Monday, 31 August 2009

The Pearl of the Orient

I am enjoying time off from the Internet—my periodic media fast—so this is a short blog about my trip to Penang last week.

Penang is a fusion of the most delicious Asian foods, tropical rain forests, gorgeous sunsets, Boney M and Barry Manilow, the Islamic Call to Prayer, Buddhist and Hindu temples and shrines, friendly multicultural people, large monitor lizards, monkeys, an abundance of spices and an ever-expanding concrete jungle.

I am left with a feeling of gratitude from our trip. The highlights for me were spontaneous altered states of consciousness that arose from the energy fields of my wife, Carey, and a beautiful Burmese Buddha.

Revisiting the place of her birth and very early childhood, Carey was triggered with profound, instinctive, preconscious memories that in turn evoked the sense of her roots within me. The instinctive memories that were activated as we went back to the hospital of her birth, babyhood home and a beach restaurant created a field of energy so strong that I too shared in her experience. As we walked along the beach to one such place of poignancy, we were graced with this extraordinary cloud that retained its form even though the other formations dissipated. The meteorological explanations of such clouds are one thing, but for me these types of clouds are also cloaks, veils and conduits for all sorts of other unidentifiable consciousness.

Having seen many large Buddhas in recent years in Hong Kong, Thailand and in Penang on this trip, this Burmese Buddha was a revelation. For the first time I experienced a living statue whose presence put me i nto a state of ineffability that bridged the consciousness of Buddhism and Peruvian shamanism. The Buddha emanated a single tone that was eternally constant and which consistently pulsed a singular message of unity and peace.

In Peruvian ayahuasca shamanism, the medicine shows you the cacophony of thoughts and emotions that you hold within your psyche. A relentless overwhelming reflection of your inner world manifests as spirit and energy forms, which you then attempt to purge from your being. The aftereffect of this psychotropic challenge is a clarity, an emptiness and a cleanliness of the psyche. (Interestingly, I had previously intended to go back to the Peruvian Amazon to participate in an ayahuasca camp at this time.)

Through the experience of being in Penang, I am once again reminded of energy fields and the precise nature of the frequencies they emit, as well as the precious moments when we are able to let go of our normal preoccupations to come into alignment with out-of-the-ordinary subtle electromagnetic fields. This attunement allows us to move into a different zone where our relationship with time, space, energy and consciousness is altered.

The environment we inhabit is extraordinarily rich with a multitude of realities that our electrochemical body and consciousness can align with if we are open and in the flow.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

WizDom Quotes

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"love is a larger space to live in" ..Roomi

• Living in the twitterscape; authority just got decentralized-in this moment I AM president-oh well it was good while it lasted, your turn...

• living in time is living in impermanence, but watch the clock and see how long it lasts, love is eternal even if it only lasts a little while

• paradox is resolved with a multi-levelled perception and a singular acceptance

• I have your attention for a few seconds I respect that,

• internet marketing promises; living and camping in the conTENT, reading all the buzz text, you forget the CONtext-the art of selling selling

• the mind is an excellent tool but limits reality, the heart is a fool but far more intelligent-/-/- dancing at the paradox edge

• ATTENTION! Yes please PAY attention in this Age of Attention for it is the world’s commodity, everyone wants yours so they can survive and flourish

• life after NOW, having transcendent awareness & yet engaging with the river of mind, time, twitter, facebook and all the other 21stC distractions. Dancing the paradox of diversity in unity.

• being conscious in 21stC means know your truth, living with an edge of open uncertainty thereby overcoming the unconscious filters of intellectual superiority & holiness

• Find your Niche at the intersection of different paradigms you are a unique remix of culture play to find it

based on todays “shoot from the hip” tweets by LjL

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Monday, 3 August 2009

A New look at Astrology

We live in a universe of cycles and growth. We are born, we live, we die, and we are born again. Does the soul grow, does life evolve? Yes it does.
Our life is cyclical, elements grow and decay all the time, but we do not walk around flat circles. Equally although we mature and learn it’s not a neat linear progression. What’s true here for you is true for all life.
Human society is subject to cyclical repetition and evolution, it is not easy to see both at the same time. Modern science sees the evolutionary impulse up from matter, spirituality see the growth of the soul, but consciousness explorers often negate the idea of progress. The stories of ancient world tease us with golden ages of knowledge and wisdom we may well have lost.

The Enchantments of Life reveal the kaleidoscopic nature of a human being and the species, the cyclical reality, the spiral path of evolution and the toroidal feedback system whereby all that is gained is fed back and seemingly surrendered to feed the source of existence. Birth, growth and death takes places on a multitude of scales and we as souls are taking part in social and planetary growth. This can appear overwhelming and we can feel individually insignificant. However If you can recognize that your life is part of something bigger and therefore your life adds something to this world, a world that is impulsed to change and grow, then it aids you to understand the epic, spiraling and complex scales of planetary evolution. An understanding of the integrated map of human species evolution adds meaning to your every day existence.

Later this year I will be launching my main website which will reveal the Enchantments of Life map-which I have been refining over the last few years and am looking forward to sharing with the astrological community. I will be inviting questions and insights from other researchers and passionate inquirers who have an open and yet discerning mind.

I do not claim to have solved the mysteries of all creation, but I sincerely propose that The Enchantments of Life Map is a revolution of astrology which adds depth and growth to the cyclical patterns we see in an astrology chart. The map also encompasses the over view of evolution as proposed by the great Ken Wilber in his spectrum of consciousness and other developmental models such as Spiral Dynamics. The Enchantments map allows for ancient civilizations, ET, astrology, the occult and developmental psychology to sit easily in the same space as psychological developmental studies, with its foundation rooted in the ineffability of consciousness.
I look forward to developing the Enchantments of Life and refining it with the help of your promptings, questions and perceptions.