy technologies historically (7:22)

In Contrast Our Trip to a South American Place of Tranquility 2011...

Now you might not have the desire or the time to look at the very worldy and even multidimensional reality of the control agenda and the suppression of the free energies that would change the world and the environmental issue in a very short time—that’s okay.

The agenda of the Enchantments agenda is connect in with that control frequency but to operate above that frequency and create a subtle consciousness that is none the less influential. To reinforce what I say about the meeting in Ecuador and the Enchantments Initiative is the consciousness will be born from enjoyment, creativity, talking, imagination and accessing your energy field to vitalize yourself.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Breaking Out of the Reality Tunnel

Ecuador: if you did not see yesterday's post, have a look below as I present the first basic layout of the schedule of the course.

New Landscapes of Opportunity

It is really good to break out of our reality tunnel; it expands our perception of life, refreshes us, helps us appreciate and see the opportunities inherent within our life.

Habits tend to narrow down our awareness and our options after a while, as our focus attracts more of the same self-perpetuating events, opinions and limiting choices.

Admittedly, it is necessary to have routine to create some stability, but every so often we really need to get out of the inhibitory comfort zone. It does require effort and faith to overcome the practical reasons, normally financial, that say we cannot do something and carry on as before.

If you feel you really need to break out of the reality tunnel, then please consider coming with me to Ecuador. Part of the course is about learning the energy practice I do, which enables you to shift the assemblage point of the perceptional field, something akin to the Carlos Casteneda's Toltec magical passes.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vitalizing the Adventure

Here is a quick introduction to one of the major and the most cohesive elements of the Enchantments of Life, it directly connects the emergent big picture with your intimate immediate reality. (This gives you a flavour of some of that which we will be exploring in Ecuador next year, the structure is coming together, see the provisional idea at the end of this piece )

The Multi-Faceted Reality

Truths are multiplying, there are an increasing amount of seductive perspectives in our world as the internet allows more people to have their say. How do we to navigate the relativity of truth, is there a hierarchy of truth or are all truths equal?
Here is the enigmatic Robert Anton Wilson talking about perceptions and relativity and our reality tunnels, 2minutes long.

The spectrum of light is analogous to a hierarchy of consciousness and truth. White light is the whole and is representative of the greatest truth. The rainbow is a spectrum of frequencies starting with red, going up the scale to violet, to this we can add infra red and ultra violet.

The wisdom we derive from ancient cultures such as the Hindus tells us that the chakras correspond with the hierarchy of the spectrum of light. The base chakra resonates with Red and the Crown chakra resonates with the white light that all other colour frequencies are derived from.

The Evolution of Consciousness—Back to the White Light

The One begets the Two the Two begets the Three and the Three begets the many, Lao Tzu describes creation the ‘fall’ of the unity of life into entropy. The process of creation from one is also the involution of consciousness from spirit-unity into matter. The return journey of consciousness is the evolution, or adventure of consciousness from the many back to one.

The thinking in many integral circles is that individual human development and cultural development—the upward progression of the frequency of consciousness—mirrors the incremental movement up the spine. The journey of the life force, the kundalini is impulsed to move towards the brilliant white light of the void.

In general terms I agree and it is intuitively correct that the evolution of consciousness is the move from base chakra; physical survival consciousness to second chakra; emotional needs, to solar plexus; ego survival, competition and expression to heart chakra relationship; feeling connection, emotional intelligence to throat chakra; abstract self expression and complex communication to Brow chakra; reality perception and fusion relationship, to Crown chakra; unity with creation.

During the 1990s and early part of the 2000s I was a practicing shamanic healer and light body activator, over the course of a decade I gained a direct connection with the energy field and the chakra levels in people’s bodies. The connection to the energy field was integrated with my daily practices of shamanic-chi gong that sometimes took up to 3 hours of the early morning. What I found most clearly—and as I say this hopefully you will recognize it as obvious—that we are operating from and through more than one chakra.

I found that in most people, including myself that we had two dominant chakra centres, one higher, one lower as well as lesser levels of expression throughout all chakras. My personal breakthrough, during my practice that defines my own life purpose and message was due to the connection to the planetary energy field and emerging new Earth Consciousness.

