Saturday, 27 June 2009

Are You Serious?

The internet is increasing the environment of relativity. Any subject you care to mention will have a mass of convincing data eloquently told that will convince you its true, and vice versa, the same subject will have brilliant stories that will convince you that the same subject is balderdash and poppycock… it all made up.

Reality is Made Up.

Is everything an illusion?

No it’s all true, true for now and true to a lesser or greater degree. Illusion is the belief in permanence. Every one takes some things serious, life can be serious, just not for ever. Some things are more enduring whilst other realities are more transient.

Be Entertained, be Very Entertained

So as the world gets more and more relatively true, we have to learn to navigate impermanence and respect other people’s theatres. Obviously this is tricky, but this is where humanity grows in learning to love the crazy world.

Life does have Purpose, Lessons and Direction.

There is a progression of truth, there is a hierarchy of truth but even that is negotiable.
The progression of truth is based on an expansion of the membership of the community that believes in it.

The Wisdom of the Crowd, the Stupidity of the Mob.

Science is the truth of the winners, Humanitarianism is a bigger truth that accommodates and includes more people. The whole human species and its complex multi-tiered paradoxical nature yields a larger truth and accommodates and includes all people.

Here Comes Everyone

The truest thing for the whole human species is the aggregate truth of all 6.7 billion people.

However not everyone has an equal vote, expertise in understanding the consciousness of the species yields extra voting power, but everyone’s truth is contributing to the melting pot of Human species truth.

Media Magicians, Enchanter Entrepreneurs, Political Hypnotists, Religious Conjurors and other Artists of Reality

We are not evolved enough yet to create the reality based on the total human species truth (Yellow Pluto Enchantment) because power is not yet centred at the universal level of humanity, but it is moving that way. This progression of truth is the evolution of consciousness.

Reality is made up by everyone it’s an unconscious democratic process, but as a species we are getting more conscious of this creative negotiation.

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