The work of Dr Clare Graves (pioneering genius behind Spiral Dynamics), whose background training included physiological psychiatry was that as we move through the stages of development (individually and correspondingly with the collective cultural progression) we build a layering of chemical complexity. The chemicals that he was talking about correspond to the endocrine glands which are the physical aspect of the chakras—the spinning vortexes of light.

The progression of truth, consciousness and perception involves a more complex and non linear activation of the chakras whilst still retaining the integrity of the basic vertical move towards the Crown Chakra.

The Enchantments of Life integrates the energy field, with an emerging understanding of the complex layering of our electro-chemical body, with developmental psychology, cultural development and the spiritual wisdom traditions and looks to integrate the mysteries of advanced ancient civilizations to reveal a hierarchy of truth and perspective.

Ecuador Update

The Ecuador adventure will include an emphasis on directly working with and learning to navigate the frequencies of light and consciousness in your own body and energy field.

I will be giving a refined and practical demonstration on how the emerging noosphere/planetary energy field is interconnected and experienced in your body.

I am dialoguing with Brian, working on the course structure and costs over this week.
The basic layout of our time together will look like this, subject to adjustmenst at this stage but here it is shaping up.

Your arrival can be at any time leading up to the Monday

Monday April 25th Opening
Formal welcome, Intent and Energy Practice,
Walk in afternoon, even short walks take you up to a high altitude, getting to know each other with profundities and laughter

Tuesday 26th Vitality at Hand
Energy practice,Yoga nidra visionary journey, First lecture on subtle physiology, energy fields, electro-chemical nature of the body and followed by interactive explorations, questions and debate

Wednesday 27th The Self
Psychology, Developmental levels, childhood, personal life chapters

Thursday 28th Advanced Overview of Enchantments of Life Model
The Story of Humanity and the big questions, ancient history global dynamics
Demographics, politics, economics, nationalism and controls

Friday 29th Clear Day
Optional clear day for massages, horse riding, cycling, chilling out or join me for a 4 hour walk on the Hacienda San Joaquin ridge trail

Saturday 30th Wild Things
The Contentious Areas, from ET to big foot to beyond
Visit to the Iguana Disco Café and/or restaurant bar in the evening

Sunday May 1st The Enchantments of Life
Going deeper, creating questions, practices and interactive debate

Monday 2nd As Above So Below,
Back to you, your attention and you as a fractal of the Emerging Earth

Tuesday 3rd Our Future
Yoga nidra visionary journey, life purpose, law of attraction, evolution and mystical existentialism. How much do we create?
Optional early morning practice today and other days

Evening, I will talk about The Enchantments Initiative, over a meal and a glass of wine

4 days optional, 1-2 day walk into the extraordinary Podocarpus Park
One to one sessions with me

A lovely blog here with great pictures and personal perspective from some travellers in the area.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Watering The Seed and Accomodation

I am gradually forming and adding pages to the Crow, they will be refined and edited properly in time and I am also working on other websites to make as much information as freely available as possible.

Ecuador starts now, please have a shifty at the pages on the right to get more of a sense of The Enchantments Initiative behind the trip.


Day Three of The Montesueños Enchantments Project in the land of the Incan royalty

Do You Want Join Us?


I have made contact with Brian this morning on the telephone. He had not received my email, HK emails tend to get put into the spam box. We have agreed to talk next week, there will be no problems in booking space and he said we have plenty of time to work it all out. My intention is to get the basic structures of the trip in place over the next 13 days or so.


I am looking at the end of the last week of April which starts with Easter Monday and the first week of May.
I am delighted with the people who have thus far expressed an interest in the course next year, a good diversity of expression and background.

Stimulating Energy

As part of my research for the trip, I have been looking to get a feeling for the Vilcabamba energy.
Montesueños is obviously perfect for an Enchantments of Life course and to anchor what I call The Enchantments Initiative. Apart from the aesthetics of the architecture, the natural beauty of the setting, we have the consciousness of the hosts, artistic, radically scientific, humanitarian, and experienced in the workings of the system from behind the curtain and also warm hearted.

Ecuador is one of the most civilized countries in South America. Vilcabamba specifically is safe, fairly alternative with healers and artists, free spirits that find more room for expression outside of the United States.

Map of South America

Here is a map of Ecuador we are in the state of Loja in the south bordering Peru

here is another one with Vilcabamba shown, drawn on by Brian

The Atmosphere

Consciousness breakthroughs occur when we can release the structures that normally serve us even if this is temporarily, as in a holiday, relaxing and letting of normal concerns allows us to flow in a bigger space within us and this is mirrored by the environment we find ourselves in.

When we open to a new energy we actually move into an inherent structure within that energy. Every place has its feeling, its frequency or energy signature, it is not devoid of structure.
Each environments has it's own unique subtle and exquisitely intricate context, that we can all feel, so part of my job has been to ask whether the Vilcabamba energy would accommodate the intent of the Enchantments.

I have received an overwhelming affirmative response from my internet searches. The people and the place will accommodate us.

The area is not as wild as many parts of South America. The energy of Guatemala, Chiapas in Mexico, from what I hear Bolivia and other parts of South America have that rich dark wild indigenosity. The Indigenous and edgy towns freer the mind for direct experience and you have to keep your wits about you, occult magic tends to be ‘in the air’. That is wonderful, but not the place to simply relax into beauty and be constructively creative. If and when I do some backpacking in South America I will enjoy getting into the more indigenous and rough edged culture, but for what we are going to do the background energy of the Vilcabamba area in Ecuador is perfect.

Vilcabamba transcends normality, from this space we can more easily see the world and with the help of the Enchantments map stay engaged with global consciousness dynamics.

Vilcabamba fromWiki
The area has been referred to as the "Playground of the Inca" which refers to its historic use as a retreat for Incan royalty. The valley is overlooked by a mountain called Mandango, the Sleeping Inca.

Locals assert that it is not uncommon to see a person reach 100 years of age and it is claimed that many have gotten to 120, even up to 135, which would make it an area with the oldest inhabitants in the world. It is often called the Valley of Longevity.

The climate of Vilcabamba is temperate sub-tropical; sometimes proudly referred to by locals as “perpetual spring”.

Here is an excerpt from Vilcabamba resident Jeff Hunter

I have noticed since being at the ranch that I spend more time being fully present. Nothing else exists here except serenity and beauty...all else can be left behind and life begins to be lived from a place of immense freedom from the past and from any expectations about the future. It reminds me of one of my favorite book titles, Freedom From the Known by Krishnamurti. Perhaps it is the immersion in so much nature at one time and the lack of electronic pollution, television, radio, cars, and planes. The silence is stunning. In its embrace, I am whole and home again. In this place, it is possible to discover and celebrate the unity of my existence with that of the infinite creation of which I am a part. From this place of unity, personal expressions can flow effortlessly.

To have finally found the place I can call home is the most wonderful gift of my life. I feel totally at peace here and look forward to sharing my discovery with my closest friends and family. It’s not Vilcabamba by itself, mind you, as wonderful as it is, but the intoxicating combination of a world-class community with a year round temperature range of 60-80 degrees, the sheer majesty of the Andes, the sound of the Vilcabamba River, the butterflies and flowers, an ever changing symphony of clouds and sunlight, and the silence of this peaceful valley that has captured my heart and soul.


So you can see why I will be providing you material to read in the weeks before we go, so that we can have a relaxed course, which is creative rather than heavily educational. By accessing the peaceful energy we can all channel new insights on human evolution, feel and tune into the energies we talk about.

The Enchantments of Life is a organically growing structure, it is a highly sophisticated integral map but an open map, not a map that closes the mind, that actually stimulates new questions.

I expect we will all come away from this experience not only refreshed and feeling somewhat blissful but with a clearer view of our personal lives and purpose in a changing world.

Friday, 30 July 2010

The Trip to Ecuador

Who’s coming?

So far Rachel, Alison, Elaine, Melody, Dominic, Kookie and Karenanne have said they would like to come with Carey and me, we are looking at a gathering of about twenty people. There are also quite a few more people I will approach directly.

Now let’s see if we can make it happen. I am sharing the process with you as it unfolds.

I have emailed Brian and Meredith and am awaiting their reply. We fly to Quito, and then there is a 50 minute flight to Loja, followed by a scenic taxi ride for 90 minutes to Montesueños.

My initial thoughts are an approximate two week stay, with time for walking in the spectacular surrounding landscape, such as hiking the beautiful Hacienda San Joaquin ridge trail, about four hours. For those who are interested in making some effort we have access to one of the most spectacular environments, the Podocarpus Park, my intention at this stage is to see if we can factor in a two day hike into the rain forest, at the end of the stay? This would be an unforgettable adventure in this sumptuous diverse biological preserve.

During my energy practice this morning in the hills overlooking the seas I had the inspiration to go in mid April next year, 260 days after The Statement of Intent of yesterday. I will just hold that idea for now.

Any research, suggestions and input you have are most welcome to help us all realize this trip.

Seeding an Independent International Visionary Initiative

The energy of Montesueños thanks to the work of the very special hosts Brian and Meredith is totally conducive for some breakthrough visions about our world.

The Subjects we are likely to cover in the framework of The Enchantments of Life will probably include, to a lesser or greater degree.

Psychology, developmental levels and childhood consciousness, human aura, energy fields, chakras and most relevantly the noosphere and the awakening earth.

World demographics and cultural change, new economic systems, power and values, control and spontaneous emergence.

Big Foot and other crpytozoological phenomena, Extra-terrestrials and UFOs, crop circles, the trickster spirits and shamanism, free energy, conspiracy, human origins, ancient history, evolution and the nature of time.

Paradox, perception, reality tunnels and of course consciousness
Film as myth, the nature of how we create reality, contracts, life purpose, law of and attraction/sympathetic resonance.

Plus, if there is the space I will teach those that are interested the very simple but powerful chigong style energy practice I do myself. We will also do some yoga nidra relaxation meditative vision journeys.

The idea is not to wrap up the mystery of a life with a solution, but to ask new and intelligent questions, to see what innovating questions we can come up with and evoke an energy of benevolent abundance.

I will be endeavouring to get available to you as much material as possible, for free, in the months leading up to the adventure, including appropriate online videos so that we have done 101 preparation and can get into the creative space together. This will be a long short stay, we can cover a lot of ground in a relaxed manner in two weeks if there is some preparatory reading, which I will supply, combined with the viewing of some key videos.
But anyway back to the experience

The towns people of Vilcabamba are friendly and used to gringos, the population is just under 5,000 nearly a fifth are foreigners who are mainly from the USA.

Options during the stay may well include yoga, use of the meditation tower, a horse ride for those who wish to, local restaurants, the night life is gentle but there is live music in El Punto restaurant/bar and a Saturday night disco at the Iguana Disco Café (!), bike riding, and the amazing birdlife in the valley of longevity. Probably best of all the evening chill outs under the stars at Montesueños

The cost from London including accommodation is going to be over a thousand pounds, now take a deep breath, and stay with me on this.
The money you will be finding and spending demands a complete experience that you will never forget, let us, make it so.

The experience will start proper about six weeks beforehand online, so we get to know a little bit about each other and get a grounding in the material, this ensures that we all get maximum benefit.

If you know the right people, let them know…
To be continued

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Notice of Intent----Fancy a Trip to Ecuador?

I am presently on a writing mission to get my work in a cohesive form and have put courses on the back burner for a while. The desire to present the Enchantments of Life in a detailed and thorough manner to a sophisticated audience is very strong in me.

When I say sophisticated I mean people who are open, post new age and/or post corporate who are not frightened to explore and discuss a wide spectrum of human nature.

Without doubt the best courses have been intimate, that’s when the magic happens, its not just about the material, although that is important, it is very much to do with having an engaged and inquisitive group of people who want to have a good time whilst discussing the most profound subjects in a relaxed and pleasurable atmosphere. People who are not frightened to contemplate, feel the deeper connections, discuss openly and have fun whilst doing so.

I would like to think of the event as the beginning of something, a kind of International Think Tank of independent people, with people from different backgrounds whose qualification is their passion for life.

The next component is the venue, courses on Lamma Island have been far better than courses in Hong Kong, because of the energy; Hong Kong is too distracting and too corporate to be conductive. My intention is to present the advanced version of The Enchantments of Life, in its entirety, at a special venue where the energy is conducive to something that totally transcends the ordinary.

For the last two years I have been considering the Jungle Club in Thailand, but my heart is increasingly being pulled to further afield, like South America for example. We did have a fabulous time at the beautiful Jungle Club, but I think this venue speaks to me louder. A Big THANK YOU to Melody for finding and suggesting Montesueños in Ecuador.

The challenge of finances means that ideally I will find a sponsor to put up the seed money, which, if the course was properly booked out would be 100 percent recoup-able.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

part two

Brian O'Leary who owns the retreat by the way is very special, ex-astronaut and free energy pioneer, here he is again speaking from his heart.